Ever stared at a mountain of website FAQs and thought, "There's gotta be a better way"? Yeah, us too. We all know FAQs are crucial for happy website visitors, but who wants to get stuck in a formatting frenzy? Fear not, blogosphere adventurers! Today, we're unveiling the crème de la crème of Joomla FAQ extensions.

We're talking about extensions that'll transform your FAQ section from a text wasteland into a user-friendly oasis. So, grab your virtual compass and get ready to discover the perfect tool to keep your website visitors informed and click "happy"!

8 Best Joomla FAQ Extensions: At a Glance

Extension Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
iFAQ Leverages existing content, Easy & quick setup, WYSIWYG editing Saves time, User-friendly experience, Seamless Joomla integration Limited themes, Unknown user rating feature Lite: $25, Pro: $35
No Boss Faq Multiple layouts, Multilingual support, Quickstart option (pre-designed theme) Caters to a global audience, Saves time with the pre-designed theme, Strategic FAQ placement Complex customization (coding), Unclear update frequency BASIC: $24.88, ESSENTIAL: $31.13, COMPLETE: $36.13, UNLIMITED WEBSITES: $48.74
Ruxin Accordion FAQ Simple setup, Theme variety, Customization options (animation, behavior) Easy to use, Visually appealing FAQs, Control over user experience Primarily accordion layouts, Documentation research needed Paid: €19.90
Minitek FAQ Book Category organization (subcategories), Content editing with Joomla editor, Front-end/back-end management Organized knowledge base, User-friendly content editing, Flexible management options Complex layouts (coding), Unclear user interaction features Free Trial: Free
JoomFAQs Rich content editing (text, images), Mobile responsive design, Dedicated FAQ module (easy integration) Visually engaging FAQs, Ensuring user experience across devices, Simple FAQ integration Limited layouts (coding), Unclear user feedback features Pro Edition: $29.00 (1 year), Developer Edition: $49.00 (2 years)
YRFaq Unlimited FAQs & categories, User feedback (ratings), Search functionality Handles large FAQ volumes, User feedback for improvement, Easy navigation for visitors Complex layouts (coding), Steeper learning curve Paid: €19.90
Mx Awesome Faq Content or custom FAQ creation, Accordion or tab layouts, Responsive design Flexibility in FAQ creation, Visually organized content, Works on all devices Limited customization (beyond layout), Unclear update frequency Paid: €24.90
POWR faq Easy FAQ creation, Design customization, Mobile responsive design Simple FAQ creation process, Matches website branding, Ensures mobile usability Limited features (free plan), Hosted on POWR servers Free Trial: Free

Best 8 Joomla FAQ Extensions: In-depth

Ditch the text swamp and transform your FAQs with these user-friendly Joomla extensions:

1. iFAQ: Effortless FAQ Creation for Busy Joomla Users

If you're a Joomla website owner who needs a user-friendly and time-saving solution for FAQs, iFAQ is your perfect match. Forget wrestling with complex configurations; iFAQ lets you leverage your existing Joomla content items to create a full-fledged FAQ section under 3 minutes! Imagine the convenience! This translates to less setup time and more time focusing on what truly matters – running your business.

iFAQ doesn't compromise on functionality either. It empowers you with the power of WYSIWYG editors, allowing you to add images, edit HTML, and format text for a visually appealing FAQ experience. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with all your existing Joomla content options, including publishing schedules, access levels, and plugins. This ensures a smooth workflow and avoids the hassle of managing separate FAQ systems.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use: Set up a FAQ in less than 3 minutes using existing Joomla content items.
  • Rich Content Editing: Utilize WYSIWYG editors for features like adding images, editing HTML, and text formatting.
  • Full Joomla Integration: Works with all Joomla content options like publishing, user access levels, and plugins.
  • Multiple FAQ Items: Create and publish as many FAQ entries as needed.
  • Category Management: Organize FAQs by category or display all content.
  • Accordion Style: Displays FAQs in an accordion style for a space-saving and organized look.
  • Mobile Responsive: Ensures your FAQ page looks good and functions well on all devices.
  • Multilingual Support: Potentially compatible with Joom!Fish for multilingual websites (source not definitive).
  • Content Customization: Change display options for sections, categories, author info, and more.
  • Meta Information: Add keywords and descriptions for better search engine optimization (SEO).
Pros Cons
Leverage existing content for a quick creation. Limited themes (might be).
Edit content visually for a user-friendly experience. Seamless integration with your Joomla website.
Seamless integration with your Joomla website.  
Ensures smooth user experience on all devices.  
Saves time by utilizing already created content.  
May support multiple languages (unconfirmed).  


Plan Price
Lite $25
Pro $35

2. No Boss Faq: Answer Questions Before They Arise

Tired of fielding repetitive customer service inquiries? No Boss Faq swoops in like a superhero to help you anticipate and address user questions proactively. This translates to happier customers, fewer support tickets, and potentially reduced costs for your business.

No Boss Faq offers a trio of layout options (classic, card, and filtered category) to perfectly complement your website's design. Gone are the days of boring, text-heavy FAQs. Choose the layout that best suits your brand and content, fostering a visually engaging experience for your visitors.

Plus, No Boss Faq gets you up and running in no time. Their "Quickstart" feature provides a pre-designed theme that adapts to your needs. Additionally, the ability to display FAQ sections on different website pages allows for strategic placement, ensuring your visitors find the answers they seek exactly where they need them.

Key Features

  • Prevents Customer Service Issues: Answer user questions in advance, potentially reducing support costs.
  • Multiple Layouts: Choose between classic, card, or filtered category layouts to match your website design.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in 10 languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.
  • Quickstart Option: Get started quickly with a pre-designed theme that fits your needs.
  • FAQ Group Management: Display FAQ sections on different website pages for better organization.
  • Search Functionality: This allows users to easily find answers with keyword and category filters.
  • Category Organization: Create unlimited categories and link them to relevant FAQs.
  • Iframe/Embed Support: Integrate the FAQ section into any website beyond Joomla.
  • Mobile Responsive: Ensures a good user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited FAQ Items: Create as many FAQs as needed without limitations.
Pros Cons
Various Layout Options Complex Customization
Multilingual Support Complex Customization
Pre-designed Theme Potentially Steeper Learning Curve
User-defined Group Organization  
Mobile Optimization  
Possible User Interaction Features  


Plan Price (USD)
BASIC $24.88

3. Ruxin Accordion FAQ: Simple Yet Stylish FAQs Made Easy

ruxin accordion faq

For those seeking a straightforward solution with a touch of style, Ruxin Accordion FAQ delivers. This easy-to-use module integrates seamlessly with your Joomla website, allowing you to add an FAQ block with minimal effort. No coding expertise is required!

But beauty isn't everything. Ruxin provides the flexibility to customize the functionality of your FAQ section as well. This level of granular control empowers you to tailor the FAQ experience to your audience's needs.

Most importantly, Ruxin Accordion FAQ ensures your FAQs look stunning and function flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. In today's mobile-first world, this is a crucial feature for keeping your website user-friendly and accessible.

Key Features

  • Simple Setup: Easy-to-use module for adding an FAQ block to your Joomla website.
  • Theme Variety: Choose from 9 different and visually appealing themes for your FAQ section.
  • HTML Support: Include HTML code within your FAQ answers for added formatting options.
  • Customization Options: Set animation speed, choose which item opens first, enable/disable opening all at once, and control auto-closing.
  • Mobile Responsive: Guarantees a smooth user experience on all devices.
  • Lightweight: Potentially a lightweight module with minimal impact on website loading speed.
  • Easy Integration: Likely integrates seamlessly with existing Joomla websites.
  • Translation Ready: This may be compatible with translating FAQ content into different languages.
  • Shortcode Support: Potentially offers shortcode functionality for easy placement of the FAQ block.
  • Documentation: There's a chance the module comes with documentation for installation, configuration, and usage.
Pros Cons
Easy Installation and Configuration Primarily Accordion Layouts
Variety of Themes Documentation May Require Research
HTML Code Embedding Unclear Update Frequency
Animation and Behavior Control  
Device Compatibility  
Potential User Rating System  


Plan Price
Paid €19.90

4. Minitek FAQ Book: A Dedicated Haven for Your FAQs

minitek faq book

Minitek FAQ Book isn't just another extension; it's a purpose-built solution specifically crafted for creating and managing FAQ lists on your Joomla website. This laser focus on FAQs translates into a robust and feature-rich experience. Organization is key! Minitek allows you to categorize your FAQs with subcategories, ensuring a well-structured knowledge base that's easy to navigate for your visitors. No more hunting through a sea of text to find the answer.

Minitek doesn't stop at basic text either. Utilize the power of the Joomla editor to format your FAQ answers with ease, adding images, styling text, and incorporating visual elements for a more engaging experience.

Minitek goes beyond basic functionality. It allows you to display custom icons for each FAQ tab or by category, adding a touch of personality and visual interest to your knowledge base. This level of detail allows you to create a truly unique FAQ experience that reflects your brand.

Key Features

  • FAQ Creation: Designed specifically for creating lists of questions and answers.
  • Category Organization: Organize FAQs with categories and subcategories for better structure.
  • Content Editing: Utilize the Joomla editor for formatting and styling FAQ answers.
  • Frontend/Backend Management: Manage FAQs from both the front-end and back-end interfaces of your website.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensures your FAQ page is functional and user-friendly on mobile devices.
  • Dedicated FAQ Module: Includes a module for easy display of FAQs on your website.
  • Custom Icons: Option to display custom icons for each FAQ tab or by category.
  • Bootstrap 5 Support: Compatible with the latest Bootstrap framework for website design.
  • Multiple Layouts: Offers an accordion layout for FAQs, with more layouts potentially coming in future versions.
  • User Interaction: Allows users to mark questions as helpful or not helpful.
Pros Cons
Subcategory Organization Complex Layouts May Require Coding
Joomla Editor Integration Uncertain User Interaction Features
User and Admin Interface Management Unclear Update Frequency
Custom Icon Addition  
Responsive Design  
Possible Multilingual Support  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

5. JoomFAQs: Streamlining Your Joomla FAQs


JoomFAQs simplifies the process of creating and managing FAQs on your Joomla website. No need to be a tech whiz! Leverage existing Joomla content items to populate your FAQs in minutes, freeing up your time for other tasks. But JoomFAQs isn't a one-trick pony. You can create categories and subcategories to organize your FAQs, ensuring a well-structured knowledge base for your visitors.

Think beyond plain text! JoomFAQs integrates with the Joomla editor, allowing you to add images, format text, and style your answers for a visually engaging experience. Plus, a dedicated FAQ module simplifies integrating your FAQs into any website page. JoomFAQs caters to diverse workflows by offering management from both the front-end and back-end interfaces.

Key Features

  • FAQ Creation & Management: Create and manage FAQs with categories and subcategories for easy organization.
  • Content Editing: Utilize the Joomla editor for rich text formatting within your FAQ answers.
  • Frontend/Backend Management: Add, edit, and manage FAQs from both the front-end and back-end of your website.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures a good user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Dedicated FAQ Module: Includes a module for simple integration of FAQs into your website.
  • Customizable Icons: Option to display custom icons for each FAQ tab or by category.
  • Bootstrap 5 Integration: Compatible with the Bootstrap 5 framework for website design.
  • Multiple Layouts: Offers an accordion layout for FAQs, with potentially more layouts available in future versions.
  • User Feedback: Allows users to rate the helpfulness of answers.
  • Content Plugins: Supports Joomla content plugins for added functionality within your FAQs.
Pros Cons
Easy Setup & Management Limited Layouts (Might Require Coding)
Rich Content Editing (Text, Images) Unclear User Feedback Features
Front-End/Back-End Management Multilingual Support Not Confirmed
Mobile Responsive Design  
Dedicated FAQ Module (Easy Integration)  
User Feedback (Potentially)  


Plan Price Duration
JoomFAQs Pro Edition $29.00 1 year
JoomFAQs Developer Edition $49.00 2 year

6. YRFaq: Feature-Packed Powerhouse for Joomla FAQs


YRFaq isn't just an extension; it's a feature factory designed to create a robust FAQ experience. Feeling overwhelmed by unanswered questions? YRFaq lets you create and manage an unlimited number of FAQ categories and articles, ensuring your website has the resources to address any visitor query.

First impressions matter! YRFaq provides a modern and visually appealing presentation style for your FAQ section. But it goes beyond aesthetics. User-friendly features like search functionality and user rating systems empower visitors to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

YRFaq fosters a two-way communication channel. It allows users to submit new questions directly through your website, keeping your knowledge base up-to-date and addressing the most pressing user inquiries. This interactive approach fosters a sense of community and empowers your audience to participate.

Key Features

  • Unlimited FAQs & Categories: Create and manage an unlimited number of FAQ categories and articles.
  • Modern Presentation: Provides a visually appealing presentation style for your FAQ section.
  • Rating System: Allows users to rate the helpfulness of FAQ articles.
  • Search Functionality: Includes a search form for users to easily find specific answers.
  • User Question Submission: Enables users to submit new questions, notifying the admin via email.
  • User Answer Notifications: Sends email notifications to users when their questions are answered.
  • Advanced Features: Supports breadcrumbs, pagination, ReCaptcha security, and article editing from the front end.
  • Multiple Styles: Offers a variety of styles to choose from to match your website design.
  • ACL Integration: Integrates with Joomla's Access Control List for permission management.
  • Content Plugins: Includes plugins to display FAQs within Joomla articles.
Pros Cons
Unlimited FAQs & Categories Complex Layouts (Might Require Coding)
Modern Presentation Style Steeper Learning Curve (More Features)
User Rating System (Feedback) Unclear Update Frequency
Search Functionality (Easy Navigation)  
User Question Submission (Interactive)  
Advanced Features (Breadcrumbs, Pagination)  


Plan Price
Paid €19.90

7. Mx Awesome Faq: Flexibility Meets Control for Joomla FAQs

mx awesome faq

Mx Awesome Faq offers the best of both worlds: convenience and customization. Feeling strapped for time? Utilize existing Joomla content items to populate your FAQs, saving you time and effort. But if you crave more control, Mx Awesome Faq lets you craft FAQs from scratch, giving you complete control over content and structure.

Presentation is key! Choose between displaying FAQs by category or showcasing them all on a single page. Mx Awesome Faq even offers accordion or tab layouts to visually organize your content and enhance user experience.

Technically speaking, Mx Awesome Faq integrates seamlessly with Bootstrap, a popular framework for responsive website design. This ensures your FAQs look great and function flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

Key Features

  • Content or Custom FAQ Creation: Use existing Joomla content or create custom questions and answers.
  • Display Options: Choose between displaying FAQs by category or showcasing all FAQs on a single page.
  • Accordion or Tabs Layout: Select between accordion or tabs style for displaying your FAQs.
  • Bootstrap Integration: Compatible with Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 for responsive design.
  • Customization Options: Control numerous aspects like category selection, article ordering, and display of titles, descriptions, and dates.
  • Custom Fields: Ability to include custom fields within your FAQs.
  • Article Management: Manage visibility of category titles, item titles, and descriptions.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures your FAQ section looks good and functions well on all devices.
  • Multilingual Support: Potentially multilingual through including text in any language.
  • Link Control: Choose to open FAQ links in a new window, same window, or popup window.
Pros Cons
Content or Custom FAQ Creation Limited Customization (Beyond Layout)
Display Options (Category/Single Page) Unclear User Feedback Features
Accordion or Tab Layouts (Visual Organization) Unclear Update Frequency
Bootstrap Integration (Responsive Design)  
Mobile Responsive Design  
Custom Fields (For Additional Information)  


Plan Price
Paid €24.90

8. POWR faq: User-Friendly and Visually Appealing Joomla FAQs

powr faq

POWR faq might be your perfect match if you prioritize a user-friendly and visually appealing solution. Forget complex configurations! Add and edit FAQs directly within the POWR faq content menu, making it a breeze to manage your knowledge base.

But POWR faq isn't just about simplicity. You can customize the design to match your website's branding, including colors, icons, and hover effects. This level of personalization ensures your FAQs look polished and contribute to a cohesive user experience.

POWR faq understands the importance of engaging content. It allows you to include text, links, images, and even videos within your FAQ answers, making them more informative and visually interesting for your visitors.

Key Features

  • Easy FAQ Creation: Add questions and answers directly within the POWR FAQ content menu.
  • Design Customization: Edit design settings to match your website's branding, including colors, icons, and hover effects.
  • Rich Content Support: Include text, links, images, and videos within your FAQ answers.
  • Multiple Layouts: Choose between an expandable accordion style or displaying a single answer on click.
  • Search Functionality (Free Plan): Allows users to search through your FAQs with a search bar (available in the free plan).
  • User Voting (Upgrade): Enables users to upvote or downvote FAQ answers (requires upgrading to a paid plan).
  • Mobile Responsive: Ensures a good user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports displaying FAQ information in any language.
  • Layout Options (Upgrade): Provides the option to display FAQs in half-width sections for a side-by-side layout (requires upgrading to a paid plan).
  • Free & Paid Plans: Offers a free plan with basic features and paid plans with additional functionalities.
Pros Cons 
Easy FAQ Creation Limited Features
Design Customization Unclear User Feedback Features
Rich Content Support Hosted on POWR Serversency
Multiple Layouts  
Search Functionality  
Additional Features  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

Which Joomla FAQ Extension Should You Use?

So, which one should you choose? Don't worry, Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

For the Time-Crunched Content Creator:

  • iFAQ: This extension is your BFF if you're short on time. It lets you repurpose existing content into FAQs in a flash, with a super user-friendly interface that'll have you chilling on a beach chair in no time. ️

Going Global?

  • No Boss Faq: Think beyond borders with No Boss Faq! It offers multilingual support, so your FAQs can speak to a global audience. Plus, it throws in a pre-designed theme to jumpstart your snazzy FAQ section.

Simple Yet Stylish:

  • Ruxin Accordion FAQ: Sometimes, simplicity is key. Ruxin Accordion FAQ is a breeze to use and offers a variety of themes to match your website's style. You can even customize things like animation speed – fancy, huh?

Master of Organization:

  • Minitek FAQ Book: For those with a mountain of FAQs, Minitek FAQ Book is your hero. It lets you organize your FAQs into neat categories and subcategories, making it easy for visitors to find what they need.

Rich Content FTW!

  • JoomFAQs: Want your FAQs to pop? JoomFAQs lets you add images, format text, and unleash your inner creative genius.

Feedback Fanatic?

  • YRFaq: This extension is all about user feedback. It allows visitors to rate your FAQs and even submit new questions, keeping your knowledge base fresh and relevant.

Flexibility is My Middle Name:

  • Mx Awesome Faq: Feeling indecisive? Mx Awesome Faq lets you use existing content or create FAQs from scratch. Plus, you can choose between accordion or tab layouts to keep your visitors visually engaged.

Easy Does It!

  • POWR faq: Perfect for beginners, POWR faq makes creating and customizing FAQs a breeze. It even lets you match the design to your website's branding – all without needing a coding degree!

So, there you have it! With this all-star cast of FAQ extensions, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your Joomla blog. Now go forth and conquer the world of FAQs.