Hi Joomlars! Back again with the second layout pack release of this month. You already experienced the capabilities of Quix page builders and t...

 Hi Joomlars! Back again with the second layout pack release of this month. You already experienced the capabilities of Quix page builders and the brand new layouts of every month expressed that ability more emphatically.

Today, we are proudly introducing our brand new Digital Agency Layout Pack for Quix Page Builder. Those who want to build a website for their digital agency and grab potential customers through their service, the all-new Digital Agency Layout Pack can be the best choice for you.

With 8 different ready pages and 2 distinct header variations, this layout pack will give you an elegant and fully functional digital agency layout to manage your business as well as every service you offer in an organized way.

Let's check it.

Features at a Glance for the Digital Agency Layout Pack

  • Aesthetic design with 8 different inner pages.
  • 2 distinct header variations.
  • Fully editable with Quix page builder.
  • Digital Agency oriented attractive home page with details.
  • Eye-appealing hero section with get started button.
  • Attention grabbing about us section.
  • Highly content focused service details.
  • Highlights your best recent project.
  • Demo video section for showing the working process.
  • Show your clients testimonials in a slider view.
  • Show your every project details with relevant visuals.
  • Let the audience choose you with the why choose section.
  • Nicely designed pricing section for a better conversion rate.
  • Introduce your dedicated team member.
  • Show your business partners with the company logo.
  • Interactive contact section to grab prospective clients.

Digital Agency Layout Pack Pages

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us Page
  3. Service Page
  4. Project Page
  5. Project details Page
  6. Team Page
  7. Pricing Page
  8. Contact Page'


The homepage of the Digital Agency Layout Pack is a complete visual of your business. Starting with a hero section followed by about us section, service section, project section, a demo video, testimonial section, why choose us section, pricing section, and team section, the layout pack elegantly present your business to your clients.

Here you can highlight,

  • Aesthetic designed hero area.
  • Best services with grid view.
  • Recent projects.
  • Pricing table.
  • Demo video.
  • User testimonial.
  • Business partners.

About Us Page

The about us page of  the Digital Agency Layout Pack is the reflection of who you are and your long experiences in digital agency service. It will help you to show how you work and grab a positive impression by showcasing your complete projects and client number, team members, client feedback and much more relative erudition with description.

Here you can highlight,

  • Who you are and your business.
  • Company history and experience.
  • Important statistics.
  • Client Feedback.
  • Prospective team member.
  • Contact option.

Service Page

Showcase your extensive services with different categories and visual contents. The service page of the Digital Agency Layout Pack lets your customers know about the individual services you offer and build trust for you. The eye-catching tab view with image and text content looks fantastic and makes your conversion rate even higher.

Here you can highlight,

  • Service category.
  • Block-based section.
  • Add an icon with a headline.
  • Contact now button.
  • Why choose service section
  • User testimonials. 

Project Page

Showcase your latest projects in the project page and let the people know about your work and what you actually do with a clear demonstration. This will help you to grab an impression from the audience and let them understand about your ability. With a grid view, design and feature images show multiple projects at the same place.

Here you can highlight,

  • All your latest projects.
  • A feature image with the category.
  • Show new project sneak peek.
  • Contact option.
  • Read more option

Project details Page

Showcase each of your projects in detail in the Project Details page of the Digital Agency Layout Pack and ensure attention-grabbing visuals. You can demonstrate project details with brief descriptions, features, and integration with bullet points. There's a section to mention the client's name, project date, category, and location also.

Here you can highlight,

  • Individual project details.
  • Add feature image and bullet point.
  • Key information separately.
  • Features and integration process.
  • Contact option.

Team Page

Display your dedicated team members with their name, designation, and portfolio image on the team page and let the people know who is behind your business. Convince your customer and grow trust in their mind to take services from you. Let them think real people are working here to provide elegant services.

Here you can highlight,

  • Modern and elegant presentation.
  • Add feature image, name, and designation.
  • Add a short description of the CEO.
  • Contact option.

Pricing Page

Showcase the attractive pricing plan and let your customer choose their desired and preferable pricing option with the new Digital Agency Layout Pack's pricing page. Getting to the emotional root of your customer is usually emergent for effective consumer sales and increase the conversion rate as well.

Here you can highlight,

  • Attractive pricing table.
  • distinct pricing with three different block sections.
  • Add a short description with a headline.
  • Order now button for confirming the purchase.
  • Contact option.

Contact Page

Contact us page contains all the detailed information about your business to ensure smooth after-service communication with your customers and clients. Followed by a contact form there, you can add an email address, contact number, and also a short description regarding your business. You will get a submit button too.

Here you can highlight,

  • Advance contact form.
  • Contact information.
  • Submit button.
  • Short description.

How to Access Digital Agency Layout Pack?

You can access, explore, and import this layout bundle by following three simple steps. I'm going to demonstrate these steps below.

Step 01: Go to your Quix page builder and click "Add Template"

Step 02: Click on "Pages"

Step 03: Choose which one you want to use & click "Insert"

You are all set to use this layout bundle. All these layouts are extremely flexible. You can edit each and every corner of these layouts.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the super cool Quix and kick start your business right now.

Wrapping Up

Grab this nicely designed brand new Digital Agency Layout Pack and modify each and every portion of it. It is extremely flexible and eye-catchy. We hope this will enhance your website outlook and help to provide any services.

Also, let us know your feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.