Today I am so excited to release a brand new Event layout bundle for Quix . This layout bundle is smartly designed to assist you in hosting any k...

Today I am so excited to release a brand new Event layout bundle for Quix. This layout bundle is smartly designed to assist you in hosting any kind of event successfully. 

You will have everything from "showing the speakers list to ticket price" all in this single bundle. So, if you're thinking of organizing any event, then nothing can stop you. Insert this layout with your Quix page builder and show every information about the event. 

This event layout bundle comes with 4 ready pages. Let's check them all. 

Event Layout Bundle Features

Event layout bundle has a lot of exciting features to offer you. You can manage an entire event using event layout, no matter its a big or small event. You can show each and every detail of your event using this layout. 

Let's check some of the most notable features of the Event layout bundle.

  1. Pricing Table for Ticket Booking: Ticket booking is an important part of an event. It will let your audience book the tickets. It will also enable you to show different pricing for different tickets with a ticket pricing table. 
  2. Speaker Details: Present your speaker details in a stylish way with this feature so that you can grab the audience's attraction within moments. Without a speaker of an event is like a ship without a rudder. So, speaker details are a must if you want to host a successful event.
  3. Event Schedule Details with Tab Panel: It will allow you to add multiple event schedule details in a smarter way. Multiple tabs are liable to show multiple events schedule details under the same tab. It can dramatically catch visitor's attention.
  4. Contact Form for Query: Basically, visitors have lots of questions, and you simply can't show every answer of them on your site. Therefore, use this contact form so that your visitors can ask you whatever questions they want you to answer. 
  5. Event Time Count Down: Start a count down a few days before the event begins. It helps your audiences to track the actual date and time when the event is going to take place. 

Event Layout Bundle Pages

There are 4 ready pages inside this Event layout bundle. All of these pages are modernly designed to create the best impression on the visitors. The page inside the Event layout bundle are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Schedule Page
  3. Ticket Page
  4. Speaker Page


The homepage of the Event layout bundle starts with a cleanly designed hero section followed by about this event, count down, event schedule, sponsor list, speaker description, and other contents. You can show;

  • ​Event details
  • Speaker descriptions
  • Sponsors list
  • Event schedule and much more information.

Schedule Page

The best part of this layout is the tab panel. You can add multiple numbers of events detail using this tab panel. It will also allow you to show the sponsor information above the footer section. You can add event;

  • ​Time
  • Short description
  • Place
  • Sponsor details

Ticket Page

This layout will show your event ticket price. It will allow to create categories of ticket prices. Show different prices for different tickets. This layout will allow you to show;

  • ​Ticket price
  • Service list included with the price
  • Contact form.

Speaker Page

Speaker layout is all about showing your speaker information to your audiences. Speaker with a high profile can attract audiences like a magnet. You can add speakers;

  • ​Name
  • Designation
  • You can also separate speakers into different categories.

How to Access Event Layout Bundle?

All of the Quix Pro users will be able to access, explore, and import any layout bundle. You just need to follow the below procedure;

​Step 01: Go to your Quix page builder and click "Add Template"

Step: 01

Step 02: Click on "Pages"

Step: 02

Step 03: Choose your best one & click "Insert"

Step: 03

​You are all set to use the layout. All these layouts are extremely flexible. You can edit each and every corner of these layouts. 

What are you waiting for? 

Grab the super cool Quix and kick start your business right now. 

Final Words

Grab this nicely designed event layout bundle and modify each and every portion of it. It is extremely flexible and eye-catchy. We hope this will increase your website outlook and help to host any kind of event. Let us know your feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.