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DigiCom - Joomla Admin UI Reimagined

DigiCom - Joomla Admin UI Reimagined

In ThemeXpert HQ, we have been partially developed Joomla templates and extensions since 2010. But many of us have an extensive experience in Joomla development since 2007. Since we developed 30+ Joomla extension and  a Joomla template framework, Expose. Expose has been heart of more than million of websites running in online.

With the 5+ years of extensive experience, we found, the most common problem nearly every Joomla developers face is Joomla backend. We found many of them get lost in the Joomla backend. Do you know why? Because Joomla includes tons of features and functionality in its backend. Some of essential functionalities are regularly used by users and the rest of are untouched or used occasionally. 

To make Joomla more popular among its users and developers, we formed a UX team back in 2014. We are really glad our UX team has researched very well. Now I am getting back to my point, why I am here today.

In our previous post you might have come to know, we are developing a product called DigiCom, the first Digital Commerce in Joomla! Our developers and UX engineers smartly crafted DigiCom with the reimagined User interface and User Experience. DigiCom component comes with minimal feature and add-on based functionality. I will discuss about the add-ons in the subsequent articles. In this post I will show how our UX engineers implemented their experience making DigiCom, revolutionary Digital Commerce for Joomla.

To provide a clear overview of Joomla admin UX & UI, I’ll chunk the explanation in two sections. First, I’ll show you has it looks currently in Joomla backend and subsequently how we re-imagined them in DigiCom’s backend.

Re-imagined Joomla toolbar and its button interaction

Current toolbar look in Joomla Admin


I know you guys are pretty familiar with this toolbar. This toolbar generally comes up from article manager, menu manager, category manager and so on. But we think there is a UX issue with this toolbar. If click on any of the red marked toolbar without selecting any item, it will give you following pop up


The pop-up indicating to select an item. It's natural when anyone delete or edit any item, he will select the items first. Accordion to our UI and UX experts, this button is serving anything before selecting any item. So, now it's useless here. The toolbar should appear after selecting an item. How we did on DigiCom backend.

Reimagined toolbar look in DigiCom Admin


This is the DigiCom admin view, you can term it product manager. You can notice, how awesome our toolbar is looking. Currently there is no unnecessary button available there. Whenever you select an item, another button will appear in the toolbar, otherwise it won’t. Have a look at the image below.


Re-imagined Joomla configuration and settings

Joomla Article options in several places

When I had a start in Joomla development and had a first glimpse in the Joomla backend, frankly speaking, I was confused among disseminated settings and options, I had to break forth from global configuration and extension’s individual settings. Even Some of the settings are repeatedly found in individual extension and global configuration setting as well. It really annoy a newcomer to decide which configuration will override with settings.


Centralized settings for DigiCom

In DigiCom we 'be bottled all the setting in a single place, you don’t have to back and forth from DigiCom to the global configuration. Have a look at the following image.


We removed confusion of configuring extension setting. Have a complete overview of DigiCom's entire settings in single page. 



We are really excited about DigiCom, I bet you never used such product in Joomla before. I think you are curious about it release. Yes, it's going to release in the next week. If you have any question regarding DigiCom comment below, we are here to answer you.

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