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A Complete Guide to User Onboarding - Check Out Why It Is Important

The first time a user accesses your product or service is an important and fragile period in their journey. It can be either an average or below-avera...

Beginners Guide to Learn Photo Editing Online from Home

If you're a beginner and determine to learn photo editing, and at the same time, you aren't ready to pay money for learning it, then you have reached...
Best Free Infographic Maker

6 Best Free Infographic Maker to Create Awesome Infographic

"There is no such thing as information overload. There is only bad design." A famous saying by Edward Tufte American statistician. Well said, isn't it...
Why You Absolutely Should Speed Up a Slow Website!

Here's Why You Absolutely Should Speed Up a Slow Website!

If you have ever visited a website which took ages to load (and there are tons of such sites on the internet), you surely know how frustrating the who...

How to Brand Your Website to Standout from Your Competitor

When you buy a new theme for your website you shouldn't just use it as it comes out of the box, you need to make it your own. With thousands of simila...
Royalty free image site

70+ Source of Royalty Free Stock Photos for Your Themes, Website and Blog

Images are a great source of grabbing visitors' attention and lead them to trigger the most instantaneous response that you want them. Images can conv...

Website Launching Checklist: How Can You Avoid 10 Terrible Mistakes that Beginner Developers Make?

We always prefer a checklist to shop, travel, or prepare for any event so that&n...

How to Rank Higher and Improve Your Website CTR in Google Using FAQ Schema

In terms of SEO and Google ranking, FAQ Schema can be a game-changer and you can't even imagine that it will boost your CTR by 10-31.4%.  Bu...
Trendy Google Font

15 Best Google Fonts with Their Combination - You’ll Get Surprising Look of Your Website

When I am writing this blog post, there are already 940 font families available on the Google Font website for absolutely free to use. So, it is usual...

Static Site Generator vs CMS Which One to Choose and Why?

No one likes a slow website! Especially when everyone is in a run. Therefore if your website is not fast enough, you better speed up to stick in the r...

One Thing That Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Today, everyone is connected one way or the other, especially through social media. Gone are the days you could use social media just to stay in touch...

10 Best Project Management Software for Startups

If you are a part of a startup like us, you already know the difficulties of how to get things done on time. Where the project management softwar...
Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular vs. React vs. Vue Detailed Comparison Guide - Which One to Choose in 2024

Nowadays, JavaScripts framework is one of the hottest topics among web developers. Though the developer community is still confused about which one is...

Content Marketing: How to get Google to notice your newly published long-form article

It's a bright Monday morning. The weekend has inspired you with a fresh new topic to blog about. You pour in hours of passion, perfecting every line a...
IcoMoon VS Font Awesome

Font Awesome VS IcoMoon: Easiest Tips of Using It with a Details Comparison

Do you know the use of icons on your website, content, or design can dramatically increase the acceptance of it to the visitors? Using the icons&...

An Interview With Joe Sonne Founder & CEO of

Joe Sonne living in Canada , is one of the most popular person who joined Joomla! from its initial position when Joomla was a project named Mambo. He...