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Static Site Generator vs CMS Which One to Choose and Why?


No one likes a slow website! Especially when everyone is in a run. Therefore if your website is not fast enough, you better speed up to stick in the race. Static site generator will help you to generate a blazing fast website. Your site created with static site generator will load instantly anywhere.

Nowadays, JAMstack is getting popularity day by day. Basically, almost all of the popular static site generators are based on JAMstack. 

It is the future of development architecture as it is a serverless and headless technology, and it does not rely on database and plugins. 

JAMstack can load some JavaScript that derives data from an API, serving files from a CDN, markup generated using a static site generator during deploy time.

According to JAMstack website, a JAMstack is a 

Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

All the popular static site generator that is based on JAMstack are discussed in this article.​

On the other hand, sites that rely on cms serve you a little bit slow but gives you extensive facilities that static site generator doesn't provide. For instance, CMS helps you to manage your content more structurally than a static site generator.

However, keep one thing in mind that, using CMS, you have to compromise with time in comparison with static site generator.

So which one is best for you? To know more check out the details from below;

How Static Site Generator Works 

A Content Management System (CMS) develop the web page dynamically as the client is requesting it and then it assembles all the data from the database and processes the content through a template engine like, e.g., WordPress.

On the contrary, in a static site generator, when a user requests a page on the static site, the request sends to the web server. Then the server finds the matching file and sends it back to the user.

In the static site, performance is high, caching is more comfortable, and more interestingly this is more secure. Static site generator does not rely on databases or other external data sources and in addition to that, avoid any server-side processing when accessing the website.

Why We Use a Static Site Generator?

There are lots of reason behind choosing a static site, the most common reasons are;

Fast Load Time

A static site generator provides compiled file to the browser that cuts the loading time by a large scale. On the other hand, dynamic site pulls information from a database on every page hit of a content-heavy site that can result in delays, frustration, and bounces.


​Static sites can perform better than dynamic sites as there are no calls to the database. Moreover, the files are already in one location, and always ready for the server to pass on to the client side. This flexibility helps the static site generator produce output in a shorter time to the client in comparison with dynamic sites.

No Backend

The entire site can be hosted on a content delivery network (CDN), which helps to get better performances, especially for global users than any dynamic sites.


Since there are less moving parts in a static site, the chances of the site going down are considerably lesser than a dynamic website. As it doesn't need to establish a database connection, so it is more robust and less likely to go offline.


​In CMS, there need to install more plugins for more magnificent performances. Extra plugins mean an extra set of security that may come with a different set of vulnerabilities.

As a result, it makes a threat to the security as there is no need to run code in the server side in a static web page so security can't be exploited.

Less Maintenance and Lower Cost

There is no database; there are fewer things that can go wrong, that means less maintenance is needed. In the same way, fewer parts to maintain that means there are fewer things to pay for. So these kinds of websites can be hosted in a very cheaper way.

Free Hosting on Github

​Some static site generator websites can be hosted freely, e.g. Jekyll. Besides, the static site generator provide free blogging facilities.

Some of The Top Static Site Generators

​There are a vast number of static site generator available in the market, and the number is approximately 400. If you are a beginner in the static development sector, you should know some of the best static site generators.

Knowing about it, you can choose the best one for you. Here, I will cover some of the best static generators that can make your sense about choosing a static site generator.


​It is first released in 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder of GitHub. One of the most popular static site generators with a large user base and a big directory of plugins. It's great for blogs and also widely used by e-commerce sites. It is not created based on JAMstack technology. 

2. HEXO 

Hexo is created by Node.js and aimed at blogging.​ It allows for super speedy rendering, even with extremely large sites. Hexo is extensible to allow other templating engines to be used if you want.​​ It is created based on JAMstack technology.


​Like Hexo, Gatsby is created by Node.js, but there are dissimilarities in use. Gatsby uses React; this means it can be picked up quickly by developers who have worked with React, but for those unfamiliar with it, learning React will be necessary. It is also created based on JAMstack technology.

​4. HUGO

Speed is its main feature; in fact, it is the world's fastest as it claims. It has a data-driven content facility that makes it easy to generate HTML based on JSON feeds. It also provides the pre-built templates to quickly set up SEO, comments, analytics, and other functions.​​​ It is not created based on JAMstack technology.


Nuxt framework is used to create Vue.js applications. It has a deployment option called "nuxt generator" to build static generated Vue.js applications. The last update version is v.2.6 which came out April 25, 2019.

​6. NEXT JS 

Next.js provides ​a set of features includes automatic code splitting, simple client-side routing, web pack-based dev environment, and any Node.js server implementation.

​Pelican supports multiple languages for content writing, including the ubiquitous Markdown. It's also fast, and can easily manage large sites with thousands of pages without making you wait for them to build.

Reason Not to Choose Static Site Generator  

​Having some flaw doesn't mean it is risky to use, but defects represent that there is still some sector to improve. The satisfying news is that static site generator is disappearing their limitations at a high pace.

Static Site Generator Can't Use Page Builder

​Page builders allow you to build your website without having any prior coding knowledge. You can create your website with drag and drop interface. It is extremely easy, speedy, and time saving to use. But static site generator can't provide you the facility to use any page builder like Joomla page builder- Quix

Problem With Managing Large Site

When a website deals with thousands of pages, regular publications, and dozens of authors in multiple locations, usually face problems.

Because content editing and publishing contain some complexity. Besides, real-time updates would be delayed because the site must be rebuilt, tested, and deployed.

Server Site Functionality

A static site can't offer interactive facilities such as user logins, form filling, search, or discussion forums. Though there are some client-side options, the choices are more limited. 

Besides, no database feature sometimes create hassle, mainly when you deal with an enormous number of files, no database backup make you frustrated. 

However, this is not a big problem, but sometimes you can feel suffocation for the absence of database and dynamic content.​

What is Content Management System (CMS)? 

​A content management system or CMS is a software that helps to create, edit, organize, and publish content. 

In other words, a CMS grants you the ability to upload, edit, and delete content from a website without having any prior knowledge about HTML, CSS, or other coding languages.

It provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools that help users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content.

How Does it Benefit You?

CMS Use Page Builder

​This is one of the best amazing features that CMS have. Having the blessing to use page builder, you can create your website within a very short time. You don't need to know any scripting language or developing language to build your website. The fun to use page builder is here.


A CMS benefits its users in many ways. A CMS is a user-friendly program that enables any team member to upload text and images or edit files. 

It allows any organization to easily place content on a website that helps draw-in more revenue and traffic to their site. It is used not only for small and medium business but also individual too.

A CMS allows website content to be accessible virtually from anywhere, using any computer device that's connected to the Internet.

A content management system offers content integration through your website quickly and easily.

Best CMS Platforms in 2019

It's free and open source platform that can be accessed and modified by anyone. It has thousands of templates of designs to decorate your website and also has thousands of plugins. 

Although WordPress was considered as a blogging platform, it has some fantastic features also. The platform is easy to use, and you can customize it to your heart's content using plugins and themes.

​2. Joomla

Joomla is also a free and open source platform like WordPress. It has templates, feature extensions, and a vibrant development community. One thing that makes Joomla different is its high-level security features. 

Usability is one of its best strengths. If you are a student and you don't have any idea about programming, but you want to make a website. Then Joomla is for you. You can tap into its open codebase to create something entirely original and unique.

It offers a very flexible system for dealing with custom post types. It also gives you a high degree of control over your users and their permissions, and it can even handle multilingual sites out of the box.

To create and publish your content, you can use the user interface that is provided by Drupal. It offers unlimited content types, text, media content, with customizable forms.

​4. Wix

Wix has its best use in marketing CMS. It has an advanced customization feature that makes ease to any person to create their site. It provides an easy drag-drop opting to build websites. For that reason, it receives a tremendous number of non-technical user worldwide.

Moreover, it has more than 100 free templates, and it runs the site in your web browser. It also provides web hosting. It also has some functionality, like photo galleries or e-commerce.

​5. Typo3

It is one of the most used CMS options in the world right now. Mainly, It is used in the Europe region.

Typo3 is currently available in more than 50 languages. As a result, it supports publishing content in multiple languages. Those who are looking for a multilingual solution, it can be an option for them.

Companies of all sizes can use Typo3 as it is very flexible. Without writing code, new functions can be used.

Difference Between Static Site Generator and CMS/Dynamic Site (WordPress)

​Though Static site generator is left behind than static generator, it far away than static site CMS according to Google Trend. ​Now, it is competing with JAM Stack and the growth is obvious. 

  • ​A Static Site Is Faster than a CMS

When a visitor sends a request to a dynamic site, it engages the database to show the result while a static site generator doesn't need to join the database. As a result, we can say that static site generator is far better than a CMS.

  • A CMS is More User-Friendly Than a Static Site Generator 

Both static site generator and CMS provide the opportunity to create a site without having technical knowledge or coding knowledge. But keep one thing in mind that, CMS can use the page builder whereas static site generator can't use page builder.

  • Static Site Generator is More Customizable Than CMS

Customizing CMS is more complicated than static site generator as CMS is extremely time-consuming even for experts; moreover, it is a painful and error-prone task. CMS/Dynamic site takes a lot of time to customize files, style sheets, and JavaScript codes. On the other hand, static site generator is easy to customize.

Instead of having a contractor to spend many hours tweaking things, team members can directly make the changes that they need. They can quickly review changes, merge them in, and roll out fixes.

  • Static Sites VS CMS (Overview)
  1. A static site is portable, while a CMS doesn't provide any portability.
  2. A static site generator is more secure than a CMS. 
  3. CMS use page builder but static site generator can't use it.
  4. They are fast for that reason static generator is more reliable while a CMS is less reliable.
  5. Minimal maintenance effort is required for static site generator, while CMS requires maximum maintenance.

Which One to Choose? 

A CMS is typically best suited for agencies with hands-on clients and content editors who require a user interface to produce content. 

If you want to decorate your site with login, log out feature in a better-structured way, and if you're going to sell any products, then you should choose CMS. As CMS offers you a lot of plugins and themes compatibility though, it will cost you a little bit more time

On the contrary, static site generators are ideal for developers who want small, snappy websites, or who are hunting for a delivery layer to accompany their headless CMS. If you're going to create your site without login, log out (the registration form) feature and want to use your site with a blazing speed then you should choose static site generator.


​The static site generators are getting more and more popular day by day, and it is hoped that it will keep its pace high in the upcoming days as it reduces the time and effort to build a website. It is cheaper and at the same time, carry less complexity with a reliable security system. In the same time, CMS also has some fantastic facilities. Eventually, you have to choose between these two according to your requirements.

Angular vs React vs Vue Detailed Comparision Guide - Which One to Choose in 2019


Nowadays, JavaScripts framework is one of the hottest topics among the developers. Though the developer community is still confused about which one is better to use , there is always a solution to pick the framework according to their requirements and demands. The new developer who wants to avoid the hassle and complexity in a short time, which framework he should use that is discussed here.

Approximately 2-3 years back, developers were happy with Angular and React for their projects. Recently, we have seen the upward growth of another player in the framework field named Vue. A comparative discussion among these framework are mentioned below;

Comparison at a glance, Angular vs React vs Vue Framework 

​Angular  ​React  ​Vue
​Complexity Level ​High ​Medium  ​Easy 
​File Size ​500 KB​100 KB​80 KB
​Load Time​High​Medium ​Low 
​​Google Trend  (Search Result)​50 (average)​90 (average)​45 (average)
​​Stackoverflow Survey (Search Result)​74​203​43
​​Stackoverflow Job (Search Result)​12​35​03
​Upwork (Search Result)​726​816​257
​Launched in​2010​2013​2014
​Current Version ​7​16.6.3​2.17
​Used by​Google, Wix​Facebook, Uber​Alibaba, Gitlab

A Brief History of Angular vs React vs Vue Framework 

  • Angular: It was first released in 2010 and developed by Google. It is a TypeScript based JavaScript framework. After releasing several versions now Angular v7 is available which was released in October 2018. 

  • React: It was initially released in 2013 by Facebook. Besides, Facebook, it is used by Instagram and WhatsApp. The currently available version is 16.X, which was released in November 2018. 

  • Vue: It is the youngest member of the group and also known as Vue.js. It was developed by an ex-Google employee Evan You in 2014. The current stable version is 2.17 which was released in August 2018. Vue's contributors are supported by Patreon.

Components of Angular vs React vs Vue Framework

Components are the ingredients of the integral parts of all the frameworks. A component's general workflow is like it takes the input and responds according to it. The change in the UI of some part of the page is seen by the responding of the components

  • Angular: In Angular, components are called directives those are used as markers on Document Object Model (DOM) elements, which can track and detect specific behavior of every single component. For that reason, Angular usually divides the UI part of components as attributes of HTML tags, and their behaviors in the form of JavaScript code. 

  • React: In React, it usually combines the UI and behavior of components. For instance, a code that can create a "hello world" component in React and the same part of the code is responsible for developing a UI element as well as tracking its behavior.

  • Vue: Vue gives the opportunity to customize it which allows combining the UI and behavior of components in the same script. Further, it allows using preprocessors in Vue rather than CSS that is a relief for developers nowadays. Vue can integrate other libraries like Bootstrap.

Learning Process of Angular, React and Vue JavaScript Framework

Every formula contains some procedure. To know about the formula learning of those procedures is a must. To distinguish the frameworks one have to know the learning process of the frameworks that are quite distinct from each other.

  • Angular: It is considered that advanced and professional Angular requires you to learn associated concepts like TypeScript and Model View Controller (MVC). Though it takes some time to learn Angular after learning it one can have a clear concept about how the front end works indeed.

  • React: First of all React is not a complete framework and the advanced features of it require third-party libraries that can make the learning procedures of the React easy. Moreover, the documentation of the React is thorough and complete with solutions of common issues available on the internet like in StackOverflow. Sometimes it takes an hour to setup React JS.

  • Vue: Vue is easier to learn than Angular or React as it provides higher customizability opportunity. Interestingly, Vue has an overlap with Angular and React with respect to their functionality e.g. the use of components that makes the transition to Vue from either of the two is a flexible option.

Size and Load Time of Angular, React and Vue JavaScript Library 

The size of the libraries is an important feature to consider as sometimes runtime depends on the size of the files.

Angular: 500+ KB
React: 100 KB
Vue: 80 KB

Although the differences among these files are significant in terms of size it still small rather than average web page size that is usually more than two MB. Further using Content Delivery Network (CDN) makes it faster to load these files.

Migration among Angular vs React vs Vue JavaScript Framework

There is no need to worry about a framework update as it won't mess your code while you are using a framework. Though it doesn't require many changes to migrate one version to another, it is important to keep track as sometimes updates can be more significant and need to focus to keep things compatible.

  • Angular: Usually Angular takes every six months for every update. Before releasing any major APIs it takes another six months, which gives you the time of two release cycles approximately one year to make necessary changes if any release takes place.

  • React: In React, upgrades through versions are easier rather than Angular and Vue. Moreover, scripts like react codemod help you to migrate. Recently Facebook has said that stability is their main concern, as huge companies like Twitter and Airbnb use React.

  • Vue: For Migration, Vue agrees that 90% of the APIs are the same if you are migrating from 1.x to 2. In addition, there is a migration helper tool that works on the console to assess the status of the sites.

Top Sites Using Angular, React and Vue JavaScript


Angular vs React vs Vue JavaScript Framework-Which One to Choose

To know which is better to pick we have explored some resource and attached the result below that we found. By observing the results you can easily understand which one is best for you.

Google Trend

​Google trend shows the result among three frameworks, from the result we can realize that React is far above than two others. Although Vue is the latest arrival, after surpassing Angular it is trying to catch the pace of React.

StackOverflow Survey  

1. Angular

Searching Angular in Stackoverflow Survey we get 74 results that is less than React but higher than Vue 

2. React​

​React got the maximum number of results (203) from Stackoverflow Survey.

3. Vue

In case of Vue, we get 43 number of results that is the minimum number of result among three.


Stackoverflow Job

1. Angular

In Stackoverflow Job search, it shows the result regarding Angular is 12 and it reflects that Angular has the average number of acceptance.

​2. React

​In Stackoverflow Survey search, React got the highest search result and in Stackoverflow Job search it shows the highest search result (35) as well.

3. Vue

​Here, Vue gets the lowest search result (3) that means still it is struggling for the acceptances.



1. Angular

​In Upwork job search, Angular shows 726 jobs result.

2. React

​React got the maximum search result (816) also.

3. Vue

​Vue has 257 search results in Upwork job search.


From the above scenario, we can see that React has the highest acceptance from Google trend to Upwork. In the job sector React gets the highest priority. But one true fact is that every beginner should choose Vue as it is easy, complexity level lower than the other two, and provides better performance, reliability, flexibility, and security.

12+ Free & Premium VueJS Admin Templates Built With Bootstrap


An Admin Dashboard is the most crucial part of a website. It combines all the back-end controls including tasks report at one place, hence you can smartly monitor them and perform your actions more efficiently. The main aim is to allow you managing your website with possibly less effort.

The Admin Dashboard widely depends on the site's front-end JS. There are plenty of JS frameworks available on the web. VueJS is considered as the second most popular JS frameworks among all. 

This powerful framework is able to give your website Dashboard an ever smoothness that reflects to you while performing any management.

In the previous post, we had discussed a list of 20+ Top AngularJS Admin templates with Bootstrap framework. Today we have come up with a collection of VueJS admin templates, have been remain popular for all time.

Selection Procedure

Support & Update: A good organisation always support their clients as much as they can. As a new user of the product, you might face in troubles, and that's why- support is very much important. New features and fixes always provided with updates.

Features & Design: A product that is more enriched with feature & design will provide better functionalities with an excellent output.

Popularity & Review: You can always trust a product that is used by thousands of peoples. So we selected templates after viewing the review of it. 


Laraspace is a very popular admin template for Laravel PHP Framework. This template was built with VueJS, Bootstrap 4 and includes all the required boilerplate for an admin dashboard or web application. Laraspace comes with 6 stylish themes, 3 layouts, and 50+ pages so that you create your project with boost start.

Laraspace is fully responsive and provides you 25+ components to customize and build your imagination. 


Alba is a unique admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap and Vue JS. It comes with multiple user interfaces, free icons, and cross-browser compatibility. Alba will give the perfect shape to your project with much better result.  

VueJS Admin

 If you are searching for an admin template with vueJS, Laravel and Bootstrap, then stop looking. VueJS admin is the template you have been looking for. This template is crafted latest version of Bootstrap, Laravel, and VueJS.

VueJS admin is designed for developing any project from the start, and it can also be integrated with any other projects. Multiple color schemes and 3 beautiful layouts SASS variables is provided with VueJS admin. There, for now, you can customize the whole look of the template in your own way and in one file. 

Vue Paper Dashboard

A fully flexible modern template that is built on Bootstrap and Vue. Vue paper dashboard is 100% device friendly template; it perfectly suits on every device of yours. In this template, you get 15 customized plugins 25 example pages and 160 handcrafted components to build your project.  


Clear is a very clean developer friendly admin template that comes with two different versions light and dark. Clear is very popular for its neat and clean code perfectly blended with all of its features. With this template, you get multiple page layouts, 70+ pages, 4 icon families and lots of custom pages.

With VueJS structure and these customizations, you can make a fantastic project in very less time. When you buy Clear, you will get Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and laravel blade files in it. 


Prime is a complete responsive template that comes with cross-browser support. No matter which browser you use, Prime will automatically adapt with your browser. You can fully customize Prime according to your need and give the shape you are looking for.

Prime works perfectly with any external plugins and other components. Therefore you can add any new features you want. 


Ani is a multilingual and RTL supported admin template. It is crafted with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS 2. For user flexibility, Ani provides easy customization options. To create awesome chat Ani uses charting libraries like Chat.js and C3.js.

Developers can create any type of complex layout very easily with grid provided by twitter Bootstrap. There is several ready to use pages comes packed with Ani, so that user does not need to create one. 


CoPilot is an entirely responsive admin template that is based on AdminLTE. The UI of Copilot is highly customizable and built with Bootstrap 3 framework. This template is an open source project which is licensed under MIT.

Copilot supports every browser including IE 11, Firefox, Safari, etc. 


 A 100% user-friendly admin template, optimized in a way to load faster and provide a better experience. SimpliQ comes in 5 different versions, therefore if you need a different version, you can always switch to another. Automating asset pipelining and managing of web pack and CSS is done by SASS preprocessor.

SimpliQ admin, not just only accelerates your development but also saves you hundreds of dollars. 

Enter your text here ...


A Bootstrap admin template with a fantastic user interface and based on Bootstrap 4 & Vue JS. CoreUI includes Bootstrap-vue, chart.js and Vue char.js. As this template is MIT licensed open source project, you get it completely free.

You can increase the functionalities of CoreUI by purchasing the pro version of it. 

Vue Paper Dashboard(Free)

A free admin dashboard template with a minimalistic design that helps you get starting your developing your dashboard in very less time. Vue paper dashboard is a ported version from its original version. It is a Vue ported version of the original template. With the free version of this template, you get 2 customized plugins, 16 handcrafted components and 4 example pages for your development process.  


Vuestic is an amazing admin dashboard template built with Vue.JS and Bootstrap 4. It offers 36 custom elements like chat, profile card, maps, progress bar, chart, etc. For faster development, there are built-in 18 pages and 18 custom font icons packages included with Vuestic.  


 LeafUI is a premium admin template built with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS. It comes with high-quality clean code and great design; therefore you can develop a great project within short time. The fully responsive layout of LeafUI supports any size of display.


Vue JS is a relatively new platform, though there is significant growth in its usage. The popularity of Vue JS is increasing as people using it. With VueJS and Bootstrap, you will be able to manage every project with ease.

If you need to know anything or have any suggestion, you can directly get in touch to us with the comment section. 

18+ Free & Premium ReactJS Admin Templates


The Admin Dashboard is considered as part and parcel of a website. The people who involve in Web Developing- feel this way. Everything on a website can be controlled from its Dashboard plus there is an overall task report.

But the fact is admin preference- how s/he likes to have the dashboard organized and looks like. Typically, the admin dashboard is built with various JS Frameworks.

However, each of the frameworks does have some unique strengths for which they worth to be given priority but their primary objectives are almost same.

If you are searching for the most appropriate admin template for your website, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we have listed out 18+ top ReactJS admin Templates with their specifications that would definitely help you to choose your best fit.

You can also check the list of 12+ top VueJS Bootstrap Templates and 18+ top AngularJS Bootstrap Templates from the included links.

Selection Criteria

Feature and Design: A good product comes with well-furnished designs and rich features. We have selected this as a selection criterion so that you can easily choose your template.

Popularity & Review: Reviews of a product helps you to save your time, and sometimes you can know most of the product just by reading. We have chosen templates with good reviews and popularity.

Support & Update: Support and updates help you when you use the product and support help you to solve your problems. Updates give you latest features and bugfixes. Therefore we have categorized templates and chosen only those templates that provide support & update.

Let's check these templates. 

Premium ReactJS Admin Templates


Spin is an admin template with an innovative Dark UI and minimalistic design that lets you build an amazing admin dashboard. It is designed for large-scale applications, with specific step by step documentation. Spin is crafted with Bootstrap 3+ and ReactJS.

The spin template comes with more than 40 combinations of color versions, 120+ unique pages, 30+ applications, 20+ layout variations and 10 sidebars that lets you customize easily. Spin is fully responsive and adapts to any sized screen instantly. 


Rubix is a 100% responsive admin template powered by Bootstrap and ReactJS that fits any screen size. Rubix comes with a huge collection of React UI components and Rubix chart library. For managing and automating the asset pipeline, SASS preprocessor for CSS is included with Rubix.

Don't worry if you want to make dashboard in a language like Arabic or Hebrew. Rubix is RTL supported so you can make it in any language. Doesn't matter it is LTR or RTL. There are four different viewing modes (Static, Boxed, Fixed and Fluid) in Rubix.


SmartAdmin is a 100% mobile responsive template with flat design, that can be used on any project. It does not matter whether you are making an app or blog or an admin panel. The smart features let you develop amazing projects in your own way.

SmartAdmin comes with 7 theme skins 7 unique google map skins. That is not all it comes with retina ready and eCommerce ready with RTL support and a clean, structured code. 


 NeuBoard is a premium admin template with a modern and flat design. It is built with Bootstrap 3, ReactJS and media queries. You can use Neuboard for all types of dashboards, web apps and content managements systems.

When you buy this template, you get access to all versions with several theme colors and complete landing page. 


An RTL supported translation ready admin template by Themicon. It is a multiple framework template so when you buy it; you get all other versions along with ReactJS. Angle is packed with lightbox, touch carousel, sticky and auto hide navbar.

The ReactJS version includes hot-reload, web pack and React router. Angle is cross-browser supported so adjusts perfectly to any browser. 


Ant is a developer-friendly admin template by Arousing. This template is built with Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS. Its ScSS CSs makes it easy to customize and allows you to give your custom look to your projects.

Ant comes with multiple layouts, 18 predefined color schemes, and cross-browser support. It also offers nested routing with React router, lazy loading, package management with NPM and more stuff. 


An administrator template with minimalistic design by Solution Portal. Eract is powered by ReactJS and Bootstrap 4. It is a beginner friendly template for developers and comes without redux or flux implementation that makes it easier to work with.

Eract comes with built-in support for SASS and CSS preprocessor. Eract has both mail and chat options with different buttons and typography options. There are several widgets included with Eract, which supports icons such as typicons and Font Awesome. 


SimpliQ by Creativelabs is an admin template that lets you develop modern admin site or dashboard in the fastest way. SimpliQ offers high-quality clean code and great design, that is optimized in a way to load faster and provide you a better experience. It helps you to maximize your productivity with acceleration in the development process and saves you hundreds of dollars.

When you buy SimpliQ, you get access to use the other versions of this template. 


Genius is a premium admin template with an extensive dashboard panel. This template is crafted with Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS. Genius comes with various widgets to keep track of your traffic, income and all other activity. You will find responsiveness in its every potion.

Besides, you do not worry about new features as it is regularly updated twice a month. 

Free ReactJS Admin Templates


CoreUI is an open source admin template based on Bootstrap 4 and offers 6 different versions. It is just not any administrator template; it goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to its file structure and transparent code. CoreUI consists of 1000 high-quality icons and a bunch of unique features.

With CoreUI you will be able to complete any project very quickly. This template is MIT licensed open source project, so it is completely free to use. If you like the template, you can donate its developers. 

React Blur Admin

Blur Admin is a neat admin template which includes several styles and components: buttons, tabs, editable fields, progress bars, etc. This template is crafted with React JS and Bootstrap 4. With Blur Admin you can give a whole new, different look to your project, does not matter if you are developing dashboard or web application.  

React Ant.Design Admin UI is free administrator template based on Bootstrap and React JS. This template comes with exciting features like Babel, mocha, Ant.Design, Redux, enzyme and more. is licensed under MIT.  

SB Admin v2.0

A free bootstrap admin template based on React Starter Kit using Webpack & ES6. SB admin comes with a very attractive and easy GUI that lets you manage everything very easily just from one place. You do not need any other tools for developing an admin site, as there is everything necessary included in it.  

ReactJS AdminLTE

React AdmintLTE is a popular free admin template that comes with React JS and Bootstrap framework. This template is ReactJS version of the original AdminLTE dashboard. React AdminLTE is packed with exciting components like ReactJS timeline, ReactJS widgets and much more.

Admin on Rest

A popular niche admin template for developing admin applications running in the browser on top of REST services. Admin on rest template comes with WYSIWYG editor, REST API, custom actions, conditional formatting and much more. It is a highly customizable template so you can change any potion in the way you want.  


CxJS is a free feature-rich template for building complex web front ends, admin dashboards and applications. It comes with several layouts, widgets, charts, form validation, etc. There are three themes available with CxJS material, frost, and dark.

When you download this template, you get the necessary boilerplate with it. You get CxJS absolutely free for noncommercial use. 

Antd Admin

Antd is an administrator template based on ant-design, React, dva and mock. With Antd you can complete any type of project regarding admin dashboard or application very fast. Besides you can easily customize the whole template in your own way. 

Newband Admin

Newband is a minimalistic free admin template based on Bootstrap and React. You get perfect right management function with front-end and back-end paging with Newband. If you are short on your budget and want good template at no cost then, Newband is the template you are looking for.  

16+ Must Have Joomla Extensions For Every Business Website


Most of our users are the Business owner and Developers often asked us for extension suggestion. While Joomla offers tons of features and flexibility, there is still much functionality missing from the core software. Best way to fill those missing functionally, of course, is to get yourself the right extension.

Joomla component, plugins, modules offer all kind of functionality and customization to the site admin. However, selecting the right extensions out of 7000+ options is not the easy work.

So, we have done it for you. Here's the collection of free and premium must-haves, Joomla extensions that can help take your site from good to great.

Disclaimer: We do not have any kind of affiliation with any of these company or developer, neither we used any affiliate link here. Each and every extension is tested by our Joomla expert, and we use them on our Joomla projects. 

Selection Process

  • Company or Developer behind the extension. How long they are in the business: This is very important to know who is behind the extensions and how long they are in the business. We have seen a lot of Joomla companies goes out of business in 7-8 years.
  • How frequent they update their extensions: This is a very crucial point for any extensions. No update means good chance to get hacked. A good developer company updates their product frequently with new features and functionality. 
  • User Review on JED: This is not very mandatory, but we also looked at the official Joomla Extension Directory to find out how the extension is performing on others website.

Website Building & Management


Quix is the most powerful revolutionary page builder by themexpert. Anyone can build websites with its powerful drag and drop feature that requires no coding. You can design your site for every screen size very easily.

As it is user friendly there is no experience needed for using quix. There are more than 50+ elements in quix that allow you to be the designer of your website.

Let's see the key features of Quix

  • Drag & Drop layout building with limitless possibilities.
  • 100% responsive designs in minutes.
  • Speedup page load speed by 300%
  • Compatible with any framework or template.
  • Customize everything with intuitive content options.
  • Built-in animation and Parallax effect.
  • Load any module
  • 50+ quix element
  • Joomla search indexed pages.
  • Duplicate anything with one click.

That is not all; there are more features available, you can check those from here. The idea behind Quix is simple, 'If you can think it, you can build it.'

Quix is a standalone product and has its own licensing system. If you want you can buy quix separately, or you can try any templates from themexpert. All Premium Joomla templates of themexpert comes with Quix pro. 

Content Authoring


JCE is one of that element that we install on every Joomla site. It is one of those extensions that gives you the power to create any type of content you want, without any restrictions, and without needing to know, XHTML, HTML, CSS or any other language. You do not need to get tensed with image management or formatting, JCE provides you Office-like formatting functions and excellent image management.

JCE provides:

  • All familiar formatting and functions like Office.
  • User-friendly and familiar interface for rename, delete, upload, cut/copy/paste images in your writings.
  • Integrated browser based spell checker.
  • Generate links to categories, writings, contacts, and web links to your website by an authentic link browser.
  • Source code editing with integrated support for Markdown.
  • Create articles with embed links
  • Make stylish captions on images.
  • Manage video, audio and easily embed Vimeo and youtube videos.

That is not all, JCE developers keep updating the extensions in every month so that you get all the latest features. 

Easy Articles

Now experience a whole new level of authoring experience with EasyArticles. It comes with simple user interface that allows you to create an article, the way you want. It is built with a front-end writing management system that provides you all the pleasures that you desire while writing something.

Key features of EasyArticle:

  • Effortless composing experience with Sidebar options, publishing options, media manager, locations and custom fields.
  • Automatic post sharing on social media.
  • View every content in the same way on every device.
  • Front-end moderation for approving, rejecting and moderating submitted articles.
  • Content importer for importing articles from several RSS feeds.
  • Works out with most of the template providers in the market.
  • Subscriptions button gives one-click subscription for readers.

EasyArticle also provides auto saving, preview, content versioning, google analytics integration, editor friendly, SEO publishing options and post scheduling options. 


Komento is one of the best comment systems that fully optimize your post reactions. Then comment management becomes very much easy with the help of several functions such as category specific comments, migration tools, access control.

Features of komento includes:

  • Manage every comment in your site by approving, deleting, liking and pinning it.
  • Migration tool for moving your old comment from other comment extensions.
  • File attachment for better illustrating your comments.
  • Schema tags for better SEO performance.
  • Geolocation support for tagging location with a comment.
  • Use CSS styling with layout customizations.
  • Automatic word replacement with word filtering.
  • Several styles for viewing comments.
  • 4 themes bundled with pro version.

Komento comes with the integration of Joomla Articles, VirtueMart, EasyBlog, K2, redSHOP, ZOO, Flexicontent, Aceshop, Ohanah, Sobi Pro and Mosets Tree. 

Quick Index

 It is very easy to add an index to your content with Quick Index quickly. According to your headings of the content, an index will be generated.

Features of Quick Index:

  • Create indexes according to your content.
  • Custom styling allows you to set custom class names and full freedom to style the index.
  • Installation on any domain you want.
  • Open source with no code encryption.
  • Set the min/ max heading depth in the index.
  • Automatic heading numbering.
  • Individual list styles.

Security Joomla Extensions

Akeeba Backup

Backup always rescue your business from serious losses and saves your time. As technology is advancing, risks are also increasing. Any accidental incident can cause you huge data loss. So backup comes as first priority.

Akeeba Backup is very much popular and the most award-winning Joomla extension since 2006. Your site is backed up automatically, and you can restore the backup anytime you want.

Here are some primary key features of Akeeba Backup:

  • Single click backup.
  • Single click restoration from backup.
  • Manage several types of backup at offline and cloud.
  • Customizable Backup Profiles.
  • Strong AES 128 bit encryption.
  • Transfer your site from direct server to server.
  • Native command line in PHP scripts and much more.

You can periodically set automatic backup, so there is no need to backup manually. As Akeeba Backup is Ajax Powered, it runs very smooth and fast. 

Admin Tools

Admin tools is a top-rated product of Akeeba Ltd, and also known as true swiss army knife.

It is essential to be updated, as Joomla releases come with new security patches. Admin tools notify you about this new releases, fix your file permissions, directories and also updates automatically.

With one mouse click, you can perform database maintenance, change database prefix, set admin ID and password. The advanced web application firewall of Admin tools protects you from some of the common attacks.

The key features of Admin tools are:

  • Advanced web application Firewall.
  • Redirects URL directly with parameters.
  • Emergency off-line switch.
  • Maintenance made easy with just a simple click.
  • PHP file change scanner monitor for any PHP file changes, and lets you know.
  • Change your file permissions without using SSH or FTP.
  • Protects your site against a vast majority of popular attacks.
  • Secure .htaccess file with an easy GUI.

Admin tools is General Public licensed; you can use it on many sites as you want just by buying one subscription. 

SEO & Performance Joomla Extensions

JCH Optimize

If you want to minimize HTTP request and size of the webpage, than JCH Optimize is the perfect extension for you. It is a very simple plugin that optimizes the site by minifying and aggregating javascript, and CSS files count in the head portion of the webpage.

Features of JCH Optimize includes:

  • Combines CSS/Javascript files into one.
  • Minimize HTTP request with minimal occurrences of conflicts.
  • Reduces page size by compressing and minifying HTML pages.
  • Six automatic Settings configuration to combine CSS and javascript.
  • Combines background pictures into a sprite.
  • Lazy load images for exclude images based on class.
  • Support for CDN/cookieless domains.
  • Optimize and resize images with lossless compression.

You can check the result from Google pagespeed Tool and GTmetrix. Just collect the result before and after installation of JCH Optimize, then judge yourself. 


JSitemap is a best-rated sitemap generator that helps you to achieve top-level SEO performance for your website. It boosts your site indexing and increases your site visibility up to 400%. Based on your content change, a sitemap is generated in real-time, so that when you modify your site contents, it will be automatically updated at sitemap.

JSitemap offer features:

  • No plugins needed.
  • XML site mapping for mobile devices, images, geolocation, videos, google news, google AMP, Hreflang multi-language.
  • Easy SEO control panel for managing everything from one place.
  • SEO Spider identifies and fixes SEO issues.
  • One click wizard for data sources.
  • Images sitemap is generated for your website under google image search.
  • Split Up large sitemaps easily.
  • Stats & charts, Htaccess editor, Robots.txt editor, custom 404 page, link analyzer, sitemap modules, google indexing tester, and more cool features are available.

This top-rated extension will cost you only €49. Don't check the price, check the features and facilities. You get 1-year support after purchasing JSitemap. 


 Managing metadata of each page can be time-consuming and very tedious. MetaMan is a simple tool for managing all metadata. Stackideas Metaman allows your admin to load up any respective forms from the front end without any trouble.

Let's check the key features of the Metaman:

  • Edit normal page, Twitter cards, and facebook open graphs without any effort.
  • Works with any extensions and articles on your website with full preview mode.
  • Immediate notification for the metadata that needs immediate attention.
  • Like any other plugins, it does not replace any content on the page.

Metaman saves much time and may help your whole website SEO with a great collection of editing tools. You can get Metaman from here with 30 days money back guarantee. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics extension is the perfect tool that allows you to install google analytics code quickly. With google analytics, you can place google analytics code at the correct position, with correct verification and formatting.

This is a simple free plugin that comes with asynchronous, universal integration with webmaster tools verification via meta tagging. However, pro version comes with more.

Let's check some pro features of google analytics

  • User ID feature allows you to track logged in users in your site.
  • Anonymous IP tracking.
  • Multiple subdomains and top-level domain tracking.
  • Enhanced In-page analytics to track user interactions in several pages.
  • E-commerce tracking.
  • Site speed sample rate.
  • Force SSL connection.

There are several packages for pro-access, so you can choose the one, which fits you best. Besides, pro-access of Google Analytics comes with Support with different time periods. 

​Marketing Joomla Extensions

Engage Box

Engage box is the best popup and leads generation extension that helps you to boost your conversion rates. Its popup boxes will help you to convert visitors into customers and subscribers. You can create any types of popups like sticky notification bars, lightbox popup, sticky, floating bars, custom popups with Engage box.

Key features of Engage Box includes:

  • Create several boxes per page with multiple types of boxes.
  • 7 types of boxes with 60+ transition effects.
  • 9 User behavior tracking events with 7 trigger positions.
  • 100% responsive and mobile optimized.
  • Google analytics integrated to show the performance of boxes.
  • Fully customizable look with delay animation in milliseconds.
  • Auto-close timer.
  • RTL support and custom CSS styling.

Engage box smart device level targeting only shows targeted box on specific mobiles or pages. You can also customize it to target specified group. 


We always want the attention of our visitors and jBar allows you to do that very easily. You can easily promote your websites important content with jBar. You can customize the appearance of this web toolbar in your way with various colors, fonts, and styles.

The functions of jBar includes

  • Collapsable bar.
  • Link can be shown as normal link or button.
  • Show/hide border and changeable fonts.
  • Timer for showing or hiding the bar.
  • Visual style editor.

jBar is a popular free extension that comes from themexpert. You can get it from here. 

File Downloader & Digital Products Selling Extensions


Digicom is a very popular e-commerce based extension with which you can easily sell any digital products on your site. Digital handles all reporting, download and subscription management by itself.

Key Features:

  • Integration with the most popular payment processor like Paypal, 2Checkout.
  • Manage daily order with just 1 click.
  • Customizable access control for protecting your confidential data.
  • Seamless checkout.
  • Run discount and offers without any hassle.
  • Drag and Drop file uploader.
  • Learn more about your customers from the order history.

You get Digicom 100% free from themexpert. Besides if you like you can also check for add-ons also. 

​Interactive Content

Smart Slider

Smart Slider is an intuitive Joomla extension that lets you create fully responsive sliders. You can create any type of pictorial or Vimeo & youtube slides very easily with it. To customize the slider in your own way, you can edit different layers with its layer editors.

Let's check the key features of Smart Slider:

  • User-friendly Editor so that anyone can build a slider.
  • Drag & Drop builder with live preview.
  • Make fully dynamic content.
  • 100% responsive that supports any of your devices.
  • 5 types of locks and sliders.
  • Build unique designs with different layers.
  • Change all details in typography and style with Font and Style manager system.
  • Powerful layer animation system.
  • In-built lightbox and image editor.

You can view more features of Smart Slider from here. Besides if you want, you can customize more by using pro features. 


The Gallery is an essential plugin for Joomla that allows you to create multiple galleries with a number of picture and description for all. You can display images in several ways, from easy to complicated, from solo to entire galleries. Only your imagination defines the limit of possibility.

Features of Gallery includes:

  • Create unlimited amounts of galleries.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Display videos and images with a load more or pagination button.
  • Custom URL to each Photo.
  • 6 Lucrative design views.
  • 100+ design options.
  • Create gallery using Youtube or Vimeo posts.
  • Lightbox Popup tool with several options.
  • Order pictures using drag & drop.

You can get Gallery extension from huge-it. You can either download free or try paid version. 

Live Chat Support & Contact Management


Drift is an essential tool that allows you to connect user on your website directly. There is no need of forms or followups to start a conversation. It connects your business in real time just like a virtual assistant for your site.

Features of Drift includes:

  • Instant messaging.
  • Send messages at an exact time.
  • Smartly deal any customer with Driftbot.
  • User-friendly interface and easy Customization
  • Several integrated tools to connect with.

From four packages, you can choose your one that suits you best.

A free messaging application that lets you chat and monitor your visitors on your site. There are no hidden costs and install on your website instantly. With, you can answer chats from anyplace with your mobile phone.

Key features of

  • Monitor visitors in real time with automated triggers.
  • Native mobile applications.
  • Customizable layers and widgets to perfectly suit your brand.
  • Built-in ticketing system.
  • 1880+ emojis to use.
  • 100+ integrations to connect with.

You are getting all the premium features of a chat app with for absolutely no price. For more information, you can visit here. 

20+ Free & Premium AngularJS Admin Templates Built With Bootstrap Framework


If you've ever worked on front-end development, you definitely got the idea about AngularJS and its purpose. Its one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, mostly used in Single Page Application Development.

Besides, there are a couple of JS frameworks can be found on the web, although each of their fundamental objectives is almost identical.

A website's Admin Dashboard front-end extensively depends on the JavaScript framework, used to build it.

We know its very natural that preference in choosing JS framework varies men to men. Else, every framework does have a couple of unique functionalities and strong sides for which they worth to be picked.

In this article, we have listed out a couple of premium plus free AngularJS admin templates based on their popularity, user review and other factors and we strongly believe- it would be very helpful for you to come to a decision- which one is the best suite for your site.

You can also check the list of 12+ top VueJS Bootstrap Templates and 18+ top ReactJS Bootstrap Templates from the included links.

Selection Process

Popularity & Review: A good products always get good reviews, and good reviews generate good popularity. We have checked the review of templates before selection.

Design & Feature: Beautiful designs always attract eyesight of the visitor and features lets you make your application easily, so we choose this as criteria for the selection process.

Update & Support: Update & support are the very important point for any product. Update means bug fixes & new functionality, and at time of any kind of trouble, support team provides help to solve your problem. A good company always provides support and updates their product frequently. 

Premium Angular Templates


Metronic is the no.1 selling Bootstrap admin template on Themforest marketplace. It is fully responsive multipurpose admin template that is compatible with AngularJS 2.0 and Bootstrap 4.x. You can build your custom admin panel, e-commerce backends, admin dashboards or any kind of web applications like SAAS, CRM with it.

Metronics flat balanced and intuitive metro design will give an impressive look to your project. It provides a significant number of UI components and plugins collections to its users. 


Angulr is an admin web application template with AngularJS and Bootstrap 3. It uses Bower, grunt along with angular and bootstrap to feature routing, nested views, and lazy load for any large projects. The CSS layout of Angulr is fully responsive as it is built on the grid system of Bootstrap.  


Fuse is a fully responsive material designed admin template. It offers several generic page design templates and built-in applications. Fuse uses Angular Material project of Google. Fuse supports all modern browsers including Edge and IE11.


Xenon is a very lightweight admin template built with latest version of Bootstrap. You can create your own version of Xenon by using only the components you need in one file. Every request of this template is processed with AJAX, so it loads faster in everywhere.

Xenon has integrated chat system inside the chat. The chat system includes names, the status of the user and messages pop up. Additionally, MVC is now included with Xenon, so the development is more faster. 


OneUI is a very lightweight and super flexible UI framework based on AngularJS and Bootstrap.

It enables you to build your frontend and backend pages using same quick layout. It comes with 4 different versions, PHP, HTML, AngularJS and Get started.

It is easier to maintain your project as OneUI provides developer friendly modular designs. OneUI's unique features will help you to build your next amazing project. 

Clean UI

A modern and fully flexible admin template based on AngularJS and Bootstrap 4 framework. Clean UI comes with 10 layouts and 6 color schemes, Light, Dark, Red, Green, Blue, and Orange. It is entirely responsive and looks perfect on any devices.  


 If you are a looking for an admin template with the perfect combination of modules and plugins, then stop looking. Materialism is the ideal admin template based on Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. It comes with clean material designs and animations that will give your project a whole new look.


A highly versatile and pliable premium Bootstrap template that comes with a variety of pre-built skins, different layouts, HTML and AngularJS versions. Urban was professionally designed to handle all the complicated and diversified tasks comfortably. Urban is the perfect choice for your next CRM, CMS, web application, admin or dashboard based project.  


Avenxo is the most developer-friendly template that comes with multiple layouts and color scheme features. It comes in two individual versions, AngularJS version, and standalone HTML version. The grunt and bower package of AngularJS ensures front-end dependency management.


ThemeKit s a 100% responsive premium admin template that adapts to any screen size. It is packed with 319 HTML pages and a massive number of UI components and features. This template is compatible with any RTL language such as Persian, Arabic, Urdu, etc.  


A very popular admin template powered with Bootstrap and AngularJS. Within short time you can create your own admin page as it contains numerous example pages with many ready to use components. Minovate is entirely device friendly and compatible with all latest browsers including IE 11. 

Free Angular Templates

Paper Dashboard

If you are looking for a free clean and modern admin template than paper dashboard is the right choice for you. It comes with several example pages for the admin panel, customized plugins, and dashboard components. You can choose between free version or premium version.

When you upgrade or buy the premium version, you get access to source SASS, full documentation, and much more features. 

Material Dashboard Angular2

A free Bootstrap admin template by Creative Tim that offers Material design for all of its UI components and elements. The free version of Material dashboard Angular2 offers you 2 plugins, 3 Example pages, and 60 components. You can extend these components by upgrading to pro version.

After upgrading to the premium version of Material dashboard Angular2, you get more than 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages along with documentation, SASS Files and Photoshop Files. 

Versatile Dashboard AngularJS

 Versatile Dashboard is one of the free templates that is built with Bootstrap LESS. This templates comes with Versatile AngularJS and powered by Gulp. With Bower, you can install any plugin very easily.

Blur Admin

 Are you looking for fully responsive, stylish, free Angularjs admin template? Then stop looking, Blur is the template you are looking for. It is crafted with AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS framework, Sass, Jquery, and Maps.

You can make a fully responsive user-friendly template with Blur very easily.

NGX Admin

NGX is a free Bootstrap admin template built with lots of impressive features. It is a fully user-friendly template that adapts to any type of display instantly. There is 2 configurable theme is included with NGX admin.

You can try this preloaded themes or customize to make your own one. 


 An admin template that will give you the taste of Mac OS. Maverix is bundled with AngularJS, Bootstrap and other components like Flot, jQuery, and rangeslider.js. This template lets your web apps look like native OS X apps.

Ani Dashboard

Ani is a very clean boilerplate for AngularJS starter template. It is built with Bootstrap 3 and uses Angular v1.3. It has full responsive layouts with subtle page transition animations.

You get features like RTL support, Multilingual support and Gulp when you buy the premium version of Ani. 

SB Admin BS4 Angular4

SB is a very simple admin template built with Bootstrap 4 and Angular 4. This is an open source project, so the price of this template is free. SB supports any type of browsers including FIrefox, Chrome, and IE11.

The small modules of this template let you get started quickly. 

Paper Admin

An admin template that is built with AngularJS 4 and Bootstrap 4 under MIT license. Its built-in components make dashboard development very simple. Paper admin consists of features like list views, calender's, pie charts with status and CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality.  

Light Bootstrap Angular2

A very beautiful user-friendly Angular based bootstrap admin template developed by the Creative team. It offers you many possibilities to create you an app that suits your need. You can use Light Bootstrap Angular2 to make admin panels, web applications backends, CRM or CMS and project management systems.  


 AngularJS is a very strong JS framework with unlimited possibilities. AngularJS along with Bootstrap will not provide you some functions only but a very useful user experience that you will get while you manage your project or website.

But if you feel the need of free Joomla templates, do not hesitate to check our list. 10+ Best free responsive Joomla templates - post contains the list of best free Joomla responsive templates. 

For any type of query or suggestion, you can always write to us in comment section below. 

Top Essential Joomla Security Extensions of 2018


Joomla is one of the very popular CMS in the world. As being popular, it is also a subject of all sort of hacking attacks. I can still recall the day when our site got hacked.

Yes, you heard it right. It was a tough time for us, and it also took much time to recover. We don't want that happen to your site ever.

Hackers search the web for easy targets. When they find one with weak Joomla security issues, they start doing their job.

Securing your website means, you have to do a lot of work but, don't worry we'll walk you through every steps we learned from our 10yrs of experience.

In this article we'll cover the inside Joomla part. You can use any of this joomla security extensions recommended below to secure your website. There are tons of Joomla security extensions on JED but we did the hard work for you to select the best Joomla security extension from it.

We'll cover more on our upcoming articles...

For getting protection from hackers, it is recommended to use security extensions.

Disclaimer : We didn't receive any payment from the extension author.

Admin Tools

Admin tools is one of the great Joomla security extensions by of Akeeba Ltd, and also known as true swiss army knife. We know, every Joomla release comes with some security patches, and it is essential to be updated. Admin tools notify you about new releases of Joomla, fixes your directories, file permissions and updates automatically.

With a single mouse click, Admin tools allow you to change your database prefix, perform database maintenance, set a super administrator ID and password. In addition with the advanced "Web Application Firewall" of Admin tools, you are protected from some common attacks.

The key features of Admin tools are

  • Emergency off-line switch.
  • Maintenance made easy with just a simple click.
  • Advanced web application Firewall.
  • Redirects URL directly with parameters.
  • Change your file permissions without using SSH or FTP.
  • Protects your site against a vast majority of popular attacks.
  • PHP file change scanner monitor for any PHP file changes, and lets you know.
  • Secure .htaccess file with an easy GUI.

This extension software is General Public licensed; therefore by buying one single subscription you can use it on many sites as you want. 


Hackers always search for a way to get into your system. The attacker gets the opportunity easily when he finds the login panel of the website. Since that time brute force begins. This brute force attack can be prevented by hiding the login URL of the site.

AdminExile helps to prevent attacks by hiding the login URL and it is also known as one of the best Joomla security extensions. It adds an additional key value in the login URL so that the users who know the key can only reach the URL. If someone tries to enter who does not have the key will be redirected to another URL.

AdminExile allows you to configure the extension to email login link to the system administrator, in case you forget the key. You can flexibly set the re-entry time with this extension. The user can log into the system admin panel without using a key, within the specified re-entry time.

The features of AdminExile are

  • Administrator key and URL protection.
  • Administrator session cookie security.
  • Lost link recovery.
  • Joomla vulnerabilities check.
  • Failure logging.
  • Brute Force detection and blocking.
  • Live data reporting.
  • IPv4/6 Whitelist and Blacklist with CIDR capability.

Furthermore, you can restrict user group to log in from the front end. AdminExile gives you the option to make blacklist and whitelist of IP. So, after filtering blocked IP will not get any access to the website. 


jHackGuard, the name explains it all. The main task of this extension is to prevent a website from being hacked and take care of Joomla security issues. It protects from cross-site scripting, SQL injections, thwart remote code execution, and remote URL or file inclusions.

It is a very user-friendly extension that keeps doing its job without distracting any administrator from their routine work. For filtering users input data, jHackGuard also fine-tunes security configurations.

Features of jHackGuard includes

  • Protection from SQL injection, remote code execution, remote URL/file inclusions, and XSS based attacks.
  • Filters user input and implement additional PHP security settings.
  • Enhanced User interface.


If you are concerned with protection from hacker attacks and protection, RSfirewall is the right Joomla extension for you. RSFirewall blocks every known attack and keeps you safe 24/7.

RSFirewall allows you to set blacklisted and whitelisted IPs with a backend password. It also detects and blocks harmful codes, prevents unauthorized changes of the administrator, thwarts brute-force login attempts. RSFirewall blocks anonymous proxies and stops unauthorized accesses.

Key features of RSFirewall

  • Protection against RCE vulnerabilities.
  • Extra security for administrator accounts and folder.
  • Finds and fixes insecure files and folder permissions.
  • Advanced graphical visual representation of latest attacks.
  • Exceptions tab for firewall exception rules. 


As attacks on Joomla websites by hackers are increasing, owners might have to suffer a huge loss of data, money and time. To prevent these losses, JomDefender comes with Joomla security scanner services that gives you protection from these hacker attacks. This extension decreases the vulnerabilities of your site and close security holes for hackers.

JomDefender has a built-in corePHP filter that can address some known Joomla's weaknesses. Additionally, it provides some extra features such as front end & back end IP blocking, admin login screen, and much more.

The key features of JomDefender

  • IP address access control for the front end and back end both.
  • Double layer admin prompt for login security.
  • Login, logout CSRF prevention for preventing unauthorized users.
  • Automatic removal of Joomla's generator tags, HTML white space, and PHP header.
  • File integrity check for unwanted changes in a file.
  • Page execution time display and much more.

OSE Antivirus

Open Source Antivirus is one of the best Joomla security extension that allows you to remove any malicious codes from your server site. It comes with Joomla security scanner and uses several techniques for detecting viruses and Joomla security issues. It automatically deletes the malicious code, if write access to a file is permitted, which gives you maximum protection.can

You can manually set the types of files to be scanned. This extension is automatically updating its virus database continuously, so it detects the most recent viruses detected on the net. OSE antivirus also gives you the option to either remove or to quarantine the virus manually.

Features of OSE antivirus are

  • Double layered firewall protection.
  • Embedded virus scanning function.
  • Detailed reporting and blocking reactions
  • Several scanning modes.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Anti-Flooding and ClamAV antivirus-virus integration.

OSE antivirus gives you support over several languages with an interactive user interface. 

Brute Force Stop

The main activity of this extension is to stop brute force attacks. If any unauthorized person or bot tries to enter your system, it will block the access thus prevent login. The user can set the threshold value for failed access.

Brute Force Attack extension keeps the log of attackers IP address so that you can know the record of failed logins. You can also block or unblock users with this extensions. The log options of this extension are organized so well that you will found every detail in one place.

Features of Brute force stop extension

  • Protection against Brute force attacks.
  • PHP 7 and MySQL compatibility.
  • IP management with whitelist and blacklist.
  • User login safety.
  • The threshold value for failed access.

EasyCalcCheck Plus

Now you can easily protect your Joomla forms and third-party extensions with EasyCalcCheck Plus extension. It comes with external antispam services like Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Honeypot project, Mollom, StopForumSpam, Botscout, Bot-trap. It gives protection via a token in the backend so that the admin login page can be opened only with the right token.

It also gives you defense against SQL injections and local file inclusion. EasyCalcCheck Plus is a free extension, but if you need support, then you need a subscription first.

Features of ECC+

  • Arithmetic problem - Addition and Subtraction.
  • Antispam services Mollom, Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Bot-trap, StopForumSpam, Honeypot project.
  • Protection from local file intrusion and SQL injection.
  • Token generate for the login page. 


After the fresh installation of Joomla, some security gaps occur. Securitycheck protects you by closing those gaps. It checks for Joomla security issues in your site.It blocks hacker attacks, unauthorized proxies, and fixes misconfigured permissions.

One of its primary features is the web firewall application, which gives protection from 90 different types of SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and local file inclusion.

Securitycheck also provides .htaccess protection, session protection, file management, vulnerability checking, remote management, IP blacklisting and much more. It is a recommended extension after installing Joomla, for new Joomla users. Remove any Joomla security vulnerabilities with Securitycheck.

Some major features of Securitycheck

  • Advanced web Firewall with multiple configurations.
  • Malware scanner with the enlarged database.
  • Remote management of extensions.
  • Geoblock for blocking IP addresses according to its geolocation.
  • Vulnerabilities checking.
  • Cron plugin and Module info.


For improving your safety and performance, you can use these security extensions according to your need. These joomla security extensions will find out every Joomla vulnerabilities and you will be able to relax with your site. You can install any extension directly from Joomla extension directory. Always see details of extension before installing or updating.

Sometimes security extensions might not be enough to save from hacking. Therefore it is wise to use a backup software like Akeeba Backup. It performs the backup of your Joomla site automatically and in time of need allows you to recover from the backup.

If you need any Joomla templates, you can check our site as we deal with best templates only. Do not forget to let us know about your thoughts and ideas. You can give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section.

Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates

Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates

Onepage website helps you cleverly represents a particular product information within one page with its meaningfully decorated homepage layout arrangements.

About 15% to 27% of all websites exist, are onepage websites, and the ratio, as well as popularity, are gradually increasing for its simplicity and usability.

Rapidly, individual product landing pages to small startup portfolio websites are building with different onepage templates according to their best suites.

There is absolutely no complication with dealing multiple pages for the individual navigation menu. It combines all in one page in such a way that a visitor never feels bored since it provides all the information s/he needs instead of redirects him/her many other pages.

Now, probably a sort of questions have already arisen in your mind. No worries, I'm making those clear one by one.

When You Need a Onepage Site?

Now, let me pointing out the most fitted criteria when you need a one page website instead of multi-page.

  • Sales page
  • Product page
  • Course page
  • App page
  • Resume page
  • Event page
  • Service/Agency website
  • Pre-launched website

Besides, you should know a few things about a onepage website. It doesn't usually take times to load a section while a multi-page website takes a minimum time to load a particular page. So, that can be a reason to choose a onepage template instead of multi-page.

It provides the complete information by dealing with the possibly less description or elaboration. As there is no multiple pages but single page (about, contact, sitemap) to represent all required information in a particular order, it should be neat and clean instead of being messed up arranging information in a discrete way.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful– John Maeda

If you want to build a website in possibly the less time including all the information be there in the order you want, its the best solution for you to choose. Showcasing agency's works, drum up any upcoming events information are the good practice through a onepage website.

Moreover, from the mobile devices, as per getting a particular information, going through different pages is a problematic task. Specially, it is a blessing for them who has not thin fingers.

So, if you don't want to send your visitors to different pages for the purpose and want to make theme get all information from one place, there is none other solution but building a onepage website.

Here, I'm going to mention some onepage websites for examples that may help you to better understand how amazingly they fit in a landing page website.

SEO factors you must keep in mind

There is a common question about the onepage site that most of the people ask; Are they Good for SEO?. I'll elaborately mention all the pros and cons of a onepage site by SEO Factors.

According to SearchEngineJournal;

Typically, Single Page Sites Provide a Better Mobile Experience and Targeting a Specific Audience is quite easy through it.

They also mentioned, most of the web search are performed from mobile devices and therefore having a onepage website is an advantage to generate a massive traffic and helps to get ranked by Google concurrently.

Its easy to target a specific audience through a onepage site whereas multipage sites are compared lag behind. Even the targeted audience behavior can be the control on a onepage site. You can steer your audiences in a specific direction to provide them a particular user experience.

Since, in a onepage site, information are sorted in a single page in particular order, there needs one keyword, and that can be very much helpful according to SEO terms.

Links are the another most important SEO factors as well. In a onepage site, links are used on one page. Therefore they are pointed to the main URL, and that helps the site to get ranked on Google quickly compared to multipage websites.

Make sure that all the information you provided represent a value before the visitors and are well arranged as well. Don't put the information in an undisciplined way that your visitor get confused.

Besides all its advantages, it does have some drawbacks too. As it only focuses on a particular concept and thus represents a flow, sometimes the content is not enough to get ranked by search engines. Whereas, multi-page websites are more easily get themselves ranked by the search engines.

Even, the single page websites don't support sort of advanced SEO strategies and the reason why they are one step behind compare to multi-page sites. So, if you are thinking to have a significant amount of traffic from Google on your site than its better to make a multi-page site as mentioned in's blog article regarding Single Page Website SEO Compatability.

What are the Key Elements for a onepage site?

Regarding this topic, we have a broad and elaborative blog post that also can help you a lot.

For the sake of you, again I'm letting you know about the core mandatory things supposed to be considered while building a single page website.

Heading & Sub-heading : This is the most important thing you should keep in mind while building a onepage website. The heading and sub-heading should be clear and so able to provide the main information about your entire site in short.

Make as short as possible but ensure that, it don't make confusion which may be the reason behind unable to convert the visitor into user or customer.

Sticky Nav : Its very essential to have a sticky navigation menu in a onepage website as it consists of only a single page. All the contents are on the same page and reason why user need to scroll down to view the whole page. Often s/he may feel to jump into a different section without waiting even a bit, and in that criteria, the sticky navigation menu can help him/her.

A sticky nav-bar stays at the top of the site even while the user scrolls down the page. S/he can choose any navigation menu option any time even during his/her scrolling period. This a good thing for a onepage site, indeed.

Wisely use Navigation : Cleverly create the navigation menu so that the visitors can find a total overview just by having a look on the navigation menu. Besides, clear words should be chosen as nav-menu. Remember that, navigation menu should not appear with so more items or so fewer items as well.

Contact Info and Location : Valid contact information and location should be available in a section because most of the visitors come in a onepage site (regarding a particular product landing page) to know the contact information. Email address, cell number, location, google map, and other detail contact information should be included in that section.

Well-written Summary of your Business : Its vital criteria for Search Engine Optimizations. Focus on your content, and reassemble the whole idea in such a way that anybody can get it just by landing on your site. A well-written summary about your single-page site mostly helps to get itself ranked by Search Engines.

Think a bit to make it Different : Keep it mind that, it should be a bit different looking compared to other traditional sites as the layout makes the first impression on visitor's mind.

Standard Coding : You should pay attention to the details as your experience is very important. Try to make the code neat and clean so that it can be understood easily further even by an amateur level of a coder. Links color, behavior, page scrolling, navigation arrangement all those things should be considered with much more attention to making them a cool look.

First, fix keywords for each main section and assign the section to the nav-menu with obviously give a potted menu name that can represent the whole content of that assigned section. Thus you complete assigning the rest of the sections with nav menus.

There are another thing to remember, don't use any external link into the navigation menu. Visitors must not like this so I. For this reason, the visitor might not come back on your site anymore.

Make it Live : Try not to make it bored, make it live by adding some animations. It would help to keep your visitor's attention. Language like jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript can be used to create moving animations those can be easily used in websites to give life in it.

Impressum : For a onepage internet site, according to EU German Law, its mandatory to have an Impressum page. Basically, it defines and legalizes the authorship or ownership of the site and all its contents.

Impressum is a Latin word, alternately, the term is also known as Imprint in the USA.

You can find more detail information in WebDesignerDepot's blog post about the key elements of a onepage site.

This blog post also may help you to get better understanding.

But, do you have any broad idea about why onepage templates are more suitable for building a particular product landing page?. Hence, I mention the major reasons in the different point of view.

How to make onepage website faster

Well, for your clarification, I'm going to share a couple of reasons why it is more compatible, compared to multi-pages traditional web-templates. Let's take a peek.

  • In onepage templates, you'll find a flow in arranging all the required information of particular product within one page exactly what it is supposed to be, and you'll find much comfort for sure.
  • It'll navigate you to different sections within the page simply by clicking on your desired nav-menu. Its very fast just takes the twinkle of an eye, and you get your information in front of you while in a multi-page template, clicking on a navigation menu for information, it will load a new page that will obviously take a minimum time. The time may vary according to your internet speed for multi-page templates. On the other hand, for a onepage template, as there is no hassle to load a new page for showing particular information, it's tremendously fast.

  • Onepage templates are the best suite representing information in a flow. You can effortlessly find the information you want through the whole page may a bit long, you need not worry about it. Leave it to the theme's functionality itself to handle this. You just need to put your mouse cursor on your desired nav-menu and hit it, and you're done making the information itself appeared before your eyes. Alternately, easy scrolling ability gives you the comfort to smoothly scroll down to find the information as well.

  • Almost in all onepage templates, the sticky navigation menu is used therefore you'll find the menu items still at the top of the screen to click and navigate to another section withing the split of a second. Additionally, with the help of back to top button (is also used in almost all onepage template), you can come back at the top of the page even in less than one second.

  • The orientation and information arrangements in a onepage template are too easy to understand just by the first look. So, it's totally meaningful capability in providing information to its users. Besides, there are much more things that you can't just ignore, and forcefully it'll make you fall in love with it.

Now, after found why onepage templates are the great fit for your site,you may want to have some suggestions? Here, my recommendation about 3 best fitting onepage templates that can be the kickstarting for your site. Let's have a look.

Top 3 onepage Joomla Templates


Marvel is one of the most stunning, fully responsive, cutting edge, onepage Joomla multipurpose templates with absolutely well-decorated layout specially for the purpose of a corporate business, agency or a specific product landing page and portfolio website as well.

The most recent trendiness homepage designed makes itself sleek, neat & clean and a fresh evergreen look. The theme package comes with three different homepages including all necessary pages as well plugins pre-build, and that is the best fit for your website, no matter what type of business you're running.

It's capable of handle providing all the information from one page without making its visitors bored a bit, tremendously works with every type of business as well as startup websites. This awesome Joomla template released by ThemeXpert and from the time it released, it robbed thousands of people's heart by its interactive, marvelous layout including multiple homepage variations and its functionalities. Marvel theme has the following listed key features that obviously meet your all criteria.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fast Loading
  • Stunning Layout
  • Device Friendly
  • SEO Optimized by Quix's enhanced SEO
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Multiple Home Variations
  • Corporate Landing Page
  • Specific Product Landing Page
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Built with T3 Framework
  • Quix - Drag & Drop page builder
  • Full Features Blog
  • RTL Support and much more.

Explore Marvel View Live Demo


Unity is device friendly, responsive, SEO optimized multipurpose onepage Joomla template with a clearly noticeable artistic look in its layout. Its color harmony and the combination of colors in its different sections will definitely mesmerize you.

Therefore, you can't but satisfy in your first look. Sticky navigation menu helps you to navigate any section even while you are scrolling in another section and it is absolutely effortless.

With the help of its responsive image gallery, your product's images can have a perfect look to represent themselves in a stunning way that a visitor can't just ignore without having a deep look to the entire template. Clean and fresh individual section design makes itself a perfect fit for any website, specially for the portfolio as well small to medium business websites.

This stunning onepage Joomla template built with the revolutionary Drag and Drop page builder Quix and the following properties will be found in the template package.

  • Sticky Navigation Bar
  • SEO optimized
  • Device Friendly
  • Integrated with Revolution Slider
  • Interactive Individual Section Design
  • Responsive Image Gallery
  • Good looking Client Testimonial
  • Fresh looking Contact us section
  • Built With Cutting-edge Technology
  • Smooth Collapsing effect
  • Quix Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Well decorated
  • The meaningful color combination and much more.

Explore Unity View Live Demo


BizCorp is a multipurpose Joomla One page template with multiple pages as well as section variations including awesome in its front-end well-decorated layout. Typography is its one of the main key frame to catch visitor's attention in first visits.

Its completely responsive based on different devices size, SEO optimized and user-friendly as well. Integrated revolution slider helps you to create your own stylish slider. The sticky navigation bar, Off-canvas Menu, Stylish Megamenu and arrangements of different section information make itself competitive in its category that can be found on the internet.

This premium theme package, you'll find the theme with the following listed properties.

  • Device Friendly therefore 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Revolution Slider Integration
  • Responsive Image Gallery
  • Stunning Client's Testimonial Section
  • Sticky Navigation
  • K2 Integrated Full Featured Blog
  • Stylish Megamenu
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Build with T3 framework -RTL Supported and much more.

Explore BizCorp View Live Demo

20 Top WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017

20 Top WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017

Are you searching for a stylish and stunning looking WooCommerce WordPress theme for your site? That is able to create an everlasting first impression to your customer's mind which may lead him/her buying products.!

Noted that, a standard WooCommerce theme is that gateway to an online eCommerce shop. So, it literally varies that what theme you're using on your eCommerce site and ultimately it affects on your product selling ratio too.

I'm going to share a list of 20 top premium WooCommerce WordPress theme in 2017 which robbed thousands of people's heart and satisfying them with features, the way of representing products with details and fulfilling each of their individual requirements as well. Have a look and find your preferred one, that can be a kickstart for your eCommerce website.

1. Retailer

It's one of the top-selling WooCommerce themes at ThemeForest with a fresh and trendy look, offering a stunning content representation including details specifications that can be fit for your online eCommerce website. It totally followed the latest trends while designing its home layout as well as its specific pages that clearly reflects at its first look.

This WooCommerce theme genuinely offers:-

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Super Mobile-Friendly
  • Quick Start – Easy Installation & Setup
  • Reliable Theme – Updates and Support
  • Theme Documentation & Video Guides for Beginners
  • Customer Reviews features
  • Easy Collect Payments method integrations
  • RTL Supported
  • Powerful Theme Options Panel
  • Fully Customizable
  • Lots of Pre-Built Page Layouts
  • 650+ Google Web Fonts to Choose From
  • Excellent Products-Showcasing


Price: $59

2. Woosome

This beautiful WooCommerce theme is brought to you by ThemeXpert, and as soon as it was released, it wins hundreds of users heart with its product showcasing excellently, multipurpose usability, easy customizability to transform into your own shape and much more. It has unique, neat and clean looks that will make you love this for sure. Including, it offers the following privileges.

  • Fully Responsive and Fast Loading
  • The Most Recent Trendy Layout
  • Multiple Home Variations
  • Huge Built-in Pages
  • SEO Optimized
  • Array of Presets
  • Absolutely RTL Supports
  • Stylish Megamenu Integrations
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Smooth Collapsing Transactions
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Revolution Slider and Carousel


Price: $35

3. Kallyas

It's a multipurpose usable WordPress theme, specially integrated WooCommerce and therefore a perfect fit for the eCommerce sites as thousands of people say. Its multiple landing pages can give you different tests of representing products including specific individuals uniqueness which can be a key frame for the customers to get attracted and buy the products. Its modern look provides the particular information about products to the user and able to manage all tasks perfectly from one place with the help of powerful admin panel. In spite of being a little flashy, it can fulfill all your wants what is supposed to be in a standard eCommerce website.


Price: $59

4. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is a flexible and, comprehensive, responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. It is the result of a dedicated design and development process. Its multipurpose capability leads it to be a perfect fit for any type of websites including the eCommerce. Its cleverly integrated homepage design itself says that no matter what type of site you are building, it absolutely goes with this. The design has the following things that should be considered.

  • Multiple stunning meaningful layout
  • Youtube Video supported Gallery
  • Product with Zooming & Lightbox
  • Advanced color customization
  • Multiple Blog Layout
  • Hasslefree online stores and much more.


Price: $49

5. Flatsome

Flatsome is the most selling WooCommerce theme that is in the first position in the top selling list at ThemeForest. Its created with vast and flexible customization capability with multipurpose usability as well. Its both user and developer frinedly including powerful admin panel, well decorated and specially crafted for a WooCommers website keeping in mind the characteristics which should be in a standard eCommerce site. The following characteristics make it the best fit.

  • Unlimited Customization Options
  • Speed Optimized therefore fast loading
  • Trendy design
  • Responsive
  • One Click demo upload and much more


Price: $59

6. Magnium

It is another to selling WordPress multipurpose theme at ThemeForest suitable for regular as well as a Onepage website either. WooCommerce supported, and you can give it your own preferred shape according to your needs. Highly suitable for an eCommerce website because of its powerful admin control panel where products add, manage, and selling is just like playing a game. One click demo installer makes it more compatible for the user who doesn't know even a single line of coding.


Price: $59

7. XStore

An awesome and classic WooCommerce WordPress theme that can be a good choice for bigger stores that need to feature a huge number of products. It offers multiple different ways to categorize your offerings and make them more accessible to your customers. It has all things as eCommerce site it should have. Let's check, what's inside this premium package.

  • 40+ Homepage variations with different trendy looks
  • 250+ plugins
  • Testimonial integrations
  • Stunning products showcassing
  • Products management panel and much more.


Price: $39

8. Vendor

It comes with 14 different layouts with absolutely gorgeous, trendy looks that can the best way to showcase products based eCommerce websites. It provides easy customizability, therefore, can be transformed into any shape according to your need. This multipurpose WordPress theme is specially crafted for eCommerce websites which easily meet all the criteria that a standard eCommerce website should have in it. Besides all the common features, it even has the following features that unify this theme from other traditions found on the internet.

  • Huge Homepage variations
  • Easy customizable and fully responsive
  • Unlimited color choosing capability
  • Strong banner option
  • Touch friendly
  • Grid List view
  • Advanced image and popup
  • Easy install demo data and much more.


Price: $59

9. Soledad

Soledad allow you to create your virtual shop of digital products with ease by providing a wide range of customization admin panel, multiple homepage variations and lots of google fonts ready to apply in its different sections. It's appealing, meaningful and well-decorated layout makes itself the best suit in its category. It is one of the most popular WooCommerce theme at ThemeForest and other online marketplaces for its uniqueness and suitability. The following characteristics are all from the premium theme package.

  • Powerful WordPress live customization
  • Visual Composer
  • 300+ Slider and Blog layout combinations
  • 900+ demo homepages
  • Revolution Slider
  • Absolutely Mobile friendly and much more


Price: $54

10. Bazar Shop

Bazar is creatively crafted for WooCommerce websites, and still, it has the multipurpose usability because of its meaningful layout as well as a wisely used color combination including the style of content documentation. The powerful Woo Commerce plugin helps you to create a very versatile Wordpress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and a lot of unbelievable features. This premium WordPress theme has the following characteristics.

  • Product information by popup
  • Stylish megamenu
  • Multiple preview capabilities
  • Custom checkout pages
  • Shortcode manager
  • Unique Grid slider
  • Layered navigation and much more.


Price: $64

11. Legenda

Legenda is a flexible WooCommerce theme for WordPress, designed dynamically based on Bootstrap grid system. It can be a perfect choice for your eCommerce web solution. Responsiveness, mobile-friendly, WooCommerce integration create the best fitting capability in it and therefore it can be the easily appropriate theme for corporate websites, blogs, and other categories as well. The following listed things are its characteristics.

  • Number of home variations
  • 100% Compatible with WPML
  • Video Tutorial Included
  • One Click Demo Installations
  • Dynamic products Filter capability
  • Retina ready
  • Video Product Review and much more.


Price: $59

12. TheGem

TheGem is one of the best, stunning, appealing, charming looking WooCommerce themes have you ever used or seen. It is absolutely SEO optimized, retina friendly as well as easy customization capability, therefore, you can give it your own shape even without a single string of coding. It is not like a flashy however it needs not to be so though. Still, its popularity is same as it was at the time it was released. The theme is completely-

  • 50 + Homepage variations
  • Hi performance with fast loading capability
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile as well as retina friendly
  • Unlimited noticeable creativity-
  • Plenty of Premium sliders
  • RTL supported and much more.


Price: $39

13. Savoy

Savoy is a highly innovative and modern, stylish WordPress eCommerce theme with the absolute responsiveness and ratina-friendly capability. It's SEO optimized, multipurpose usability but specially crafted for eCommerce websites reason why it is literally one of the best fit for any eCommerce websites. Use of its color combination suits it in such a way that it looks ever stunning from any point of view. This premium theme package mainly has the following properties-

  • Modern minimalist layout
  • Responsive and ratina ready
  • No plugin required
  • Ajax filterable search
  • Full width layout option
  • Featured product video
  • Product whitelist and much more.


Price: $59

14. Kalium

Kalium is a popular WordPress theme from the time it was first released. Basically, its a multipurpose theme, specially crafted for creating the virtual shop of products. It has been warmly accepted by the users from its first released for its appealing, trendy layout and the style of showcasing products with giving the attention in each and every individual information of distinct products. It has the special features listed below.

  • Lifetime free updates
  • Creatively used typography
  • Multiple homepage variations
  • 4000+ Google fonts
  • Premium fonts have been included
  • Layer Slider and much more.


Price: $59

15. Aurum

Aurum is a minimalist online WooCommerce WordPress theme that been designed creatively, based on Bootstrap grid system in mind, absolutely fast loading capability including SEO optimized capability. Retina, as well as mobile friendly capability, makes it fit for any devices including Mac and mobile. It has a vast customization capability that allows you to transform the site according to your preferences shortly without coding as all its sections are wisely designed for even the beginners. The theme package has the following listed virtues.

  • Multiple home variations
  • Trendy and meaningful layouts
  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • Translatable in any language
  • RTL supported
  • Stylish megamenu integrated and much more.


Price: $59

16. Mr. Tailor

The theme's name itself telling that its an eCommerce theme for WordPress with multipurpose usability. It almost used by over 5,000 users worldwide. Fully responsive design, RTL supported and widely used color combinations that will help you represent your products and sell them effortlessly. It does have the following listed properties.

  • Easy installation and one click demo upload
  • Hassle-Free Updates and Support
  • Video Guides for Beginners
  • Resourceful Design options
  • Visual Composer
  • Fully Optimized
  • Advanced Typography used in it
  • Fully responsive and much more.


Price: $59

17. The Look

It is a great looking, trendy yet WordPress WooCommerce theme that is the best fit in its category. Responsiveness, Retina ready, mobile friendly, and powerful admin panel features help you to customize your virtual shop absolutely according to your needs widely. The following listed properties should be considered which make it best fit for eCommerce websites compared to others.

  • Retina Ready and Fully Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WooCommerrce supported
  • Header Layout options
  • Product attribute swatch
  • Product Gallery Images swatch
  • Product list filters feature
  • Product Quick view features and much more.


Price: $64

18. WordPress

This is kind of theme I especially recommend for building an excellent eCommerce website. Literally, it is a multipurpose WordPress theme with vast customization capability and one of the popular themes. Therefore, it is in the top selling theme list at ThemeForest. It allows you a wide range customizability with which, you can build your stunning eCommerce as well as personal website effortlessly. It supports RTL, absolutely Retina ready therefore front-end output is the same in different devices including Mac and smartphones as well. The following listed properties are in this premium theme, you can check out.

  • 20+ homepage variations
  • 8 theme support center
  • WPML supported
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • Very fast loading capabilities
  • Powerful admin panel and much more.


Price: $59

19. Noraure

It comes with eye-catching, trendy, and modern layout is specially designed for online shops and eCommerce websites that can instantly pick the attention of anyone who visits your website. This is an absolutely versatile WooCommerce them based on its different properties. Noraure is the best fit for you if you are looking for the multipurpose eCommerce theme that can handle everything you wants to form it to do. The following listed properties are the key features of this premium theme.

  • Multiple Homepage variations
  • Huge shortcodes used
  • Stylish mega menu
  • Quick view products information
  • High-performance scores
  • Powerful theme admin panel an much more


Price: $59

20. Mebel

Mebel is a multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme with multiple stunning Homepage variations along with a bunch of necessary elements pre-built in it as well. The drag and drop page builder, responsiveness and retina ready makes it compatible with any smart devices and makes easier to manage all tasks from one place. Its absolutely the best fit for the eCommerce websites for effortlessly sell products online. The following listed properties make it the best fit in its category.

  • Multi-Purpose usability
  • Hi-Speed Performance
  • Visual Composer Integration
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • All Necessary Widgets
  • Quick View Integration
  • Unlimited Header Color
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Unlimited Customizability
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Translation Ready
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • 20+ Shortcodes
  • Demo Content
  • Google Street View
  • Parallax Background


Price: $35