"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity" Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra In the same way, you have opportunity to choose the right one in the mids...

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity"

Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

In the same way, you have opportunity to choose the right one in the midst of all page builders. But, we know finding the best one is quite tough. It becomes more complicated when you compare such two things that have a similar kind of responsibilities. Just like Nicepage and Quix.

As you know, Quix is one of the most renowned and easy to use Joomla page builder. It is dedicatedly built for Joomla users so that they can create any kind of Joomla website in moments. 

On the other hand, Nicepage is also a template creator software, but creating Joomla template isn't its only goal. Joomla page building is its nice to have option

Nicepage and Quix both come with a long list of the modernly designed feature list. Then, how you can decide which one is the best. You will get your answer, read this article from top to bottom. Eventually, you will easily realize which one you should choose. 

Let's start with an overview. 

Nicepage vs Quix (Overview)

Quix Nicepage
Visual Builder  ​Yes (Free+Pro) Yes (Pro)
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)​Yes​-
​Live SEO Optimization​ Score​Yes​-
ACL (Access Control List)​YesYes
​Image Optimization ​Yes-
Page Templates (availability)​Yes (Free+Pro)Yes (Free+Pro)
Custom CSS Support ​Yes​Yes
3rd Party Extension Support ​Yes​Yes
Ready-made Sections200+1000+
Ease of Use (scale from 1 to 5)​5​3
​​Advanced Media Manager ​Yes​-
Tablets and Mobile Support​Yes​Yes
Full Design Customization​Yes​Yes

Visual Page Builder

When you're creating any page for your website, it is important to see the changes that you have made. It helps to improve the design. 

Quix knows it better than anyone else. For that reason, Quix has been introduced with visual builder years before. Quix visual builder is not only comes with pro version but also a free version

So, if you're a beginner or still confused about buying the premium version, you're most welcome to use Quix free version. It will allow you to see live whatever you want to create. 

Those who're professional, you can create visually impressive and professional looking websites without writing a single line of code. You can create any type of website in no time. There is nothing you can't build with Quix. 

On the other hand, Nicepage is also a drag and drop visual page builder. It comes with a ton of modern features. You can create your website instantly using Nicepage. 

However, Nicepage seems to me a bit more complicated than Quix. Moreover, Nicepage isn't that level of user-friendly. It takes more time than Quix for showing any changes while building a page. For Nicepage visual builder, you have to pay $199, on the other hand, Quix offers it absolutely free. 

Nicepage gives a tight fight at this point. But, the winner is Quix for its extremely easy to use and user-friendly behavior. 

Design Customization 

Styling option is a crucial factor in judging any page builder. Quix and Nicepage both come with a smart styling option. 

Quix has styling options like undo/redo, copy-paste, column resizer, shape divider, gradients, background video, overlay, and many more. 

  • Undo/Redo Option: Quix Joomla page builder is best for its instant capabilities. You can easily apply quick undo or redo if there happens any inaccuracy.
  • Instant Copy Paste: Simply copy any complex layouts or elements and paste them on your desired positions easily. Quix is best known for its hassle-free designing experience.
  • Column Resizer: Create a perfect layout and adjust the grid or column left to right just by dragging the resize button of Quix.
  • Shape Divider: Quix has introduced 22 completely different shapes so far. These shapes are entirely editable, adjust the shape according to your size, and divide the section in a unique way. 
  • Advanced Typography: A perfect typography presentation can gather more traffic than anything else. As you know, a perfect typography presentation isn't possible unless you're using an advanced typography solution. Quix comes with the best typography solution you've ever seen. 
  • Background Gradients: A design can only be appealing when you make sure background gradients are perfect enough to catch your users' attention. Quix makes sure you will get the best background gradients to give your website a unique look. 
  • Background Video & Overlay: Remember, when you last saw a unique design without an overlay. Nowadays, background video and overlay is as important as having content on your website. So, don't compromise with these stuffs using none other page builder or template builder but Quix.

Nicepage also comes with an advanced typography solution. It has significant background video and overlay feature. It will enable you to copy any section of your page and paste wherever you want. But customization processing of Quix is faster than Nicepage as Quix comes with more customizing features than Nicepage.  

Faster Prototyping 

Quix offers you a lot more options to choose from. More than 200 Ready-made Sections and Page Design are waiting for you where every template and block stands elegant and utterly different from one another. 

There are plenty of Quix blocks for Agent, Business, Event, and Marketing purposes. Just import any of the blocks instantly and then, change the text, font, image, and other relevant options as you like. These blocks are uniquely designed to shape your needs.

Nicepage comes with more than 1000 ready-made sections. Each block is perfectly designed to meet your demand. It offers an unlimited alternative to choose from. 

Elements Collection 

Unlike every other page builder, Quix is enriched with 40+ modern and powerful trendy elements. The developers are explicitly built these elements to help you build websites faster and easier. However, with advanced design, customizations get the exact design result you want while building your site with Quix. 

From the header option, styling option, multiple button option, testimonial option, pricing table option, column option to Joomla module & article option, you will get every possible element that you need to design a website. 

Nicepage also has a huge number of elements. But I have doubts about their number of elements that are dedicatedly built for Joomla. 

So, you have no chance to avoid Quix if you're in search of the best page builder.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

According to data collected by Google and SOASTA, 40% of visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. 

Another statistic from econsultancy shows that most retail mobile sites take about 6.9 seconds to load, which is more than double the amount of moment 40 percent of customers wait before leaving the site.

So, you have really a tiny amount of time to catch your users' attention. 

The question is, how could you manage your content to appear in front of your readers within these few seconds?

In this situation, AMP can really help you. ThemeXpert has brought Joomla AMP and Quix under the same roof named QuixAMP. It takes seconds to load content for a mobile user. Implementing QuixAMP is as comfortable as taking a shower on sunny days. You need to follow 3 simple steps.

On the other hand, Nicepage hasn't anything like QuixAMP so far.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Suppose you're creating content. You're doing your level best so that it gets a better rank from Google. But, you have no idea how well you're performing to get a better rank.

Now, imagine, you have a meter that shows you how well you're performing. e.g., it shows you the points you have earned out of 100 while you're creating content. Moreover, it recommends you which thing you should change to reach 100 points or the maximum level. 

Is it impossible?

No, Quix has made it real. 

Quix has been introduced with QuixRank that will show the percentage of possibility to get a better rank and recommend you which things you should change to get a better ranking. ​QuixRank have made Quix SEO more interesting. 

Nicepage has SEO support as well. But, they're still in their infant stage. There is nothing like QuixRank on Nicepage. They have so-called SEO support, but you can't test your SEO rank like Quix while you're building any page.

With Quix's builtin SEO tool QuixRank, the unrivaled SEO feature, you can make search engine friendly pages without hiring an SEO expert.

Framework Integration 

Quix supports almost all the Joomla frameworks and extensions. It is always concerned about ensuring faster and easier web development for Joomla developers. Just name a Joomla Template Framework; Quix can handle them all. However, Quix is already integrated with Helix Ultimate, T3, astroid, Gantry5, and other popular frameworks. 

Nicepage has its own framework for Joomla. They don't use any 3rd party framework. So, if there is something of a Nicepage framework that you don't like, you will have to continue with that part. But if you don't like any framework, Quix will enable you to switch to another framework.

Image Optimization 

Quix has an image optimizer. You can optimize as many images as you want. Just insert any number of images on your site, then optimize within one click. Quix Optimize lets you optimize all your images from the builder page with a single click. There is no need to use any additional Joomla image optimizer tool to optimize your images. 

Just set the image quality and then optimize. If you think the balance between quality and size is not optimal, then you can re-optimize the images.

On the contrary, there is no such service on Nicepage. You need to manually optimize the image and then upload it to your page builder. As you know, a website contains lots of images and manually optimize each one is quite time-consuming. 

Eventually, it will kill your valuable time, whereas Quix comes with a builtin image optimization feature. 

ACL - Access Control List

Suppose you want to give special offers to new users only

How will you do it? 

Create a new page and then make it hidden for old users? 

No, that's an old idea. 

The smartest idea is to create the whole page with Quix then apply ACL to your preferred section. Your old users won't see it unless you want to.

Using ACL, you will have two amazing features. 

  1. What a user can see on your Joomla website
  2. What a user can do on your Joomla website

Joomla ACL will allow you to control your user base. You can set specific permissions for specific people. Example, Superuser, Administrator, Guest, Public, etc.

If you're a beginner, you can read our blog post to know more about Quix ACL.

Nicepage also comes with Joomla ACL support. They brought ACL with Nicepage for their client's demand. 

3rd Party Integration 

Quix comes with some crucial 3rd party integration like Joomla Article, K2, J2Store, Unsplash, EasyBlog, and many more to make your journey more comfortable.

You know integrating with royalty free images like Unsplash can really save your time.

Nicepage also has 3rd party integration. It comes with a long list of 3rd party integration. 

Believe it or not, every page builder has some limitations. To remove that limitation, page builder enables 3rd party integration to grow itself more powerful. Not only Joomla page builder, a WordPress giant page builder Elementor has some 3rd party integrations like Elementor Addons.

Template Library 

Quix comes with 80+ free and premium smartly designed Joomla template collection. Each template is dedicatedly designed only for Joomla users. Their Joomla 3 templates are uniquely designed, SEO optimized, and fast. It offers Business, eCommerce, Event, Portfolio, and Onepage Joomla templates for you to download and get started in a minute.

If you're not ready to buy a premium Joomla template, you can use a buzz creator free Joomla template Morph for creating your website. 

On the contrary, Nicepage also comes with a massive collection of templates. They have templates for Joomla, WordPress, and so on. They do not dedicatedly create templates for Joomla users. This makes a significant distance between Quix and Nicepage.

Your Turn 

To me, Quix is far better than Nicepage. In the field of Joomla page builder, Nicepage is an infant to Quix. It is the best page builder for Joomla. Nicepage needs unlimited improvements to compete with Quix.

What is your decision? 

Let us know through the comment box below. Your opinion always creates value to us.