Suppose you have a ready PSD design of a website and now you want to convert it in Joomla, How do you do that? You are probably thinking about why Joo...

Suppose you have a ready PSD design of a website and now you want to convert it in Joomla, How do you do that? You are probably thinking about why Joomla, Why not WordPress or any other CMS, Right?

Okay, let me break the confusion.

Joomla is one of the most used and versatile CMS platforms from the very beginning. Therefore, many business services, as well as small agencies, have grown up based on this platform. Now you can convert any PSD to Joomla, easily create a fully functional website using Joomla page builder like Quix.

I think you got my point and the answer as well.

Converting a PSD to Joomla using Quiz-Joomla Page Builder is just a matter of time. Want to see how? Okay, in this article, I am going to show you "How to Convert PSD to Joomla Using Quix Page Builder" step by step.

Stay with me, 

Selecting A PSD design

Before converting a PSD to Joomla, at first you need to select a PSD design of a website. In short, PSD is short for PhotoShop Design, one of the most popular design tools with that most WordPress website design are created.

You can choose any of your preferred PSD designs from the extensive collection of PSDHUB.  They provide premium quality free PSD templates for your website, both personal and commercial use. Remember, your selected PSD design must be simple and contemporary designed. 

Check the following factors while you choose a PSD design,

  • Design Structure: First thing you have to consider is the design structure. Design has no bounds but the coding has.
  • Purpose Meet Up: Second thing is, if the design fulfill your purpose or not. Suppose you need a travel website then your PSD design must be a travel website PSD.
  • Clean and Elegant Layout: Third thing is that your preferred PSD design must be clean and elegant. It helps the developer to make a pixel perfect website from a clean and elegant layout.
  • Complexity: Finally, try to ignore complexity as it is for PSD also in degn choosing.

Here, I have chosen Agencio-free agency template.

Install Joomla

Now it's time to install Joomla. To create a website from PSD to Joomla first you need to install Joomla as we are showing PSD to Joomla conversion here. There is multiple processes for Joomla installation; however, to make the installation butter smooth, we have a dedicated blog post about "How to Install Joomla - A Step by Step Guide". Follow the following link to install Joomla.

Besides these, we provide documentation and video tutorial for you, in case you need any further help.

Install Quix

Installing Quix is a pretty simple and straightforward process. You can install it like any other Joomla extensions. Head over to the Quix page from the Themexpert site and order your preferred version. After you complete your order you can download Quix from the download page

There are different ways to install Quix from here :

  • Install from Web - Select an extension listed on the Joomla! Extension Directory.
  • Upload Package File - Select a package from your PC, upload and install it.
  • Install from Directory - Enter the path where the package is located on your webserver.
  • Install from URL - Enter the URL to the package.

Here, we follow the second way. This is the most used option to install any extension to Joomla.

In Joomla administration, go to menu Extensions > Manage > Install and select Upload package file. Then press the "Or browse for file" button, browse to the location of your extension's archive on your local computer and select it or "Drag and drop the file directly there". Press "Upload & Install" button.

This is it. You will see installation successful message and you are all set.

Convert the PSD to Joomla Template

You can create any Joomla layout from a PSD as according to your needs by using Quix. Easily control the page layout and manage everything from one place with simple drag & drop interface with the most powerful page builder of Joomla. 

Quix is compatible and convertible from any template and PSD design. With 26 Quix Elements, you can create a complete website within minutes. Therefore, no coding required at all. 

Let's see, how can we create a complete website from a PSD to Joomla without any coding with Quix.

First, we convert the header section of the PSD. For the header section, we always follow the Joomla standard; therefore, here we use the pre-made template from Quix's my template. Just put the shortcode in the layout building setting and save it, the system automatically loads the section or template of that particular shortcode or id.

Now, design the hero section of the PSD file. Here we insert the slider image also add some necessary text. Quix is extremely handful to complete this type of stuff.

Here we insert the icon or logo with the media carousel of Quix. Multiple titles can add here.

Let's concentrate on the service section of the PSD file. Here we add some bullet section and put some text over it. Overall the section looks like the above image.

Now, convert the work section. Here we change the slider image along with the viewing style.

With the video carousel of Quix, you can easily embed any video there.

Let's convert the blog section. Here we change the heading as well as the cover image. There you get multiple options whether you want to show the title and content or not.

​Now, we convert the contact us section. Here we put the contact information along with some text.

In the footer section, we have converted the section the same way as we do it for the header section. Here, we also use the pre-made template from Quix's my template to maintain the Joomla standard. Just put the shortcode in the layout building setting and save it, the system automatically loads the section or template of that particular shortcode or id.

Final Word

This is all for today, guys. I hope you will enjoy the article and have a clear idea about how to convert a PSD to Joomla site using Quix page builder. Apply the resource, and of course, don't forget to share your experience and valuable opinion in the comment section below.