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Introducing Edumodo: Newborn Joomla Template for Education


Dear web lovers,

Hold the chair tightly that you're sitting on because we're going to announce another exciting news for you. Having heard that, you may get flicked.

Oh! Come on..It's such news that would definitely be the reason you would be delighted for.

Ok, no more waiting..

Recently, we ThemeXpert team has taken a decision that we'll release two new Joomla template in each month; one would be released in the first day of the month, and other would be in the third week respectively. It would be going on until the next notice regarding this.

In the first phase, we've already brought up a multipurpose Joomla template - Gen, in the first week, this month. And here we come to release another Joomla template Edumodo, the best in class Joomla template for education.

University, College, School, Coaching center, Kindergarten, no matter what type of institution you're running, Edumodo is always the best fit.

Let's have a look and explore which characteristics make Edumodo the best. 

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Big Joomla Templates Update


We're concern keeping our words to meet our all products an incremental update after a certain time on a regular basis. It's always been our pleasure to pick up each of our valuable user's distinct wants as well as thoughts and proudly serve them as early as possible.

Hereby, today we've come to announce a massive update on a sack of our marketed Joomla Template QuickStart package. They've got updated for Joomla v3.7.3 and Quix v1.6.5.

Hence, all of them are ready for latest version of Joomla as well as Quix now.

Joomla template Eventia got some previous issue fixed and reached in a more stable version (v1.4.0). Digistore has been packed with the most recent version of DigiCom (v1.3.9), therefore, running your eCommerce website with Digistore is more smooth now.

Let's go through at a glance on the changelog and explore them distinctly. 

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Quix 1.6.5 Brings An Enhanced Slider Pro Element With Parallax Effect


On this version of Quix we worked only and only on the Slider Pro element and added tons of cool new features, I am excited about. We introduced a brand new parallax system on Quix previous release, and now Slider Pro incorporated tightly with the parallax effect. 

Slider Pro elements now turn to a full featured parallax slider element for Quix. 

Let's take a look at the cool features we added to the element: 

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How To Integrate Elastic Search in Joomla & Make Search Insanely Fast


Search is the first thing we do when we enter into internet. That is why Google became the #1 company in tech world. Whether it's Google, Amazon, Facebook or tiny little website, we prefer to search first. This is the fastest way to explore a website content.

At ThemeXpert we produce a lots of author and user driven contents. Blog, documenations, product sales pages are the example of author driven content ( by US ). Forum is the place where users ask us a question(tickets) and we answer them are example of user driven content.

Now here is the problem…

Our site built with several different components that store data to their own table and they has their own searching module.

So, if you search something on forum you will never get content suggestion from our documentation and vice versa.

We figure out the solution and we wanted to share with you so you can apply this to your Joomla website.

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Introducing Gen: The brand new Joomla Template


Hello folks, Happy monsoon :-)

At the beginning of a new season, here a brand new tremendous present from themexpert. A versatile Joomla template to give your agency a look you're looking so far. It does have the stunning capabilities to make itself best fit for an agency, startup and any small or medium business organization websites. Let's go through what's in it. 

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Introducing New Animation, Box Shadow, Parallax Controls + Big Elements Improvements In Quix


Today is a big day for Quix community. We are thrilled to announce a major update of Quix where we touched every elements (50+) and turned them into more powerful than ever. 

Re-organized each element options, added more features and functionalities, new input types and transformed them into much more advanced and full of possibilities. It is a big update that takes the Quix to a whole new height. 

The New & Improved Animation Controls

The brand new animation controls allow you to control any section, row, column and elements entrance animation with time delay. We moved animation controls to a new tab so you can find and control animation quickly. 

Now there is 28 animation type for you to decide how your element will enter to screen. 

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Introducing Quix New Interface - Refreshing, Vibrant and Fresh


 Since after Quix's first release, a lot has been changed. We released bunch of cool new features, elements, blocks and the list goes on…

One thing we haven't touch since then is Quix interface. Changing Quix's UI is very challenging and we have make sure that user experience doesn't break and there is no learning curve.

We've tons of exciting features to built and to do so, we had to change its UI. We need a fresh new design without breaking anything.

After a month of planning, testing and coding we are finally able to roll out a new interface for Quix!

So, lets see what have changed

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Give a smashing look to your business website with Crystal


We're always hungry to spy on the most recent technologies and utilize them in our products so that it can have an ever lasting acceptance to all our clients. In this continuation, we made a tremendous product a couple of weeks ago, that I'm going to expose today.

Excited, right? Probably somehow you're finding the title absorbing and thinking exactly how to give a unique look to your business website to make it more meaningful and organized. Is it really possible?

Well, To be generous, it is possible.

You may already know that having a standard website can resulting your business growth at a high rate.

Our WordPress theme Crystal is capable of doing so. It's not only a flashy talk while it proves through its existing features.

Let's not random clacks and straight come to the topic anyways. 

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