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How to Optimize Your Joomla Website to Rank Higher on Google

Research from HubSpot reveals that 75% of users never go past the first page of Google search results. It means that no matter how good your Joomla si...

How to Brand Your Website to Standout from Your Competitor

When you buy a new theme for your website you shouldn't just use it as it comes out of the box, you need to make it your own. With thousands of simila...

How to Create a Joomla Contact Form with Joomla Form Builder Extension

Have you ever used a contact form? Of course, you are. It can be a google form, subscription form, or any website's contact page. But, do you know how...

5 Best Joomla Framework (aka Template Framework) of 2024

"The Joomla! Framework™ is a new PHP framework for writing web and command line applications in PHP, without the features and corresponding overhead f...

Introducing Charity Layout Pack for Quix Page Builder

Hello there! We are all set to release our brand new Charity layout pack for the Quix page builder. This is our second release of this month. Thanks t...

We Are Back From Our Annual Retreat 2020!

Finally, we are back from our annual retreat! Guess what; this was the best retreat we ever had in our history. We had fun, adventure, and many more i...

Introducing Notifly 1.5 with 4 New Integrations: RSForm, RS Membership and Some Major Feature

​In every release of any of our products, we always try to bring something new. Considering this fact, earlier, we launched NotiFly the first-ever soc...

How to Rank Higher and Improve Your Website CTR in Google Using FAQ Schema

In terms of SEO and Google ranking, FAQ Schema can be a game-changer and you can't even imagine that it will boost your CTR by 10-31.4%.  Bu...

9 Best Free Customer Service Software For Small Business

If you want to take good care of your customers and earn their credibility, you must serve them 24/7. But as a human, it is quite impossible to intera...

Introducing Kindergarten - Joomla School Template for Kindergartens and Elementary Schools

We are standing at the very last moment of 2019, and I know you guys are ready to welcome the new year 2020. To wrap up this year with a gift from The...

Introducing Business Layout Pack for Quix Page Builder

Back again with our February release layout pack. As we plan to release at least one layout pack for Quix page builder in every month, today, I'm real...

Why Themler Isn’t a Good Choice in 2024?

​ Is Themler still relevant in 2024? NO! Without any twist, I can clearly say that there is no relevance in using Themler nowadays. How? Well, let me...
restaurant layout

Introducing Restaurant Layout Pack for Quix Page Builder

Hey there! Here we come again with another brand new Restaurant layout bundle for Quix. The all-new layout bundle is smartly designed for yo...

Announcing Quix 3.0

Quix 3 is on its way to amaze you once again. In each release of Quix, we always think of something new with more advanced features and we have m...

Introducing Creative Agency Layout Bundle for Quix Page Builder

If you're a Quix user, then you already know that we have a plan to release at least one layout pack for Quix in every month. To maintain that tr...
Nicepage vs Quix

Nicepage VS Quix - A Guide to Select the Right Page Builder for Your Website

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity" Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra In the same way, you have opportunity to choose the right one in the mids...