• Best Off-Page SEO Tools: Free & Paid Options

    Could you imagine that 92% of employees believe that having effective tools at their disposal doesn’t only improve their efficiency but also their work satisfaction? Maybe that’s why you love our blogs with tool selections so much, whether those are for email tracking or AI-based image editing. Yet, today is the turn of the SEO off-page tools.

  • Hexus Discover Hexus, a meticulously engineered Joomla 5 template tailored for businesses. Based on data-driven research of the world's highest-performing agency sites, Hexus combines proven visual psychologies with groundbreaking style. With Quix, our premier Joomla site builder, unleash your business potential with no-code website building capabilities.
  • Hexus - A Joomla 5 Template made Specifically for SEO Agencies

    This time on the menus is Hexus, the premier Joomla 5 template built from the ground up to help SEO agencies impress prospects and successfully provide value to customers. Brought to life by the no-code premium website building capabilities of Quix, the best Joomla site builder on the market.

    Our team studied over 50 top-performing SEO agency sites from around the globe to derive design and conversion best practices. Every template detail from color palettes to page structure is grounded in real-world data of what engages visitors.

    Let's see how Hexus takes SEO website design to the next level.

    Key Benefits of Hexus

    • Contemporary and Professional Design - Instantly establishes credibility through ideal aesthetics.
    • No Code Site Building - Simple drag-and-drop editing with Quix.
    • Clear CTAs and Guidance - Design strategically converts visitors.
    • Mobile Responsiveness - Flawless experience on all devices.
    • Easy Customization - Tailor branding needs with intuitive controls.
    • Precision-Crafted Pages - Layouts arranged from behavioral research.
    • Data-Driven Design Choices - Visuals optimized by heat maps and scroll tracking.
    • Dedicated Technical Support - Responsive assistance from our expert Quix team.

    Precision-Crafted Pages that Convert

    Hexus minimizes guesswork for SEO firms through precision-crafted page layouts, strategically arranged from behavioral research on how modern buyers engage. Here are some of the key pages that’s inside Hexus:

    • Home
    • About
    • Services
    • Teams
    • Blog
    • Case Study
    • Contact

    Home Page: Create a Lasting First Impression

    Demo link

    test home

    Your homepage needs to convey professionalism and capabilities at a glance. Hexus’s visually stunning home page offers slideshow banners, promotions boxes, and more for bold impact. Feature case studies and expert testimonials that have a researched optimal balance that piques and retains visitor interest.

    About Us Page: Establish Trust Through Your Story

    Demo link

    preview about us

    Leverage Hexus’s expansive about us page layouts to share your agency’s vision, team, and “why us” differentiators. The template allows visitors to get to know your mission through meet the team profiles, and history convey maximum approachability and trust indicators that today's prospects value most.

    Services: Showcasing Offerings and Demonstrating Expertise

    Services Overview Page: Demo link
    Service Details Page: Demo link

    preview services


    preview service details

    Hexus offers a comprehensive round up of your SEO services, prominently showcased with icons and summaries. Showcase your expertise, from technical audits to local SEO, link building, and site speed enhancements with our overview page. Let your customers dive deeper into each service with detailed description layouts, where we go beyond surface explanations to illustrate the proprietary frameworks behind your proven performance. Our comparison tables highlight the value of each solution, empowering your customers to make informed decisions.

    Teams: Introducing Our Experts

    Demo link

    preview team

    Showcase your talented team members with profile cards that enable visitors to get to know each expert. Details like positions, bios, areas of focus, certifications, and social links all build authority and approachability.

    Blog: Educate and Engage Your Audience

    Demo link

    preview blog

    Harness the power of content marketing with Hexus’s integrated blog section. Share valuable insights, industry updates, and expert tips to showcase your agency's knowledge and authority. Engage your audience, drive traffic to your site, and nurture leads with regular blog posts covering topics relevant to your target market.

    Case Studies: Spotlighting Real Examples and Delving into Success Stories

    Case Studies Page: Demo link
    Case Study Details Page: Demo link

    preview case studies


    preview case study details

    Our well-crafted case study page helps your customers discover your powerful case studies, showcasing real examples of client verticals, objectives met, and the impressive metrics achieved. Each case study thoroughly examines the strategies and methodologies employed to achieve success, including your approach, challenges, and the innovative solutions implemented. We help you demonstrate the exact expertise and tangible outcomes your company delivers to your clients through comprehensive analyses and visual representations of performance metrics.

    Contact Page: Make Getting in Touch Easy

    Demo link

    preview contact

    Prominently display contact options on Hexus’s dedicated contact page layout. Inbound lead forms, phone, email, map integration, and social links enable visitors to easily reach out for sales inquiries. Enable callbacks/meetings with integrated appointment booking plugins.

    The Best Joomla 5 Template for SEO Agencies

    Hexus combines ideal visual imagery, white space, Google-compliant fonts, and a mobile-first grid for consummate aesthetics that instantly communicate capability the moment a visitor lands.

    The balanced iconography, image ratios, and CTA placements naturally lead visitors through a large chunk of the typical SEO sales funnel journey within seconds by targeting subconscious engagement triggers uncovered through heat maps and scroll tracking.

    Give your SEO agency every data-backed advantage with the strategically designed, research-rooted Hexus template. Claim the competitive edge only Hexus provides!


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