Installing Framework & Template

The Expose framework itself is independent of any template. Each Expose powered template relies on the Expose framework to provide the underlying base and extensive functionality that enables the creation of such powerful sites. To make the update and deployment of framework as easy as possible we've seperated the library from template.

Framework bundle

Framework bundle consist of 2 files:

  1. Framework library
  2. Framework plugin

Framework library : This is the main framework library file works as a engine for Expose based template. Framework plugin : This is the system plugin file load mega menu parameters in Joomla backend and provide the mega menu functionality.

This system plugin must be installed and enabled from Joomla backend.


Unlike any other Joomla template/extension, installation of Expose framework and template is fairly simple. Use the extensions installer in the Joomla administration, go to Extensions => Extensions Manager => Install

Click on Browse select the downloaded Expose framework library and click on Upload & Install Repeat this step again to install Expose template.

Joomla Template/Extension installation

Heads up! Expose framework library not required to be activate. It just need to install and it will be used when needed.

Activate Plugin

By default Expose plugin is active, but if it's not then go to Extensions => Plug-in Manager Type expose and search and enable the plugin.

Expose system plugin

Activate Template

To activate the new template go to Extensions => Template Manager choose the installed template and click on Default By clicking on the templates name, you'll be able to change all template specific settings.

Expose template

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