Ever dreamt of crafting landing pages that captivate visitors and turn them into loyal fans? Sounds pretty sweet, right? But with a plethora of extensions available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Ever dreamt of crafting landing pages that captivate visitors and turn them into loyal fans? Sounds pretty sweet, right? But with a plethora of extensions available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.  But fret not, because we've got you covered! This guide dives into 7 of the best landing page extensions, each catering to different needs. From eye-catching visuals to automated content creation and quick setups, we've got something for everyone. 

So, join us on a journey to discover the perfect extension to launch your landing pages to stellar success!

7 Best Landing Page Joomla Extensions: At a Glance 

Extension Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Quix Feature-rich with advanced tools, Built-in SEO tools, and Fast loading times. Powerful for advanced users, Developer tools for customization, and Supports custom code integration. Requires purchasing a license, Steeper learning curve. Personal: $87/year (Lifetime) | Business: $149/year (1 Year) | Agency: $299/year (1 Year)
LPs Simple Landing Pages Conversion-focused templates, Drag-and-drop form creation, and Email marketing integration. Free and open-source, Easy to use, Conversion tracking. Limited design flexibility, Fewer features.  Free
RSPageBuilder! Drag-and-drop editing, Responsive design, Extensive content library. Free and open-source, Extensive customization, Large community support. The learning curve, Less beginner-friendly. Free
T4 Page Builder User-friendly interface with pre-made sections, Drag-and-drop editing, and Responsive design. Beginner-friendly, Quick start with pre-designed layouts, Free core functionality. Limited to T4 templates, Lacks advanced features. Free (core); Paid extensions available
Geek Landing Page Eye-catching visuals with animations, Drag-and-drop editing, Advanced content types, and forms. Free and open-source, Visually stunning landing pages, Advanced features. Require design experience and limited templates. Demo, Developer Package: $34.90
Diginix Content Generation Automated landing page generation, SEO optimization for generated pages, and Unique content variations. Efficient workflows, and Spintax support for content control.  aid extension, Limited customization options. Free Trial, Paid: US$ 30.00.
Moonchip Landing Page Pre-built template with registration form, Drag-and-drop editing for basic customization, and Mobile-friendly design. Quick and easy setup, Free to use, and community support.  Limited features, Restricted design flexibility. Free Trial

7 Best Landing Page Joomla Extensions: In-Depth

Crafting magnetic landing pages that hypnotize visitors into conversions is every marketer's dream. In the realm of Joomla here I am with 7 amazing landing page Joomla extensions. Buckle up, let's explore their unique strengths to find your perfect match.

1. Quix

quix landing page

If you're a seasoned landing page warrior, Quix is your ultimate weapon. This feature-packed powerhouse boasts over 200 pre-built elements, from animations to integrations. Need SEO optimization tools?

Check. Want custom code freedom? Double check! Feeling like a developer? Developer tools are at your service! It's the landing page, Ferrari, propelling you towards conversion victory laps with its pixel-perfect experiences. Quix doesn't just help you build beautiful pages; it helps them rank higher in search results too. Leverage built-in SEO tools for on-page optimization and structured data markup.

Key Features

  • Advanced drag-and-drop builder: Intuitive interface with rich editing capabilities.
  • Massive library of elements: Over 200 pre-built elements and add-ons for diverse functionalities.
  • Customizable layouts and animations: Create unique and engaging landing page designs.
  • Built-in SEO tools: Optimize your landing pages for search engines directly within the builder.
  • Fast loading times: Optimized performance for quick page load speeds.
  • Integration with popular platforms: Connects with Mailchimp, Zendesk, and other services.
  • Developer tools and custom code: Extend functionality with custom JavaScript and CSS.
  • Landing page templates and kits: Get started quickly with pre-designed layouts.
  • Global design settings: Apply consistent styles across your entire landing page.
Pros Cons
Packed with tools and functionalities for advanced page building. Requires purchasing a license for continued use.
Optimize your landing page for search engine visibility. More complex interface compared to beginner-friendly options.
Ensures smooth user experience with quick page loading.  
Supports custom code integration for further customization.  
Offers different licensing plans to fit your needs and budget.  


Plan Price Duration
Personal $87/year Lifetime
Business $149/year 1 Year
Agency $299/year 1 Year

2. LPs Simple Landing Pages

lps simple landing page

Think of this extension as your conversion-obsessed personal trainer. It doesn't waste time on fancy features. Instead, it throws laser-focused templates your way, each designed with a specific goal in mind: lead generation, product launch, you name it.

Drag-and-drop forms, seamless email marketing integration, and conversion tracking tools – it's all there to transform visitors into loyal customers. Imagine it as your landing page boot camp, pushing you towards conversion glory.

Key Features

  • Pre-built landing page templates: Optimized for lead generation and specific goals.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder: Create custom forms for capturing leads easily.
  • Email marketing integration: Connect with popular services like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.
  • Conversion tracking and analytics: Monitor performance and optimize your landing pages.
  • A/B testing: Test different variations of your page to maximize conversions.
  • Conditional logic: Display content based on specific visitor criteria.
  • Countdown timers: Create urgency and encourage conversions.
  • Mobile-responsive design: Ensure your pages look good on all devices.
  • SEO optimization: Include basic SEO features to improve search engine visibility.
  • Support for landing page elements: Images, buttons, videos, social media integrations, etc.
Pros Cons
Tailored templates for lead generation and conversions. Fewer customization options compared to other builders.
Drag-and-drop interface for building custom forms. Offers a basic set of functionalities.
Connect with popular email marketing services.  
Monitor conversions and optimize for better results.  
No licensing fees are required to use the extension.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

3. RSPageBuilder

rspagebuilder landing

Unleash your inner landing page Picasso with this free and open-source wonder. Think of it as your creative playground. Dive into a treasure trove of over 50 content modules, covering everything from text and images to forms and social media feeds. Drag, drop, and design – no coding required! Feeling adventurous?

Custom HTML and CSS await, along with a vibrant community offering even more tools. It's like having a landing page Swiss Army knife, empowering you to craft anything your imagination desires.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop interface: Visually edit and design your landing pages.
  • Over 50 built-in content modules: Text, images, videos, forms, maps, social media feeds, etc.
  • Responsive design: Landing pages automatically adjust for different screen sizes.
  • Row and column system: Create flexible layouts for your content.
  • Custom HTML and CSS support: Extend functionality and design with code.
  • Multiple widgets and addons: Additional functionalities like sliders, accordions, and tabs.
  • Version control: Track changes and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Integration with Joomla core functionalities: Use articles, menus, and modules within your landing pages.
  • Multi-language support: Create landing pages for different languages.
  • Free and open-source: Large community and active development.
Pros Cons
No cost and an active development community. Requires some understanding of website creation.
Easy to create and edit your landing pages visually. Might be challenging for users completely new to building pages.
Ensures your landing page looks good on all screen sizes.  
Wide range of content modules to choose from.  
Supports adding HTML and CSS for advanced control.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

4. T4 Page Builder:

t4 landing page builder

Stepping into the landing page arena for the first time? T4 Page Builder is your friendly guide. With pre-made sections and a drag-and-drop interface, building stunning landing pages becomes a breeze.

Live editing lets you see your masterpiece evolve instantly, while the responsive design ensures it looks flawless on any device. Think of it as your landing page training wheels, providing a smooth and guided entry into the world of conversions.

Key Features

  • Quick start with pre-made sections: Choose from various pre-designed landing page sections.
  • Drag-and-drop editing: Easy to rearrange and edit content elements.
  • Live editing: See changes instantly as you make them.
  • Customizable theme builder: Adjust colors, fonts, and styles to match your brand.
  • Responsive design: Ensures your landing pages look good on all devices.
  • Parallax scrolling effects: Add visual interest and depth to your landing pages.
  • Popups and lightboxes: Capture leads and display additional information.
  • Integration with T4 Page Builder Pro: Access additional features like animations and custom post types.
  • SEO optimization tools: Basic on-page SEO settings within the builder. 
Pros Cons
User-friendly interface with pre-made sections for easy starting. Only works with T4 framework templates. 
Get started easily with pre-designed layouts and sections. Fewer options compared to more comprehensive builders.
Intuitive interface for easy content manipulation.  
Ensures mobile-friendliness and adapts to different devices.  
The core functionality is free.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

5. Geek Landing Page

geek landing page

Want your landing page to turn heads with dazzling effects and animations? Look no further than the Geek Landing Page! Imagine eye-catching carousels, smooth transitions, and popups that grab attention.

This isn't just a builder; it's a landing page choreographer. Drag, drop, and customize with an extensive toolbox. Think of it as your landing page director, helping you create showstopping experiences that convert visitors into fans.

Key Features

  • Visually stunning landing pages: Create attention-grabbing landing pages with animations and effects.
  • Drag-and-drop builder: Easily arrange and edit content elements without coding.
  • Flexible customization: Extensive settings for fonts, colors, layouts, and more.
  • Advanced content types: Supports various media like images, videos, forms, and social media feeds.
  • Landing page animations: Add dynamic elements like carousels, transitions, and popups.
  • Landing page analytics: Track visitor behavior and measure conversion rates.
  • A/B testing: Compare different versions of your landing pages to optimize performance.
  • Integration with Joomla! core: Use articles, menus, and modules within your landing pages.
  • GDPR compliance: Ensure your landing pages are compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Multilingual support: Create landing pages for different languages.
Pros Cons
Create stunning landing pages with animations and effects. Requires some design experience for effective utilization.
Easy to customize and personalize your landing pages. Offers fewer pre-designed layouts compared to other builders.
Offers various content types and forms for complex needs.  
Monitor conversions for better results.  
No licensing fees are required to use the extension.  


Plan Price
Demo Available Free
Developer Package $34.90

6. Diginix Content Generation

dignix landing page content

Feeling overwhelmed by creating multiple landing pages for different campaigns? Enter Diginix Content Generation, your landing page automation hero. Imagine feeding it a single template and keywords, and poof!

Multiple, SEO-optimized template landing pages appear. It's a content creation machine, spitting out unique variations to target specific audiences. Think of it as your landing page factory worker, freeing you to focus on strategy while it cranks out conversion machines.

Key Features

  • Automatic landing page creation: Generate multiple landing pages from a single template.
  • Keyword replacement: Inject different keywords for targeted campaigns.
  • SEO optimization: Automatically optimizes generated pages for search engines.
  • Content spinning: Creates unique variations of content to avoid duplicate content penalties.
  • Bulk generation: Generate batches of landing pages efficiently.
  • Integration with Joomla!: Seamlessly integrate with your Joomla! website.
  • Spintax support: Use Spintax syntax for even more control over content variations.
  • Reporting and analytics: Track the performance of your generated landing pages.
  • Customizable templates: Build your own templates for specific needs.
Pros Cons
Generate multiple landing pages from a single template. Requires purchasing a license for continued use.
Ensures your generated pages are optimized for search engines. Offers less control over individual page design elements.
Creates variations to avoid duplicate content penalties.  
Generate batches of landing pages for various campaigns quickly.  
Offers control over content variations using spintax syntax.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

7. Moonchip Landing Page

moonchip landing page

Need a simple and quick landing page with built-in user registration? Moonchip Landing Page is your one-stop solution. Forget complex builders; this extension offers a pre-built template with a seamless Joomla registration form.

Add some personal touches with drag-and-drop editing and customize colors and fonts for your brand. Think of it as your landing page convenience store, offering essentials without the fuss. It's perfect for capturing leads and building your mailing list quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Pre-built landing page template: Save time with a ready-made design.
  • Built-in Joomla! registration form: Capture leads directly on your landing page.
  • Drag-and-drop editing: Customize the landing page content to your needs.
  • Mobile-responsive design: Ensure your landing page looks good on all devices.
  • Social media integration: Share your landing page on social media platforms.
  • Email marketing integration: Connect with popular email marketing services.
  • Basic analytics: Track page views and conversions.
  • Customization options: Change colors, fonts, and background images.
  • Limited design flexibility: Compared to more advanced builders. 
Pros Cons
Saves time with a pre-built template and registration form. Offers fewer functionalities compared to more advanced builders.
Ensures your landing page looks good on all devices. Less control over the overall layout and style. 
Allows for some personalization through drag-and-drop editing.  
Seamlessly integrates with Joomla! for easy setup.  
No additional costs associated with the extension.  


Plan Price
Free Trial Free

Which Joomla Landing Page Extension Should I Use?

Choosing the right Joomla landing page extension depends on your specific needs and skill level. Here's a quick overview of 7 popular options:

Quix: A feature-rich powerhouse with built-in SEO tools and fast loading times, best suited for advanced users comfortable with a steeper learning curve.
LPs Simple Landing Pages: Ideal if you prioritize conversion-focused templates and ease of use, perfect for beginners.

RSPageBuilder!: A free and open-source option with extensive features like drag-and-drop editing and a large content library, ideal for those comfortable with some customization. T4 Page Builder: Best for beginners thanks to its user-friendly interface and pre-made sections, but limited to T4 framework templates.

Geek Landing Page: Captivate visitors with eye-catching visuals and animations, offering advanced features, however, it requires some design experience. Diginix Content Generation: Automate your workflow by generating multiple landing pages from a single template, perfect for saving time and ensuring SEO optimization.

Moonchip Landing Page: Ideal for a quick and easy setup with a pre-built template and registration form, but offers limited features and design flexibility.

Consider your priorities, technical skills, and budget to make the best choice for your Joomla landing pages.