Replicate Content from One Website to Another Website

Designing a website takes time and requires a lot of repetitive work. To solve this time-consuming process, team ThemeXpert brings the magical feature: Cross Domain Copy Paste! Now you can simply copy-paste content or widgets with data from one website to another.Just copy here and paste there!

1 Click Copy & Paste Across Websites

Simply copy and paste any section across different websites. Ignore the repetitive chain of actions of export and import or recreate the same sections on other websites. 

Recreate the Same Design with Ease

Cross-Domain Copy Paste is a global feature to replicate content from one website to another website. No need to recreate the same action over and over on different websites. 

How it works?

In comparison to the conventional JSON File approach, Quix cross domain copy paste is much easier and more straightforward. You just need to follow the approach as it is demonstrated in the video and you are good to go in 5 simple steps.

  • qxif-check Right-click on the content that you want to copy.
  • qxif-checkChoose the “Copy” option.
  • qxif-checkOpen another website and click on the editor.
  • qxif-checkAgain, Right-click on the selected section.
  • qxif-checkFinally, click on the “Paste” option.

Need To Copy Part of the Page? Go Ahead!


Copy Sections

All Quix elements including third-party elements can be copied.


Copy Widgets

All Quix elements including third-party elements can be copied.


Copy Images & Videos

Along with text, images and videos from sections will be copied.

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