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Celebrating Quix's 3rd Birthday! Interesting Things You Should Know


3 Years ago, Today, three guys with name Parvez Akhter, Nadim Tuhin, and Abu Huraira Bin Aman built Quix Page builder which changed the way of page building. From this little team Quix has now turned into a representation of Joomla website development.

Day by day the features and functionalities of Quix increased and now we are proud to say, 'Yes, we build Quix.' Quix has helped so many people to build their website by their own. Its not just only a page builder, its something more than that.

The Quix you are using today, is not built overnight. It took time and a lot of hard work. We spent sleepless nights in coding and developing Quix. Now Quix turns 3! Three years have passed since Quix was launched. 

Let's see how Quix become what it is today.

The Journey of Quix v1

Quix v1.0 Initial Release

After years of research and practical experience we were determined to build something spectacular that will ease the web development. Then we come up with the Quix page builder v1.0. It was a hit in the market and people were looking something like Quix, by which they will be able to build their website in a short time with ease.

In this initial release we have introduced everyone with the backend builder by which anyone can create a webpage with simple drag & drop. Then we are trying our heart and soul to make Quix better and give you more comfort while you build your website. From then till now we are continuously coming with updates. 

Quix v1.1 - Multilingual Support, Section Stretch Mode

Quix v1.1 came with lots of changes. There were some new features (section stretch mode, element manager, asset loader, access control, keyboard shortcuts, column visibility, heartbeat api for session, multilingual support) came along with lots of improvements. After almost two month this version was released.

Every change were made based on customer needs and so that you can work better. 

Quix v1.2 - RTL Support to Elements, New Fonts

Elements were ready and then we choose to make it ready for everyone. Therefore we bring the RTL support to elements. Anyone can create site with Quix in his native language. Besides RTL, there was virtuemart component support, new google fonts, and bug fixes.

Quix v1.3 - Asset Rendering, Custom Code Option

Every device are not the same therefore it is not necessary to load all assets in every device. Quix v1.3 makes sure that assets are loaded according to devices. One of the major features of this version is custom code, that means you can add any extra work through coding.

Quix v1.4 - New Integrations, New Elements

A brand new layout of integration is done in this version with new ecommerce integrations(zoo, hikashop, j2store). To do more new elements were added and these are modal pop, soundcloud, google plus, flikr icon, alert, date picker, time picker.

Quix v1.5 - New User Interface

The user interface changed a lot with version this version. Some settings were also modified.

Quix v1.6 - Parallax Background, Animation Controls

Parallax always brings a wow word on your clients mouth. Quix v1.6 brings the parallax background that enhances the beauty of your site. To increase the beauty more, different hover animations are included. You have full control over this animations.

Quix v1.7 - Onboarding system, J2store Support

In this version many improvements and new features were included but the highlighted ones are onboarding system and J2store Support. This onboarding system help you get started faster with 2 buttons. The J2store support allows you to sell your goodies from your online shop.

Quix v1.8 - New Module With Responsive Field Settings

Quix v1.8 was one of the big updates. It came with new responsive field settings, nested column restructure, quix module, SEO meta tag options and other improvements.

Quix v1.9 - Video Background, Shape Divider for Section

Video tells a thousand words in a short moment. With Quix v1.9 video background for section is added, that means you can add your .mp4, webm and .ogg files as the video background. Another interesting feature of this version is shape divider. A total of 22 new shape dividers were introduced in this version.

The Journey of Quix v2

Quix v2.0 - Visual Page Builder Release

After a very long research and experience we decided to take Quix to next level. Therefore we have introduced Quix 2.0 visual builder. With this version you can develop your site visually by dragging elements. You can check every change instantly in front of your eyes.

Not only visual builder but this version also brought new media manager, template manager, copy-paste feature, SVG icon feature, portability, shape divider, destruction free mode, customizable section, height, row & flexbox and a lot other features.

Quix v2.0 changed the way you used to create your pages.

Quix v2.1 - Classic Builder Support, Unsplash Integration, Form Builder, 30+ New Elements

After releasing the new visual builder our clients insisted to keep the old classical builder, therefore with Quix 2.1 we provided support for classic builder. You can use whichever you like. If you are used to with old one use classic builder else use the visual builder.

Picking images from outside the builder and then inserting into page, costs a huge amount of time. In Quix v2.1 we have brought the unsplash integration so that you can insert high resolution photos directly to your page. In this version we have introduced form builder and you can create any type of form with this element.

That's not all! In this version 18 Free element and 12 Pro element were included so that you can develop what you want.

Quix v2.2 - New Column Layout, Performance Optimization

Quix 2.2 was released with a lot of improvements and bugfixes. These improvements and bug fixes were very much necessary, so that our clients can work better with Quix. In this release we introduced column layout.

Quix v2.3 - QuixRank (Optimize All Your Pages Within The Builder)

Developing a website is not sufficient for your business if your website doesn't rank well. With Quix 2.3 we have introduced the most needy feature for everyone, its nothing else but QuixRank(SEO optimization). QuixRank analyzes your website with 30+ assessment rules and lets you update your SEO score

You don't need to hire anyone or be a SEO guru, only QuixRank is enough to handle the SEO of your entire site.

Quix v2.4 - New Dashboard, QuixOptimize, ACL

In recent version we have introduced more amazing features and functionalities, which makes Quix unbeatable. These features cannot be found on any other page builder. QuixOptimize is one of these unique feature, it optimizes all of your images with a single click. Your site will load very much faster with optimized images and you do not need to go outside the builder to optimize.

Quix 2.4 introduced new dashboard where you can see all of your pages, SEO score, page image optimization state, templates, etc. Besides new dashboard, ACL was also introduced. Acl allows you to show specific contents to specific group of persons.

Future Target

We have come this far, yet we have a lot to go. In future we plan to make quix more feature and functionality rich without compromising the quality. So that everyone can build his website by himself. We will make sure that you get the best value of your time and money.

Last Words

Neither we could have moved this much far nor Quix would reach at this position without your help. Thanks for being with us and being a part of our family. Hope we will bring more awesome features and functionalities in Quix, so that you can work in a more easier way.

Introducing Quix ACL - Control Access in Every Level of Quix

quix_access_control Quix2_quixacl

Our mission is to provide you a full-fledged Joomla page builder that will help you to develop your site in a faster and easier way. Therefore we are implementing new technologies and coming up with new features like QuixOptimize and Quix Rank. Today we are introducing ACL, one of the biggest feature that takes your site access control to the next level.

We always pay heed to our clients and due to the request of one of our client, we brought ACL feature in Quix 2.4.3.

This is a very unique and one of the wanted features that we need in regular life, therefore we implemented it in Quix 2.4.3. From the beginning, we tried to build Quix 2 unique and fulfill all your needs. You will not find features like, ACL, Optimize, and Rank anywhere else except Quix 2.

Let's dig out deep.

What's New in Quix 2.4.3?


Joomla ACL is also known as 'Joomla Access Control Lists' and it is one of the most powerful & popular features of Joomla. It mainly controls two things - 1. What a user can see on your website, 2. What a user can do on your website. You can place individual users into user groups, which are assigned with access control levels and assigned permissions. 

You can create tiered levels of access and control every user.

Why Do You Need ACL in Quix?

At this point, your curious mind might want to know, ACL is already available in Joomla by default then why I need it in Quix 2? You know the power of ACL and how it lets you control your user groups. Now you can control the user groups for specific sections, pages, rows, columns, and elements. Only specific people will be able to access or see the specified item.
More specifically Quix ACL allows you to-

1. To Show Specific Content to Specific People

Guess you have a big shop with lots of registered customers and want to give a special discount to your registered users. How do you do it?
Well, you can do it with Quix ACL very easily without any hassle. Just create the User Group that you want to show a special discount section from Joomla> Users> Groups. For example, I have created a user group named 'Gold'.

After creating a group set its viewing access levels. Set the title of access level and select, which group of users can access the data of 'Gold' users group. I have selected Registered, Gold, Superusers and administrator. So now only these groups of people will be able to access the data of Gold users group. In this way create your own user group and viewing access level on your own terms.

 Now goto Quix and open your preferred page. Select the section you want to apply ACL and go to Section Settings > Advanced. Click on Acl and select the specified user group. You are done, now only that group will see that specific section.

2. To Give Access to Specific People for a Specific Content 

When you specify user groups in a section with Quix ACL, only that specified groups of users will be able to see and access that section. For others, that specified section doesn't even exist. In this way, you can control users easily.

That's all for acl. Now let's check other new changes that comes with Quix 2.4.3.

GIF and MOV Support Added to Media Manager 

Moving images always works better than still images. You might be thinking of videos, but videos take a lot of space. Therefore we have brought gif support to Quix Media manager. Now you will be able to use gif images to your site directly.

Along with gif, we have also provided support for .mov video files. Mov video files are very much popular for its lossless compressed quality. You will be able to use Mov videos directly to your site without any sort of trouble.

Video Pro 

With Quix 2.4.3 we have come with Video Pro element. With this element, you have more control over your video and users. Video pro element gives you different options by which you can enhance the video watching experience of your user. 

There are four new options in the video pro element - Controls, AutoPlay, Mute, and Loop. If you want your users to only watch the videos without any control, turn the control off and there will control option in your video for users. 

Similarly, if you want to play the video automatically turn autoplay on, for no sound turn mute on and if you want your video will run continuously turn loop on.

Video Pro element makes it easier for you to show your video contents in the way you like.

Smooth Scroll 

If you are looking for a button that will move you directly to bottom or up, then this option will help you. Smooth Scroll option enables you to move directly to the specific page without any sort of scrolling. Only one simple click is enough to move all way long.

What's Improved in Quix 2.4.3? 

In this version, we have brought several improvements. These are-

Image width Control: Previously there was no control for image width in person element but now we have added it. You can control your image in the way you want.

Animated Header: In the animated header element, grid, alignment and position style improved.

Default Width Added: We have added a default image width for Blurb, Call2Action, and an Image element.

ImprovedStyless & Options for IE: We have improved behavior of Quix on internet explorer a lot. In earlier, version, some styles were broken and not working properly. Now everything is working fine and improved.

Core CSS Improvement: Core CSS has been added to improve some output. 



​In the next release, we are coming with something exciting that will boost your page building speed. Wanna know? Stay tuned with us and let us know your thoughts. If you have any query feel free to ask on the comment box below.

Quix Optimize - Joomla Image Optimization Made Easy


Its the beginning of another new month and here we are in front of you with another exciting feature for Quix. We call it Quix Optimize because it will optimize the images of your site and boost the performance. Last month we have released a devastating feature called 'Quix Rank', which helps you to optimize the SEO of your website by yourself.

And now Quix optimize is here to optimize all your images with one click, without compromising the quality. You do not need to use any third party tool or any application to optimize your images. Quix optimize will do it for you and your valuable time will be saved.

Let's see what Quix Optimize has brought for you. 

Image Compression & Re-optimization

A large page usually becomes a burden for your site and the size may increase due to large images. It will slow down the loading on the end of your client's browser. This will hamper a lot in your web business and therefore image compression is very much important.

The optimize feature will compress all of your big images in a balanced way. With just one click and all of your images will be optimized. If you want you can control the quality of compression. Consider decreasing the value of quality from Global Settings > Quix Configuration, if the size is big. Then just get back to your page and click on 'Re-Optimize' and your images will be re optimized according to your preference. 

Image srcset with Image Resize & Regeneration for Each Device

Optimizing images along with resizing for different devices and then placing them all over your site is very much tough. This will not only kill your valuable time but also take hard work from you. The srcset of Quix optimize will help you to resize your images automatically for different sizes of display.

Currently it resizes for 5 type of display width sizes - 

  • Large Desktop(1900) 
  • Desktop(1400)
  • Tablet(1024)
  • Mobile(786)
  • Mini Screen(400). 

You don't need to do anything manually at all. One more benefit of srcset is, you can set different images for the same place in different devices.

For example, you can set an image of a house for desktop size display, an image of a tree for the tablet size display and an image of a bird for mobile size display. You have the freedom to set any image for any devices at anywhere. 

Generate WebP Format Image For Mobile

WebP is a very popular lossless image format used in a website. This format allows you to optimize your images at a hence that it will look exactly the same but the size will be extremely small. With Quix optimize you can easily generate webP format image.


 Waiting is something that we all hate, in fact, a huge percent of your traffic might drop due to waiting while your site loads. This load time may increase for different reasons, one of the reason is loading every image at once. This problem can be solved with lazy loading as it loads the images as your visitor scrolls down the page.

It will improve your page load time a lot. Facebook, Youtube, and a lot other major websites are using lazyload and now you can use it with lazy load.

New Dashboard

A brand new dashboard has been added with this version of Quix. In this dashboard, you can see the status of total optimization in one place. It will let you know how much space you save with QuixOptimize feature.

You will be able to see your recent pages with SEO score along with image optimization status in the right side.

Updated Help Board

Help board is now organized with more help contents and links. You can check your system requirements from here. If you are not up to date with the system, there will be cross icon rise up at here.

Final Words

 So give your site a big boost with this new feature. In later time we will introduce more optimization and exciting features, till then stay with us. Let us know your thought regarding this new feature through comment box. 

Curex - Joomla Medical Template got better with Quix Visual Builder


Hello Joomla lovers! Hope you are having a good day. We are always paying heed to your needs and trying our best to fulfill those.

To make your day, today we have an announcement for you. Our most demanded CUREX template got updated with Quix visual builder. Which means now once you download this template, you can use it with Quix 2.0's visual builder.

Quix Joomla page builder is the ultimate powerful source that gives you complete control to create a dynamic website in minutes. It comes with super flexibility, simplicity and is a very powerful tool to handle all the website needs.

Curex Template

CureX is a Joomla medical template that will help you to build a website for Hospital, clinic, medical & healthcare organizations. ​It offers four niche specific homepage layouts, so you can choose the one that suits best and start developing right away.

Features of Curex Template

  • 4 Stylish built-in Home layouts
  • Video Background
  • Drag & Drop Development
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Ajax based Search
  • RTL Supported
  • SEO Optimized
  • Parallax Background
  • Fast loading Speed
  • Smart Modal element
  • Shape Divider
  • Sticky Header
  • Video Element
  • Full-Width Home Variations
  • Megamenu
  • Easy Customization
  • Elegant Color Gradient
  • Mobile Responsive

Integration With Quix 2

Quix visual page builder is the ultimate website building tool that helps to build Joomla templates and websites. With front-end editing options, now you can create a site just by visualizing. All you need to do is imagine and implement.

Curex template was created in Quix classic builder. But on our clients needs and demands, we designed the template for visual builder too. Now Curex template supports not only Quix classic builder but also visual builder. You can work on any of them you want. The choice is yours.

With this integration, you'll be able to not only design your beautiful site but also check its SEO optimization to rank top in search engine. You can make it appear in the front page of Google/ Bing just by following our SEO guidelines. Take a look at it now. 


We are developing Quix and improving its performance making it more powerful, flexible and controllable. Here are a few changes that we worked recently.


Well, what are you waiting for??? Grab this opportunity today and get all the benefits of Curex template and powerful Joomla Page builder Quix.

Let us know your reactions and suggestions via comment box. If you face any problem just let us know. We are happy to assist you. In the next update, a very big feature is going to be released. Stay to tuned to know more.

Quix 2.3.3 Arrived With a lot of Changes


Today we are here with a big list of changes in Quix. We have added new functionalities, improved previous features and fixed some bugs. Quix is now more feature rich and more functional.

We are putting our best effort to make Quix better so that you have a better experience and make your website more creatively. We will introduce more astonishing features in future but for now, let's explore some highlighted changes that Quix 2.3.3 has brought. 

New Features

JavaScript Parallax Option for Background

Parallax got new functionalities! On CSS based parallax the background image would stuck on one position. But now with Quix 2.3.2, we have added JS based parallax. Your background image will also move according to the axis you provide.

Apply new parallax and let your viewers enjoy this new effect. 

Column Reverse Option for Mobile

All the built columns of a section are automatically placed in the mobile devices in the same order. But sometimes you might need the reverse order, and doing so you would cost more time. With this new column reverse, you can reverse all the columns of a section with one single click on mobile devices.

[Countdown Element] Mobile View Grid Option

 Countdown element now allows you to show grid line on mobile. Previously it was only allowed on desktop only but now you can define the grid on mobile as well. Define how many grids your countdown element needed, but you can set a maximum of six grid.


Open Graph Metadata structure Updated to Latest

Facebook is very popular and very important for business nowadays. When you develop your site with Quix facebook crawls your page and takes data in its default way. But now you can give some specific data to Facebook in the way you want.

Open Graph metadata structure changed to the latest. With this latest metadata property, you can set specific type, site name, title, description, image, and URL. 

Cache Automatically Cleaned on Saving Configuration

Previously after altering anything within builder, sometimes you might have seen improper changes. These are not your desired changes. We have seen that this improper changes mainly occur due to the previous cache.

With this update cache will be automatically cleaned, whenever you click on 'Save' button. You will see exact changes you desire in your site.


Let us know your reactions of the latest update through comment box. If you face any problem just let us know. We will happy to assist you. In the next update, a very big feature is going to be released. Stay to tuned to know it first.

Introducing QuixRank - The Future of Joomla SEO


Today we are extremely excited to release the brand new SEO feature for Quix. With this new SEO feature, you can analyze your web page seo performance, optimize it for better search engine ranking. Our SEO feature is unique and incredibly easy to use. You can check and optimize your page seo without leaving the visual builder.

With our guided SEO tool, no need to be or hire any SEO experts. Now you can get more visitors from Google, Bing and any other search engine by following Quix SEO suggestions.

Focus Keyword 

Enter your primary keyword and check your SEO score real-time. Your page title and meta description are key factors in improving your website's search engine presence and click-through rate. With new SEO tool, you'll be guided to create best title and meta description.

SERPs Preview 

 Forget the guesswork and see it live, how your user will see the search result in Google. You can customize the result realtime without touching a single line of code.

 30+ Assessment Checks

 Combined with 30+ assessment rules, Quix will make sure that your page is properly optimized for search engine ranking. Quix utilizes Yoast assessment checker that is, proven, powerful and up-to-date. Some of the major assessments are:

Internal Links 

Internal linking is very important for your site. Both search engines and users use links to navigate through your site and search the content they want to find.

This assessment will give you score for internal links within your content. Moreover, adding internal links will allow search engines to find out the type and value of your content. The more links your page has the more important it will be to search engines.

Outbound Links 

Outbound links are those links which refer to another site from yours. This assessment will check if you have any outbound links in your content.

Outbound links help one site to relate with other and helps to found easily by users & search engines. By helping each other a little we will be able to connect the dots of the web. This will allow Google to increase the authority of your site.

Length of Focus Keyword 

This assessment checks whether your page has focus keyword and whether it is too short or long. Google likes long tail keywords rather than short ones. Posit, "page builder" is a small keyword with two words and "best free page builders" is a keyword(longtail) with 4 words.

As the first keyword is already available in the second keyword and it's a long tail keyword, Google will give more value to the second one. It will help you to boost your SEO. It is wise to use long tail keyword but if it doesn't go with your content then you can use short ones.

Length of Meta Description 

The meta description is very much important for two reasons - 1. Increasing ranking, 2. Increasing click-through rate. The more good meta description you have, the more your traffic increase.

In meta description, you can put as much as the character you want. Then what is the need to maintain the length?

Actually, if you put more than 140-155 characters, extra characters will be cut up automatically. If you put less than 140 characters, your meta description might not attract any users.

Therefore it is important to maintain the ideal length of the meta description.

The Length of SEO Title 

The length of your post's SEO title is checked with this assessment. When people search in any search engine they see the results with a matched title and description. This title is called SEO title.

This title needs to be ideal(60-70 characters) in width and contain the focus keyword. The more optimized the title the more quickly this post will rank higher in the specific search term. Title catches the eyesight of the users and when they are attracted they will click through your page.

Function Words in Keyphrase 

Function words in keyphrase assessment checks, whether your text consists of keyphrase and warns you if there is not. For example, you might get distracted while typing your keyphrase and you only entered "the" instead of "the best page builder". Quix SEO option will warn you that, the keyphrase choice of yours is suboptimal.

Including Focus Keyword in Introduction 

The first paragraph of your content is the key location for both your search engines and users. It grabs the attention of your users and Google also considers this as an important one. The focus keyword in the first paragraph gives specific clues about your article to search engines.

Sometimes Google uses the first paragraph of your content as the meta description of your page. This assessment makes sure to use the focus keyword in the introduction. Make sure your content introduction reflects accurately what's it about and include the focus keyword there.

Balancing Keyword Distribution 

You have heard about the focus keyword. The ranking of your post depends pretty much on it. Google uses focus keyword to understand about your post, you have to put the keyword throughout the text in a balanced way. This will help you to rank your page for a specific term.

Quix SEO's this assessment will tell you whether the keyword is distributed throughout the text. Green signal means, distributed correctly and read signal for wrong distribution. You will be able to see all your specific keyword with a single click in this assessment. Then you can increase or decrease the density of the keyword.

Image Alt Attribute 

The image alt attribute is also known as alt tag or alt text. It shows the description text of the image. Probably you have heard a saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", your article will become a lot more attractive to viewers with images.

But how google will read it? If you add an alt text to the image just describing in a few words, any search engine will be able to easily read it. It will improve the ranking of your image search. That's why it is important to add an alt tag to images.

Text Length 

To rank well in the search engines, a blog post should contain at least 300 words. Long posts will get easily ranked rather than short posts. From posts more than 1000 words, search engines get more clues to determine what the text is about.

This assessment will make sure that you write the minimum words and will give you a green, yellow or red signal.

Add Knowledge Graph Metadata

Knowledge graph fetches the necessary information from your webpage and presents them in a beautiful way. With Quix's enhanced SEO plugin, you can provide all information in one place so your website rank for more keywords and command a larger area in the search result page.


 We hope that this brand new feature will ease your workflow and save your money. In future updates, we will enhance this feature much more. Don't forget to tell about your experience and thoughts, just express it all in the comment box.

Design Your Site With 60+ Stunning Pre-Made Templates


A few years earlier, when we first launched Quix Joomla page builder, we got a huge positive response. Quix classic builder made its remark in the Joomla field. With new exciting elements, features, and support, ThemeXpert started a new journey which is very successful.

But with the pace of time, it is really important to move on. Now Quix is built and redesigned in a new format. New elements, new features and lots of pre-made templates. With all the dedication of our designers & engineers, there are 60+ templates available in the library.

Today, we'll share the details of these templates, motivation, and reason behind building them and show you, how you can easily use them in your developing website. 

What is Template Library?

Template library is a library where built-in templates are available and you can use them whenever, wherever you want. Moreover, you can modify them in your own way, add dividers between different sections and make your website stunning.

The template library even allows you to save your own creative section for reuse purpose. This will not only save your time but also your effort. Now you can easily design and develop beautiful websites in minutes that too effortlessly.

You can not only insert sectional templates but also an entire page. Yes, our expert designers along with developers have provided some superb well-designed pages just for you. This will give you the idea of creatively designing a page and how to use them. And if you are a novice then this will work as a trump card for you. You can use them, edit them, change the sections of the page and set in the existing web pages.

Purpose of This Library

Quix is surely built in a professional manner but our team hasn't forgotten about the newbies in this field. The one who newly joins Joomla family may get confused on how to use it. But with our little help, we can turn a newbie into a professional developer.

The purpose of the template library is to reduce your workload. Back in the days, it was a tough task to build a webpage in a day but not now with Quix Joomla page builder. Quix is designed flexibly and very much compatible with any framework. And to ease your daily workflow, our expert designers and developers have created readymade templates for you in the template library.

You can make an entire page using relative sectional templates or just use an entre readymade page from the page tab provided in the template library. You can change the contents, add animations, change image and colors etc. 


Template library has its own benefits. This will give you a clear idea of why you should use it and how it will help you. We've listed them below.

  • Well designed stunning sections
  • Relative sections available
  • Creative and polished pages
  • No development effort needed
  • Stylish pre-made pages
  • Easily modfieable
  • Save your own creative sections and pages
  • Reuse them numerous times
  • Save time and effort

How To Implement

Using pre-made templates are very easy, you don't have to go through any kind of trouble. All you need to do is, open the library, select the template and insert it. And your selected template will appear in the specified section. All you need to do is edit and save.

You can modify these template by changing the background, inserting a new element, adding new image, styling with entrance animation, and a lot more. You can save your designed templates right here and reuse them later in the same manner or by modifying it.


Our expert developers and designers have designed some extraordinary templates that will blow your mind. You'll surely love them. You can use them as they are just by changing the content or by changing complete layout.

Currently, there are 60+ template available for now. But we are working on it every single day and soon the number of templates will be increased. And once they're available, you'll find right in your Quix template library box. They'll be automatically included in your existing Quix version. 


Our plan with the template library is to expand it to a new level and include more relative templates and pages, so that you can make a complete website just by using them. This will give you new and creative ideas to turn the boring page format into a stunning one.

Quix template library is available in the latest version of Quix Free and Pro version. All you need to do is, download Quix, install and use. Stay connected as more templates, elements, and features and on their way in the upcoming Quix versions.

We always look forward to your comments, advice, and suggestions. Feel free to let us know how you feel about it in the comment box.

Make Amazing Slides With The New SLIDER PRO


"Why should I use it??? What does it have that other page builder doesn't? Why should I even give it a try?"

Most of us think like this before taking any step towards something new. Even in case of taking vitamins. This is natural. We always want to make sure that we get a better product, a better service at an affordable price.

This is what Quix is about. You'll get the most easiest user interface to work with. Quix has simple look but dynamic working system. And Quix is all about making best templates and designable websites. And with Quix Pro, you'll get the all the necessary elements, features, functions and services that you need to create a marvelous website.

As you know, we are adding new elements, features and methods continuously to reduce your workload, you might also notice how they are really helping you. And after gradual testing in different browsers and operating systems, we release the updates so that you can enjoy every bit of Quix.

And today we are here with another new element that will add new visualization attracting visitors. This element is Slider Pro. It will allow the images or text to slide on click or automatic after a period of time.

Let's take deep look at Quix slider element, shall we? 

Slider Pro

'Slider', what do you think of it when you read it?

In the field of web development, slider means to slide an object. This object can be image, video, text etc. Saving up space and dynamically changing of images or texts, makes a slider more desirable element.

The best way to build a bridge between you and your visitor is an awesome content. Write the post in a manner that your audience will ingest it and will keep coming back for more. But what about those visitors who find the post boring and rush to the ending of the post? How to keep them stuck to the post and drive them crazy to take a closer look?

Well, decorate the content with some exclusive designing option like slider, media carousel, testimonial carousel, form element etc . A slider holds multiple posts but displays one at a time, transitioning from one post to the next automatically or at the click of a button. This makes the site look more interesting.

Difference Between Slider & Slider Pro

Slider is not new in the web world. It's been in the field for like 10 years. But it was not an easy task to make a slider with codes at that time. But now, it's just a matter of minutes. Thanks to page builders who have reduced the tension of writing raw codes.

But, are you happy with any kind of slider? I mean, if you can design a professional slider with the same cost of a simple slider, would go for the simple one? Think again.

Here are a few difference between slider and slider pro. This will give you a clear idea on what I'm talking about. 

Benefits of Slider Pro

From the difference given above, you'll get a slight idea on what slider pro has. Let's see how it will benefit you.

  • You can control over each and every slides and its content.
  • Add arrow, dot and thumbnail as a slider navigation.
  • Have horizontal and vertical position control.
  • Have animation control for every single slide
  • Control slider behavior where fixing autoplay, loop, slider speed etc.
  • Can add, edit, delete slides whenever you want.
  • Add title, content, button and image.


Slider Pro is built with so many exclusive features that makes it irresistible. These features are listed below.

  • Numerous slides can be added
  • Various options in settings
  • Add thumbnail image
  • Enable or disable text, description and button
  • Background overlay option
  • Different navigation option
  • Set autoplay with infinite loop
  • Styling option available for every object
  • Advanced settings with animations, box shadow, CSS addition option


To give a clear idea on Quix slider, we are sharing some of our exclusive designs. These designs will show how stunning designs you can make by a slider.

Use thumbnail images 

 Use it very little content

Make creative slides 


Using a slider is very easy. All you need to do is select the images, set text (optional), add your desired navigation button and add timer (optional). That's it.To know the details of slider element, you can visit:

Here you'll find the details of all the settings options and how to use them.

Share your experience with us in the comment box and provide your suggestion, advice and help us to improve more. 

Quix Meets Helix Framework - The Ultimate Bond


In last few months, Quix has gone through some dramatic changes, it now comes with visual builder. You will be more happy to know that Quix is now fully compatible with Helix Framework.

You can develop any Joomla website with helix + Quix ultimate combo. We properly tested Quix with Helix framework and you can use without any issues.

Helix ultimate framework is designed to add more flexibility to control the basic settings of the page. You can work with it even if you haven't inserted any theme or template. It is embedded with some specific features that allow users to modify the pages in the simplest way.

Helix Ultimate offers many setting option which makes it compatible to work without any template. You can design every page with it and easily control every aspect of it.

Installing Helix Framework

If your website or template already comes with helix framework than you can ignore this.For installing helix framework download it from the official site "Joomshaper" and install it. The package comes with the template framework and a template.

Install the package from the Joomla extension manager. 

Padding control of the Quix Page

Quix page builder has complete padding control over each and every section, column and element. You can easily increase or decrease space between each of them. But helix framework might not work properly while decreasing the space from the header to the main body and main body to footer with Quix.

To get rid of this problem in one stroke you can change the setting of Helix ultimate. Once you set the padding value in Helix Ultimate template option, it will be applied over all the pages. You can set the complete page on full width without padding. This will make the page look more dynamic.

Full width control of Quix Page

By default, Helix framework comes with its container class. So while creating a page in quix within this framework, you might not be able to expand your contents to full width. No matter what settings you alter in Quix, it will be of no use unless you enable full-width option from helix.

To do this go to template panel of helix > Layout builder > Main Body settings. Now enable fluid width and you are done. It gives the page a dynamic look.

Download & Install Quix Pagebuilder 

 You can download Quix Joomla page builder from our website, just sign in with your id (or register first) and download it. Install Quix in the regular way as you install any extensions in Joomla.

Creating a new Page 

When the installation procedure is completed you will see a dedicated top menu. Click pages and you will see two buttons - "New [green colored] & New (CLASSIC). Click the green colored "NEW" button to make a page with the visual builder and click "New (CLASSIC)" button to create a page with the classic builder.

Give your page a name, add sections, columns and then drag and drop elements to create the page.


Stay tuned with Quix to loot all its advantage and make most usage of it. In the upcoming days, we'll be back with some more exciting features and elements that you can hardly resist. Till then, take care. Bye...