​ I am so excited to announce that JoomlArt has released their new T4 framework preview version. It has arrived with all the latest improvements, feat...

I am so excited to announce that JoomlArt has released their new T4 framework preview version. It has arrived with all the latest improvements, features, and ease of usage to adapt it to your site quickly.

You might think about why you would adopt the T4 framework. Well, T4 is an advanced framework and with its features, you can easily distinguish your website from others. 

It is a modern, flexible, and highly customizable framework for developing beautiful websites and make Joomla websites more comfortable.

In this article, I am going to show you the main changes that took place in the T4 framework.

Customizable Joomla Template Framework

​T4 framework has already drawn the attention of Joomla lover people for its incredible features. It has brought full packed user-friendly features that blow your mind. 

I am going to cover some of the main features of T4 framework in this article.

Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 ready

T4 framework is compatible with both versions of Joomla 3 and 4. That means both Joomla 3 and 4 users can adopt this framework. 

User Friendly Theme Settings

The template administration panel of T4 framework is completely redesigned with new UI and better UX. Luckily; it is much better than the T3 framework that aims to give users the best experience ever. It works like WordPress theme customizer.

Real-Time Preview

While you are configuring your site, you can preview the changes that you make on your website. Like a mirror, you can observe every change clearly in real time. It helps you to make sense about every element characteristic.

Powerful Layout Builder

Without any prior coding knowledge, T4 framework makes it easy and fun to build your website from basic to complicated phase. 

This framework has some super powerful layout builder tool that assists you to do your work.
In the previous version, the layout builder has only 'module position' option.

But T4 framework will have 'component', 'module', 'block' and 'element' options alongside the module position.

Flexible Row and Column Settings

​Flexible row and column setting confirm you that you don't need to panic if you fixed the number of rows & columns earlier and afterward you need to change that.

That means in T4 framework; you can add or remove the number of row and column as your needs.

Theme Options and Typography Settings 

​In T4 framework, the user can access all the important features via the admin panel, and the developer can adapt all the features easily to build their templates.

So T4 framework is dedicated for not only the users but also the developers. Users and developers both can smoothly customize it according to their needs.

Theme Customization

​T4 framework enables you to customize the following features;

  • Typography: Font family (support Google font with live preview), font size. line-height
  • Heading: Font settings, the font size for each heading tag
  • Colors: Color setting for color sets used in the template
  • Module: Color settings for the module

Improved Megamenu Builder

The most exciting fact of T4 framework is that it allows you to build megamenu. Select any menu item, enable megamenu feature, and start building megamenu for the menu item in your project.

You can assign content for each column as well as you can add rows and columns. It supports menu items from a specific menu. You can configure the width, alignments, and more.

Default Settings Override Option

It helps the user to manage website easier, save time in setup, configure and customize using the master template style.

CSS and JS Optimization

T4 framework has CSS and JS optimization options that definitely boost your website performance. It helps to compress almost all the template's CSS and Javascript to improve website performance.

Custom Code

You can modify your code as you wish like inserting any CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes using the custom code option.

Other Amazing Features

SEO Optimization

T4 framework is entirely SEO optimized, so you don't need to work extra for SEO optimization.

High Performance

​High performance means you need less time to get the feedback from the website. Only high performance can make your site distinct from others.

T4 is an extremely fast and speedy framework that gives you ultra performance. T4 framework definitely boosts the performance of your website.

Fully Responsive Design

T4 framework includes all the design format. It gives you desktop, tablet, and mobile view that means you will have responsive design.

So it doesn't matter which platform you are using to operate your site.

Developed With New Technologies

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is the world's most popular front-end component library. It is an open source toolkit for developing the site with HTML, CSS, and JS. Good news is T4 framework uses Bootstrap to standardize your grid, typography, and modules with less effort.


SASS stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. It is considered the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

T4 framework is developed with SASS - the most stable, extendable, and powerful frontend development language chosen by the industry.

Font Awesome

​Font awesome is a kind of font that is made up of symbols, icons, or pictograms and you can simply use it as a font on your website. Font awesome - the web's most famous icon set and toolkit are available in T4 by default.

More Features are Coming

T4 framework is still under development phase. Though it has shown some amazing features in the preview version, there are lots of surprising features yet to come.

Will Quix Work With T4 Framework???

Our developer team is working heart and soul to improve the user experience of Joomla page builder- Quix. For that purpose, our team is working to adopt the T4 framework in our Quix page layouts. 

To get the updated feature of Quix, stay with us.


​The main features of the T4 framework are discussed in this article. But the updated version and lots more changes yet to come. So, let us know how these features amaze you.