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Ways to prevent image hotlinking in Joomla
How to prevent image hotlinking in joomla

How to Prevent Image Hotlinking in Joomla (5 ways)

Tired of seeing your stunning Joomla images adorning other websites without your permission? You're not alone. The nefarious practice of image hotlinking steals bandwidth, jeopardizes security, and...
Structured Data

How to add Structured Data in Quix Page Builder

Are you looking to improve your website's SEO but not sure where to start? One simple step you can take is adding structured data to your website.

How To Create Small Business Website Without Coding Knowledge (Step By Step Guide)

"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business."- A famous quote by Bill Gates. It does make scenes that interne...
The Beginner Guide to setup a Multivendor eCommerce Website

The Beginner Guide to setup a Multivendor eCommerce Website

In this 21st century, eCommerce has been becoming a booming industry all over the world.
actionable Call to action

How to Create Effective Call to Action Section in Joomla 4

Do you want to increase conversions on your Joomla website and achieve your sales goals? You don't need to worry. With the right call to action and the right tools, you can take your website to the...

How to Create a Portfolio Website (Step By Step Guide)

Those who are searching for how to create a portfolio website  here is your easiest solution to create a portfolio website for free. Nowadays, cr...
The Beginner's Guide to Joomla Caching

The Beginner's Guide to Joomla Caching

Joomla is one of most popular, free, and open-source Content Management System (CMS), as well as a great online community around this CMS.According to Joomla.org, it powers approximately 2.7% of the...

How to Make Infographics With VistaCreate in 5 Simple Steps

As a webmaster of Joomla or WordPress websites, willing to make their pages even more engaging and convertible, you might want to include infographics...

The Beginner's Guide to Create Multilingual Joomla Website

Joomla is considered as one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for managing dynamic websites. English is set as its primary...
How to Identify And Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Site

How to Identify And Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Site

Broken links refer the links on your website that directs or points your visitors to a page or a file that no longer exists. It is also known as dead links.
How to cCreate Travel Agency Website

How to Create Travel Agency Website (Step By Step Guide)

Do you know over 1.45 Billion people travel in the single year of 2018? By the year, the growth of international tourists will be between 3% and 4%, c...

How To Integrate Elastic Search in Joomla & Make Search Insanely Fast

Search is the first thing we do when we enter into internet. That is why Google became the #1 company in tech world. Whether it's Google , Amazon , Fa...

How to Create Custom Shortcode for WordPress

WordPress shortcodes introduced in its early version 2.5 before about six years ago and since that time, shortcodes are used to increase the functiona...

How to Install Joomla - A Step by Step Guide (Updated 2024)

How to install Joomla is a frequently asked question from new users of Joomla. Though it is very easy to install, sometimes, it becomes a nightmare fo...
How to Create a List of Forbidden Words for WordPress Titles

How to Create a List of Forbidden Words for WordPress Titles

As an owner of a blog or a website, you have to manage your site and may want to avoid the using of forbidden words or phrases.

How to Add Custom Fields in Joomla Articles

Have you ever search for best Joomla CCK that allows you to create Joomla custom fields within Joomla core articles? I know you find a lot, but failed to find a suitable advance custom field for...