​ If you are running a startup and very close to release your product, then you definitely need a dazzling website. To make things easier for you, we ...

If you are running a startup and very close to release your product, then you definitely need a dazzling website. To make things easier for you, we have built Epsilon, our brand new Joomla template for SaaS, Web Services, and App Development companies.

You might think why we have built Joomla template for SaaS website because it's undeniable that software as a service (or SaaS) is growing rapidly. In fact, based on a survey conducted by BetterCloud, 73% of organizations who responded said that at least 80% of their apps would be SaaS by 2020.

Therefore, we stepped forward to build this template. It is a responsive and highly element focusing template for Joomla that will give your business a fresh look with special attention in details.

Epsilon requires the next-generation Joomla page builder - Quix 2.5.x, the latest version of Joomla 3.x support, and the Gantry 5 framework available on your computer.

Let me show you the reasons why you should use this template and which unique features we have brought for you.

Why Use Epsilon?

  1. Best For SaaS Companies: Epsilon Joomla template is designed explicitly to serve the purpose of SaaS businesses or applications. This niche-specific template will remove any obstacles between you and your visitors. We think that we have introduced you the finest SaaS template for Joomla to make you the best in the business.
  2. Impressive Video Section: Visual attention always improves the conversion rate, also placing an additional focus on your website. Isn't that right? The eye-catching video section of Epsilon Joomla template makes an impression for the visitors and boosts your website's conversion rate by converting them as customers.
  3. Speed Optimized: You can't find anyone who doesn't want to own a fast loading website. Aiming to meet the requirement, Epsilon comes with the best speed optimization without any technicality. It will readily capture viewers attention with the best browsing experience that will assist you to decrease the bounce rate of your website.
  4. Solution for Less Skilled Person: If you have expertise on using the template, then you are most welcome, but if you are starting with our brand new Epsilon template, or lack the experience to create high-end designs, this template will undoubtedly come in handy. Even if you are not the template-using type, you can still use Epsilon template as we specially designed this template for the less-skilled person as well as freshers.
  5. Linked up Your All Social Pages: Nowadays, social sites are one of the easiest ways to spread up our business. These sites are showing their power to reach our maximum targeted audience. Therefore, we don't we want our users to miss this opportunity to expand their business and reach their audience as this template will enable you to grab this feature by integrating social pages on it.
  6. Prebuilt Back to Top Feature: We know, this is a tiny feature but when you are giving your users every possible feature to ensure a better user experience that means you are always thinking something good about your users as well as it's an example of your professionalism and expertise. So, we offer you a Back to Top button as a bonus on your new template.
  7. Cross Browser Compatibility: No matter which browser you use, your website will look absolutely perfect on any browser. It won't be stuck or broken in any browser. Epsilon comes with built-in cross-browser compatibility, so stop worrying about loading your site on different browsers.

What's Inside Epsilon?

3 Home Variations

Showcase your each and every feature of SaaS website and blow your customer outlook with 3 unique homepage variation. You will get a completely different content visualization with each homepage. It will also enable you to describe more about your services with videos and images in an organized way.

  1. The default homepage layout is dedicated to assisting all those people who have a startup plan and are desperately looking for a platform to implement their idea.
  2. The homepage starts with an animated heading and consists of a pricing plan, demo video, application features, and so on.
  3. It is designed and organized in a way that everyone will find their required information very easily. Every inch of this page has been designed professionally. 

Company Page

The Company page of our brand new Epsilon template is dedicatedly designed to showcase about your business, reasons to choose you, testimonials, and many more things. It also gives you an opportunity to describe your works and experiences with some remarkable statistics.

  1. It has an appealing section to describe your experiences so that you can gain your users' credibility within a moment.
  2. Let your user know the reasons why they should choose your company to get their desired services. It will allow you to showcase your logic with some bullet point.
  3. It contains an impressive graphical counter section for showing statistics and also includes a section to display your testimonials. 

Extension Page

Suppose you own a business that covers a wide range of services. But your visitors are not well aware of your services just because you have failed to inform them with an awful representation. To relief you from this kind of failure, we have introduced our brand new Epsilon template with an eye-catching Extensions page.

  1. Let the people know about every service that you provide with professionalism and dedication. It will allow to demonstrate your services with descriptions and featured images.
  2. Show your valid points why your visitors should accept your services.
  3. You will also be able to gain your visitors' trust with the appearance of your testimonials. 

Feature Page

The feature page of our brand new Epsilon template for SaaS business is responsible for showcasing the core features, functionalities, software settings, and these kinds of things of your business so that your visitor can get a clear idea about actually what you offer.

  1. Show your feature list in order to get attention from your viewers in a moment with our Features page.
  2. It will enable you to showcase the core features of your service.
  3. You will also be able to demonstrate your service settings option. 

Team Page

Who are the powerful persons for a company? Obviously, the team members. They are the architect behind the curtain. Our Epsilon Joomla template can pick potential client for you and get to the point of knowing that real people are working for your company.

  1. Let your visitors and clients know about your team members with their name, designation, and image.
  2. Show your individual team member with a grid-based design.
  3. It will allow you to add social sites (Fb, twitter, dribble) of your team members. 

Pricing Page

Pricing page of our Epsilon template is adequately designed to organize your pricing plan as well as it contains a FAQ section. In the pricing plan section, you will be able to let your viewer know about your service price, and the FAQ section will allow you to set some common question with the answer.

  1. Epsilon Joomla template let your customer choose their desire and preferable pricing plan with an attractive pricing plan.
  2. Display the most general question with the answer on the Pricing page.
  3. This page will give you the opportunity to convince your visitors by letting you show some valid reason to choose your service.

Support Page

You won't get satisfaction until you can make your user satisfy. As a business or a website owner, you must keep maintaining a good relationship with your clients to meet their expectations. Our brand new Epsilon Joomla template gives you a platform for online interaction with your clients where you can provide a nicely designed contact form with some additional information.

  1. The support page will allow you to add an unlimited number of video tutorials and documentation for your valuable users.
  2. Keep your user in touch through Support page as it offers you a "Get in Touch" section.
  3. You will also be able to collect your user contact and email by this Support page. 

Bonus Extension - Joomla Instant Page

Joomla instant page is the world's first Joomla prefetch extension that is developed by ThemeXpert. It will preload your page right before you click on it that means, all you need to do is hover your mouse over that link, and it will load your page automatically. It will do the following tasks for you.

  • Reduce Waiting Time
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Instant Preloading
  • Faster Action
  • Preload HTML files

All these features of Joomla instant page you will get as a builtin feature with our brand new Epsilon Joomla template.

Epsilon Key Features 

  • 3 Homepages with 6 Inner Pages
  • Typography Control
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Customizable
  • Drag and Drop Development
  • Constant Update
  • Dedicated Support
  • Gantry 5 Framework
  • Speed Optimized
  • Quick-start Package included
  • Quix Joomla Page Builder
  • Quix Particles
  • Built-in Pages
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • SEO Optimized
  • Vertical menu
  • Social icon
  • Logo text with social icon
  • Full-Featured Blog

Your Thoughts 

Our new Epsilon Joomla template for SaaS website is exceptionally designed to serve your demand. So, let us know whether we can meet your expectations or not and suggest us about your anticipations towards us so that we can serve you better day by day. Our comment box is open for you.