When you buy a new theme for your website you shouldn't just use it as it comes out of the box, you need to make it your own. With thousands of simila...

When you buy a new theme for your website you shouldn't just use it as it comes out of the box, you need to make it your own. With thousands of similar services and products being sold globally, many using similar-looking websites, it's important to make your website theme stand out from the crowd so that it uniquely represents your brand image and personality.

The good news is that it's not hard to do. 

Start with User Experience

User experience is the cornerstone of developing a winning brand experience, and when it comes to creating a website you have to ensure that your site meets the needs and expectations of your audience. You can either use Splash Page or Landing Page, the page builder for faster website building experience and after service. But whatever you do, keep in mind that it fulfills your audience expectation. 

To ensure you nail UX ask yourself these questions:

  • What features would my visitors expect to find on your website?
  • Can visitors easily navigate my site?
  • Is my website mobile friendly?
  • Do I have all the content my visitors need?
  • What features, content or other things can I add that competitors don't have?

The answers to these questions will put you in the right ally and help better understand how to create a great user experience and that makes a difference for the brand. 

Create a Distinct Logo 

A Logo is an essential element for any brand and also for a website. It's one of the first things that people will notice when they visit your website. If you put some time into the design process of your logo, you can make one that set's you apart, one that is memorable.

There are lots of ways to design a logo you can do it yourself, use a professional designer or you can create one with a logo maker. However, regardless of how you design your logo you first need to have a vision for how your design will look. After, all, your logo will set the tone for your brand colors which will extend throughout your site.

If you have a clear vision for your logo that's great, but if not spend some time researching. There are lots of great sites that will give you inspiration, you can also view tailor brands for logo ideas to get the creative ideas flowing.

Put Your Stamp on Colours 

When it comes to branding your website, don't just go with the default colors of your website theme, instead choose palettes aligned with your logo and the brand personality you want to reflect.

Of course, it's important when changing the colors on your theme that you don't negatively impact the user experience. There are certain things that you don't want to mess with, for example, pages and posts should have white backgrounds and the text on these pages is best kept black.

Also, don't go overboard on using multiple colors throughout your theme, less is more in this regard.  

Keep Your Branding Style Consistent 

One of the critical things about branding is consistency. When looking to harness your brand value for your website, one must build a visual and verbal identity style guide to stay consistent throughout. It applies to your logo, brand colors, fonts, content formatting, even the kind of language and style of writing.

The more you stay consistent, the more familiar your audience feels with your brand as they can readily recognize you others in your industry. If you want to get resources for your branding purpose you can collect from Psdhub.  They have a vast collection of free PSD templates, UI kits, mockups, and many more.  

Pick the Right Channels for Distribution

Whether you sell a product or a service, it is necessary to find the right distribution channels to attract your customers. With social media, the gamut of offering has definitely widened up, but it is up to a brand to identify the right channel that consistently works for them.

It could be web platforms, opinion boards, apps, or other websites where similar services are being listed and are in sync with your brand style and value in equal measure. Such an approach functions to help audiences connect readily to your website and helps build an seamless brand experience.

Wrapping Up

Today's a world where you can't afford to be Timex watch in a digital age. The concept of website branding has leapt forward and today your site is just a much of a product as the actual products or services that you might sell. 

By, investing time and energy in making your website speak as an extension of your brand identity and personality you will be able to get an edge over your competition.