Webinar has become an essential part of our daily routine life. Nowadays, almost all educational institutes or office work have been sh...

Webinar has become an essential part of our daily routine life. Nowadays, almost all educational institutes or office work have been shifted online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, webinars played an important role for many big brands to gain customers or clients. 

We already post a list of best webinar software where mostly are paid options. In this blog, we will only focus on the best free webinar software that you can use with absolute ease and, most importantly, without any cost. 

Let's see who is on the list then.

Why are Webinars Important for Every Business?

Webinars are constantly becoming more and more essential for big brands and also entrepreneurs, as this software easily replaces expensive training programs, seminars, and all sorts of business meetings. Webinars open up a huge world of opportunity to small businesses or solo entrepreneurs who can easily compete with the bigger brands.

You can use webinars as an advantage while communicating with a large group of audience. Tell them the backstory of your brand or your motivation which will definitely ignite a real conversation with your audience. After the story, you can also propose a question and answer session where the audience can ask various questions which will cause engagement and more people will be interested in your brand.

Sometimes you can bring a special guest speaker to your webinar and seduce your audience. By doing so, you can feed two birds with one bird feeder, please don't throw stones at birds! First of all, you can engage new audiences who are fans of the special guest that you brought. They would love to see their favorite person talk and while they are at it, they will get to know you and your brand. Secondly, you can impose being as knowledgeable as your special guest which is an expert in a certain field. While viewing, your audience will group you and your special guest as equals. 

Best free Webinar Software

There are various webinar software in the market to host webinars, some are paid and others are free. People often love to use the best free webinar software which won't ask them for money every single month or after a year. Here, we will be discussing the best free webinar software of 2021 that you can use with ease without paying a single penny.

So, let's jump right into the world of free webinar software.

Zoom is a software that most of us definitely heard about, some of us might also used or currently use it too. Zoom or Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company which is headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides services such as videotelephony and online chat though a cloud-base peer-to-peer software. Zoom is also used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, social relations and many more.

Features of Zoom

The newest features of Zoom are a piece of cake to use. The option to find your Personal Meeting ID will be under the New Meeting option for your convenience. You will be able to see the upcoming meeting details which start or join a meeting with just a single click. You can now easily customize your background picture to make your meeting more professional.

A company that needs no introduction is Google, heard by every single one of us. Google Meet is a software created and also released by Google itself. Google Meet formerly known as Hangouts Meet is used for video-communication service. It is the very software that replaced two of Google's own software named Google Hangouts and Google Chat.

Features of Google Meet

Get rid of all the low resolution webinars as Google Meet offers an amazing resolution of 720p. There will also be call encryption between all users for security purposes and noise cancelling audio filters to get off any sort noises that might occur in the background.

Worried about space on your computer ? No need to worry as you will be able to join the meeting through a web browser for Google Meet. They also offer apps for mobile devices supported on both Android and iOS so that you can join from wherever you are.

Google Meet is integrated with Google Calendar and Google Contacts. With the help of these very softwares you can make your life a bit easier. If you have any scheduled meeting or if you create any meeting for later then you can set the date which will be automatically taken to Google Calendar. There are also options for contact where you will be able to find contacts if you sync your contact with Google Contacts. So, when the time for the meeting will come, join that meeting with just one click away.

Just like Zoom, Cisco Webex is also developed by an American company that sells web conferencing and videoconferencing applications. This American company named Cisco Systems is currently headquartered in Milpitas, California.

Features of Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex brings a huge amount of features to the table. With Cisco Webex you can reach anyone anywhere in a secured and protected meeting room with an amazing face to face HD video and audio quality. Let your team or client see what you see by sharing your screen in a very simplistic way.

Even after the meeting is over you can still keep in touch or keep the work moving with the extraordinary messaging system of Cisco Webex. You will never face any trouble joining any conference with Cisco Webex as they offer desktop software, mobile app and browser for your comfort.

Always bring out the best teamwork with Cisco Webex as you can always stay connected with each other and keep your project on track. Sharing files has never been more easy, Cisco Webex is integrated with the most popular tools that we use everyday. Share any file from Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. without any worry for security since Cisco Webex provides end to end encryption for every message and file transfer.

WebinarJam is a reliable webinar software that has been picked up by various businesses and industries for online marketing. The cloud-based broadcasting technology WebinarJam, allows upto 5000 participants in a single presentation without causing any issue. It also brings a wide variety of tools and features to ease up your work.

Features of WebinarJam

Never worry about less audience as WebinarJam allows you to stream directly to Facebook and Youtube. Easy and fast broadcast and never miss a chance to boost at the right time in front of your audience. You will also be able to create polls and surveys for your audience to take part in and know their feedback.

WebinarJam is multi-language capable so that you can always use it in your own language. Always receive detailed Webinar Performance Analytics after every conference you organize. Keep your audience engaged with mind-blowing whiteboard ideas and Slideshow Presentations.

Zoho Meeting brings improvised webinar solutions in a secure online meeting platform. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, everything has shifted to online networks whereas security and privacy becomes an obvious concern. The online encryption system and protocols to protect your information of Zoho Meeting will definitely keep you tension free regarding your security concerns.

Features of Zoho Meeting

Create an instant or scheduled meeting with ease with Zoho Meeting. Share your screen whenever necessary to make your audience understand your view or perspective. Record, replay and share your conference or important parts of your conference on social media or anywhere you want to gain some extra enthusiasts.

Take complete control over the conference that you organize with Zoho Meeting with its unique moderator controls. Share the controls of your mouse and keyboard to let your audience know more about what you are thinking.

ezTalks Webinar most likely one of the most powerful among the free webinar platforms software on our list. With ezTalks Webinar you will be able to organize various types of webinars without breaking a sweat. Organize webinars like Live Webinar, Automated Webinar, On-Demand Webinar or Paid Webinar with ease by using ezTalks Webinar. ezTalks Webinar brings all sorts of webinars into one platform.

Features of ezTalks Webinar

Spread your brand and get more loyal clients with ezTalks Webinar. Eztalks Webinar lets your attendees interact with each other in Live Chat so that you can understand more about what your audience are thinking. The social media integration of this software brings 3% more audience than average according to the data from Grid Report Webinar, Winter 2021.

Keep your audience more engaged in your webinar with the polls and surveys feature of ezTalks Webinar. Grant your audience various roles and let them access various features through the role based access of this software.

Adobe Connect developed and published by Adobe Systems or formerly Macromedia is a name heard by almost everyone. This is a suite of software which is being used for many various purposes. Remote training, web conferencing, presentation, desktop sharing, etc. can be done very efficiently with this software. Adobe Connect was formerly part of Adobe Acrobat but it has changed its names several times.

Features of Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a very capable software with a lot of amazing features. Create unlimited and customizable meeting rooms for different purposes for an efficient workflow. Control multiple meeting rooms at once with a very flexible network of Adobe Connect.

Keep your webinar more fun and interesting with notes, chat, whiteboards and polling. Organize or attend a webinar anywhere anyplace as Adobe Connect offers mobile apps for both android and iOS. It is also a free webinar recording software which records your meeting and shares the best throughout the social media.

LIvestorm is a browser based software developed by Livestorm Company, used for web conferencing and to share real-time live streams. Organize remote live meetings, product demos, sales webinars, online lessons, onboarding sessions and many more with the help of Livestorm.

Features of Livestorm

Livestorm brings a custom registration page with sharing documents via upload along with HD webinar and video streaming to keep your audience more focused. It also allows you to stream or download replays of your webinar which you can upload on social media or go through once again for your betterment.

Features like polls during webinars, text chat for participants and text Q&A for participants are also available to fill any sort of communication gap between you and your audience. Livestorm also provides multiple language support so that you can feel comfortable while using this software.

Livestorm also provides marketing features such as source tracking, analytics report, replay analytics, registrant profiles and many more to keep your business booming.

Honorable Mentions

​Here are some honorable mentions, without mentioning this softwares we really can't end our list of free webinar platforms software.

A place that needs no introduction and has been used by almost all of us at least once every single day, it's YouTube. YouTube Live is a part of YouTube that allows its content creator to go live and communicate with their audience. It also allows you to stream and reach out to the community in real time and know what exactly your audience wants.

Features of YouTube Live

We all know how to use YouTube, YouTube Live being part of YouTube is also easier to handle. Creators can live stream on YouTube via webcam or mobile device to increase the interaction between them and their viewers. Premier your video on YouTube and see what your audience or viewers feels about that video on Live Chats.

Keep your live chat more welcoming and healthy to your viewers with Live Chat Moderation Tools. You can assign moderators, block lists of words, turn on slow mode, etc. with the tools provided by YouTube Live. Monetize your live stream or premiere to earn money through ads, channel memberships and many more.

Facebook, another powerhouse in the world of the internet that has 2.8 billion users according to the statistics of 2020. Go live on Facebook to boost a conversation, performance or virtual event to your audience. Let your audience take part by asking them questions and replying in comment or by reacting to your live stream.

Features of Facebook Live

Go live whenever necessary on Facebook using Facebook app or the Creator Studio app which are both available on Android and iOS. Schedule a live stream on Facebook to keep your audience excited and be prepared beforehand.

Moderate the comments of your live stream with smart comment moderation features. There are 5 settings to manage the comments to bring out the best experience for your audience.

Create any online event and go live from there to let your audience know what the event is about and its main purpose. You can also raise funds from your audience, by pitching them why they should donate for this cause.

Wrapping Up 

That was the complete list of our free webinar software of 2021, which are the absolute best with the features it calls for. Throughout the list we have introduced you to various different free webinar softwares for you to choose from. The list of our best webinar platforms might be big but it will surely help you to choose which software is better for you.

Arranging a webinar something might feel like a quite difficult task but with these softwares this difficult will become so easy that everytime you will enjoy organizing one. After going through our list of best free webinar software, you may ask "What is the best free webinar software?". The most simplified answer of your question is, any software from our list that has a free version.

If you are looking for a software that is well reputed and don't want to spend any money while still catching the eye of a decent number of audience, then we would suggest using YouTube Live. As it is completely free and very feature packed. YouTube is a website used by almost everybody so spreading the brand is not supposed to cause any issue.

If you want to spend money and get the very best of webinar software that is out there, then you can choose any software from our list according to the features you like most. We would like to recommend choosing the softwares that offers a free version or trials along with paid packages so that you know what you're getting into. We would also like to recommend getting an annual subscription if it is available as it's going to cost you less than a monthly subscription.