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Quix 2.0 Alpha Is Here - Experience The Magical Controller For Joomla!


It's been a month since we announced the upcoming release of Quix 2.0 and a lot of things happened behind the scenes. Everyday brings us closer to the most powerful builder for Joomla ever created!

Talking about Quix reminds me about the old days, when our friendship with you was built. Through all the ups and downs you stayed with us and we worked at an extreme level to fulfill your needs and desires.

Finally, everything inside Joomla will be controlled in one place. You will be able to visually change everything the Quix way: headers, footers, mega-menus, component pages and much more.

We never stop adding edge cutting features, while ensuring everything works smoothly for all our users. Every change we made was considered several times from every possible angle and was based on your feedback along with our own vision.

There is a lot to discover in Quix 2.0 Alpha 1, and more will come on the final release. So, for now, let's explore what Quix 2.0 Alpha 1 has to offer.

Live Frontend Editing With Simplistic UI

Creating something simple and functional is always difficult. We needed a full featured Drag & Drop page builder without creating any mess. After a year of research, sketch & prototype we created a UI that gives you full capability of page building with very minimal footprint. 

Quix is constantly growing and evolving, so the interface need to match this growth. To achieve this, we need to continuously innovate and improve core elements to allow designers and developers to stay ahead of the game. 

Reorganized Everything

Since we have kept everything minimalistic and simple, you will find everything organized as you edit or customize. All the settings and options are now grouped together so that you can easily find them. 

When needed, you will be able to just expand the settings and customize the elements as you need. Organized fields will help you focus and find the specific setting you are looking for. 

New Field Types​ For Better Design Control

Necessity knows no limits, and we are always working hard to satisfy your needs and to do better. We relentlessly work on introducing new options and ways to bring out the creative person inside you. We have added many new fields to the customization area so that you can make the changes you need on any section you want.

In this awesome Joomla page builder, we have introduced a new color selection field, background field, icon and image picker fields amongst others. With Quix 2.0, we believe you will be able to do a much better development than you do now. To make Quix even better, we will introduce more field types on later releases. 

Flexible Column System

Like its predecessor, Quix 2.0 comes with 11 predefined columns structure, which will help you create designs faster. But we didn't stop there. You will be able to change the column's width and structure by simply dragging the edge. This gives you extreme flexibility to create simple or complex layouts. 

With Quix responsive settings, you can adjust the columns width per-device and hide them if necessary.

Now, instead of using grid, we divided columns into percentages. You can now drag any columns width as much as you want and it will not interfere with the other columns.

Everything in Frontend - New Toolbar

We understand the pain of creating pages in the backend and not being able to edit them directly in the frontend. To solve this we have created a brand new toolbar when you are on the builder's interface.

This new toolbar will allow you to create new pages, jump between Quix pages, add pages to the menu, change page settings and much more.

You will find everything you need for building modern websites. We'll gradually introduce features in the upcoming releases.

New Media Manager With Image Editing & SVG Support

We know that a new media manager is coming with Joomla 4, but we just couldn't wait. So, we created a new and powerful media manager with ReactJS and it will be even more powerful than the upcoming media manager .

Media manager will no longer be for uploading, deleting or browsing images and videos. There a is a lot more that can be done, such as image editing, cropping, filtering, transfering images and most importantly adding perfect srcset for images in websites.

SVG is changing the way we use images on websites. You will now be able to upload, edit and animate SVG files using our media manager.

Roadmap Up Ahead

We are going to release two alpha and two beta versions before the stable release. We are also going to unveil new features on each release which help you get used to them.

We're also going to release a series of blog posts, "Inside Quix", where we'll walk you through each and every feature of Quix.

Here is the release deadline for Quix 2.0 :

  • Alpha 1 - 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 - 8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 - 15th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 2 - 22th March, 2018 ✅
  • RC 1 - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 - 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable - 10th April 🥁​🚀​🎉

What Are you Waiting For ?

To make your experience smoother and faster, we've created a test site to use Quix without installing it on your server. We'll update the test site everyday with new features. Subscribe to our newsletter and be notified of each release. 

Right now there is only one element available for testing and it's not fully functional yet. We have developed so many features and we will be releasing them one by one after testing.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.


Comments (19)

  1. Edelmann Consulting Oy

Awesome! Very fast! Can't wait having it.

  1. Parvez Akther    Edelmann Consulting Oy

Thanks, we are working hard to deliver it fast

  1. moghees

Does it include ready-made themes and templates?

  1. Parvez Akther    moghees

Off-course! We'll bring every feature we have in Quix1 plus, more...

  1. invictus.sde

sounds great and looking forward to get stable

maybe some important or nice additions:
* please add the "publishing feature from pages" also to library, sections and if it possible to rows and modules too
* maybe add the possibility to use extern widgets f.e. flightradar24 as section or row background
* make background color different gradient styles with option to choose a second color
best regards

  1. Parvez Akther    invictus.sde

Thanks for the suggestion,
1. Quix is the first page builder that introduce library feature 2y ago. It will be included on 2.0 with more..
2. We'll consider this if many user request the integration
3. We already have that feature, just head over to Quix Sandbox site and test the background feature of section, row and element. We'll post details on another blog.

  1. superdiogene

I put my trust in you by buying your package. I see that things are going in the right direction, the commitment is constant in the development but it is soon to make a judgment. We will appreciate better with the release of all the novelties of the package. An application is to dobbiglo: the structures created with the previous versions will be usable?
Thank you guys. full speed ahead!

  1. Parvez Akther    superdiogene

Thanks, structure/page create with Quix 1.0 will work as it is and when you try to edit the page it will open with the old backend editor ( we call Classic editor ).

You can always transfer the page to new builder but manually. That is why, we are planning to offer a migration service with very little cost.


  1. sammo

Seems very promising. looking forward to it.
in the demo of quix alpha settings, few language strings are missing.
best wishes.

  1. Parvez Akther    sammo

Thanks! It will get fixed it later release

  1. Pedro

Are you going to change the name to QUAX?

  1. Parvez Akther    Pedro

Hahah, NO. The logo is an experiment. We'll change it

  1. Grif

Footer samples would be welcome

  1. Parvez Akther    Grif


  1. Alexander Godknecht

Hi Quix Team
Did you test your resulting Joomla pages with online tools like "Google Page Insights", "GTmetrix" or "Yellow Lab"? I had to learn the hard way that very comfortable template builders often result in very bad ratings due to a large overhead in java, javascript, css etc. I had to change from SPPagebuilder to Ganty because of terrible ratings for SPPagebuilder pages.

  1. Parvez Akther    Alexander Godknecht

Performance is our no#1 priority for Quix 2.0. In Quix 1 we built page caching, asset caching feature that's make Quix page load faster than SPPagebuilder. Quix 2.0 will be lot more faster.

  1. Mario Henao

Hola Amigos desarrolladores de Quix!
Antes que nada felicidades por el grandioso proyecto. Muchos éxitos con su nueva versión Quix 2.0

Pregunta: Quix 2.0 incluirá idioma Expañol para su constructor?
Soy de Colombia, estoy demasiado interesado en su Software 2.0 pero principalmente si tuviese integrado el lenguaje "ESPAÑOL", así mis clientes no tendrían ni el más mínimo inconveniente para adutoadministrar y alimentar sus contenidos.

Gracias por su respuesta.

Hola Mario!

Quix 2.0 si va a tener soporte multilenguage, pero se añadirá hasta después del primer lanzamiento estable, el cual está planeado para el 10 de abril. Esto por que se empezará a traducir el paquete completo hasta que se tengan ya todas las funciones y elementos probados para facilitarle el trabajo al equipo de traducción. Cualquier otra duda la resolveremos con gusto. Saludos hasta Colombia!

  1. Arphaxad

I bought a pro version of Quix on November 5, 2017. I see that Quix 2 is out. However this version is not available to me. Is this normal?
Thank you

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