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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Introducing New Animation, Box Shadow, Parallax Controls + Big Elements Improvements In Quix


Today is a big day for Quix community. We are thrilled to announce a major update of Quix where we touched every elements (50+) and turned them into more powerful than ever. 

Re-organized each element options, added more features and functionalities, new input types and transformed them into much more advanced and full of possibilities. It is a big update that takes the Quix to a whole new height. 

The New & Improved Animation Controls

The brand new animation controls allow you to control any section, row, column and elements entrance animation with time delay. We moved animation controls to a new tab so you can find and control animation quickly. 

Now there is 28 animation type for you to decide how your element will enter to screen. 

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Introducing Quix New Interface - Refreshing, Vibrant and Fresh


 Since after Quix's first release, a lot has been changed. We released bunch of cool new features, elements, blocks and the list goes on…

One thing we haven't touch since then is Quix interface. Changing Quix's UI is very challenging and we have make sure that user experience doesn't break and there is no learning curve.

We've tons of exciting features to built and to do so, we had to change its UI. We need a fresh new design without breaking anything.

After a month of planning, testing and coding we are finally able to roll out a new interface for Quix!

So, lets see what have changed

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Give a smashing look to your business website with Crystal


We're always hungry to spy on the most recent technologies and utilize them in our products so that it can have an ever lasting acceptance to all our clients. In this continuation, we made a tremendous product a couple of weeks ago, that I'm going to expose today.

Excited, right? Probably somehow you're finding the title absorbing and thinking exactly how to give a unique look to your business website to make it more meaningful and organized. Is it really possible?

Well, To be generous, it is possible.

You may already know that having a standard website can resulting your business growth at a high rate.

Our WordPress theme Crystal is capable of doing so. It's not only a flashy talk while it proves through its existing features.

Let's not random clacks and straight come to the topic anyways. 

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Big Templates Update for Joomla 3.7!


We've been working on releasing our previously crafted different purpose bunch of products for last two weeks. We thought to release those stuff through a Marathon and after considering other things, we came to an ultimate decision to unfold two products (one Joomla extension and one WordPress theme) a day.

Quietly we're working on a few of our existing premium Joomla templates parallelly and were hoping to release those template updates after we are successfully done the Marathon.

Now, at the end of the Marathon, it's a pleasure for us to confess that, we're really inspired after getting so many appreciations from you guys, during the whole Marathon Release.

Here we bring the template updates and let's have a peek.

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Marathon Release 7 - xDocs Joomla Extension and Galleria WordPress Theme


Our Marathon Releasing Campaign is still going and in it's 7th phase, here we come today to unfold one Joomla extension and a WordPress theme in a row.

Let's have a deep look what's inside them.

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Marathon Release 6 - Xpert Team Joomla Extension and Greenland WordPress Theme


It was really a great marathon releasing week, isn't it? Yeah! Surely it was. 

Your huge feedbacks proved it already. It's a pleasure for us that we got huge appreciation from you guys. We have taken all your feedbacks as our inspiration to go further.

Since you know already, it been a week we are releasing some of our previously crafted useful products through a Marathon Releasing campaign, after spending the weekend, once we're back in the 6th phase of Marathon Release, with two more excitingly helping stuff, smartly crafted with tons of tremendous capability to highly maintain your troublesome works and let you do it in more efficient way.

Let's throw a peek on them. 

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Marathon Release 5 - Social Joomla Extension and Docx WordPress Theme


Hey Guys, come again with two more remarkable stuffs at the phase of Marathon Release 5.

Oops! Forgot about our Marathon Releasing Week? :o

Of course not, your feedbacks are saying so. Anyways,.

Today we're going to release one WordPress theme and one Joomla extension in a row. Both of them are kind of stuffs that'll make you say out loud; OMG! You're absolutely searching things like this.

Doubt it?

It's not a queer tale. Ok let's expose what things make this so, have a look.
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Marathon Release 4 - Xpert Google Map and Orvil WordPress Theme


Hello folks, Remember about our Marathon Release? Of course, you do.!

You would be glad to hear that, still we're sincerely working on releasing those products and our hope is to unfold them next to you through this Marathon Release.

Today, we've brought to you two more versatile products that can be used for any modern and trendy websites!

Exciting, right? Ok then!

Let's have a look and start exploring your requirements ;)

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