Behind the Scene- What Keeps Us Busy

Behind the Scene- What Keeps Us Busy

We at ThemeXpert now want to share about ThemeXpert’s inner story because it may make our users more comfortable with us and help us to develop a true community around the globe. In this world of social sharing and highly modernized information technology, building a bridge with clients is a must to survive in this close competitive market. We believe that a clear view of our activities is a better approach to be honest with our users and recover them from frustration, if any of them is suffering so, for purchasing our membership.

Joomla! 1.6 release has thrown a huge challenge in front of us. It is an immense pressure on us now to update all our previous products, templates and extensions, from Joomla! 1.5 to the latest platform. But, along with that, we also have to keep our promise and fulfill our target of bringing at least two new themes into light every month. Putting all these plans into actions simultaneously is not a very easy task. We are trying our heart and soul to keep up with our prides and promises.

If you are with us from the start, you are sure to notice that our site’s view and capability have been improved to offer more opportunities. For the new users, we passed a very busy time in March. The previous site offered less scope and it was out of date comparing with new shiny sites all around. We understood that slow speed, less options, only a few features would not help us to survive despite our strong efforts in our products. So we tried, we made plans, put our thoughts into codes, redesigned the site to be prettier and faster, integrated more options and features and ThemeXpert version 2.0 is here to serve your demands. More surprises are coming soon!

For Joomla! 1.5, we made our templates on our own framework ZOE. But it is obsolete when it comes to Joomla! 1.6 version. But we did not pass idle time moaning and complaining for the new arrival making our hard work out of job. We started working as soon as it came into view and already developed our new framework to build new template on Joomla! 1.6 platform. It is called Expose. Stay with us for latest templates and adorn your site!

XpertScroller, our superhit extension, holds first place in JED in its category. New update for this add-on is being developed now on this moment. It is a magnificent extension to put your products or creations for show. But this is not the only service we are providing. We are working day and night to create more stunning and colorful add-on to electrify your site.

We have classy developers and efficient designers. We are combining our skills, experiences, expertise to be more adept. We are practicing more and more to sharpen our competence and widen our capacity to cover more ranges of online world. What you are seeing are not the only examples of our ability but more proof of our power are being taken shape for standing on the line to experience the web of people, information and products. We believe that the sky is the only limit. Help us if you want more. Share your view and assist us to develop our network. Together we can be more than ourselves!

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