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Inside Quix Version 2


Our mission is to help you build cutting-edge websites faster and better.

Quix has grown tremendously since its very beginning. We've introduced dozens of new features over the past 2 years, yet the main experience of creating a website with Quix remains the same.

For over a year, we've taken the time to chat with you in person, online, and through email. We've also read through thousands of customers tickets to understand your pain points and frustrations.

In listening to you, it became clear that it was time to take a revolutionary leap: to create a Quix experience that's faster and simpler.

We've learned a lot and applied all the things we've learned to make Quix even better, for you.

Here is an inside look and roadmap of how things are coming together as we roll out the second version of our product: Quix version 2.

Quix has grown leaps and bounds in past two years and when we started working on Quix 2.0 our main focus was to help our customer's websites grow. The most important things we often ignore when we build the website thinking we'll do it before launch and 90% of us failed to do so. Not with Quix anymore. Our main focus for Quix 2.0 is :

  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Accessibility

Let's see how Quix helps you to fix these problems, the moment you start building your website.


Performance has never been an afterthought for Quix. We are very obsessed with speed and from the very beginning, we used page caching, asset caching, device based rendering and so on...

Now, when we talk about the performance of v2 there are two sides of it.

Page Building: Quix v2 comes with live frontend editing interface with a huge array of settings. You can build websites 2x faster than before. You will be able to see changes live while you make it and it will autosave your changes. 

Page Loading: We re-wrote the entire rendering engine using the most popular and fastest template engine in the PHP world. I'll talk about this in a later blog post. The new template engine loads Quix page faster than ever before. 

What about the backend editor? Is it still available?

Do not worry, we won't remove backend editor. Both backend and front editor will be available with Quix 2.0. You can use whichever one that suits you best. All of the old pages created with v1 will open with the backend editor (called classic editor) and the new page will use the frontend editor.

​Search Engine Optimization At It's Best

What is the benefit of having a beautiful site when people cannot find them in search results? Quix 2.0 enables you to easily build a beautiful responsive site with more SEO friendliness.


The codebase of Quix 2.0 is 100% optimized for SEO.

Our enhanced SEO plugin increases your chances of showing up in a website search result.

Our newly created SEO plugin will tell you your live score while building the website ( surprise :) )

Accessibility Support

Everyone has equal rights. So we are giving fair support for everyone. Quix 2.0 is coming with accessibility support for people with disabilities. The UI structure, element switching, menu items searching and all other things will be very much easier with new Quix.

Technical Changes That Matter

Let's talk about some technical changes that coming with the new version.

Bootstrap 4

With the power of flex and CSS grid system, you can build any kind of layout you want. Bootstrap 4 is completely re-written with CSS flex and lot more cool features. It's completely modular and most popular choice for front-end developers. We decided to go with BS4 but remember Quix is completely framework agnostic. You can use any framework you want. Such as UiKit, Foundation or Semantic UI.

Font Awesome 5

Icons play an essential role in websites, and Font Awesome is the most popular icon pack available. Font Awesome gives you more control, icons, and more customizability options than any other icon packs. You will be glad to know, Quix 2.0 is coming with Font Awesome 5 which means you will be getting most out of Font Awesome and you will be able to use more icons in the coolest ways. Grow, shrink, rotate, do whatever you like to do with your icons and make awesome websites with Quix 2.0

We've been working with Quix for the past 4 months and we are very close to release first public alpha, hopefully, next week. With the release of first alpha, we'll keep you informed of the full development roadmap. We've re-written every piece of code and making Quix the absolutely best page builder for Joomla!. Let's rock together...

Comments (20)

  1. Ashnet Consulting

Quix is very good, i'm abandoning yootheme pro..
But i think you have to enhance your documentation and support forum..

Another thing, navigate your sites from italy is slow, each click take 4/5 seconds and take note that my internet connection is very fast (Fiber 100 Mbps)

I'm excited to test the new 2.0 alpha and send feedback to you..

  1. Parvez Akther    Ashnet Consulting

Thanks for the compliment, mind sharing why you are abandoning yootheme pro ?

Yes documentation and support is our first priority for Quix 2.0

Working on the site speed improvement, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Parvez Akther    Ashnet Consulting

Able to increase website speed 300% at least from our end. Would you please check and tell me if the website load faster on your end of not ?

  1. James

Please take this time to push the development out until core functionality is added such as the ability to add URL's like JCE Text Editor handles it with a select list of Joomla Content, Menu Items, Etc, but also include Quix Pages and Quix Library items. Secondly, have a look at some of the core elements and enhance them like the Contact Form, allow options to add/remove fields as well as multiple column layouts. This is just two things that would significantly enhance the already great Page Builder.

- James

  1. Parvez Akther    James

Everything on our list sir

Mind explaining 'multiple column layouts' ? We already have that, or I'm missing something ?

  1. suleman

can i ask you a question ... does it have RTL Support???

  1. Darrel Baird    suleman


  1. DOUSSAINT Kevin

Just thanks a lot

  1. Parvez Akther    DOUSSAINT Kevin

You welcome

  1. Alexander van Aken

Is it backwards compatible with 1.9?

  1. Parvez Akther    Alexander van Aken

Kinda Yes and No.

Yes, because the backend editor will be called classic editor and all pages created with classic editor can be edited with classic editor.

No, because you can't create any page with classic editor. All page created with Quix 2.0 will be open and edited by the frontend editor.

We are keeping both editor unless we release Quix 3.0

  1. Econiweb

Muchas gracias, espero ancioso Quix 2 , espero les ofrezca muchos éxitos y así puedan ser cada vez mejores.

  1. Parvez Akther    Econiweb

De nada

  1. boillat

I will have to see a working demo because I’m not sure the impossibility to create element from backend will be interesting

  1. Parvez Akther    boillat

We'll give you access to demo once it ready.

  1. boillat

From a webdedigner point of view I don’t use quix just to create page but to create elements I can use in content and module

The awaited fuontionnaly i expected to see was the ability to built content directly with quix as Divibuiler works in Wordpress

So let’s see to have access to a demo site

  1. Maik Kaune

Hello, you mentioned Quix is "framework agnostic". Would you mind to explain it in more detail, please?
Do you mean it is powered by BS4 grid and it is not disturbed by any other CSS frameworks that might be loaded through a template/extension? Or do you mean it can even output different CSS grid classes and markup? Are there any global options and parameters? Thanks in advance.

  1. Parvez Akther    Maik Kaune

Framework agnostic means, you can use any frontend framework with Quix for your template. This is intend for developer who use Quix for delivering templates.

BDThemes override all Quix elements, section, row with UIKit which you can't do with other page builder like SPPage Builder.

  1. Maik Kaune    Parvez Akther

our = other
Thanks for your quick reply. This is great news. So I would have to create overrides with different grid classes and markup, right?!

  1. Parvez Akther    Maik Kaune

Yes, correct.

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