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Digicom - Ease of Selling Bundle Products

Digicom - Ease of Selling Bundle Products

Single product selling is a common feature of digital commerce softwares. But bundle products with a special price is extensively noticed in the offline stores everyday. To avail the strategy of bundle strategy of offline selling, Amazon first introduced bundle sale in online and had gained huge success from it. And we are glad, with DigiCom component you can sell your products in bundle within “Minimal-Clicks” and enjoy drastic increase in your revenue.

So, If you want to create site like mightydeals and let your customers to purchase package deals. Install DigiCom and encourage them to buy bundle deals. Now Have a look on the video below, how easily you can create bundle offer for your enormous sales.


Now DigiCom will make everything possible. With DigiCom you can sell Music, Books, Artworks, Games and Web Templates. To prepare your product for online selling, is matter few seconds. You have just seen how easy to create bundle product picking from singles. If you missed my last blog post of single product creation. Head over this article, we published couple of days ago.

We are very much excited about DigiCom and I bet, you guys are as well. I am exited to say, our beta version is ready to release, and we are testing it for unexpected errors. Hope at the end of this week, you will have your DigiCom beta copy in your hand. If you have questions regarding DigiCom, add those in the following comment. 

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