Email marketing remains a potent weapon in the digital marketer's arsenal, and for Joomla users, crafting and distributing captivating newsletters is a breeze with a plethora of extensions at your disposal.

Email marketing remains a potent weapon in the digital marketer's arsenal, and for Joomla users, crafting and distributing captivating newsletters is a breeze with a plethora of extensions at your disposal.

But navigating the crowded marketplace can be daunting. Worry not, content crusaders! We've handpicked the 10 best Joomla newsletter extensions for 2024, catering to diverse needs and budgets. Prepare to unleash email magic upon your audience!

Before diving in, let's consider some key factors when choosing your perfect newsletter extension:

  • Features: Essential functionalities like subscriber management, email design, automation, and analytics are crucial.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is key, especially for non-technical users.
  • Integrations: Compatibility with other tools like CRM or eCommerce platforms can streamline your workflow.
  • Pricing: Free vs. paid options cater to different needs and budgets.

Now, let's explore the top contenders!

Top 10 Newsletter Extensions in Joomla: At a glance

Extensions  Key features  Pros Cons   Pricing
AcyMailing   List management, Drag-and-drop email design, Automation workflows, Detailed analytics, Multilingual support, Integrations (JoomlaVirtueMart, MailChimp) Feature-rich, Powerful automation, Comprehensive analytics Complex interface, Can be expensive for advanced features  Free & Paid ($7.07 - $40.25)
jNews User-friendly interface, Drag-and-drop modules, Responsive templates, Social media integration, Advanced subscription forms, Built-in spam filtering  Easy to use, Targetted campaigns, Strong engagement metrics  Limited integrations, Fewer automation options  Free & Paid ($66.67 - $97) 
Mailster  Free & feature-rich, Drag-and-drop email editing, Automation sequences, Comprehensive analytics, WooCommerce integration, Subscriber segmentation, Custom CSS  Versatile features, Strong community support  Limited advanced features in free plan  Free & Paid ($42.38 - $161.93) 
AWeber Convert Forms Addon AJAX-powered newsletter signup forms, Integration with AWeber, List selection, User updates, Custom field sync, Tag sync, Newsletter form creation, Email notifications, Conditional logic, Submission management, CRM integration, Google Analytics integration, Spam protection Easily create and integrate newsletter signup forms, Seamlessly connect with AWeber, AJAX submission for instant actions, User-friendly interface  Requires core Convert Forms extension, Limited free version, Potential learning curve, Reliance on external service  Core Extension: Free & Paid; AWeber Addon: ($42.57 - $97.14) 
RSMail!  Subscriber management, Email creation, Sending options, Tracking and reporting, Integrations, Compliance and security  Comprehensive features for email marketing Potential learning curve, Support options not clear, No free version  $43.51 - $184.96
Phoca Email Create newsletters from Joomla articles, Basic editor functions, Email scheduling  Free and easy to use, Beginner-friendly  Limited features, Lacking automation and analytics  Free
Mailchimp Auto-Subscribe  Automatic subscription, Merge tag mapping, Double opt-in control, Multi-language support, Backend registration support, Extensive compatibility, User-friendly dashboard, Performance optimization, Regular updates, World-class Support, No coding required, Multilingual Seamless automation, Enhances list growth, Flexible customization, Extensive compatibility, User-friendly, Regular updates  Relies on external MailChimp services, Potential for configuration errors  $31.65 - $64.40 
SumoMe for Joomla Effortless setup & integration, Wide range of popups and optin tools, Seamless embedding, Simplified management, Real-time preview, Actionable analytics, Continuous improvement, No coding required Effortless setup, Wide range of tools, User-friendly management, completely free Potential for popup fatigue, Reliance on external SumoMe service Free
NS Pro Powerful automation sequences, Dynamic content, Detailed analytics, Conditional logic & personalization Highly targeted campaigns, Robust functionalities Complex interface, Not for beginners $31.65 (lifetime)
Sendinblue Effortless setup, Seamless data sync, List building, Centralized campaign management,  Powerful analytics, Real-time alerts, GDPR compliance, Unlimited contacts, Intuitive interface, Drag-and-drop functionality, Multi-user access, Advanced statistics Free to use with unlimited contacts, Simplifies subscription forms, All-in-one solution Relies on external SendinBlue account, Not updated recently Free

Top 10 Newsletter Extensions in Joomla: In depth

1. AcyMailing

AcyMailing is a comprehensive email marketing extension for Joomla and WordPress, known for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and reliable deliverability. It empowers you to create stunning emails, automate campaigns, and gain valuable insights to boost your marketing success.

Key features

  • Drag & Drop Email Editor: Build beautiful and responsive emails with ease, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Real Dynamic Content: Personalize your emails with dynamic text based on subscriber data, increasing engagement and relevance.
  • Powerful Automation: Automate email sequences for welcome messages, abandoned carts, and other triggers, saving time and maximizing reach.
  • Segmentation & Targeting: Divide your audience into specific groups for targeted campaigns, ensuring your messages reach the right people.
  • Advanced Analytics: Track campaign performance with detailed reports on open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, allowing you to optimize your strategy.
  • High Deliverability: Maintain a positive sender reputation and ensure your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders.
  • Free and Paid Plans: Choose from a free version with essential features or upgrade to paid plans for advanced automation, integrations, and premium support. 
 Pros  Cons
User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners Paid plans can be expensive for advanced features 
Powerful features and customization options  Complex interface for some advanced features 
Strong automation capabilities   
Detailed analytics and reporting   
High deliverability and spam prevention   
Free plan available with core functionalities   


The Starter plan is free and you can send upto 500 emails/month. The Paid plans start at $7.07/month and go up to $40.25/month.

2. jNews


jNews is a powerful and user-friendly newsletter component for Joomla, designed to empower you to create beautiful emails, engage your audience, and track your success. Developed by Acajoom, the team behind your favorite email marketing app, jNews prioritizes ease of use and robustness while offering a full range of features to create impactful campaigns.

Key features

  • Manage Multiple Lists: Send targeted campaigns to specific segments of your audience with unlimited mailing lists and subscribers.
  • Drag-and-Drop Module: Enhance your Joomla website with the jNews module featuring cool Ajax effects and display options.
  • Professional Templates: Get started quickly with 5 pre-designed newsletter templates or create your own custom layouts.
  • Queue Management & Resend: Overcome hosting limitations with email queue management and resend options.
  • Automated Subscriptions: Automatically subscribe new users to relevant lists based on registration or other triggers.
  • Detailed Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your campaign performance with comprehensive statistics on delivery, opens, and engagement.
  • Social Media Integration: Foster audience interaction with social sharing buttons and tags for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Joomla Integration: Seamlessly synchronize with your Joomla users and easily import subscribers from other Joomla systems.
  • Dynamic Content: Insert and sort articles from Joomla based on date, section, or category for personalized updates.
  • Powerful Integrations: Extend your capabilities with integrations for popular Joomla extensions like JomSocial, FlexiContent, VirtueMart, and more.
  • Classical Functionality: Stay in control with features like subscriber management, attachments, email validation, test emails, image embedding, and unsubscribing options. 
 Pros  Cons
User-friendly interface, great for beginners Limited automation features compared to some competitors 
Comprehensive features for building impactful campaigns  Advanced features might require paid extensions 
Detailed analytics and tracking  Only compatible with upto Joomla 3 
Strong social media integration and engagement tools   
Seamless Joomla integration and flexible data import   
Classical newsletter functionality for core needs   
Free version available with essential features   


There’s a basic free version and the paid plans starts at $66.67(lifetime license) and goes upto $97(lifetime license) but provide free Cron service, update and support for only 1 year.

3. Mailster


Mailster is a free and versatile email marketing extension for Joomla that stands out for its generous features, community support, and customization options. It empowers you to create engaging campaigns, automate workflows, and track your success, all within your Joomla environment.

Key features

  • Manage Recipients: Organize subscribers in groups, import and export CSV files, enable self-subscription, and protect against spam with CAPTCHA and double opt-in.
  • Create Mailing Lists: Set up multiple lists for different purposes, control senders, manage replies, and filter and moderate emails.
  • Archive Emails: Access and manage email archives in the backend or frontend, create digest articles, and automate archive cleanup.
  • Multi-Account Sending: Utilize any IMAP/POP3 email account for your campaigns.
  • Customizable Content: Design email formats with personalized subjects, headers, and footers.
  • Tailored Messages: Utilize merge tags to inject dynamic content and personalize messaging for each recipient.
  • Format Choice: Send emails in plain text or HTML based on subscriber preferences.
  • Branding Control: Remove the "powered by Mailster" footer for a seamless experience.
  • Throttling: Control sending speed to avoid overwhelming your email server or annoying recipients.
  • Digest Mode: Combine multiple emails into a single digest for a focused inbox experience.
  • Dedicated Cronjob: For high-volume sending, opt for optional cronjob services for increased delivery speeds.
  • Queue Management: Schedule bulk emails for efficient delivery without overloading your server.
  • Basic Cronjob Service: Included in paid plans, automatically send out campaigns every 15 minutes.
  • Power Cronjob Service: Upgrade for faster sending, triggering emails every 5 minutes (paid plan).
  • Sprint Cronjob Service: For maximum speed, send emails instantly with the optional Sprint cronjob service (paid plan). 
 Pros  Cons
Ideal for smaller lists and basic needs Some essential features like faster sending require premium add-ons
Design emails, segment audiences, control sending speeds  Support options might depend on paid plans
Schedule campaigns, leverage cronjobs for high-volume sending   
Works natively with your Joomla site   


There’s a basic free version that allows only 50 recipients per emailing list and a 15 min cycle on cron jobs and no technical support. The paid plans start at $42.38/year and go up to $161.93/year. All the paid plans provide only 1 year of free technical support.

4. AWeber Convert Forms Addon


Integrates AWeber's email marketing capabilities with the versatile Convert Forms extension, enabling you to seamlessly create AJAX-powered newsletter signup forms for your Joomla website.

Key features

  • AJAX-powered newsletter signup forms: Create forms that submit instantly without page reloads, enhancing user experience.
  • Integration with AWeber: Seamlessly connect with your AWeber account to manage subscribers and email campaigns.
  • List selection: Choose the specific AWeber list to which new subscribers will be added.
  • User updates: Keep your AWeber contact lists accurate by syncing form data with existing user information.
  • Custom field sync: Transfer data from your forms to any custom fields you've defined in AWeber, enabling more personalized email content.
  • Tag sync: Assign specific tags to subscribers based on form data, allowing for better segmentation and targeting in your email campaigns.
  • Newsletter form creation: Build visually appealing and functional newsletter signup forms without any coding required.
  • Email notifications: Automatically send confirmation emails to new subscribers upon signup.
  • Conditional logic: Create dynamic forms that show or hide fields, or trigger emails, based on specific conditions or user choices.
  • Submission management: Easily view and manage newsletter signups within the extension's interface.
  • CRM integration: Connect with popular Customer Support platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce to consolidate subscriber data and streamline email marketing workflows.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: Track newsletter signups within your Google Analytics account to measure campaign performance.
  • Spam protection: Protect your forms from unwanted submissions with reCAPTCHA and honeypot techniques.
 Pros  Cons
Easily create and integrate AJAX-powered newsletter signup forms into your Joomla website  The AWeber Convert Forms Addon isn't a standalone tool and requires the purchase and installation of the core Convert Forms extension 
Connect with your AWeber account to manage subscribers and email campaigns directly within Joomla  The core Convert Forms extension has a free version with limited features, requiring an upgrade for full functionality, including AWeber integration 
AJAX submission allows for instant form actions without page reloads, improving user engagement  While user-friendly, the initial setup and configuration of forms and integrations might require some time and familiarity with Joomla extensions 
Drag-and-drop form builder and pre-built templates simplify the creation process for users of all technical skill levels Functionality depends on your AWeber account and subscription plan, adding additional costs beyond the extension itself 
Forms appear and function optimally across all devices, ensuring accessibility for your audience While tag assignment based on form data offers some segmentation, advanced targeting features within AWeber may require separate configuration


Convert forms has a free version but to gain the AWeber integration you’ll need to purchase the Pro plan which starts at $42.57 (1 year of free updates and priority support) and goes up to $97.14.

5. RSMail!


RSMail! is a comprehensive email marketing extension designed to streamline newsletter and campaign management within your Joomla website. It offers a robust set of features for creating, scheduling, and sending personalized emails, tracking results, and ensuring compliance with EU regulations.

Key features

  • Subscriber Management: Organize subscribers into lists with unlimited columns, import from CSV files or Joomla user database, and manage subscriptions through various methods.
  • Email Creation: Design emails using templates, import content from Joomla articles, K2, RSBlog!, RSEvents!Pro, SobiPro, VirtueMart, and RSFiles!, and personalize with dynamic fields.
  • Sending Options: Schedule email delivery for optimal timing or send instantly, and leverage DKIM for email authentication.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Measure campaign performance with detailed reports on opens, clicks, bounces, and link tracking.
  • Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with Joomla's user registration process, create custom subscription forms with RSForm!Pro, and connect with various content sources for email content creation.
  • Compliance and Security: Ensure GDPR compliance with multiple unsubscribe methods and protect against spam subscriptions with built-in reCAPTCHA. 
 Pros  Cons
Comprehensive features for email marketing within Joomla Potential learning curve for those new to email marketing 
Flexible subscriber management and email creation options  Support options and community resources not clearly stated 
Integration with Joomla and third-party extensions  No free version available
Scheduled and instant sending capabilities  
Tracking and reporting for campaign analysis  
EU compliance and spam protection   


Plans start at $43.51 for single site licenses and go up to $184.96 for multi site licenses.

6. Phoca Email


Phoca Email is a versatile Joomla component that empowers you to manage various email-related tasks within your Joomla environment. It offers newsletter functionality, integration with other extensions, and the ability to send emails directly from the Joomla administration area.

Key features

  • Newsletter Management: Create and send newsletters to subscribers, manage lists, and track performance.
  • Integration with Other Extensions: Works seamlessly with Phoca Cart for e-commerce newsletters and VirtueMart for sending order-related emails (invoices, delivery notes, receipts).
  • Administrative Email Sending: Compose and send emails directly from the Joomla backend, with options for recipient selection (individual users, multiple email addresses, or stored Joomla users), message format (text or HTML), and article selection.
  • Flexible Mailing Options: Send emails to various recipients using different formatting and content types.
 Pros Cons
Free and open-source extension  Hasn’t been updated in 3 years 
Versatile functionality for email management  Limited features compared to some other extensions on this list 
Integration with popular Joomla extensions   
User-friendly interface for email sending within the Joomla backend  


Free to use extension.

7. Mailchimp Auto-Subscribe


Grow your audience and email list by seamlessly Mailchimp signups into your Joomla site with the Mailchimp Auto-Subscribe extension. This simple yet powerful plugin allows visitors to subscribe to your Mailchimp audience or selected lists via popup, embedded form, or automatic signup options.

Key features

  • Automatic Subscription: Effortlessly adds new Joomla users to your chosen MailChimp list upon registration.
  • Merge Tag Mapping: Transfers user data (name, email, login, groups, custom fields) to MailChimp for personalized emails.
  • Double Opt-in Control: Choose whether to require confirmation emails for compliance and subscriber engagement.
  • Multi-Language Support: Subscribes users to different lists based on website language for targeted campaigns.
  • Backend Registration Support: Enrolls users added through the Joomla backend as well.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Works with Joomla core registration and various popular extensions (JomSocial, HikaShop, J2Store, CommunityBuilder, VirtueMart, K2Store, JoomShopping, and more).
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Get started quickly with an intuitive interface.
  • Performance Optimization: Built for speed, SEO-friendliness, accessibility, and responsiveness.
  • Regular Updates: Stay current with new features and compatibility enhancements.
  • World-Class Support: Access a knowledge base, troubleshooting guides, and dedicated support team.
  • No Coding Required: Easy setup and use for everyone.
  • Multilingual: Available in over 10 languages. 
 Pros Cons 
Seamless automation saves time and effort Relies on external MailChimp service 
Enhances list growth and audience reach  Potential for configuration errors if not set up correctly 
Flexible customization with merge tags and double opt-in control   
Extensive compatibility with various Joomla extensions   
User-friendly interface and effortless setup  
Regular updates and dedicated support   


Plans start at $31.65 (lifetime purchase with 1 year of free updates and priority support) and goes upto $64.40. There are also various bundle plans available.

8. SumoMe for Joomla


Unlock a comprehensive suite of tools designed to boost conversions, grow your email list, and optimize your Joomla website's performance with SumoMe for Joomla. SumoMe seamlessly integrates into your Joomla backend, empowering you to create and manage attention-grabbing popups, optin forms, and track their impact without any coding required.

Key features

  • Effortless Setup & Integration: Get started in a snap with one-click installation and quick account connectivity.
  • Access to the Full Power of Sumo Tools: Access a wide range of effective popups and optin tools, including Exit Intent®, Scroll Boxes, Welcome Mats, and more.
  • Seamless Embedding: Embed Sumo tools directly into your Joomla pages for a cohesive user experience.
  • Simplified Management: Control popup visibility and access rights within your Joomla backend for efficient collaboration.
  • Real-Time Preview: Ensure flawless execution with real-time popup previews before publishing.
  • Actionable Analytics: Track views, conversions, and other key metrics to gain insights and optimize your strategies.
  • Continuous Improvement: Engage in A/B testing to identify the most effective popups and forms for your audience.
  • No Coding Required: Anyone can harness the power of Sumome without technical expertise.
Pros Cons
Effortless setup and integration Potential for popup fatigue if overused 
Wide range of effective popups and optin tools  Reliance on external Sumome service 
User-friendly management within Joomla backend   
Completely free    
Actionable analytics for data-driven decisions   


Free to use extension.

9. NS Pro


A native Joomla extension offering a comprehensive set of features for managing email newsletters, ranging from simple sign-up forms to complex campaigns with multiple mailing lists, personalization, detailed tracking, and automation.

Key features

  • Native Integration: Works seamlessly within the Joomla environment.
  • Unlimited Capacity: Manage unlimited mailing lists, subscribers, and newsletters.
  • Full-Featured Management: Includes dedicated managers for mailing lists, subscribers, and newsletters.
  • Front-End Newsletter Manager: Allow subscribers to manage preferences from the front end.
  • Flexible Sign-Up and Unsubscribe: Create customizable forms with Ajax functionality and responsive design.
  • Custom Fields and Double Opt-In: Gather additional subscriber information and ensure consent with optional double opt-in.
  • Subscriber Data Management: Prevent duplicate subscribers and track statistics for subscriptions and newsletter openings.
  • Import Subscribers: Easily import subscribers from text or CSV files.
  • Guaranteed Newsletter Delivery: Ensure reliable newsletter sending.
  • Sending Customizations: Customize sending with throttling, selective sending, time delays, and filters based on extra fields.
  • Scheduling and Automation: Schedule automatic newsletter sending based on dates, times, events, or after subscription campaigns.
  • Personalization and Content Options: Incorporate article and module imports, personalized details, and randomly displayed content into newsletters.
  • Attachments and Testing: Attach files to newsletters and test sending to unregistered emails.
  • Bounce Handling: Automatically check for bounced emails.
  • HTML Templates: Design newsletters with custom HTML templates.
  • Forward to Friend: Encourage sharing with a forward to friend feature.
  • Basic Anti-Spam Protection: Implement simple anti-spam measures.
Pros Cons
Comprehensive feature set for managing various newsletter needs Anti-spam protection features might be limited 
Native integration for seamless use within Joomla  Free updates available for only 1 year before requiring renewal 
Unlimited capacity for lists, subscribers, and newsletters   
Flexible customization options for forms, sending, and content  
Front-end management for subscriber convenience  


The extension costs $31.65 (lifetime) with only 1 year of free updates and support.

10. Sendinblue


Take your Joomla email marketing to the next level with the Sendinblue integration extension. Seamlessly connect your Sendinblue account to synchronize contacts, create sign up forms, manage campaigns, and track detailed analytics right from your Joomla backend.

Key features

  • Effortless Setup: Connect your Sendinblue account with a single click.
  • Seamless Data Sync: Keep your Joomla user data and Sendinblue contacts in perfect harmony.
  • List Building Made Easy: Craft and embed captivating sign-up forms to effortlessly grow your email audience.
  • Centralized Campaign Management: Design, schedule, and analyze your email campaigns directly within your Joomla platform.
  • Powerful Analytics: Gain actionable insights into performance with detailed stats on opens, clicks, bounces, and more.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Stay informed with instant notifications about key email events.
  • GDPR Compliance: Manage contacts with confidence – the extension ensures compliance with European data privacy regulations.
  • Unlimited contacts: build your audience without restrictions on the number of contacts you can manage.
  • Intuitive interface: leverage the easy-to-use interface and email builder to design stunning newsletters and launch them in a flash.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality: craft engaging emails easily with the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built blocks commonly used in successful email marketing.
  • Multi-user access: collaborate with team members by granting different access levels for managing email marketing aspects.
  • Advanced statistics: delve deeper into campaign performance with advanced statistics beyond basic open and click rates. 
Pros Cons
Free to use with unlimited contacts Relies on an external SendinBlue account 
Simplifies subscription form creation and placement  Not been updated in 3 years 
All-in-one email marketing solution within Joomla  
Comprehensive features for list building, campaign creation, and performance analysis   


Free to use extension.

Which one do you go for?

The perfect newsletter extension for your Joomla site will depend on your goals, skills, and resources.

For beginners, Mailster and Phoca Email offer generous free plans to build lists and send basic emails. Those with some experience may appreciate the user-friendly jNews for advanced targeting and social promotion. AcyMailing and NS Pro lead in automation features for sophisticated strategies.

Extensions like Sendinblue, SumoMe and Mailchimp Auto-Subscribe make it incredibly easy to integrate with leading email services if that aligns with your priorities. Meanwhile, RSMail! and AWeber boast deep analytics for ongoing optimization.

As you evaluate options, ensure your choice provides enough space to grow without becoming overly complex. The best-case scenario is matching robust features with an intuitive interface. Testing multiple extensions is also worthwhile before settling into more advanced capabilities.

At the end of the day, choose the newsletter extension that empowers you to build meaningful relationships through relevant, engaging content that nurtures dialogue with subscribers. That foundation will support your success with email marketing on Joomla.