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Marathon Release 4 - Xpert Google Map and Orvil WordPress Theme


Hello folks, Remember about our Marathon Release? Of course, you do.!

You would be glad to hear that, still we're sincerely working on releasing those products and our hope is to unfold them next to you through this Marathon Release.

Today, we've brought to you two more versatile products that can be used for any modern and trendy websites!

Exciting, right? Ok then!

Let's have a look and start exploring your requirements ;)

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Marathon Release 3 - Education Joomla Extension and Universidad WordPress Theme


Hi there!

Today is the third day of our Marathon Releasing Week, and we've come again with two more tremendous products which you'll fall in love with, for sure.

Let's have a look and grab the chance to have it first. 

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Marathon Release 2 - Markdown Editor and Conf WordPress Theme


As you all are concerned about our Marathon Releasing Week is going on and today is the second day. Here we come with two more efficient products that can be beneficial for you.

So, no more waiting! Let's have a peek, what's for today.

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Marathon Release 1 - Selection Share Extension and Octa WordPress Theme


We've a bunch of unreleased stuffs that we built for our customers. Actually, we were so much involved in other exciting products and hoping to bring them to you by the next week.

But after we get plenty of requests from our users to fetch sort of things we have finally taken a decision that, this week would be our marathon releasing week. Isn't it a great news?

We know, you all are excited to have these amazing stuffs and even we're not in the mode of making you any longer waited either.

In the first day of Marathon Release, we have brought to you two impressive gadget that would definitely amaze you by its features.
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Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates

Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates

Onepage website helps you cleverly represents a particular product information within one page with its meaningfully decorated homepage layout arrangements.

About 15% to 27% of all websites exist, are onepage websites, and the ratio, as well as popularity, are gradually increasing for its simplicity and usability.

Rapidly, individual product landing pages to small startup portfolio websites are building with different onepage templates according to their best suites.

There is absolutely no complication with dealing multiple pages for the individual navigation menu. It combines all in one page in such a way that a visitor never feels bored since it provides all the information s/he needs instead of redirects him/her many other pages.

Now, probably a sort of questions have already arisen in your mind. No worries, I'm making those clear one by one.

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Quix File Manager and How To Get Most Out Of It

Quix File Manager and How To Get Most Out Of It

Making interactive Joomla websites in real-time was not that much easier before the drag and drop page builder comes. Previously, it's a time-consuming process including a massive complexity in its different pathway. As long as the Drag & Drop page builder came, that tedious work had been easier than ever before to ensure a great hassle free user experience.

There is a good number of page builder can be found on the internet with various features, including sort of core features in common. Each of them is unique with their own distinct functionalities and the way of making the laborious work easier.

They all have sort of functional limitations though. We analyzed and researched about the pros and cons functional abridgments for a long time to find out a better solution to overcome that curb situation, and finally, we released the revolutionary page builder Quix with all the features exist in other traditional page builders including some additional unique features as well.

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5 Joomla Templates Update

5 Joomla Templates Update

We always consider each of our client's feedback as serving them until they satisfy, is one of our major principles. After getting feedbacks about some of our previously released Joomla templates from our regular users, we've fixed a few issues which they faced, and concurrently, we've resolved sort of additional issues as well. Now, the current version of those templates come with fixed all the bugs we are concerned till now. Let's have a look, what things been changed in this current version.

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20 Top WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017

20 Top WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017

Are you searching for a stylish and stunning looking WooCommerce WordPress theme for your site? That is able to create an everlasting first impression to your customer's mind which may lead him/her buying products.!

Noted that, a standard WooCommerce theme is that gateway to an online eCommerce shop. So, it literally varies that what theme you're using on your eCommerce site and ultimately it affects on your product selling ratio too.

I'm going to share a list of 20 top premium WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017 which robbed thousands of people's heart and satisfying them with features, the way of representing products with details and fulfilling each of their individual requirements as well. Have a look and find your preferred one, that can be a kickstart for your eCommerce website.

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