Is your Joomla website turning into a recruitment black hole, swallowing applications and leaving you feeling overwhelmed? Don't despair! This guide unlocks the secrets to the best Joomla job extensions, designed to transform your hiring process from a time-consuming monster into a streamlined success story.

We'll explore extensions for every need, from building a thriving freelance marketplace to crafting a user-friendly job board. Job seekers fear not! We've got you covered with tools to create a resume that'll land you the perfect job. Let's supercharge your Joomla recruitment experience!

8 Best Joomla Job Extensions: At A Glance

Extensions Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
JoomBri Freelance Project Mgmt, Freelancer Portfolios, Secure Payments Feature-rich platform, Customizable workflows, Integrates with social tools Paid subscription, Learning curve Starts from Standard: $49.99 (6 months)
CW-hire Easy Job Listing, Applicant Mgmt, Custom Forms Easy job listing, Improved filtering, Matches website design Limited project Mgmt, Less customization Starts from 6 Months: £45.99
NeoRecruit Talent Pool (CVs), Multi-Criteria Search, User Accounts Build talent pool, Multi-language support, Track applications Limited job board features, Might require paid subscription Paid: €59.90
JS Jobs Job Board, Unlimited Listings, Mobile Responsive Create & manage job board, integrate with Google Maps/YouTube, Generate reports Complex with large volumes, Limited employer customization Free Trial: Free
Easy Jobs Manager Easy Job & Candidate Mgmt, Search/Filter, Notifications Easy job management, Geolocation support, Company profiles Limited project Mgmt, Limited UI customization Starts from Pro Edition: $49.00 (1 Year)
JoomBri Careers Classifieds Platform, Flexible Subscriptions, Job Alerts Build job board, Mobile responsive, Customizable email templates Limited applicant Mgmt, Less focus on freelancers Starts from Standard: $49.99 (6 months)
POWR Resume Easy Resume Creation, Free Templates, Mobile Responsive Easy resume creation, Multi-language support, Build resumes Limited free customization, Free plan branding limitations Free Trial: Free
M Application Form Custom Forms, Detailed Applicant Info, Application Status Mgmt Customized forms, Track progress, Email notifications Limited automation features, Might not integrate with external systems Paid: Ask Website

8 Best Joomla Job Extensions: In-Depth

This guide unlocks the best Joomla job extensions to transform your hiring process, from freelance havens to sleek job boards.

1. JoomBri Freelance: Your All-in-One Joomla Freelancing Powerhouse

joombri freelance job

If you're looking to build a thriving freelance marketplace on your Joomla website, look no further than JoomBri Freelance. This feature-rich extension goes beyond simply listing jobs. It empowers you to create a dynamic ecosystem where freelancers and employers can connect, collaborate, and transact seamlessly.

JoomBri Freelance boasts a robust project management system, allowing you to post diverse project types with fixed or hourly rates. Freelancers can showcase their skills with portfolios, while built-in communication tools like forums and private messaging keep everyone on the same page.

Security is top-notch with features like escrow payments and NDA options. Packed with customization options and integrations, JoomBri Freelance is a powerful solution to turn your Joomla site into a one-stop shop for all things freelance.

Key Features

  • Project Types: Post various projects including Featured, Private, Urgent, Sealed, and NDA with Fixed/Hourly rates.
  • Communication: Built-in private messaging system and discussion forum for project clarification.
  • Freelancer Showcase: The Portfolio feature allows freelancers to display previous projects.
  • Reporting & Reviews: Reporting for projects and profiles with automated actions and admin review before publishing.
  • Payment Options: Supports PayPal, Skrill, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Bank transfer, and Escrow payments.
  • User Management: Completely customizable user groups (Freelancer, Buyer) linked to Joomla User Groups.
  • Membership System: Members can sign up based on different membership options.
  • Search Functionality: Enhanced project and user search with filter options.
  • Customization: Customizable email templates, user groups, and layouts.
  • Integrations: Integrates with JomSocial and Community Builder (direct profile links).
Pros Cons
Feature-rich platform for project management. A paid subscription is required.
Freelancer-friendly with skills showcase and credibility. The learning curve for setting up all features.
Customizable workflows & user groups. Joomla-dependent (limited use on other platforms).
Integrates with social tools for enriched profiles.  
Secure payments (escrow) and project confidentiality.  
Scalable for small and large-scale projects.  


Plan Price Duration
Standard $49.99 6 months
Premium $99.99 12 months

2. CW-hire: Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Joomla

cw hire job

Managing job applications on your Joomla website can be a breeze with CW-hire. This user-friendly extension takes care of everything from creating detailed job listings with search filters to receiving applications with attachments. Imagine job seekers easily submitting their resumes and qualifications directly through your website!

CW-hire boasts compatibility with Google® job search, expanding your reach to a wider pool of potential candidates. The extension offers complete control over the application process, allowing you to customize forms, layouts, and notification settings. Furthermore, CW-hire integrates seamlessly with Joomla 5, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment experience for both you and your applicants.

Key Features

  • Job Listings: Create job listings with details, search filters, and application forms.
  • Applicant Management: Visitors can search for jobs, read details, and submit applications with attachments.
  • Google Search Integration: Compatible with Google® job search for wider reach.
  • Ordering & Filtering: Order job offers by name, date, or custom criteria with SEF URLs.
  • Customizable Forms: Add new form fields like textarea, radio, list, and checkbox for applications.
  • Layout Options: Choose from various layouts for the component and menu entries.
  • Optional Fields: "Terms of reference," "Profile," "Perspective," and "Contact info" can be hidden.
  • Email Notifications: The system sends notifications for new applications, bids, and payments.
  • Joomla 5 Compatibility: Fully compatible with Joomla 5 without additional plugins.
  • Multiple Languages: Available in English (and potentially others based on user reports).
Pros Cons
Easy job listing with Google search reach. Limited project management features.
Efficient applicant management with attachments. Less extensive customization options for branding.
Customizable application forms for specific needs.  
Seamless integration with Joomla 5.  
Multiple layouts to match the website design.  
Improved candidate filtering for efficient hiring.  


Plan Price
6 Months £45.99
1 Year £59.99

3. NeoRecruit: Build Your Talent Pool Directly in Joomla

neo recruit job

Tired of relying on external job boards to find qualified candidates? NeoRecruit empowers you to build your own talent pool directly within your Joomla website. This extension goes beyond simply displaying job offers. It allows applicants to submit CVs and cover letters electronically, giving you a centralized database of potential hires.

NeoRecruit offers a powerful search function for filtering applicants based on specific criteria. Recruiters can manage job offers for their company or even allow clients to post their own vacancies. The extension provides a user-friendly interface for applicants to manage their resumes and track application status. Available in multiple languages, NeoRecruit is a comprehensive solution to streamline your recruitment process and build a strong talent pipeline within your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • CV & Cover Letter Collection: Saves CVs and cover letters submitted with applications.
  • Recruiter Dashboard: Receive application details by email and manage them on the website.
  • Multi-Criteria Search: Search for applicants based on specific criteria with a customizable search form.
  • Offer Management: Manage job offers for your company or allow clients to post their own.
  • Frontend Application Option: Allow applicants to submit unsolicited applications.
  • Database Creation: Creates a CV database for recruiters to manage from the backend or frontend.
  • Admin Control Panel: Configure offer lists, offer pages, and application forms.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in English, French, Spanish, and German.
  • Modules Included: Three modules for displaying categories, latest offers, and search functionalities.
  • User Account Management: Applicants and clients can manage applications and resumes from their accounts.
Pros Cons
Build a talent pool with CVs & cover letters. Limited job board features.
Multi-criteria search for targeted candidate selection. Security considerations for unsolicited applications.
User accounts for applicants and clients. Might require a paid subscription.
Multilingual support for a wider audience.  
Includes modules for displaying categories & offers.  
Track applications for effective hiring management.  


Plan Price
Paid 59.90 €

4. JS Jobs: Create a Feature-Packed Job Board on Joomla

js jobs

Imagine transforming your Joomla website into a bustling job board with JS Jobs. This feature-rich extension caters to both employers and job seekers, allowing them to connect and find the perfect match. Employers can post unlimited jobs with detailed descriptions and search for suitable candidates based on their resumes. Job seekers can easily upload their resumes and refine their searches with various filters.

JS Jobs shines with its user-friendly interface and mobile responsiveness, ensuring a smooth experience on any device. The extension offers extensive customization options for employers to manage job postings and candidate applications. With features like radius search and integration with services like Google Maps and YouTube, JS Jobs empowers you to create a powerful and versatile job board that attracts both employers and job seekers to your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Job Board Creation: Build a classifieds service where employers post jobs and job seekers upload resumes.
  • Unlimited Listings: Unlimited job postings and resume uploads for both employers and job seekers.
  • Search & Filter: Built-in search with refine options and job listing with auto-loading on scroll.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Optimized for viewing and applying for jobs on mobile devices.
  • User Management: Control panels for employers and job seekers with various functionalities.
  • Highly Configurable: Over 200 configurations are available for admins to customize the platform.
  • Multi-language Support: Supports multiple languages for a wider audience reach.
  • Radius Search: Allows searching for jobs based on geographical location (with Geo Coordinates).
  • Integration Options: Integrates with Google Maps, and YouTube for job postings, and email templates.
  • Statistics & Reports: Provides admins with stats and reports on job applications and user activity.
Pros Cons
Create a full-fledged job board. Managing large volumes can be complex.
Unlimited listings for jobs and resumes. Limited employer customization options.
Mobile responsive design for any device. Potential for receiving irrelevant applications.
Radius search for local job discovery.  
Integrates with Google Maps and YouTube.  
Generate statistics and reports for performance analysis.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

5. Easy Jobs Manager: Simplify Recruitment and Job Hunting on Joomla

easy jobs manager

Say goodbye to recruitment hassles with Easy Jobs Manager! This Joomla extension simplifies the entire process, making it a breeze for both employers and job seekers. Imagine creating detailed job listings with customizable fields, setting salary ranges, and attaching them to relevant companies. Easy Jobs Manager empowers employers to manage applications, filter candidates, and even download resumes for further review.

Job seekers will love the intuitive interface for searching for jobs based on specific criteria like location, industry, or job type. They can easily upload and manage their resumes, highlighting their skills and experience. Easy Jobs Manager streamlines communication with built-in notification systems that alert both parties about new jobs, applications, and other important updates. This user-friendly and feature-rich extension lets you transform your Joomla website into a recruitment hub that connects the right people with the right opportunities.

Key Features

  • Job Management: Create, edit, publish, and manage jobs with various details.
  • Candidate & Company Management: Manage candidate applications, company profiles, and replies.
  • Filtering & Search: Filter jobs by location, and field, and display them in horizontal or table view.
  • Job Listing Features: Attach details like salary, location, job types, and custom fields.
  • Candidate Features: Allow candidates to filter jobs, manage profiles with resumes and cover letters, and apply to jobs.
  • Company Features: Companies can submit new jobs, manage existing ones, and access a candidate database.
  • Notifications: Email/SMS notifications for new jobs, applications, and other events.
  • Geolocation Support: Filter jobs based on job location or user position.
  • SEO Features: Automatic or manual generation of metadata for jobs and companies.
  • 3rd Party Integrations: Integrates with AcyMailing, CiviCRM, and JoomSMS for various functionalities.
Pros Cons
Effortless job & candidate management. Limited project management functionalities.
Search & filter options for efficient job discovery. Limited customization options for UI.
Notification system for job updates. May require additional plugins for advanced features.
Geolocation support for location-based searches.  
SEO features for improved website visibility.  
Company profiles for managing employer information.  


Plan Price Duration
Pro Edition $ 49.00 1 Year
Developer Edition $ 89.00 2 Years

6. JoomBri Careers: Build Your Dream Job Board with Joomla Ease

joombri career job

Ever wanted to have your own online classifieds platform for jobs? JoomBri Careers makes it possible! This user-friendly extension allows you to create a dynamic job board where employers can post vacancies and job seekers can discover their dream careers. Imagine categorizing jobs by industry, location, and even functional areas, making it easy for users to find relevant opportunities.

JoomBri Careers caters to employers with flexible subscription plans, allowing them to post jobs with pay-per-job options or credit systems. Job seekers can set up job alerts to receive notifications for positions that match their interests. The extension boasts a clean and modern design, ensuring a smooth user experience for both employers and job seekers. With features like customizable email templates and built-in CRON automation for managing emails, JoomBri Careers empowers you to build a robust and efficient job board directly on your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Job Board Creation: Run a classifieds service to categorize and list jobs by location, industry, and more.
  • Employer Plans: Offer subscription plans for employers to post jobs with Pay Per Job or Credits options.
  • Job Categorization: Categorize jobs by Industries, Functional Areas, Education, and Job Types.
  • Jobseeker Alerts: Set up job alerts for job seekers to receive notifications for relevant openings.
  • Simple Registration: Easy registration process for both employers and job seekers.
  • Job Listing & Searching: Simplified job listing and searching functionalities.
  • Email Customization: Customizable email templates for various notifications.
  • Built-in CRON: An automated email-sending system for managing large amounts of emails efficiently.
  • Joomla 5 & PHP 8.2 Compatibility: Compatible with the latest Joomla and PHP versions.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Optimized for viewing on any device.
Pros Cons
A classified platform for job listings. Limited applicant management features.
Flexible subscription plans for employers. Limited design control for customizing job boards.
Job alerts for targeted candidate notification. Less emphasis on freelancer profiles and portfolios.
Easy registration for user-friendly access.  
Mobile responsive design for any device.  
Customizable email templates for branding.  


Plan Price Duration
Standard $49.99 6 months
Premium $99.99 12 months

7. POWR Resume: Craft a Stunning Resume Effortlessly (Joomla Integration)

powr resume job

POWR Resume takes the hassle out of creating a professional resume. This innovative tool integrates seamlessly with your Joomla website, allowing you to build a visually appealing and informative resume directly on your web page. No coding skills are required! Imagine choosing from professionally designed templates and customizing fonts, colors, and layouts to create a resume that reflects your unique personality and skills.

POWR Resume empowers you to include various sections in your resume, like education, experience, and skills. Import your information directly from Facebook or LinkedIn for a head start. The best part? POWR Resume ensures your resume looks great and is easily readable on any device, making a strong first impression on potential employers. With its ease of use and powerful features, POWR Resume is a must-have tool for anyone looking to build a standout resume and showcase their qualifications on their Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Resume Building: Create a stunning HTML resume from scratch or import existing information from Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Free Design Templates: Choose from professionally designed templates for your resume.
  • Customization Options: Customize fonts, borders, backgrounds, and other visual elements of your resume.
  • Multiple Fields: Include various sections like Education, Experience, Skills, and more.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Ensures your resume looks great and is readable on any mobile device.
  • Multi-language Support: Build your resume in any language.
  • Easy Editing: Edit your resume directly on the live web page with no coding required.
  • Free Upgrade Option: Upgrade for more advanced design control features.
  • Integration with Access other POWR plugins for additional website functionalities.
Pros Cons
Effortless resume creation without coding. Limited customization options in the free plan.
Free professional design templates are available. The free plan may restrict branding control.
Mobile responsive for optimal viewing. Limited integrations with other job boards.
Build resumes in various languages.  
Easy editing directly on the web page.  
Free upgrade option for advanced design control.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

8. M Application Form: Create Customized and Streamlined Application Processes

m application form job

M Application Form takes the guesswork out of building customized application forms on your Joomla website. This extension provides a comprehensive set of features to tailor your form to meet the specific needs of each job position. Imagine collecting detailed information from applicants, from their basic qualifications to education and work experience.

M Application Form allows you to create dedicated sections for collecting relevant data, ensuring you get the information you need to make informed hiring decisions. Admins can manage application status, track progress, and even add comments for each applicant. The extension offers flexibility by enabling you to display the application form on a dedicated website page or directly on the admin panel. Furthermore, the M Application Form facilitates communication with features like email notifications for both applicants and administrators. This versatile tool empowers you to create a streamlined and efficient application process for any job posting on your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Detailed Information Sections: Customize sections for basic information like region, city, and education.
  • Job Position Customization: Tailor the application form to specific job positions.
  • Information Management: Organize personal information, family details, work experience, and skills.
  • Application Status Management: Admins can set application status (New, Interview, Cancelled, Hired) and add comments for each applicant.
  • Job Position Display: Choose to display all open positions or a single specific one.
  • Form Visibility: Option to show the application form on a website page or just on the admin page.
  • Job Application Button: Include a Job Apply button that links directly to the application form.
  • Application Tracking: Track the status of applications (New, Interview, Cancelled, Employee).
  • Email Notifications: Send email notifications to applicants.
  • Applicant Image Upload: Allow applicants to upload a profile picture.
Pros Cons
Design customized application forms for specific jobs. Limited automation features for tasks like interview scheduling.
Collect detailed information from applicants. Basic reporting functionalities may not be sufficient.
Manage application status with comments. Might not integrate with external applicant tracking systems.
Email notifications for both applicants and admins.  
Allow applicants to upload profile pictures.  


Plan Price
Paid Ask Website

Choosing the Right Joomla Job Extension for You

Looking to streamline your recruitment process or help job seekers shine? Here's a quick rundown of popular Joomla job extensions to consider:

Freelance powerhouses? JoomBri Freelance offers project management, secure payments, and freelancer portfolios – ideal for bustling freelance marketplaces.

Listing and management made easy? Look at CW-hire. It boasts Google search reach for wider exposure, applicant management with attachments, and customizable forms to streamline your hiring process.

Building your own talent pool? NeoRecruit lets applicants submit CVs directly and manage applications in multiple languages – perfect for reaching a global audience.

Full-fledged job board? JS Jobs might be your best bet. With unlimited listings, mobile responsiveness, and integrations like Google Maps, it caters to both employers and job seekers.

Easy Jobs Manager lives up to its name. It simplifies recruitment with user-friendly search, notifications, and company profiles for managing employers.

Want a classifieds platform for jobs? JoomBri Careers offers flexible employer subscriptions and job alerts for targeted candidate notification.

Job seekers rejoice! POWR Resume lets you create stunning resumes with free templates – mobile-friendly for that perfect first impression.

Finally, for those needing custom application forms, the M Application Form allows you to collect detailed applicant information, manage application status, and keep everyone informed via email.