You've poured your heart and soul into your Joomla website. Content is king, and your user experience shines. But a nagging question lingers: how well do you truly know your audience?

Interactive polls and surveys can bridge that gap, fostering deeper understanding and igniting conversation. This guide empowers you to unlock the secrets of the 7 best Joomla polls extensions. From feature-rich powerhouses to lighthearted emoji polls, we'll unveil the perfect extension to match your website's unique needs. So, let’s dive in.

7 Best Joomla Polls Extensions: At a Glance

Extension Key Features Pros Cons Price
Community Polls Feature-rich polls & statistics, Multiple polls per page, User group targeting Deep feedback & user engagement, Flexible placement, Detailed data analysis Learning curve, Paid plans Starts at $99/year
Mood Poll by ExtStore Emoji-based mood polls, Daily automatic resets, Control voting restrictions Fun & lightweight feedback, Fresh results, Easy to manage voting Limited data, Mobile dependence $15.00 (paid)
JLex Helpful Simple poll/survey creation, Flexible website placement, Email notifications Quick creation & user-friendly, Embed anywhere, Collect & analyze responses Basic functionalities, Limited design customization Starts at $19 (lifetime)
POWR Poll Drag-and-drop poll editor, Data & feedback reports/export, Customizable completion experience Engaging design, Analyze data & export results, Personalize poll completion Paid plans, Learning curve Free Trial (paid plans exist)
Enquette Multi-layered questionnaires with logic, showcased as menus or integrated into articles, Multilingual support Sophisticated surveys, Flexible presentation, Gathering feedback in multiple languages Feature exploration needed, Paid extension €99.00 (paid)
Votes Extensive surveys with diverse answer types and rating system integration, Users can revisit and change votes Intricate surveys, Rating system & open-ended responses, User control Data export format might be limited Free Trial available
Poll Manager Simple polling, One vote per user, Back-end management User-friendly, Ensures reliable results, Easy control Limited features, Basic data analysis Free Trial available

7 Best Joomla Polls Extensions: In-Depth

Tired of guessing what your audience wants? Engage them directly with interactive polls and surveys! Explore these best Joomla polls extensions to gather valuable insights:

1. Community Polls: Your Feature-Packed Polling Powerhouse for Joomla

community polls

Ever wanted to engage your Joomla community with interactive polls? Look no further than Community Polls! This extension boasts a feature-rich arsenal, allowing you to create polls from both the front-end and back-end for ultimate flexibility.

Imagine embedding multiple polls on a single page to maximize user engagement, or seamlessly integrating polls into your articles for targeted feedback. Plus, you can personalize your polls with color palettes, real-time voting results, and even social sharing options, making Community Polls a true powerhouse for gathering valuable insights from your Joomla audience.

Key Features

  • Multiple Poll Creation: Create polls from both the front-end and back-end of your website.
  • Responsive Design: Polls adapt to different screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop) for optimal user experience.
  • Multiple Polls on One Page: Display and allow voting on multiple polls simultaneously using the Random Poll module.
  • Content Integration: Integrate polls directly into your Joomla articles with the provided content polls plugin.
  • Private Polls: Restrict poll visibility to specific user groups for targeted feedback.
  • Customization Options: Choose from predefined color palettes to personalize your poll charts.
  • Real-time Voting: Users can vote without needing to refresh the page (Ajax Voting).
  • Rich Answer Options: Include images and URLs alongside text answers.
  • Social Sharing: Allow users to share polls on their websites/blogs just like YouTube videos.
  • Data Analysis: View various poll statistics like daily voting charts, timelines, and full vote lists.
Pros Cons
Create & manage polls with detailed statistics. Extensive features might have a learning curve.
Allow multiple polls per page. Some functionalities may require a paid plan.
Restrict poll visibility based on user groups. Potential performance issues on high-traffic sites.
Create & manage polls from anywhere (front-end/back-end).  
Choose color palettes, and display results with charts.  
May support multiple languages.  


License Type Price
Single Site $99/year
3 Sites $149/year

2. Mood Poll by ExtStore: Capture the Momentary Pulse of Your Joomla Visitors

mood poll

Want to capture the fleeting emotions of your Joomla visitors? Mood Poll by ExtStore injects a touch of fun into user interaction with its emoji-based polls. Imagine displaying a range of expressive emojis alongside quirky messages, creating a lighthearted atmosphere while gathering valuable feedback.

Mood Poll also handles daily resets automatically and offers flexible voting restrictions, keeping your polls fresh and reliable. So, if you want to gauge the immediate mood of your Joomla audience, Mood Poll by ExtStore is a perfect solution – quick, easy, and insightful!

Key Features

  • Joomla Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Joomla versions 2.5, 3, and later.
  • User Group Permissions: Control which user groups can vote using Joomla's Access Control List (ACL).
  • Mood Customization: Create as many unique moods as desired, each with an optional image.
  • Random Message Display: Display a random message after users select their mood.
  • Flexible Voting Restrictions: Limit voting by cookies, IP address, or time lag to prevent multiple votes.
  • Dashboard Statistics: View voting statistics within a chosen timeframe on the back-end dashboard.
  • Automatic Reset: Poll results automatically refresh every 24 hours.
  • Module Configuration: Select which mood to display in the module, along with options to show/hide titles, results, and percentages.
  • Customizable Styling: Change colors, lines, backgrounds, text, and selected mood styles.
  • Live Results: Users can see the results immediately after submitting their vote.
Pros Cons
Emoji-based mood polls for user feedback. Focuses solely on emoji-based mood polls.
Customize moods with images. Limited data depth for in-depth analysis.
Daily automatic resets keep results fresh. Mobile dependence may affect user experience.
Control voting restrictions to prevent manipulation.  
Users see results immediately after voting.  
Seamlessly works with various Joomla versions.  


Plan Price
Paid $15.00

3. JLex Helpful: Seamless User Feedback on Your Joomla Site

jlex polls

Streamline the feedback process on your Joomla website with JLex Helpful. This extension allows you to create simple polls, surveys, and voting forms directly within components, modules, or even your source code.

Imagine effortlessly integrating a quick poll at the end of an article to gauge reader interest, or adding a user feedback form within a specific component. JLex Helpful's strength is its simplicity and flexibility. It's ideal for gathering focused user input without overwhelming visitors. Additionally, with email notifications for new feedback and built-in spam protection, JLex Helpful keeps you in the loop and protects your data.

Key Features

  • Survey/Poll Creation: Build polls, small surveys, or voting forms to gather user feedback.
  • Data Aggregation & Analysis: Collect and analyze user responses within the Management section.
  • Flexible Placement: Embed polls anywhere on your website: components, modules, or source code.
  • Data Export: Export collected data to Excel spreadsheets for further analysis.
  • Email Notifications: Receive email alerts whenever new feedback is submitted.
  • Spam/Bot Protection: Utilize reCAPTCHA to prevent spam and bot submissions.
  • Shortcode Integration: Use shortcodes to easily integrate polls into your website.
  • Customization Options: (Limited details provided) Likely includes basic design and layout options.
  • Multilingual Support: (Unconfirmed) May allow for polls in multiple languages.
  • Simple Interface: (Unconfirmed) Likely offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing polls.
Pros Cons
Quick creation of surveys and polls. Basic polling functionalities with limited features.
Embed polls anywhere on your website. Limited design and layout customization options.
Collect & analyze user responses easily. The export format for collected data might be limited.
Utilizes reCAPTCHA for spam protection.  
Receive email alerts for new feedback.  
May integrate seamlessly with Joomla functionalities.  


License Type Price Duration Support
INDIVIDUAL $19 Lifetime Usage 6 Months
DEVELOPER $29 Lifetime Usage 12 Months

4. POWR Poll: A Feature-Rich Polling Powerhouse for Joomla

powr poll

POWR Poll is a feature-rich Joomla extension that empowers you to create engaging polls with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Imagine offering users various question types like multiple choice, checkboxes, and even open-ended text responses for capturing diverse input. POWR Poll excels in data analysis, providing detailed reports and allowing for the export of your survey results.

Furthermore, you can leverage email alerts to stay informed about user responses, share polls via email for wider reach, and even personalize the completion experience for your users. With its robust feature set and intuitive interface, POWR Poll is a powerful option for those seeking in-depth insights from their Joomla community.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop Editor: Create polls with various question types using the intuitive POWR editor.
  • Multiple Question Types: Include optional or required text, dropdowns, multiple choice, checkboxes, and more.
  • Data & Feedback Management: Analyze survey and poll data with reports and export functionalities.
  • Email Alerts: Receive notifications when users complete your surveys or polls.
  • Versatility: Embed polls anywhere on your website or share them via email for wider reach.
  • Conditional Logic: Set rules to display or hide questions based on previous user responses.
  • Completion Actions: Choose what happens after users complete the poll, such as redirecting them or hiding the poll.
  • Submission Limits: Restrict poll submissions to one per user.
  • Autoresponder Emails: Send automated follow-up emails after users complete your survey/poll.
  • Highly Customizable Design: Personalize your polls with custom colors, fonts, size adjustments, borders, etc.
Pros Cons
Design engaging polls with a drag-and-drop editor. Some functionalities may require a paid plan.
Analyze survey and poll data with reports. The learning curve for mastering advanced features.
Set conditional logic for engagement strategies. Potential performance issues on high-traffic sites.
Embed polls anywhere for wider reach.  
Personalize poll design with customization options.  
May support multiple languages.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

5. Enquette: Craft Tailored Questionnaires for Deep Dives on Joomla

enquette poll

Enquette isn't your average poll maker for Joomla. This extension caters to those who crave intricate and targeted questionnaires. Imagine building multi-layered surveys with conditional logic, where follow-up questions adapt like a branching narrative based on user responses.

Enquette lets you showcase polls as dedicated menu components or seamlessly integrate them into articles. Plus, it caters to a global audience with multilingual support and allows you to send personalized invitations to specific users. With features like question logic, data export, and customizable design, Enquette equips you to craft sophisticated questionnaires and gather in-depth feedback from your Joomla users.

Key Features

  • Flexible Question Format: Create single questions or complex, multi-layered questionnaires.
  • Dual Display Options: Present polls as either a Joomla menu component or an article module.
  • Rich Text Editing: Design question texts and separators using a full WYSIWYG editor.
  • Diverse Input Controls: Offer various answer options, from checkboxes to free text entry.
  • Conditional Logic: Employ question logic to dynamically display or hide questions based on user input.
  • Voting & Results View: Switch between voting mode and results display with graphics and statistics.
  • Multilingual Support: Create polls in multiple languages for a wider audience.
  • Targeted Invitations: Invite specific users to participate through personalized links.
  • Data Export & Import: Easily export and import poll data for portability.
  • Customization Options: Configure various aspects of the Enquette extension.
Pros Cons
Build multi-layered questionnaires with conditional logic. Some features require further exploration for full understanding.
Showcase polls as menus or integrate them into articles.  
Create polls in multiple languages.  
Send personalized invitations for focused feedback collection.  
Export and import poll data for portability.  
Design and customize various aspects of the extension.  


Plan Price
Paid €99.00

6. Votes: Unleash the Power of Extensive Surveys on Your Joomla Site

votes poll

Delve deeper into user opinions on your Joomla website with Votes. This extension lets you craft intricate surveys with a diverse range of answer types. It incorporates rating system where users evaluate options on a scale, or enabling them to propose additional answers if their choice isn't listed (Pro version).

Votes empower users to revisit and potentially change their responses and provide extensive customization through CSS for a personalized look. The lightweight technology behind Votes ensures fast loading times and mobile responsiveness, making it ideal for gathering detailed user insights on your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Extensive Survey Creation: Build comprehensive surveys with multiple questions and various answer types.
  • Rating System Integration: Allow users to rate answer options on a scale (e.g., 1-10).
  • Open-Ended Responses: Enable users to submit new answer options if not found in the provided list (Pro version).
  • Admin Notifications: Receive email alerts for newly added user-generated answers (Pro version).
  • Voting Revisit: Allow users to revisit and potentially change their votes (configurable option).
  • CSS Customization: Modify the appearance of various poll elements using CSS.
  • Lightweight Technology: Built without Flash, utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for faster loading and mobile responsiveness.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Optimized for seamless use on mobile devices.
Pros Cons
Craft intricate surveys with diverse answer types. The export format for collected data might be restricted.
Rating systems and open-ended responses are available.  
Users can revisit and change their votes.  
Modify poll appearance using CSS.  
Fast loading times and mobile responsiveness.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

7. Poll Manager: A Simple Polling Solution for Straightforward Feedback on Joomla

poll manager

Need a no-nonsense approach to polling on your Joomla site? The Poll Manager keeps things simple. This extension focuses on core functionalities for creating and managing basic polls. Imagine restricting users to one vote per poll per IP address for reliable results, and easily enabling or disabling polls from the Joomla back-end.

While Poll Manager may not have all the bells and whistles of some competitors, its strength lies in its user-friendly interface and emphasis on essential polling features. It's a perfect choice if you require a basic yet effective way to gather straightforward user feedback on your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Simple Polling: Create & manage basic polls for quick user feedback.
  • One Vote per IP: Restricts users to one vote per poll per unique IP address.
  • Back-end Management: Enable or disable polls from the Joomla back-end.
  • Future Feature: Potential future inclusion of auto-disabling polls when a specific answer reaches 100% votes (uncertain).
  • Limited Customization: Likely offers minimal customization options compared to more feature-rich extensions.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Optimized for seamless use on mobile devices.
  • Simple Interface: (Unconfirmed) Might provide a straightforward interface for managing basic polls.
  • Integration: Potential integration with existing Joomla functionalities (details unclear).
  • Security: Likely implements basic security measures to prevent poll manipulation.
Pros Cons
Create and manage basic polls easily. Limited reporting options on poll results.
Ensure reliable results with one vote per user. Core functionalities might lack advanced features.
Easily enable or disable polls from the back end. Possible auto-disable option for specific answers.
Gathers basic mood data  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

Picking the Perfect Polling Party Guest for Your Joomla Blog

Here's a quick overview in case you're still confused or in a hurry:

Need it simple?

  • Poll Manager: Easy polls, 1 vote per user for reliable results. Great for basic feedback like "red or blue?" or "feature A or feature B?". Perfect if you're short on time or just getting started with user engagement.

Feeling fancy?

  • Community Polls: Tons of features, complex surveys, and in-depth data analysis. Ideal for in-depth research or gathering specific user feedback on complex topics.
  • Enquette: Build multi-layered surveys, target specific users, and analyze data deeply. This extension is like a data scientist for your blog, perfect for crafting intricate surveys and dissecting user responses.

Want something fun?

  • Mood Poll by ExtStore: Emoji-based polls for lighthearted user feedback. Great for gauging reader sentiment or sparking conversations on a lighter note. Imagine asking "How are you feeling about this post?" with a happy, meh, or sad emoji.

Prioritizing design?

  • POWR Poll: Craft polls that are not only informative but also visually engaging with POWR Poll's design flexibility. This is your pick if you want your polls to stand out and grab attention.

Not sure yet?

  • JLex Helpful: Quick and easy for basic feedback. Similar to Poll Manager, JLex Helpful is a user-friendly option for straightforward polls.
  • Votes: Need more info on features before recommending. This extension might be a good fit, but we need to gather more details before giving it a thumbs up.