Quix 2.0 RC is here. Take a look at the most powerful visual builder for Joomla!

Quix 2.0 Beta Is Here - Makes It The Most Flexible Page Builder For Joomla!


 It's been an awesome week since we released best Joomla Page Builder Quix 2.0 Alpha. With all the excitements and achievements we are here with a remarkable progress. We are just in time for our next launch. Appending some more clever features we release Beta version of Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder.

This version is much more improved and this time the layouts are far better than the expectations. But we are still developing Quix 2.0 Joomla drag and drop page builder for better performance and new functionalities. Quix is still on the lab and there might be some minor bugs, which we'll be fixing them in the upcoming versions.

Please go through with each new feature detailed below of Quix 2.0 Beta. Just give a quick scan and get familiar with each of them.

In the meantime we'll work on with our next release. Together we'll make Quix 2.0 the best Joomla Page Builder one's ever known.

Array of Pre-Made Column

Quix Layout system is crafted with the array of Pre-Made column and now it is more easier, more flexible and much more powerful than before.
Right after entering in the world of Quix you'll find the Add Section Button. Just click it and you'll find 11 Predefined layouts which are designed just for your website. Use the layout which suits perfectly with your need.

Add Column On-The-Fly

Once you've selected the layouts and while working on them, you feel like you need to include one more column, at that moment you have to go through all over the working process again.
Well, now you don't have to do it. Right on the top-left of the column you'll find an Add Button. Just click it and a brand new column will appear just right next to the selected column.

Duplicate Column

A creative mind creates a masterpiece once. And if you wanna make another one similar to it, you've gotta go through the hard works all over again. Why repeat the troubles when you can do it by clicking a button.
Just click on the Duplicate Button situated in the top-left mini toolbox of the designed column. The clone of the column is ready. Now all you need to do is, just change the contents.

Column Resizing

​Column Resizing means to resize the the default column layout. Quix page builder gives you the ultimate power to resize the column to your desire. It was never so much easier as now. The new version of Quix offers pixel perfect layouts and now you can resize them easily and smoothly.

The columns are built on percentages. Just drag the side of your column and expand or shrink it just the way you want and we promise, it won't break the row. Don't believe us? Why not try by yourself and test it.

Column Setting

​Quix 2.0 has transformed completely as the settings are much more easy and flexible. After the section selection and column selection, you'll be able to edit the column settings.

At the top-left side you'll get the editable options in a mini-toolbox. Here you'll get 4 options- General, Styles, Animation and Advance. These settings will allow you to change the default settings and make your own creative styles for the developing site.

Nested Columns

Quix Joomla page builder makes easy to create beautiful responsive page layouts with the fast drag-&-drop gesture.

But most people get stuck while creating complex layouts. To be more precise, we can say nested layouts. Like- if you want to create multiple rows of different numbers of columns, but all within the same section, you can do it. This new feature will allow you to create new columns inside of an existing column. You can build the websites both simple and complex at the same time and of course all in the same section.

Responsive Columns At Its Best

Controlling the column layouts for responsive different size screen was not so much easy and promising. Some obscure settings would make it more hard to find and set, still not great.
But not with Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder. We've redesigned the responsive function to a new extent. Now Quix 2.0 will be responsive to 5 different types of screen as we've extended it to Bootstrap 4 which supports 5 tiers: xs (extra small screen), Sm (small screen), Md (medium screen), lg (large screen) and XL (extra large screen).


Quix is the best free Joomla page builder that gives you the total control from designing to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

Till now you have been customizing the typography from templates option.

Now, you do not need to worry whether the template will provide you typography options or not. Because Quix will allow you to do so.

Typography is an element that is a must to ensure flexible readability and for this reason we have brought Typography Options with Quix 2. You will be able to customize and change the look of your site with 1200+ google fonts along with changing size, height, weight, style, etc. Choose the one that fits you best and give your visitors ultimate reading experience from design to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

New Elements

Quix 2.0 appends some latest elements which are new and most efficient for a user. Right after the selection of column, red circle naming 'Add Elements' will appear which will allow you to select the elements from the list 'Element List'. These elements are sorted and you can modify each element in details. These elements are:

Column Element

The column element is present to help you to create a new column inside the existing column. Which means you can give your website a creative look with various numbers of columns in one section.

Button Element

A form cannot be submitted without a button. It not only links to other sites but also enables to store the data in database. So, we customized the button settings with ready-made buttons with editable functions. You can change the style, font, size, shape etc as it comes with 3 different settings- General, Styles and Advanced.

General setting has all the primary settings including types, outline styles etc. Style setting offers different types of styling like- typography, background, text color, border & spacing. And Advanced setting has background, element style etc

Heading Element

Headings always attract the viewers. If the header is not attractive then you might have less than average traffic in your site.

Quix 2.0 is designed holding each and every element in details. The heading element has all the functions to make a header bold and attractive. It has styling, linking, color, typography, element style, background etc. Make the full use of it and let us know.

Image Element

Image is a necessary element for any website. It is proven that images works better than texts. Your explanation directly hits viewers mind faster with images rather than texts.

With quix you can insert an image directly or generate it form any external link, that's totally up to you. Besides we know everyone like it a bit unique, so we have provided elegant customization's along it. Hope you like to use our new element.

Text Element

Text element is very much important. It helps to get more traffic via SEO. Text helps to describe anything in details. If the text is not appropriate and attractive then it does not increase viewers interest.

We know how much text element is important for you so we tried our best to make it better. Our text element comes with advanced typography, so that you can customize text in your way.

Cache System Updated

"Faster and quick response" is the first expectation a user expects from a website. And a site can be made blazing fast by improving the cache system. Cache shows the web pages without pulling them from database every time a user asks for them.

Quix Joomla page builder is 3X, faster as we updated the cache system. Now the buffering won't bother you and keep you waiting as the pages will load in seconds.

Release Timeline

  • Alpha 1 -​ 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 ​8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 & 2 Release - ✅
  • RC 1 Release - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 Release – 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable Release - 10th April, 2018

The better is getting best. Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder is very much sorted and improved. We are still working over it but we promise not to keep you waiting up late. Meantime why not give a test drive and send us your feedback.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.


Comments (25)

  1. Kevin Morrison

I have a subscription to Quix, why dont I have access to this beta?

  1. jay    Kevin Morrison

i was asking myself the exact same thing!

  1. Kai    jay

Me as well! Don't see it in my downloads ! Why not?

  1. Uzzal Raz Bongshi    Kevin Morrison

We want to make the first impression look good, that's why we are not providing download options. But we promise we will provide you a downloadable package from RC release, till then stay tuned.
Thanks for staying with us.

  1. Jules Bruggeman

1st impression: promising

- labels are not visible
- Cannot hide the sections


  1. Parvez Akther    Jules Bruggeman

- Labels are for internal reference, we may remove it on future release.
- Yes, some options are still work in progress

  1. DOUSSAINT Kevin


This is good news as Quix was already at best and a pleasure to use, it will be awesome.

Just to inform you that you got a lot of 404 on https://www.themexpert.com

Have a nice day


  1. Parvez Akther    DOUSSAINT Kevin

Thanks Kevin,

You got 404 error while login before comment ? I just found it. Or there are more ? Mind sharing ?


  1. Parvez Akther    DOUSSAINT Kevin

Login issue is fixed

  1. boillat

I'm disappointed
Try your demo and get lots of proglem with column
1. Example : I made a 2 columns ( A, B) row, resize the column A and add 2 columns(C,D) in B.
A is 1/3 so B should be 2/3 BUT IS NOT, its' only 1/3 and so C and D are only 1/6
Impossible to resize coloumn B C D
I TRY to make A 1/2 again but B remain 1/3
2. Resizing column with percentage is very difficult especially when trying to have consistency throughout the page
Because to see to width of column I have to click and drag the resize again
I would prefer to be able to resize column on the basis of fixed value 1/12, 5/12 7/12, ...
Or to be able in the setting to modify the size of the column with the exact value a want ( 1/12,...)

  1. Parvez Akther    boillat

Sorry for your disappointment We know there are few bugs in col yet and working on it. We are not perfect so it's getting good in every release

Resizing is % gives more flexibility over grid. We'll give an input box for column width so you can put exact value you want instead of drag the col. Hope this makes sense.

  1. boillat

As the proverb says
Better and best are the ennemy of good

  1. boillat

quix 1.9 is a pretty good product for page building, laking of setting in elements ( for example the ability in joomla article not to strip tag and present intro article with it original presentation + the displaying of custom fields)

  1. Parvez Akther    boillat

Yeah 1.x series is pretty solid and 2.0 will be more powerful I promise

  1. boillat

Thanks for your answer

Resizing is % gives more flexibility over grid. We'll give an input box for column width so you can put exact value you want instead of drag the col. Hope this makes sense
Yes it make sense when having multiple rows or section and waning elements to be align throughout the page. Otherwise, for me as web designer, it looks messy if columns are not align

Ok waiting to see

  1. boillat

Oh yes one more thing about resize in %
Is this not tedious to adapt for different screen?
With the 1/12 ... system it seem more easy to manage than % - even if it's less flexible.

Always as a webdesigner point of view, it's non-sense to have a 42.5% column. The 1/12 system (8.33%, 16.66%, 25%,33.3%,...) is already flexible enough for most case

  1. Pete Stevens

Good work guys!

one thing I would like to see soon is ability to move the settings dialogue box. At the moment it opens screen centre hiding what is being changed behind it and cannot be moved. (least not by me).

I expect you guys will be adding a pin dialogue box to side etc at some point in the future but for now ability to drag it 'out of the way' would be great!

Looking forward to RC1


  1. Parvez Akther    Pete Stevens

Hello Pete,

Yeah, moving the settings box is already in our list. You can drag it around or stick to left of right side

  1. PC-GRAF

Is it possible to make an element list on the left side of the screen and the settings for elements on the ride side?
Then it would be possible to drag an element from the left side box in the layout. If i click on an element the settings on the right side are accessible and editable with just 1 click (please take a look at Pagebuilder 3 from JoomlaShine ).

2. Resizing colums in % are good, but ONLY with 1% - 100% and NOT 44,44 or 66,66 (see Gantry5). This could make it easier to drag to a good position.


  1. Parvez Akther    PC-GRAF

1. Yes possible but we may not do it. I saw this one PB3 from JS and I believe it's not good UX practice( You may like it no offense).

2. Yes sound good

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