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Hands-on review of Joomla and WordPress themes and plugins.

Exploring The Best Joomla Content Modules

Exploring The Best Joomla Content Modules

Content is King but Presentation is Everything. You might be able to win a battle with a good piece of content, but you can’t win the war without a good content presentation. You can’t gain your achievable goal without presenting contents in strategic and smart way.

Joomla comes with all possibilities, you desire to include in your website. There is bundle of content presenting extensions are available in Joomla extension directory. Before randomly picking content extension, you might expect to read reviews on it. We have made short list for expediency.



News Show Pro is a Free and outstanding Joomla content module, comes with numerous possibilities to showcase your ultimate contents. The extension ensures touch gestures mobile and touches devices that provides unlimited user experience.


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02, RokSprocket

RokSprockets is one of the most popular revolutionary super extension, designed to give you maximum level of functionality. With RokSprocket, you can present your articles with sophisticated content filter, robust layout modes, maximum providers integration and many more.


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03 Xpert Contents

Xpert Contents is a great module to display your content in a beautiful way. The module has been developed for perfect showcasing Joomla, K2 and EasyBlog article and images. Utilizing Joomla! MVC override Xpert Contents become very powerful you could imagine.


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04, JA Content Slider

JA Content Slider is one of the most popular premium content module for Joomla. It allows easy showcasing your Joomla and K2 articles both horizontally and vertically. The module comes with bundles of functionality and powerful admin interface.


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05, News Show SP2

News Show SP2 is a Free and incredible content module showcasing Joomla, K2 and Virtuemart contents. In News Show SP2 you can easily set the number of columns, row and slides setting. It creates thumbnails and ensures fast loading of your website automatically.


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06, BT Content Slider

BT Content Slider is one of the most convenient content module for Joomla website. The module helps to slide Joomla and K2 articles with cool animation effect. BT contents slider module is easy to install and available in French language.


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07, Xpert Scroller

XpertScroller is a famous content module in Joomla community. It will enhance your sites usability easily. XpertScroller comes with bundles of options and functionality to present your Joomla, K2 and EasyBlog contents in a unique way. The awesome tool is capable to present your contents both horizontally and vertically to amaze your visitors.


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Content modules are smart solution to present your contents in a smart way. We have made this list based on the extensions’ popularity and our experience. But the extensions are used depending on your design strategy and user experience, So, the list will help you take a smart decision :)

Which content module are you using in your projects ?

Sneak Peek - A Promising Social Extension for Joomla!

Sneak Peek - A Promising Social Extension for Joomla!

If you ever get the chance to use EasyBlog, EasyDisucss or even free Komento extension you know the quality of their product. All of their extensions are well thought and professionally crafted. Our Blog and Forum also runs their product and we are extremely satisfied. Recently they announced for a new Social extension and I believe that will be another top notch product like EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss.

After seeing their screenshot and talking with them I can say it's a true rival of Jomsocial and Community Builder. I'm really excited to integrate this EasySocial in our template and Expose framework.

If you are excited like I, just sign up there mailing list to stay updated with latest news and offers.

EasySocial Website

5 Must Have Joomla Extensions For Your Website

CMS platforms have become popular for developing various types of websites over the years. Though they were initiated to create blogs easily but now portfolios to full service business sites are being made in Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento etc. When you are starting a site you may treat visual appearance as the first priority to attract traffic but the components which are invisible behind the curtain are much more important to keep the traffic stay in your site for a little longer. Security concerns, backup info, SEO are some points which are not to be overlooked otherwise your stunning site containing hundreds of animations and colorful designs may not attract even the least amount of people. For your convenience here are five extensions for Joomla! platform which will assist you to smarten up your site and create richer content in less time.


Admin Tools


 To simplify your site administration tasks and to enhance your site’s security simultaneously, Admin Tools is the most effective Joomla! extension there is. Admin tool will make your life more comfortable with its power to notify and install updates, fix files and directory permissions, perform database maintenance, handle custom URL redirection, building a secure .htaccess fiile and create a secure environment in web by including an advanced Web Application Firewall. It is available in two editions, Admin Tools Core and Admin Tools Professional. And the Core version is free and downloading once will server for life time on infinite numbers of domains!

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Akeeba Backup


 If you are looking for a powerful yet simple extension for keeping backup of your Joomla! site, Akeeba Backup, the matchless open-source backup component, is here for you! It is AJAX powered, fabricated to handle huge sized sites and to keep away server timeout. It creates a backup archive which contains all the files, a database snapshot and a restoration point. Akeeba Backup comes in two versions that are called Core and Professional. Core version is free, provides some basic backup tools and an unlimited service. But for more advanced options, trying the Professional edition for some fee is a good choice to maximize your convenience and reduce the probability of mishap of losing data forever.

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K2-Content Construction Kit


 K2, the advanced component for creating more detail Joomla! articles with images, videos, image galleries and attachments, is developed by JoomlaWorks. Equipped with more potential plugins to create rich content, K2 even enables converting a normal news site to author’s blog, product catalogs, download manager, product showcase and many more magic to amaze your clients. Producing flashy sites has never been much easier!

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JCE-Joomla Content Editor


 JCE is an attractive plug-in for creating and editing Joomla! contents easily. It has a cool content creating environment with beautiful familiar options to make the user experience better. It makes formatting, creating links and some other advanced options which you can use with few clicks without any knowledge of complex coding. Moreover, it is free and extendable with different additional plugins. It can also be customizable in some extent.

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 SEO is an important issue to deal with nowadays and if you are unsatisfied by your site’s present performance and looking for an ultimate plugin which will take care of your site ranking as well as your site’s security, there’s good news for you. Grab sh404SEF and see how your site climbs up the ranking ladder with maximized security to prevent common attacks. It has dynamic capabilities to retain users. It is also comfortable with numerous Joomla! sites and critics gave a high positive review for this plugin. It is quite economic with all these cool options. You might want to give it a try for achieving top ranks in search engine, a better security for your site and peace in your mind!

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