Installation Issues

JInstaller Cannot find Joomla XML setup

If you see this message means, you are trying to install Expert Explorer (aka Quickstart) package through Joomla! installer.

Expert Explorer is a Joomla Quickstart package and you can't install it inside an existing Joomla! setup. You have to install it like the way you install Joomla. Read our Expert Explorer installation guide and quickstart-installation for more details.

Installing on local server, but stucks on sample data installation

Due to big sample data file size sometimes it becomes tough for server to process properly. So you have to increase MySQL memory size.

Installed template not looking like demo

If you want to have the same look as our demo then you have to install Template’s Expert Explorer pack because it is a Joomla quickstart pack and it holds sample data. But if you install the template only then you will not get the sample data and template will not look like the demo. You have to add content to it.

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