Webinars are the new norm of the marketing strategy for small businesses and sales teams in large enterprises. For selling high-ticket B2B products or...

Webinars are the new norm of the marketing strategy for small businesses and sales teams in large enterprises. For selling high-ticket B2B products or courses for your online institute, a webinar is a perfect strategy to get into the personal touch of live interaction.

In this guide, you'll learn "How to Host Webinars on a Small Marketing Budget with the Tutorque education WordPress theme.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online version of a physical conference, but it has real-time involvement between the presenter and attendees from anywhere on the earth. It allows small or large groups of people to attend online training or discussion events, where you can share slides, documents, and audio with your targeted audience even if they are not in the same place or region.

How to Host a Webinar On a Small Marketing Budget?

Webinars are making communication easy and efficient with customers, partners, and employees. Anyone can smoothly perform presentations, product demonstrations worldwide to thousands of people at a time.

Now, if you agree to integrate webinars into your marketing strategy, but at the same time, you want it with a small marketing budget. Let's see below how to host a Webinar on a small marketing budget. 

Choose a Cost-Effective Webinar Application

Don't be surprised it's crucial for your small marketing budget. If you start with expensive webinar software or free webinar software, you are pressing massive pressure on your account before you even begin hosting.

Fortunately, there are lots of webinars that fit your marketing needs, and also they are affordable with your budget. Many solutions available that are similar to and often better than the costly webinar application on the market. Webinar platforms like BigMarket offer cheap pricing and plans that may fit a diverse range of budgets without sacrificing features.

Be careful when you make decisions consider the features you need to have on it, and don't go automatically with whatever is cheapest.

Still, If you don't have the right application that fits your requirements, try to be creative, find out or directly contact the company and ask if they are running any promotions or discounts. That may not always work, but it also has nothing to lose.

Research What has Worked for Others

You can face this issue by learning from the experienced people who are already working within your similar field and have success. That could mean overview competitor's webinars or view at which of their blog posts get more engagements and go through their comments for ideas on where they fell a bit short so that you overcome that easily.

It doesn't guarantee affordable ideas, but that will help your brainstorming sessions considerably.

Go for Branding, Not Selling in Your Webinar

Customer engagement always helps companies to grow fast. Here lies the most significant misconception for content marketing that, for any content, the goal should be selling products. That is why they have published blog post after blog post that talks about their products and services without really doing much to educate their would-be customers. And in the end, they failed miserably.

This type of content may be great for sales pages but not for blogs and webinars. Here you should help the people on the other side of the screen. Most successful content marketers believe that the better you help the audience, the more likely they become your customer. After this, if you are still planning to host and pitch the audience on your product or service, there is a strong probability that you are just wasting your money and time. So go for branding, not selling in your webinar.

Make Sure People Can Watch Your Webinars On-demand

Nowadays, on-demand content has more demand among the audience because it gives them the portability to enjoy it anytime or anywhere. It has already been made easy by the webinar platform. They offer you to record your presentation live and store, increasing your opportunity to reach a mass audience.

That is also very helpful for new webinars who prefer not to host live events and want some practice first. You will get the most returns on your limited budget when you don't force people to show or attend your program on a fixed time rather than the audience on the other part of the world and access your webinar at their convenience time.

Take Advantage Of Your Free Trial

Never purchase a webinar plan on any webinar platform until you test it. Most webinar platforms offer a free trial option, and you must take advantage of the free trial. Before you give a single penny, you should try to host as many test sessions as possible and understand if that fits your requirements.

Even if you are satisfied, try once more and check how it performs in audio, video, and user engagement part from another computer, ios mobile, and android mobile. You must ensure your webinar platform is mobile-friendly which will help you reach a giant market easily.

Don't Pay For More Attendees Than You Need

If you are new in webinar marketing, it's tough to predict how many attendees you may get on your next webinar, but most of the webinar platforms have made their package mainly based on the number of attendees.

You may create high pressure on your budget if you go for a high audience number. In this case, my suggestion is to go for small and also it looks good for the reputation that you can't attend more attendees due to the high demand, the instant you may ask for their email address and tell them you will notify them when you host next time. 

Free Webinar Tools


Zoom is one of the best webinar software available on the market today. It has most users because it's entirely cloud-based and has a tremendous user-friendly environment, making things friendly for the user. Zoom comes with HD audio and video, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing options.

It also has private and public chats option, which is very convenient for audience engagement without interrupting the speaker. The free plans allow up to 100 participants for 40 minutes webinar without any interruption.

 Google Meet

Google meet is another best but new webinar tool in the market. Though they are unique in the market, they offer an extended free plan with a maximum of 1 hour with up to 100 participants. It also has an HD video and audio screen sharing option. It is best for the size of participant number and highest duration time in the free plan.


Livestorm is an excellent browser-based complete automated webinar application. It runs from any device without installing any application. It has polarity for its availability on every os and device, and the user needs just a browser to connect with a webinar. Livestorm webinar free basic plan offers unlimited moderators and up to 10 attendees with a maximum of 20 minutes without interruption.



WebinarPress is an all-in-one WordPress Webinar Plugin that streamlines the entire process of creating, hosting, and promoting webinars. It lets you configure the live, automated, or recurring webinars in a few seconds. And the best thing is that it enables you to conduct webinars without requiring any third-party services.

Another great thing about the webinar plugin is that it works well on various devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

WebinarPress comes with a free and paid version. The price of the paid version starts at $197 per year and comes with a range of essential features for your WooCommerce store.

How to Host a Webinar with Tutorque-Education WordPress Theme 

Tutorque is an all-in-one Education WordPress Theme for creators, online courses, learning platforms, and educational institutes with limitless functionalities like webinars and online selling options. With the power of Elementor and WidgetKit, it is the most accessible, fast, and lightweight WordPress LMS theme that lets you build exactly what you need.

The best part is, considering the situation, Tutorque comes with a complete solution for your LMS along with Zoom integration where you can host and manage your webinar easily.

What does Tutorque LMS WordPress Theme offer? Let's see,

  • Support best WordPress LMS plugins: Tutor LMS, LearnDash, WishList Member + more coming: Tutorque is integrated with the most popular WordPress LMS plugin WishList Member, LearnDash and Tutor. However, more integration is on the way to amaze you.
  • Accessibility: The education WordPress theme is entirely built with the strict accessibility guideline provided by wordpress.org for people with disabilities. Just with the tab button, anyone can access the full site directly from the theme layout.
  • Elementor: You can Build a complete Education landing page with the most advanced WordPress website builder Elementor and the power of WidgetKit built-in 30+ elements.
  • BuddyPress: With the combination of the most flexible online community-based software BuddyPress, Tutorque provides exactly what you need for a group discussion or social activity.
  • bbPress: Maintain your discussion forums with the power of Tutorque and the streamlined discussion board of bbPress and quickly set up a place for asynchronous discussion
  • Dashboard: Create social network profiles featuring recent activity, profile information, and let the members organize themselves into Extensible user groups with different activity feeds and member listings.
  • WooCommerce ready: Sell anything to your student from books, ebooks to helpful products with the integration of WooCommerce for WordPress. Turorque is entirely WooCommerce ready to sell physical to digital products on your site without any somatic involvement.
  • Multilingual support: Tutorque is entirely multilingual supported. Therefore, make your education website multilingual and open up new possibilities for the native-speaking students with Tutorque.
  • One-click data import: Import any of our pre-designed landing page demos just in a click with the powerful one-click demo importer. Ex: WordPress School Theme demo, WordPress Education Theme demo, University WordPress Theme demo, LMS WordPress Theme demo, etc.

How to Install Tutorque

Tutorque is a proven LMS WordPress theme for e-Learning. However, to get access to the limitless possibilities of Tutorqe first download the theme file from your themesgrove account.

To install the Totorque theme, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Now, go Appearance > Themes and click on Add New > Upload button.
  3. Choose the tutorque.zip file from your local directory.
  4. An activation button will appear after the successful installation of the theme.
  5. You need to activate the theme by clicking the active theme button.
  6. If you want to active it later then come back again from Appearance > Themes
  7. Finally, click on the active now button on the theme thumbnail named Tutorque.

For more, please do follow the following documentation of Tutorque LMS WordPress Theme. 

How to Integrate Zoom with Tutorque 

Using the Zoom WordPress plugin, you can easily create Zoom meetings and webinars right from the WordPress dashboard by using the Zoom API with a simple shortcode. Follow the steps below,

  1. Search for 'Video Conferencing with Zoom' in the WordPress plugins library.
  2. Install the plugin or
  3. Download and extract the plugin.
  4. Copy the Zoom folder into the wp-content/plugins directory.
  5. Activate the plugin.

Wrapping Up

Finally, if you need a complete webinar and your LMS solution, you must try tutorque, which is the best solution in the market. This is all about how to host a webinar on a small marketing budget.

Don't forget to share your opinion in the comment section below. We always valued your concern.