Xpert Campus - School, College Management System For Joomla

Do you own an Educational website? Bored with untidily managing academic activities through your site? And are you eagerly searching for a way that can take care all of your laborious works like managing courses, teachers, departments in a reliable approach? ## _Xpert Campus_ rebranded to _Tx Education_ Our **Xpert Campus** extension can make you getting rid of this. Its an excellent Joomla extension that smartly manage all the time-consuming tasks which you need to manage an institute.It provides you a wisely designed dashboard that allows you to manage all stuff efficiently at a time from one place. It cleverly maintains all the Courses, Departments, Teachers smoothly without any conflicts, and capable of doing these more spontaneously than you even think. Confused? Thinking how an extension is supposed to manage that much wide range of functionality frequently? Well, ignore all the confusions you have, and let’s deeply go through and see what else it can do. ## Key Features * One click installation * Absolutely no coding * Manage all tasks from one place * Reliable approach * Enriched documentation * Control over showing in specific pages or hide from all pages as per need * Allows adding departments * Modify existing departments with ease * Allows adding courses * Modify existing courses with ease * Effortlessly assign the department to where the course belongs * Set preview image, banner image simply by one click * Auto generate alias * Description text has no word limits * Allows creating course modules * Modify existing course modules with ease * Easily assign the course to the course module * Simply design each course with **Course Code**, **Course Name**, **Course Credit**. * Each course module can be consisted with more than one course. * Simplest process to Course Code and distribute Credit * Allows making any modification as per needs * Allows adding teachers * Modify existing teachers with ease * All possible fields for a teacher * Assign the department he belongs to * Assign the courses he’s supposed to take * Option to add teacher’s photograph and bio * Option to add teacher’s social profile as many as you want * Individual fields for include biography as well as education * Unlimited Department, Course, Teacher adding capability and much more. ## Installation is nothing but a Few Clicks The extension won’t let you fall in a mess, while it has the most simplest way of installation. You just got to perform a few clicks, and that's all. There is nothing complex; no things are to be confused about, its absolutely simple. ![](images/xdocs/joomla-extensions/xpert-campus/edu.png) ## Ignorant at Coding? Its for you **Xpert Campus** doesn’t require even the the knowledge of writing a single string of code. Moreover, Its extensive control module comes with such a fresh and neat looks that its no undoubtedly an obligatory tool for the people who knows coding and at the same time for the people who are not interested to willingly spend time before coding. ![](images/xdocs/joomla-extensions/xpert-campus/edu2.png) ## Manage all tasks from One Place Its one of the most precise features that make itself that much easy to work with. Its layout’s been designed and ordered in such a way that from one page, effortlessly you can manage every single task you need in order to run an institution. ![](images/xdocs/joomla-extensions/xpert-campus/edu3.png) ## Managing courses, departments, teachers in the possibly Easiest Way It's not a flashy tales that it allows to operate and manage the major tasks for an institute like add courses, departments, teachers or modify/delete existing in a feasible way. It highly saves your valuable time hence you can keep your head in other works. It does have the supreme capability to make your complex task as simple as it can be. It's the time to grab it free and have the tastes of its each slice. ![](images/xdocs/joomla-extensions/xpert-campus/edu4.png)
Apr 26, 2017
Joomla 3.x