• Parvez Akther

    Parvez Akther CEO

    Parvez has been working with Joomla! since 2006 and he has developed 100+ websites for clients. For every client he worked with, he needed to build or tweak templates. So he decided to build his own reusable toolset for template development to save development time.

  • Anamoul Rouf

    Anamoul Rouf Designer

    Anamoul Rouf Born in Noakhali, raised in Maijdee and fall in love in Dhaka. He loves to design than sleep. He is responsible for designing entire products at ThemeXpert. He is a shy guy, don’t dare to push boundaries and make the “impossible” possible. He is also known for his zombie walk and amateur photography.

  • Faysal Ahmed

    Faysal Ahmed Developer

    Faysal is enthusiastic and passionate programmer by night and blogger in day time. He loves to code Javascript and Ruby and currently working as Wordpress plugin developer at ThemeXpert.

  • Nadim Tuhin

    Nadim Tuhin Hacker

    Nadim Tuhin is an inspiring and tinkering head in the team. He is crazy about solving computational problems and hacking in the code. Nadim loves to write applications for the web with JavaScript and contribute to open-source projects. He is found at ThemeXpert HQ helping and inspiring other for latest technologies.