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Increase website conversions build trust on autopilot

Show your visitors what others are doing with your website realtime increase the trust and credibility of your brand.

Why you should use Notifly ?

Build a brand people trust

Display real sales, opt-in, registration or other event notifications on your website. No canned or fake notification is possible.

Increase conversions

With Notifly’s real-time notifications, your website visitors can see what happening on your website. Social proof always help converting your visitor into paying customer.

How Notifly can help you to sell more & engage audience

Realtime activity notifications

Show whatever’s happening to your website, purchase, opt-ins, sign ups and let your customer sell for you with powerful social proof. This powerful marketing extensions drive visitor to convert.

Blend with your brand style

Most joomla extension doesn’t fit well with your existing template or with your brand. Notifly’s intelligent design system adopt with your brand style and you can easily tweak the colors and typography anytime you want.

Engage with your audience

People always like to see what is happening behind the scene and they don’t want to get cheated. Notifly bring your website activities back to your visitors so they feel confident about your brand and convert well.

Track conversion realtime

Monitor how your notification performing from your Joomla backend. You can track display vs click and how they are performing every day. Filter by daily, weekly or monthly.

Start using Notifly 3 steps


Just install the extension like you install all other Joomla extension.


Enable the integrations you like the pull the data from.


Experience the conversions skyrocketing everday.

Notifly Integrates Easily

Setting up Notifly takes less than 10 minutes. No tech skills required.


Connect with Joomla user 


Capture order, subscription, registration


Capture order, subscription, registration


Capture order, subscription, registration


Capture order, subscription, registration

Akeeba Subscription

Subscription, registration events


New article, registration event


Capture posts, replies, status update


Status, posts, updates, event

JU Directory

Listing, order capture

Don't See Your Favorite Extension?

Chat with us to ask if we can integrate with your favorite Joomla! extensions, email, or marketing app! Let us work our magic ;)

Don't want to wait more?

  • Increase website conversion
  • Works with other apps
  • Trustworthy social proof
  • 7 days money back guaranty

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Can I use this to fake notifications?
    Heck no. We always try hard to figure out if someone was legit or not when it comes to purchase anything from internet. We built Notifly because we were victim of all the dishonest marketing out there on the internet. We are dedicated to making every notification 100% legit.
  • Where is the (x) integration?
  • How long I'll get update & support?
  • Do I have to know how to code?