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Quix Features: 10 Joomla Extensions Not Required If You’re Using Quix

Quix Features: 10 Joomla Extensions Not Required If You’re Using Quix
Parvez Akther

5 mins

Joomla is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to build powerful websites and online applications.

If you decided to build your site with Joomla, you would need more functionality than the starter package includes with Joomla!

Surely you are familiar with Joomla extensions. A Joomla extension extends the functionality of a Joomla site which includes templates, modules, components or plugins.

There are so many Joomla extensions available on the web, and it’s always a challenge to find out the best ones that can bring the useful functionality of your site to a new level.

Moreover, sometimes your site will dramatically slow down if you use too many extensions or poorly written plugins on your site.

The Quix Builder is a competitive product in the Joomla page builder category which has come with 27 powerful and flexible elements that will dispel your dependency from ten third party extensions at least.

As a result, there has no chance to slow down of your site, and you don't need to worry about it.

Let's dig up the Quix elements which eliminate your dependency from third party extensions if you are using Quix.

Slider Module

Do you want to make your web page look more attractive with a responsive slider?

If your answer is - why not? Then don't search an extension for a slider. Quix is here!

Quix Lite version provides a slider for all general users, but there has another one available in Quix Element list "Quix Slider Pro" which is only for Pro users.

Check out Quix pricing list and choose one package that suits you best.


Live Demo

Tabs Module

Quix Tabs is available in both the free and pro version.

This powerful element helps you to make an advanced and ambitious tab, and you can reveal purposeful and deliberate messages with this.


Live Demo

Accordion Module

I like to define accordions as content management tools. When we need a section on our web page, that’s broken into dozens of paragraphs, images, links, or just too many blocks of content accordions acts as to the rescue.

Quix Accordion is available for both general and pro users.


Live Demo

Pricing Table Module

If your company offers products or services, then pricing tables is a crucial need for your website.

Pricing tables should help users to pick the most appropriate plan for them. Quix Pricing Table is available only with its Pro version.


Get this beautiful and decorated pricing table element with our exclusive Joomla template Marvel.

We released this one-page Joomla template a couple of days ago using Quix page builder, T3 framework, and cutting-edge technologies.

Live Demo

Person or Team Module

I believe in teamwork. It is the finest way which has a broad spectrum and done very different roles come together.

So when you start to design a website, you begin to look at the team members. Who plays the important parts of the project?

Quix Person helps you to build a clean and crisp team section with ease.


Live Demo

Testimonial Module

Testimonials are the reviews or comments from your happy consumers who uses your product or service.

It is the best way to build your reliability and to show your potential customers' that you are dependable, trustworthy, and an expert in your field.

Are you using Quix? If yes, then don't need to search an extension for bringing such kind of functionality on your website.


Live Demo

Counter Module

In which fields are you or your company working and how much expertise you are in these areas?

Show your knowledge level to your consumers with some diagram or chart bar because people like to learn from some images or simple graphs rather than an article.

Quix has two kinds of counter: Bar counter and Pie counter. You can pick anyone from these.

These counters are available with Quix Pro version.


Live Demo

Gallery Module

The inherent and visual appeal of the filterable gallery made it very popular.

It is the way to display your products that can drive the attention and interest of your visitors.

It seems similar- when you are walking in a shopping mall, the most creative and elegant window displays will get your attention.

Create an attractive, amicable and responsive filterable gallery to show your best products with Quix Page builder for Joomla!


I have collected the following image from Infinito - a responsive Joomla template that can give a fresh look to your business website and built with Quix page builder.

Live Demo

Carousel Module

Carousels became hugely popular on today's websites, particularly on the homepage. A research study shows that 52% of the top US e-commerce sites use a carousel on the homepage of their site.

With Quix page builder you will get a readily responsive carousel element and can use for various purposes.


Live Demo

Google Map Module

Thanks to Google and internet marketing because finding a product or service we want today is easier than ever.

Google do the hard work for us. With Google Map, your business will be displayed correctly across the entire Google Search network including Google Search pages, Google+ where your customers can find your products or services easily.

Having a Google Map for your Joomla website is not very hard anymore if you are using Quix page builder.


Live Demo


I hope that you have introduced to some new features of Quix page builder that you can make use of while using Quix and also identify a few extensions that you can now deactivate from your site.

I have described ten elements in above, but Quix has 27 elements in total. All of those are highly efficient and surprisingly modern.

Try all of this and make a list which of them are you need for your next Joomla site.

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