Search is the first thing we do when we enter into internet. That is why Google became the #1 company in tech world. Whether it's Google , Amazon , Fa...

Search is the first thing we do when we enter into internet. That is why Google became the #1 company in tech world. Whether it's Google, Amazon, Facebook or tiny little website, we prefer to search first. This is the fastest way to explore a website content.

At ThemeXpert we produce a lots of author and user driven contents. Blog, documentations, product sales pages are the example of author driven content ( by US ). Forum is the place where users ask us a question(tickets) and we answer them are example of user driven content.

Now here is the problem…

Our site built with several different components that store data to their own table and they has their own searching module.

So, if you search something on forum you will never get content suggestion from our documentation and vice versa.

We figure out the solution and we wanted to share with you so you can apply this to your Joomla website.


We list down problem that our users facing so we could provide better solution.

  • Search is not unified. Each component has it's own search system.
  • Search is not fast enough.


We could have create some plugin that index all the site content to Joomla smart search component and display the result with a module.

That is the first things came to our mind but we keep exploring for better solution. We wanted to off-load the Joomla smart search system from our site and make it really fast.

Turns out, Elastic Search is 'the most powerful and fastest' Joomla search extension on the planet. Which is based on Joomla ajax search, and it is a definitive choice for our requirements.

Then we search for a Joomla integration and surprisingly Joomla Geek already built a component to do all the heavy lifting for you.

We created an Amazon Elastic Search Service instance and integrated it with Geek ElasticSearch Component. They have extensive documentation for everything and excellent support.

Let's explore the search feature and see how fast it is... 

Where to search?

To search with any keyword in our website, you need to go to our site and will find a Joomla search module icon at the top, just right after the main navigation menu. By clicking on it, an elegant pop-up modal window will open up that lets you put your keywords on the certain text box and you will find a search button next to the text box. Either you can use that button to search or even you need not press any button after putting your desire keyword on the text field, you'll find the result in less than a microsecond.

Smart User Interface

This Joomla search extension comes with a nifty user interface that nobody has a bit chance to be confused about. The main searching module consists of an empty search box and a button right beside that. There are a couple of filterable categories those can be chosen to get the exact result. That feature makes the Joomla search extension more fruitful and ensures the most flexible user experience. 

Instant Searching Result

This amazing Joomla search module can instantly give you back the result in a twinkle of an eye just by searching with any keyword you want. The mechanism of this Joomla search plugin is so powerful that it compares the keywords with all the existing contents and returns only the contents that match the keywords and the whole procedure consumes less than even a single second. 

Search By Category Filtering

This Joomla search module lets you search by filtering with categories that will help you to find your desired content faster than ever before. Even if there is no contents exist for the keyword you provide, this Joomla smart search extension will politely show you that there is no result found for the keyword. 

Real Time Result Update

ElasticSearch is built with injected capability that is able to show you result in a microsecond. In case you change the searching keyword, this Joomla search module will not let you wait a bit, instead show you the updated result instantly right in front of your eye. Isn't that smart?

This Joomla smart search module highly reduces the difficulties and provides you a hassle free searching experience.

Extremely Fast

The processing capability of this Joomla search module is so husky that user even can't feel it. So, no more waiting to find the thing you need, just write what you want and its next to your eyes instantly for the sake of its powerful mechanism. This Joomla smart search extension is undoubtedly the fastest searching procedure exists on the internet.

ElasticSearch can effortlessly handle a huge amount of data and perform it's the tasks it's made for, without even a glitch.

Oh! Wait,.

You have another exciting news; we partnered with them and now you can get all Joomla Geek's premium products at 20% discount rate using the coupon THEMEXPERT20.

Let's see at a glance the core features of Joomla Geek's ElasticSearch

  • Real-time search
  • Managing Big data
  • Support 3rd party extensions
  • Incremental Update
  • Cron Job
  • Advanced search module
  • Keep up-to-date
  • Manage Indexed Content
  • Support Amazon Elasticsearch and many more.

​Now, let's look over the supported components for ElasticSearch.

  • DigiCom
  • JomSocial
  • EasySocial
  • JReviews
  • FlexiContent
  • VirtueMart
  • HikaShop
  • JoomShoping
  • J2Store
  • MijoShop
  • DOCman
  • Kunena
  • EasyDiscuss
  • JEvents
  • AdsManager
  • EasyBlog
  • K2
  • DJ-Classifieds
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • MediaStore
  • Content

How To Apply This To Your Website ?

If you have a Joomla website with enough content then investing some $ on search is enough worth it. Just create a small instance on Amazon Elastic Search and purchase the JoomlaGeek Elasticsearch component and you are done.

This will take your website search into a whole new level.