Turn your Joomla site into a vibrant hub of real-world opinions! Review extensions aren't just bells and whistles – they're your gateway to gathering valuable feedback, boosting credibility, and skyrocketing user engagement. Whether you're running an e-commerce store, a blog, or any other Joomla platform, these tools have the magic touch.

Dive into our exploration of the 7 best Joomla review extensions, each brimming with unique features from simple star ratings to in-depth testimonials. Find the perfect match to amplify your online presence and keep your audience glued to the screen!

7 Best Joomla Review Extensions: At a Glance 

Extensions Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
JLex Review Detailed feedback, customization, multilingual. Feature-rich, customizable design, diverse criteria. Higher cost, setup complexity. Individual: $39, Developer: $69 (Lifetime Usage).
Microformats votes SEO boost, easy setup, open source. Improves search ranking, free option, and flexible voting. Limited features, basic design. Free and additional paid plans upon request.
Item rating Flexible criteria, multiple voting options, and integrations. Customizable ratings, integrates with tools, and detailed reports. May require a paid plan, and complex management. Free trial, Free plan, and contact websites for pricing.
AA Google Business Reviews Social proof, automatic updates, mobile-friendly. Leverages existing reviews, effortless setup, mobile responsive. Limited control, reliance on Google, local focus. Free Demo. Paid: $17.00.
vReview Interactive discussions, moderation. Encourages engagement, easy content management, and multi-language. Can be expensive, setup complexity. Contact websites for pricing.
POWR Reviews Multiple feedback types, customization, responsive design. Collects various feedback, easy personalization, mobile-friendly. Limited criteria options, free plan branding. Free plan, and pricing details on the website
Elfsight Facebook Reviews Social proof integration, easy setup, responsive design. Showcases Facebook reviews, simple installation, mobile responsive. Reliance on Facebook, limited features  ree plan, contact websites for pricing.

 7 Best Joomla Review Extensions: In-Depth

Feeling lost in the sea of review extensions? Don't worry, here we are with 7 top-rated review extensions, to spark engaging discussions:

1. JLex Review: Deep Dive Feedback

jlex review

Imagine your website buzzing with feedback like a beehive on overdrive! JLex Review goes beyond boring star ratings, letting users get real with written reviews and even adding photos or videos. Wanna know how friendly your customer service is? Just whip up a custom rating criteria and boom, insights galore!

Plus, this extension is all about sharing the love with social media buttons and a slick, customizable design. It's the perfect sidekick for building a review-driven community that's more exciting than watching paint dry.

Key Features:

  • Review & Rating System: Collect written reviews & star ratings for any website element.
  • Multiple Rating Items: Customize with various rating criteria (e.g., quality, service, price).
  • Field Customization: Tailor review forms with different question types (text, dropdown, checkbox).
  • Multimedia Attachments: Allow users to upload photos & videos with their reviews.
  • Social Sharing: Integrate with social media buttons for wider reach.
  • Moderation Tools: Approve, edit, or delete reviews as needed.
  • Email Notifications: Get alerts for new reviews and replies.
  • Custom Design: Style reviews to match your website theme.
  • Multiple Languages: Support different languages for global audiences.
  • API Integration: Connect with other applications for data exchange.
Pros Cons 
Collect written reviews, star ratings, and multimedia attachments. Compared to some options.
Tailor criteria, design, and moderation settings to your needs. Requires more technical knowledge for installation.
Reach a wider audience with language options. Fewer third-party app integrations compared to others.
Conditional logic, custom fields, and API integrations for complex workflows.  
Interactive discussions with reply functions and upvotes.  
Analyze and integrate reviews with other marketing tools.  


Plan Duration Price
Individual Lifetime Usage $39
Developer Lifetime Usage $69

2. Microformats votes: SEO Booster Rockets

microformats votes review

If you're obsessed with dominating the search game, Microformats votes might be your secret weapon. This extension sprinkles magic dust on your search results with those fancy "rich snippets" everyone talks about, making you stand out and attracting more clicks.

But hey, it's not just about looking good! Users can still cast their votes with simple buttons, and you get cool analytics to see how they're engaging. Think of it as the ultimate sidekick for content-heavy websites who want to be SEO rockstars.

Key Features:

  • Rich Snippets Generation: Enhance search results with Google Rich Snippets for better visibility.
  • Microdata, Microformats & RDF Support: Utilize various structured data formats.
  • Voting System: Let users vote on content (articles, comments, products) with simple buttons.
  • Easy Installation & Use: Requires minimal configuration and coding knowledge.
  • Customization Options: Adjust styles and layouts to match your website.
  • Analytics Integration: Track user engagement and voting behavior.SEO Advantages: Improve search engine ranking through rich snippets.
  • Accessibility: Enhance website accessibility for diverse users.
  • Open Source: Free and publicly available software.
  • Multiple Platforms: Compatible with various CMS platforms.
Pros Cons
Enhance search results with rich snippets. Primarily focused on voting functionality.
Minimal coding or technical expertise is needed. Limited options compared to paid extensions.
Free and publicly available software. Lacks advanced analytics compared to some paid options.
Supports various voting mechanisms (stars, hearts, thumbs).  
Connects with analytics tools like Google Analytics.  
Minimizes impact on website loading speed.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free
Paid Contact Websites

3. Item rating: Flexible Evaluation

item rating review

Need a rating system that bends to your will like a master contortionist? Item rating has got your back (and every other body part). Create countless rating groups with unique criteria, choose from funky voting tools like hearts, or even invent your own scales, and even let users share their opinions on social media.

Plus, you can customize the design however you please, making your ratings look as unique as your website. If flexibility and control are your jam, Item rating is your champion sidekick, ready to adapt to any situation.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Review & Rating System: Create unlimited rating groups with unlimited criteria.
  • Various Voting Tools: Support star ratings, hearts, thumbs up/down, and custom scales.
  • Custom Design: Match the rating system to your website's look and feel.
  • Rich Snippet Review Microdata: Enhance SEO with structured data.
  • Moderation Tools: Manage submissions and filter out unwanted content.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Track user engagement and analyze ratings.
  • Social Sharing: Encourage users to share ratings on social media.
  • Multilingual Support: Display ratings in different languages.
  • Multiple Integrations: Connect with other services like Mailchimp and Zapier.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure smooth display on all devices.
Pros Cons
Create unlimited rating groups with diverse criteria. May require paid plans for advanced features.
Stars, hearts, thumbs, custom scales, and emoji reactions. Managing numerous rating groups might be challenging.
Customizable design to match your website's aesthetics. Understanding advanced features might require exploration.
Connects with popular marketing tools.  
Functions across different website sections.  
Provides comprehensive insights into user ratings and feedback.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free
Paid Contact Websites

4. AA Google Business Reviews: Social Proof Showcase

aa google business reviews

Sometimes, the easiest way to build trust is to show off what others are saying. AA Google Business Reviews does just that, bringing your shining Google reviews right onto your website, like showcasing your prized trophies.

This translates to happier customers, more conversions, and less time stressing about building trust. It's easy to set up, lets you tweak its look, and automatically updates with your latest reviews. So, if you already have a stellar Google presence, this extension is like having a built-in hype machine working for you 24/7.

Key Features:

  • Display Google Reviews: Showcase your Google Business Profile reviews directly on your website.
  • Increased Trust & Credibility: Leverage positive reviews to attract customers.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: Encourage website visitors to become customers.Customization Options: Choose how and where to display reviews on your website.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay updated with the latest reviews from Google.
  • Multiple Locations: Display reviews for different business locations.
  • Filtering & Sorting: Organize reviews by date, rating, or keyword.
  • Responsive Design: Adapt to different screen sizes for optimal viewing.
  • Integration with Google My Business: Manage reviews directly from the Google My Business platform.
  • API Access: Utilize API for advanced customization and integrations.
Pros Cons
Showcase existing Google reviews directly on your website. Design customization options might be limited.
Increases conversion rates with positive reviews. Requires a good Google My Business profile.
No need to manually update reviews. Requires a good Google My Business profile.Less relevant for businesses without a local presence.
Seamlessly integrates with your website on all devices  
Showcase happy customer testimonials that can directly influence purchase.  
Requires minimal technical skills and no upfront costs.  


Plan Price
Free Demo Free
Paid $17.00

5. vReview: Interactive Discussion Hub


Transform your website into a hub of customer love with vReview! Forget basic reviews, dive deeper with multimedia attachments, social sharing, and even upvote/downvote features. Want to spark lively discussions about your products? vReview provides the platform, turning visitors into engaged participants.

Feeling protective of your online space? Take full control with content moderation, review editing, and a customizable design that matches your website's vibe. vReview is the social butterfly sidekick, buzzing with activity and building trust through authentic customer interactions.

Key Features:

  • Ajax-based Rating & Review: Real-time feedback without page reloads.
  • Multiple Review Types: Support for written reviews, star ratings, and multimedia (photos, videos).
  • Criteria-based Rating: Customize evaluation with different criteria (e.g., quality, price, delivery).
  • Social Sharing & Interaction: Share reviews, like/dislike, and report options.
  • Notification System: Get alerts for new reviews, replies, and mentions.
  • Moderation Tools: Manage all user-generated content (approve, edit, delete).
  • Customizable Design: Adjust colors, fonts, and layout to match your website.
  • Multilingual Support: Display reviews and interfaces in different languages.
  • Mobile Responsive: Adapts to all devices for seamless user experience.
  • Backend Administration Panel: Manage reviews, users, and settings in a centralized hub.
Pros Cons
Support written discussions with reply and upvote/downvote options. Can be expensive for larger-scale or high-traffic websites.
Manage and edit all user-generated content. Might require some technical knowledge for implementation.
Display reviews and interfaces in different languages. Fewer third-party integrations compared to some other extensions.
Gamification elements and user profiles encourage engagement.  
Adjust colors, fonts, and layout to match your website.  
Track user behavior and sentiment from reviews.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free
Paid Contact Websites 

6. POWR Reviews: Website-Wide Feedback Magnet

powr reviews

Think your blog posts or products deserve more than just silence? POWR Reviews throws open the doors to comments and feedback. It's got all the usual suspects - comments, star ratings, even upvote/downvote options - but also lets you decide what gets published with comment moderation.

And because sometimes anonymity brings out honest opinions, you can even let users leave feedback without revealing their true identity. Plus, POWR Reviews works across your entire website, making it perfect for boosting engagement on various sections. Think of it as the versatile sidekick who adapts to any feedback situation.

Key Features:

  • Collect Product & Blog Comments: Gather feedback on various website sections.
  • Highlight Popular Products: Showcase products with high ratings and comments.
  • Comment Moderation: Manage and approve individual comments before publishing.
  • Email Alerts: Stay notified about new reviews and replies.
  • Anonymous Commenting: Allow users to leave feedback without identifying themselves.
  • Reply to Comments: Engage with users and build a community.
  • Upvote Individual Reviews: Highlight valuable feedback with user votes.
  • Customize Order: Sort comments by newest, oldest, popularity, or manually.
  • Highly Customizable Design: Change colors, fonts, sizes, and more.
  • Multi-language Support: Cater to a global audience with language options.
Pros Cons
Collect comments, star ratings, and social media sharing. Offers less flexibility in setting specific rating criteria compared to some options.
Adjust colors, fonts, and layout to match your website. Branding Removal: The free plan displays POWR branding on your website.
Ensures seamless user experience on all devices. Encourages upgrading to paid plans for advanced features.
Basic features are available without cost.  
Works with various website builders and platforms.  
Built-in filters help prevent spam and inappropriate content.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

7. Elfsight Facebook Reviews: Social Proof Integration

elfsight facebook reviews

Forget digging – your social proof treasure lies right on Facebook! Elfsight Facebook Reviews seamlessly integrates your positive Facebook reviews onto your website, instantly building trust with potential customers. Showcasing real people raving about your products or services speaks volumes, and it's all effortlessly displayed.

Not a fan of all your reviews? No worries! Filter what shows and even encourage visitors to leave their reviews directly on Facebook with a handy call to action. Plus, personalize the layout and design to seamlessly match your website's look and feel.

No complex setup, just instant credibility. Elfsight Facebook Reviews works silently in the background, boosting your website's appeal and converting casual visitors into loyal customers.

Key Features:

  • Display Facebook Page Reviews: Integrate reviews directly from your Facebook page.
  • Increased Brand Trust: Leverage existing social proof to attract customers.
  • Review Filtering: Select specific reviews by type, exclude unwanted ones, and control quantity.
  • Multiple Layouts & Templates: Choose from predefined layouts and review templates.
  • Customizable Interface: Adjust header, elements, and overall appearance.
  • Multilingual Support: Display reviews and interfaces in different languages.
  • Review Request Button: Encourage users to leave reviews on your Facebook page.
  • Seamless Installation: Set up using a simple widget configuration and code integration.
  • Free Installation Service: The Elfsight team offers assistance with installation if needed.
  • Integration with Elfsight Apps: Connect with other Elfsight apps for extended functionality.
Pros Cons
Showcase Facebook reviews for instant credibility. Requires an active Facebook page with existing reviews.
Simple installation using pre-configured widget and code integration. Focuses on displaying Facebook reviews, and lacks additional functionalities.
Adjust layout, elements, and overall appearance. More advanced features require upgrading from the free plan.
Basic features are available with limited customization.  
Adapts to different screen sizes for optimal viewing.  
Display reviews and interfaces in different languages.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

Which Extension Best Fits My Needs?

Choosing the right review extension depends on your specific needs and preferences. Let's break it down:

Imagine you're at a packed fashion show, each runway showcasing a dazzling, feature-packed Joomla review extension. You see JLex Review, a bespoke suit brimming with customization options. Microformats votes catch your eye next, a comfy, free pair of jeans promising SEO magic with rich snippets.

Item rating steals the show with its creative potential - unlimited rating groups, diverse voting options, and integrations galore, like a painter's dream palette. But like mastering any art form, it might require some time and investment.

AA Google Business Reviews struts down the catwalk, effortlessly showcasing your existing social proof like a model proudly wearing their favorite brand. The price is friendly, but design control is limited, and you need a stellar Google presence to truly rock it.

vReview transforms your website into a bustling cafe, buzzing with interactive discussions and user-generated content. Moderation tools are your bouncers, ensuring a harmonious community.
POWR Reviews is the versatile chameleon, adapting to various platforms and collecting multiple feedback types. Think of it as a timeless wardrobe staple, with a free plan to get you started. But just like any basic piece, advanced features might require an upgrade, and setting specific criteria can get tricky.

Lastly, Elfsight Facebook Reviews seamlessly display your Facebook fan club, like proudly exhibiting your latest Instagram snaps. A simple setup and a free plan make it tempting, but remember, its success relies on your existing social presence.

Choosing the right extension is like picking the perfect outfit for your website's personality and audience. Consider your budget, technical expertise, desired features, and target demographic.