​In every release of any of our products, we always try to bring something new. Considering this fact, earlier, we launched NotiFly the first-ever soc...

​In every release of any of our products, we always try to bring something new. Considering this fact, earlier, we launched NotiFly the first-ever social proofing extension for Joomla, which was a massive hit.

Therefore, we are updating it continuously so that you can keep building a good bond with your visitors. We always prefer our users' demand, and to hold this continuation, our developers do their utmost. No exception for this time as well.

Today we are very much excited to release NotiFly 1.5 with 4 New Integrations for Better Sales: Notifly Branding Enable/Disable, Virtuemart Product Image as an option, RSForm Integration, RS Membership Integration, and some significant feature improvements.

Let's check how these integrations and NotiFly can help you to boost your website.

What is NotiFly?

​NotiFly acts like a pop-up notification on your existing website. It can help you to advertise your product without costing any extra penny. Here's the question belong, how it will promote your product.

Well, whenever any of your clients buy any of your products, the notification of this selling news will send through NotiFly. Thus you can create a hype of your product. NotiFly will also make sure the following points.

Social Proofing

​There are a lot of people around us who can convince us to sell their product showing fraud statistics. But having a NotiFly means you can't show fraud statistic as it shows real-time data. It shows when and whom you sell your product.

If you are capable of showing the social proofing by NotiFly, the audience will get more confident to purchase the products from your site.

Gather More Traffic 

When your visitor starts to feel confident on your website, the number of visitors will automatically increase. When new visitors will be able to view the activities of other people on your site, they will definitely want to stay on your site.

It will help you to build a strong bonding between you and your clients as well as it portraits your credibility by social proofing.

Boost Your Sale Rate

​The more visitors you have, the more sales you will get. Show sales and other events easily with NotiFly and build the trust of the bond. An exhibition of a sale encourages a new visitor to become a client. It will increase your sales numbers.

4 New Integrations 

In the previous versions, we have integrated NotiFly with HikaShop, JU Directory, K2, VirtueMart. We have received a massive response along with some suggestions for NotiFly integration.

In this version, we have integrated NotiFly with RS Form, and RS Membership also introduces some notable features. Let's discuss it below;

Notifly Branding Enable/Disable

As I said before, NotiFly acts like a pop-up notification on your existing website, and It shows your product purchase information. There in the pop-up notification, you will see a message "Powered by NotiFly" and its default.

Now, you can get access to hiding that message with the 1.5 version of NotiFly. Enable or disable Notifly branding with just a click if you want to. NotiFly is much more comfortable and user-friendly than ever before.

Virtuemart Product Image As An option 

VirtueMart is another popular Joomla e-commerce extension. We have integrated VirtueMart in the previous version of NotiFly. In previous, if a product selling takes place on your site, then according to your settings, this notification will be sent to every visitor.

Now you can change the notification message and show the product image of purchase item as a notification. For example, if a customer purchases Basketball Cap, then the notification message comes with the Basketball Cap image. It will enhance your client's attention for sure.

RS Form Integration

RSForm is a must-have form integration for all web developers. With the full set of features available, you can easily create the most elaborate forms for your website, starting from simple contact forms to advanced multi-page forms with dynamic content.

We have integrated NotiFly with the most used form extension. Now you can show form submission notification with NotiFly and increase the conversion as well as grab the attention of your customer.

RS Membership Integration

RSMembership is another excellent solution for handling memberships with your Joomla! website. RSMembership gives you complete control over your subscribers; therefore, you can manage memberships, customer transactions based on the memberships that you subscribe to.

With NotiFly you can get a notification when anyone purchases membership or subscribe by RS Membership extension. Also, you can get a notification if any customer makes any transaction. These real-time activity notifications will increase the trust and credibility of your brand.

More to Inform

Besides, these updates we have resolved some of the critical and silly bugs that you guys wanted us to fix. Some of the notable bugs that we have fixed is mentioned below.

  • Code format fixed
  • Required settings warning added for system plugin
  • Required settings warning added to enable integration
  • Core plugin updated to avoid extra timeout events and console message
  • System check update to avoid conflict

Final Word

Start using NotiFly just following three simple steps; install, configure, and publish and increase the traffic on your website. In the near future, we hoped to launch more NotiFly integration with other Joomla extension so that we can fulfill our customer demand.