If you're a Quix user, then you already know that we have a plan to release at least one layout pack for Quix in every month. To maintain that tr...

If you're a Quix user, then you already know that we have a plan to release at least one layout pack for Quix in every month. To maintain that trend, today, I'm really pleased to introduce a brand new Creative Agency Layout bundle for Quix page builder. 

Those who want to redesign their website, or create a website for their project showcasing and portfolio for their startup, they can use this layout without going for further alternatives. 

This layout bundle will manage your every service list in an organized way. So, let's check this layout pack for more information. 

Why Use Agency Layout Bundle?

  1. It is a full pack of modern and smart design.
  2. You will get a conversion-friendly attractive home page.
  3. Each page contains live animation effects to catch user attention in no time.
  4. Fully editable. So, don't hesitate to modify if it requires.
  5. You can demonstrate your every service details on the service page.
  6. Show your every project details with relevant visuals.
  7. A nicely designed pricing section for better conversion rate.
  8. Contact us page for a better interacting.

Agency Layout Bundle Pages

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us Page
  3. Service Page
  4. Project Page
  5. Contact Page


The homepage of the Creative agency layout bundle contains the reflection of all the important features what this entire layout bundle has inside. It starts with a hero section followed by the About us, Our service, Projects, Pricing, Team members, and Testimonial sections. 

You can highlight your 

  • Mission and vision
  • Service list
  • Project details 
  • Pricing plan
  • Team members, and 
  • Testimonial.

About Us Page

Show who you are and your purpose to your audience. Creative Agency About page lets you showcase your team members, testimonials, achievements, and several CTA buttons to contact and join the team.

Here you can highlight your

  • Team members list
  • What your customers have said about you
  • Counter to show the number of customers, awards, and projects.

Service Page

Without showcasing your service details, you can't expect potential customers. So, you need to display what you are offering to your audiences. This inner page is exceptionally designed to assist you for representing all the service list that you have. 

You can highlight your

  • Service details with name, image, and description
  • CTA button
  • Testimonial

Project Page

Project page is like your portfolio page. It will give you the opportunity to enlist all of your projects. You can describe each project individually with a detailed overview. You can have a nice hero section, several CTA buttons, a smart image slider, and showcase the next project sneak peek to explore more.

Place each project with

  • Its image, title, and description
  • Have some animation effects on the images to make it more lively

Contact Page

Contact us page contains detailed information regarding your business. Therefore, you can add an email address, and contact number also add a short description. There is also a contact form to submit messages. 

Here you can add

  • Contact information
  • Mail address
  • Contact form
  • Submit option

How to Access Creative Agency Layout Bundle?

You can access, explore, and import this layout bundle by following three simple steps. I'm going to demonstrate these steps below. 

​Step 01: Go to your Quix page builder and click "Add Template"

Step 02: Click on "Pages"

Step 03: Choose which one you want to use & click "Insert"

​You are all set to use this layout bundle. All these layouts are extremely flexible. You can edit each and every corner of these layouts.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the super cool Quix and kick start your business right now. 

Final Words 

Use this smart looking brand new creative agency layout bundle and modify each and every portion of it. It is extremely flexible and eye-catchy. We hope this will enhance your website outlook dramatically and help to provide any services.

Let us know your feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.