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Create Your Dream Website From Head to Toe with Quix

Design your website's headers and footers without needing any template framework or coding knowledge. Quix gives you all the necessary elements and settings to create a pitch-perfect header and footer, no matter what your design requirements are.

Create Header Layouts That Work For You

Create your own header layout to show what you want and make your website stand out from your competitors. Ensure better navigation throughout the site and use it as a hook, so people keep scrolling and read more.

Take Control of Full Design Process

Enjoy complete freedom over your design process and create any header layouts from scratch within minutes. All you have to do is give your layout a solid structure by adding rows and columns and then drag & drop elements into it using our visual editor. With Quix, you are in charge of everything.

The Menu Element

Cover every single page in one place and be distinctive with an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind Menu design. With a vast array of styling options, the Menu Element will give you a super flexible design experience to make the menu look any way you want it.