Hi Joomlars! Back again, with our August release layout pack after a month. The work from home period has ended finally, and we are now back to our lo...

Hi Joomlars! Back again, with our August release layout pack after a month. The work from home period has ended finally, and we are now back to our lovable and passionate workplace to let you experience the limitless possibilities of Quix page builders.

Today, we are proudly introducing our brand new Dietitian Layout Pack for Quix Page Builder. Those who want to build a website for their dietitian or nutrition service and grab potential customers through their service, the all-new Dietitian Layout Pack can be the best choice for you.

With 7 different ready pages, the layout pack will give you an elegant and fully functional website to manage your dietitian service in an organized way.

Let's check them all.

Features at a Glance for the Cleaning Service Layout Pack

  • Nicely design a homepage with 7 different inner pages
  • Responsive & browser compatible pages
  • Health and dieting oriented design
  • Fully editable with Quix page builder
  • Eye-appealing hero section with appoint button
  • Attention-grabbing about us section
  • Easy appointment booking system with Quix form builder
  • Highly interactive case studies page
  • Nicely designed tier wise pricing section
  • Highlights your high-quality resources on the resource page
  • Disclose your service details with the service page
  • Highly content focused service details page
  • Attractive discount offer with important stats
  • Customer testimonials on the very first page

Cleaning Service Layout Pack Pages

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us Page
  3. Services Page
  4. Service Details Page
  5. Case Studies Page
  6. Resources Page
  7. Pricing Page
  8. Appointment Page


The homepage of the Dietitian Layout Pack is the reflection of a nutritionist website and a visual message to the visitors why they need to be here. Starting with a hero section followed by a short intro of the author with an image, you can show what you do actually, why people choose you, special offers, important stats, user testimonials, free resources, and appointment form.

Here you can highlights,

  • Eye-catching hero area
  • Short intro with feature avatar
  • Special offer with stats
  • Why people choose you
  • Free resources
  • Clients testimonials
  • Service booking form

About Us Page

The About Us page of the Dietitian Layout Pack contains all the detailed information to let the people know about your education, experiences, and awards. Also, highlight some key statistics about your satisfied customers and awards you won, patient testimonials, and an appointment form for an instant appointment.

Here you can highlights,

  • Who you are and your qualifications
  • Important statistics
  • Client testimonials
  • Appointment form

Services Page

The Service page of this Dietitian Layout Pack is a great source to get a positive impression and increase the conversion rate for sure. You can show your specific service in a box layout design with a featured image, title, and a short description. Testimonial section and an appointment form can be a bonus here.

Here you can highlights,

  • All of your services
  • Feature image for individual service
  • User testimonial
  • Appointment form

Service Details Page

The Service Details Page of this Dietitian Layout Pack contains all the detailed information regarding every specific service you provide. Starting with a featured image highlights the core information regarding your service and then divides it with multiple subsections to show different plans extensively. Also, put a contact button in the bottom of the page.

Here you can highlights,

  • In detailed information about specific service
  • A features image with description
  • Related subsection
  • Contact button

Case Studies Page

The case studies Page provides each case studies' details and their assessment history from the beginning to the ending time frame. People care about real-time data and to grab positive impressions and trust; case studies work kind of proof of work. Show an individual profile with the result and time frame within different sections.

Here you can highlights,

  • Individual case details
  • Highlights the key point
  • Profile images of the clients
  • Contact button

Resources Page

The resources page of the Dietitian Layout Pack contains all the resources one needs to maintain a dieting plan or can follow them. People not only look for service but also look for recommendations or references. Here you can show multiple dieting related books and can download them free or a specific price.

Here you can highlights,

  • Multiple books on one page
  • Name of the book with an image
  • A short description of the book
  • Download button

Pricing Page

The pricing page Dietitian Layout Pack showcases the attractive pricing plan and lets the customer choose their desired and preferable pricing option. For effective consumer sales and a well-decorated pricing page is a must needed thing. With the highlighted price, you can show a bit more information within three different sections.

Here you can highlights,

  • Quix based attractive pricing table
  • Three different block sections
  • Order now button for confirming the purchase
  • Bullet point to showcase more information

Appointment Page

The appointment page of the Dietitian Layout Pack comes with a secure appointment booking system made with Quix form builder. It will let your clients book appointments for further counseling or consultation on different dates. Make an appointment just by giving name, email, phone no, date, and messages.

Here you can highlights,

  • An appointment form
  • Short description
  • Calendar for selecting date
  • Submit button

How to Access Digital Agency Layout Pack?

You can access, explore, and import this layout bundle by following three simple steps. I'm going to demonstrate these steps below.

​Step 01: Go to your Quix page builder and click "Add Template"

​Step 02: Click on "Pages"

Step 03: Choose which one you want to use & click "Insert"

You are all set to use this layout bundle. All these layouts are extremely flexible. You can edit each and every corner of these layouts.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the super cool Quix and kick start your business right now.

Wrapping Up 

Grab this nicely designed brand new Dietitian Layout Pack and modify each and every portion of it. It is extremely flexible and eye-catchy. We hope this will enhance your website outlook and help to provide any services.

Also, let us know your feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.