A website considered as the window to the world of internet. Without a website, you can’t expect the online presence._These days, almost all small and large business have a website.

A website considered as the window to the world of internet. Without a website, you can’t expect the online presence.

These days, almost all small and large business have a website.

Having a website is not very challenging. Because the cost being extremely low for entry level websites, and the drag and drops page builders empower the ability to build a fully functional, great looking websites with the minimum amount of effort and time compared to working with raw source code.

Moreover, it's becoming difficult to imagine a reason for any company of any size not to have a website.

By default, Joomla is a powerful content management system (CMS) that enables you to build all kind of websites and powerful online applications.

But the backend interface of Joomla often gets complicated, especially to new users.

That's why Joomla page builders come in handy that will make you more productive and less confusing with the user-friendly interface and transform the way of website building.

Before arriving Quix page builder, Joomla has a time-consuming issue to customizing the outlook and the flow of website according to the client's demands.

While several page builder exists in the market, those have some gap also, and then Quix comes with a remarkable evolution in Joomla page building field.

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From the title above you must get some ideas about our today's post. Today, We have a plan to disclose the puzzles of Quix that will transform the way you build a website with Joomla.

Let start from the very beginning!

What Quix have and What you can do with Quix?

Built-in Pages

Do you know, Quix has 10 built-in pages?

Yes, Quix has come with ten built-in pages, and more are including in every major release. All of this pages have different outlook with different savor.

Moreover, you can choose the sections which you want from the pages and built a unique layout for your new Joomla website.

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More than Responsive

Quix has changed the way of building a responsive website. With Quix you can visually design your website for every screen size.

While other page builders use display: none to hide something from mobile users, Quix lets you define the different layout for different size screens.

Even you can hide something for a particular screen using the element visibility option of Quix.

For example, if you don't want to show a particular item or a section on mobile devices just turn the visibility off for those, Quix will never load that element for that screen.

Therefore, the mobile pages will be lighter, smaller and load faster.

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Portability Power

We know, drag and drops page builder comes in handy with a solution to build and customize a site in the easiest way, but there has a problem also when we need the same design or same sections in different places.

That is because we have to create the same thing more and more time. Quix has a key solution to this boring problem.

With the Quix now you can export anything and can use them in future by importing those.

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There have some general sections on every page of a website such as a header and a footer.

When you are developing a big site, it can be very time consuming if you have to add the same section or element on every page individually. And most importantly when you want to make a change to it you need to edit every page one by one.

Quix comes with 'Collections' that helps to get rid of this time killer process.

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Advanced Style Settings

The style setting of Quix page builder is the core Customizer that provides a variety of options to customize every single notch of a page.

You will see the style setting option with every Quix element and the advanced customizing system let you the choice to reshape the elements as well as enhanced the outlook and show your creativity to the world with Quix.

You don't need to write a single line of CSS if you are using Quix page builder.

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There are so many Joomla extensions available on the web, and it’s always a challenge to find out the best ones that can bring the useful functionality of your site to a new level.

Moreover, sometimes your site will dramatically slow down if you use too many extensions or poorly written plugins on your site.

Thanks to Quix page builder which has come with 27 powerful and flexible elements that will dispel your dependency from ten third party extensions at least.

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Wrapping Up

If you messed up with your site, start to using Quix page builder and do everything that you want to fix. And also stay in touch with us to get more surprised in future.

So tell me, what are you working on right now? Anything we can help you with?