​I challenge you; you can not show me a person who doesn't want to get more traffic. Everyone is racing to increase the traffic number as more traffic...

​I challenge you; you can not show me a person who doesn't want to get more traffic. Everyone is racing to increase the traffic number as more traffic will help to get more sales.

Imagine you have a good number of traffic, but they do not feel secure to buy any product from your site. This traffic won't help you to achieve your target.​ To get more sales from these traffics, you have to make them believe that your website is trusted.

Considering this fact, earlier, we launched NotiFly the first-ever social proofing extension for Joomla, which is a massive hit. Users liked it, and we are updating it continuously so that you can keep building a good bond with your visitors.

Today we are here with 5 new integrations for NotiFly.
So let's check how these integrations and NotiFly can help you to boost your website.

Understanding NotiFly

​NotiFly acts like a pop-up notification on your website. It can help you to advertise your product without costing any extra penny. You might be thinking about how it will promote your product.

Well, whenever any of your clients buy your product, this selling news of your product will send through NotiFly. Thus you can create a hype of your product. NotiFly will make sure the following points.

Visitor's Comforts

​Do not let people be alone at your site. When a person goes shopping, he likes to buy things from a populous shop as human psychology like to buy a product from a crowded shop rather than a deserted shop

The same thing happens when a person visits a website. He doesn't feel comfortable when he can't watch other user's activity. You can easily solve this problem by using NotiFly. 

It will make your visitors more comfortable as he will be able to watch every activity on your site.

Social Proofing

There are a lot of people around us who can convince us to sell their product showing fraud statistics. But having a NotiFly means you can't show fraud statistic as it shows real-time data

It shows when and whom you sell your product. So, It will help you to enhance the authenticity between you and your clients.

It is smartness to show your credibility and make an impression on a visitor at first time with NotiFly - Joomla e-commerce extension. Social proofing always plays a vital role to gather trust from the audience. 

If you are capable of showing the social proofing by NotiFly, the audience will get more confident to purchase the products from your site.

It will help you to build a strong bonding between you and your clients as well as it portraits your credibility by social proofing.

Gather More Traffic

​As I mentioned above para that NotiFly shows the real-time data. With the help of real-time data, you can grab the visitor's trust.

When your visitor starts to feel confident on your website, the number of visitors will automatically increase. When new visitors will be able to view the activities of other people on your site, they will definitely want to stay on your site.

Boost Your Sale Rate

​The more visitors you have, the more sales you will get. Show sales and other events easily with NotiFly and build the trust of the bond. An exhibition of a sale encourages a new visitor to become a client. It will increase your sales numbers.

5 New Integrations for Better Sales

In our previous versions, we have integrated NotiFly with Akeeba Subscription, Digicom, EasyDiscuss, EasySocial, J2Store, and Joomla. We have received a huge response from our users after releasing NotiFly integration with J2Store.

In this version, we have integrated NotiFly with some more Joomla extension. I am going to discuss these integrations below;

NotiFly Integration With HikaShop

​Nowadays, Hikashop is one of the most popular Joomla e-commerce extensions. Using HikaShop on your site, you can increase your sales and power of HikaShop with NotiFly.

Whenever one of your products is sold, the information will be shown as a notification to the visitors. To increase your sales, we have integrated NotiFly with HikaShop - Joomla e-commerce extension.

NotiFly Integration With VirtueMart

VirtueMart is another popular Joomla e-commerce extension. We have integrated NotiFly with VirtueMart so that if a product selling takes place on your site then according to your settings, this notification will be sent to every visitor. 

It doesn't matter when they visit your site. If they visit your site, they are expected to get influenced by the notification from NotiFly.

NotiFly Integration With JU Directory

JU Directory is a professional, powerful, and flexible directory extension. You can create any kind of content by using the JU Directory.

It will help you to create multiple directories like Real Estate, Business Directory, Car Dealer, Movie Rating, and lots more with only one JU Directory installation.

To grab the client's interest, we have launched NotiFly integration with JU Directory. It will enhance your client's attention for sure.

NotiFly Integration With K2

​You can transform your Joomla website to a news or magazine site with author blogs, work portfolio, product catalog, document manager, and lots more by using K2 Joomla extension, only one package. 

Let your visitor watch who is registering on your site, and who is signing in on your site. These real-time activity notifications will increase the trust and credibility of your brand.

NotiFly Integration With Joomla New Article

​We know after creating an article, it is tough to inform everyone. To reduce this hassle we have integrated NotiFly with Joomla article. 

When a new Joomla article creates, all of the users of that particular site will be notified through NotiFly. So the creator of the article doesn't need to panic about the advertising of his article.

It will be automatically notified to the users through NotiFly.


Start using NotiFly just following three simple steps; install, configure, and publish and increase the traffic on your website. In the near future, we hoped to launch more NotiFly integration with other Joomla extensions so that we can fulfill our customer demand.

So stay tuned to get new updates and don't hesitate to inform us your feedback regarding our new integrations via comment box.