"The Joomla! Framework™ is a new PHP framework for writing web and command line applications in PHP, without the features and corresponding overhead f...

"The Joomla! Framework™ is a new PHP framework for writing web and command line applications in PHP, without the features and corresponding overhead found in the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS).

The Joomla! Framework is free and open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later; and is comprised of code originally developed for the Joomla! CMS™."


Let me explain the distraction between Joomla framework and Joomla template framework because we often mixed up these two. Joomla framework is the core engine of Joomla, where template framework is to speed up the design and development of custom website of Joomla. By default, they are entirely different things.

Now tell me, which one is the best Joomla template framework now?

Hard to say, I know.

Choosing the best Joomla template framework that fits your needs is confusing. But if you want to create your own Joomla template for your website, you need blocks, and therefore, you need to pick a Joomla template framework too.

For you, here is the solution. In this blog I am going to discuss about the 5 best Joomla frameworks to build your Joomla based website.

Let's see who are on the list then.


Gantry : True Open Source Joomla Template Framework

Gantry Joomla framework is the true open source framework for making Joomla based websites and templates by RocketTheme. It provides good speed and optimum performance because of the compresses CSS & JS files. The documentation is unambiguous & detailed for each level of users of the Gantry template framework.

With excellent designs both at front-end and back-end, the new version of Gantry consist of features like unlimited items per row, unlimited rows per section, powerful particle system, easy widget position placement, resize items with simple sliders enables you to customize the layout of the page even more. Also, It has a flexible layout and visual menu editor with 65 module positions and a 960 grid-system.


  • Powerful and efficient layout manager
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Visual menu editor
  • Mega menu support
  • Ajax admin
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Twig based templating
  • SCSS/LESS support
  • Theme inheritance
  • Sophisticated built-in fields
  • Off-Canvas panel
  • YAML based configuration

Helix Ultimate: Most Popular Joomla Template Framework

Helix Ultimate is a star product and one of the most popular Joomla template frameworks by Joomshaper. Helix is extremely easy to use and requires less time for the developer to get accustomed to the framework. Especially for corporate and business Helix Joomla framework offers over 40 modules and plenty of options for the website layout sites.

It has separated the column blocks that you can adjust to offer a clear layout. Also, you will get features like responsive layout, cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized, and user-friendly interface and many more likely features, which is a must-have in an ethical framework. You can easily insert logo, menu, six necessary tables in the back end with the parameters.


  • Modern Design & Responsive Layout.
  • Font Awesome 4.4 for menu items.
  • Mega Menu Generator.
  • Off-Canvas Menu (separate mobile menu).
  • Article Post Formats.
  • Page Title Options.
  • Bootstrap 3.2.
  • Optional Fixed (sticky) Header.
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Retina logo option.
  • Google Fonts with the update button.
  • Improved Layout Manager.
  • Custom 404 Page and Offline Page.
  • Custom CSS/JS Code fields.
  • Social Comments.
  • Cross-Browser Support.
  • Joomla 3.4 QuickStart.

T3: Very confusing Joomla Template Framework

T3 framework is another Joomla frameworks with very ease of use but the updated version T4 is very confusing. Joomlart uses the latest technologies like HTML5. CSS, CSS3, and PHP provide this framework with a solid base to work on. In T4, they could not keep the continuity, and as a result, it becomes so complicated since they have introduced the Joomla page builder and template framework in a single platform.

It provides a 100% responsive and SEO optimized design and available for the latest compatible Joomla version. It has outstanding features like ThemeMagic, Mega menu Configuration, Layout Configuration, support RTL at a core, and much more. With the powerful admin panel, T3 Joomla template framework gives you full control over your website or template.


  • Integrated bootstrap
  • Support add-ons
  • LESS & CSS
  • Megamenu, Off-canvas, and Sticky navigation
  • A responsive framework
  • CSS optimization
  • Supports RTL at the core
  • Easy to use typography
  • Ajax driven
  • Backend profiles management
  • Layout Configuration

JSN Sun: Shining Like Sun Joomla Template Framework

JSN Sun is another excellent Joomla template framework by Joomlashine. As we say Shining Like Sun Joomla Template Framework; JSN Sun Joomla Framework empowers you to not only create professional, amazing Joomla sites but also help you grow in the field. It is capable of completing your website from zero in just a couple of minutes.

You will get every possible inbuilt feature a framework should have like versatile mega menu builder, google fonts, SEO optimized unlimited undo and redo, RTL compatible, backup & restoration, and so on. With a lot more customization options, you will get advanced tools such as icon picker, margin & padding box, font selector, can speed up your development work.


  • Powerful layout builder
  • Rich Built-in elements
  • Responsive design
  • SEO optimization
  • High performance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Custom code
  • Social integration
  • Sample data
  • Developed with Bootstrap 3
  • Mega menu builder
  • Media manager
  • Wide and boxed layouts
  • Google fonts
  • Ajax admin
  • Backup & restore
  • Easily pre-style options
  • Off-canvas

Astroid: Outside the World Joomla Template Framework

Astroid! outside the World Joomla Template Framework designed and developed by JoomDev. To create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates designed, Astroid is one of the best and the latest Joomla Framework in the market. It is compatible with the latest version of Joomla to develop a Joomla site and template.

With lots of flexibility and customization options, you will get fully packed features like responsive layout, drag and drop layout builder, bootstrap 4 compatible, SEO optimized, visual mega menu builder, and open source license. These robust features make Astroid one of the most potent Joomla template frameworks ever built.


  • Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Ultra Fast loading
  • Open Source
  • Import and Export Layouts Directly
  • Crafted with engaging UI and UX
  • Bootstrap 4 Compatible
  • Future updates support
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • Mobile & Off-canvas Menu
  • Horizontal Menu Mode
  • Custom code - A Helpful Feature
  • SCSS Support

Wrapping Up

These are the best Joomla template frameworks for you. Innovation always creates competition, and that's why it is hard to choose a single product because everyone offers a lot more features with quality. So, I leave this decision to you guys.

Share which one is preferable to you, and don't forget to mention the Joomla template framework you work within the comment section below.