Currently, over 1.86 billion websites are online, where 2.5 million active sites run on Joomla. Considering business and trustworthiness, it's a huge amount.

In previous, you must build a website by custom coding or hiring developers and invest a lot of money. With the rapid development of technology, building websites becomes easier with page builders. Here Joomla page builders come as a blessing.

As a Joomla fan, we have plenty of Joomla page builder tools to build Joomla-based websites. Which are easy to understand, faster, and at the same time save more of your development costs.

Yet, choosing the best Joomla page builder can be challenging.

Here, we will compare the current best two Joomla Page Builder Quix vs SP Page Builder and figure out which one is the best solution for you.

What to Consider in a Joomla Page Builder

There are loads of page builders in the market, and the demand for them is rising gradually. But why are they so popular? 

Because builders are much cheaper (often even free) than hiring a professional designer or developer.

Why Joomla? A valid question to ask? 

Joomla currently holds 3.3% market share in the CMS marketplace. Besides, Joomla is the 2nd most widely used CMS in the world now. Considering these, we can say Joomla is quite a big field to compete as a Page Builder.

Let's see what to consider in a Joomla Page builder,

  • Frontend editing interface: Frontend editing aims to significantly save user's time and nerves, increasing a happy UX. Also, you can see the differences visually right in front of you.
  • Speed and performance: In terms of page builder, you should consider two things, firstly, the speed of the editing process how fast the builder is loading. Secondly, how long it takes to load the site page created with the builder.
  • Ready-to-use design layouts: Design layouts can boost up your page-building experience even faster. The more it is with variety, the better.
  • Powerful addon or elements: It's hard to say if a page builder has much more elements considering the number that is the best one. Instead, prefer the usability and functionality in an element.
  • SEO tool: SEO lackings are strictly unconsiderable! Look if it has a better SEO tool or not. Beware of tools that just provide only meta titles and meta descriptions as an SEO solution.
  • Support: Of course, a fast-acting support team at your back is usually a domain of premium Joomla page builders. As for premium solutions, good support is essential, and probably just as much as the quality of the product itself.

Quix vs SP Page Builder: Which One is the Best Joomla Page Builder? 

Both Quix and SP Page Builder are serving the same purpose for a long time. As of now, they have earned a lot of reputation for their prospective users and perform the core purpose of Joomla. It is so evident that comparison only happens between the best, right?

Considering this here, I will compare the best two Joomla Page Builders in the market right now. Take some time and compare what you need and which one is actually providing you that. 

Quix vs SP Page Builder at a Glance

Features  ​Quix ​SP Page Builder
Real-time Frontend Editing
​Readymade Section Designs ​Free + Pro ​Pro
​Readymade Template Designs ​Free + Pro Pro
​Header Builder
​Footer Builder
​Free Element ​18 ​14
​Pro Element ​20 ​42
​Prebuilt Layout Bundles ​20+ ​60+
​Prebuilt section block ​280+ ​90+
​Custom CSS
​Color Preset
​Hover effect
​Device Responsive
​Interactive Animation
​Interact On Mouse Movement
​Specific page SEO Management
​SEO evaluation score
​Image optimization
​Access control
​Advance Media Manager
​Edit History
​Drag and Drop Page Builder
​Free Version
​Export And Import
​Typography Control
​Multilingual Interface
​Row-Column Structures
​Duplicate Anything
​Shape Divider
​Enable or Disable Rows/Columns/Addons
​Unlimited Undo and Redo
​Joomla Articles
​Save Elements or Section
Unlimited Nested column
​Live Copy/Paste
​Column Drag and Drop
​Distraction Free Mode
​Empty Content tool
​Multilingual Page  ​​ ​​

Quix - the Future of Joomla

Qiux is the future of Joomla! It is a perfect solution for modern web development to create stunning web pages in minutes. You don't need to write a single line of code or hire professionals. Also, get an automated 90+ PageSpeed scores for every page you design with Quix.

With 40+ trendy elements, 100+ template designs, and lots of pre-build header footer design Quix includes all the necessary features and settings to fine-tune your website. Simply drag and drop elements into place, design your page in real-time and see the results instantly.

Quix 4 takes Joomla to a whole new level with its incredibly advanced visual builder technology. Enjoy the utmost power within Quix to create spectacular designs and build websites visually without losing speed. It's like nothing you have seen before.

Let's see what else Quix offers, 

Dedicated Media Manager 

The default Joomla file manager sucks! Indeed it is the worst feature Joomla itself offers. Here, Quix's dedicated media manager is a blessing that gives you complete control over your media file and folder.

You can do everything the default Joomla doesn't offer, including ordering your file in ascending or descending, see the last modified media, view your media either grid/list, upload multiple files at a time, apply for permission, and many more.

Quix's new update now integrates with Icons Library so that you have the option of looking up what an icon represents before downloading it or uploading one from another site.

Header & Footer Builder

Quix header footer builder is the new beginning for creating fully functional web pages from scratch. It is the most powerful and probably the only one to offer header and footer builder in Joomla.

Now, you can design your website's headers and footers just like you design pages. Quix gives you all the necessary elements and settings to create a pitch-perfect header and footer for your websites without needing any template framework or coding knowledge.

All you have to do is give your layout a solid structure by adding rows and columns and then drag & drop elements into it using Quix's visual editor. From menu element to header position option to responsive control creates any header footer layouts from scratch within minutes.

Also, set conditions to determine where your header/footer layout appears throughout the site, along with specific permissions. This way, your visitors can see different header/footers depending on which content they are viewing, ensuring seamless browsing from start to finish!

Pre-Built Header & Footer Design

Quix offers a wide variety of headers and footer templates to choose from that are perfectly suitable for any type of website. You can either select one of them and then customize it as you need with the design elements of Quix or simply start with as it is.

Forget the boring traditional layout for header and footers and bring something extraordinary without needing a designer or developer. Instead, save time and enjoy all the beautiful designs out of the box! 

Quix Rank

Who doesn't want to rank higher on Google? In fact, it is one of the ultimate goals for any business, right? With the guided SEO tool Quix Rank, you can make search-engine-friendly pages and rank your site faster and higher than others without needing an SEO expert.

Quix Rank takes Joomla SEO to a whole new level. It can identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents to get more search traffic. Based on multiple assessment rules, Quix will point out all the SEO errors you need to fix to increase your rankings.

Simply follow the SEO assessment instructions, fulfill your SEO settings, preview your SEO title with permalink and meta descriptions. That's all!

Built-In Image Optimization

Slow websites can cost your business! Even the best images can slow down a website. Quix solves this problem by optimizing your images automatically, so they load faster and look great on any screen size. No more tedious Photoshop work! Just set up a few rules once and let our software do the rest.

Edit History

Editing can be painful, but not with Quix. With Quix's new history feature, you can easily navigate to all the changes happening on your website. If something goes wrong, don't worry! You'll always be able to roll back a change by clicking on it again. Use the revision history where your entire page creation process is saved and easily re-trace anytime, anything.

Inline Editing

Editing content live never been this satisfying, then with Quix. You can take care of everything on the fly with the inline editing feature of Quix. It's perfect when you need to fix something quickly or just want a change of style!

You don't even have to go back to the editor every time if that is what suits your fancy best! Without leaving the builder, you can undo, redo your changes, and make it bold, italic, and even underline below.

Drag and Drop Theme Builder

Quix visual theme builder is the perfect tool to create stunning web pages in minutes. Without writing a single sine of code or hiring a designer, anyone can build a fully functional website using the live drag and drop editor.

From header to footer, typography to color, spacing to positioning; customize every bit of your design and layout with responsive control. Building websites in Joomla has never been this satisfying.

Powerful Elements and Template Design

With more than 40 versatile, trendy elements and 100+ template designs, there is nothing you can't build with Quix. Each of the elements in Quix offers advanced design customizations, so you can fine-tune them and get the exact result you want.

The Joomla templates in Quix are uniquely designed, optimized for SEO, and created with the latest web standard. From business, education, blog to travel, you will get every possible categorical template design in Quix, where every template stands elegant and utterly different from one another.

The Atom Template 

Atom is the perfect boilerplate template for you to get started that can get you a Google page speed score of over 90. To make your website as fast and efficient as possible, Atom eliminates all unnecessary css and js loading and load assets on-demand with the leanest Joomla Template ever created - no bloated framework here!

Pricing Plan of Quix

Quix provides simple pricing at unbeatable value. With a decent free version, Quix comes with an extensive pro plan.

Free: Free with limited features and 18 elements.
Pro: $47 billed annually.
Mini Agency: $97 billed annually.
Agency: $174 billed annually.

What the Customers are Saying about Quix

SP Page Builder for Joomla

SP page builder is another popular feature-rich Joomla page builder in the market. Trusted by 200,000+ people worldwide, SP page builder is an extremely powerful drag & drop tool. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you can build any site independently without coding knowledge.

The best part of SP page builder is Its vast collection of pre-made free templates and sections. Using their premade sections and templates, you can easily create a great-looking website within minutes. Whatever you build with SP Page Builder, that becomes fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Let's see what else SP Page Builder offers, 

Pre-designed Layout Bundle

SP Page Builder has a vast collection of Pre-designed layout bundles to accelerate your website development process. These layouts are designed beautifully by professional web designers and provide an easy solution to building your site.

All you have to do is choose the layout that best suits your needs and customize it with content. It'll be ready in minutes! Though the ready-made templates are only available for the Pro version, these templates will save you time, money, and energy for sure.

Readymade Section Designs

With SP Page Builder, you will get 90+ ready-to-use section designs and around 25 complete page layouts to launch any site in a few clicks. Drag and drop any block of your choice, and the page will get the design instantly. The whole process takes just moments!

These vast collections of beautiful blocks have been designed for various sections so that anyone can build a website efficiently just by arranging blocks together. All these designs are ready-to-use, so they won't take up too much time or cost too much money either!

Animated Interaction

Websites only with traditional flat designs do not fit into the modern age anymore. People want pages to be interactive, appealing, more importantly, pleasing to their eyes. Here, SP Page Builder did a great job adding interactive effects to any page element.

It takes you beyond the ordinary flat page layouts through scrolling and mouse effects with the interaction effects such as move, scale, rotates, skews, opacity, blur, and 3D tilts. These animations will help you represent your information in an exciting way that grabs attention quickly and makes an impact instantly. 

Addon Collection

SP Page Builder has 50+ addons to help you to build your multifunctional website. Total 14 of them are available for the lite version, and the rest of the add-ons is for the pro version. The addons got a redefined new look with a vast number of fields & functionalities and provide everything you need to build a stunning website.

Device-wise Responsiveness Controls

The Joomla page builder offers groundbreaking responsiveness controls that empower you to make websites fit for each device. While editing, you can load your site right on-board in mobile, tablet, and desktop views to check the responsiveness and tweak if required.

Multilingual interface

SP Page Builder offers 100% freedom in languages. Whatever maybe your site language (including RTL scripts), the page builder will work natively. With the language management system, you get a single-click method in the component to install new languages. Then the page builder will be displayed in the languages accordingly with your site's default language. This feature is only available in the Pro version.

Shape Divider

Giving a different look to your website is more manageable with SP Page Builders Shape Divider. There are lots of ready-made shapes in SP Page Builder to design other parts of your web pages. Adding shapes to the top and bottom of the website sections is relatively easy. You can also invert and flip the shapes flexibly.

Visual Joomla Page Builder

SP Page Builder brings a whole new frontend editing system for your most convenient web development experience. Add an element, edit, and see the changes in real-time. Watch your customization as it takes place; no preview is needed. Everything is happening right in front of your eyes.

Pricing Plan of SP Page Builder

SP page builder comes with a lite version with extremely few features and a flagship pro plan.

Lite version: Free with only 14 elements.

Pro Version
Personal: $49 billed annually.
Agency: $179 billed annually.
Developer: $299 billed annually.

What the Customers are Saying about SP Page Builder

Quix Vs SP Page Builder: The Ultimate Battle!

As of now, we have discussed Quix, and SP page builder mentioned their best features. Now, we will directly compare each of them, what they offer, how they differ and try to find out which one is best-positioned to help you meet your goals.

Let's assume it's a boxing match; we will divide it into 11 rounds and give you a winner in each round. At the end of the match, I believe you will get your desired winner.

Let's enjoy the match,

🥊 Round 1: Media Manager

Feature Quix ​SP Page Builder
​File in ascending or descending order
​Apply permission for file
​Accessible directory tree
​Last modified media
​Search and filter by type
​View media in grid
​File types
​​View media in list

Quix's dedicated media manager is a revolution. You can do everything the default Joomla doesn't offer, including ordering your file in ascending or descending, see the last modified media, view your media either grid/list, search and filter by type​, apply permission for the file, icon library integration with accessible directory tree.

On the other end, SP Page Builder uses the default Joomla file manager with fewer modifications to manage files. It supports many file types and attachments such as images, videos, documents, and archives. Nothing special actually!

Evaluation: Quix offers more customization and workability than the SP Page Builder's so-called re-engineered media manager. Considering this, Quix is far steps ahead.

Round 1 Winner: Quix 

🥊 Round 2: Pre-built Layouts Bundles & Sections

Feature Quix (Free+Pro) SP Page Builder (Pro)
​Prebuilt Layout Bundles ​20+ ​60+
​Prebuilt section block ​280+ ​90+

SP Page Builder has 60+ professional-level premade layout bundles and 90+ section blocks. Quix has a comparatively low amount of layout bundles, but they are immensely impactful to boost your professional-grade development. It has 20+ pre-built layouts and a massive collection of prebuilt modern section blocks, almost 280+.

Evaluation: SP Page builder has more pre-made templates compared to Quix. But, In the section block category, Quix is much ahead of SP page builder, almost triple in number.

Round 2 Winner: SP Page Builder

🥊 Round 3: SEO Rank

Feature Quix (Free+Pro) SP Page Builder (Pro)
SEO Assessment Score
​SEO Assessment Suggestion
​Meta Title
​Meta Description

Quix guided SEO tool Quix Rank is the future of Joomla SEO. It can identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents with the live SEO score assessment based on multiple assessment rules. SP Page builder has a basic SEO setting option that is only limited to meta title and meta description.

Evaluation: Is Joomla SEO only limited in Meta title and Meta description? Of course not! Quix Rank provides you more than this with its guided SEO assessment score, where SP Page Builder terribly lacks in this matter. To smartly manage your web page SEO, Quix SEO Rank is what you need.

Round 3 Winner: Quix

🥊​ Round 4: Animation Effects

Feature Quix SP Page Builder
​Entrance Heading
​Tilt Effect
​Lottie Animation
​Advanced Animation ​​

In SP Page Builder, You can apply multiple interaction effects like move, scale, and rotate to any element on the page. But the Tilt effect can make differences between SP Page Builder and Quix. Quix didn't have the Tilt effect as SP page builder does. But Quix offers Lottie animation elements to display lightweight, scalable, and interactive Lottie animations on your websites.

Evaluation: For the Tilt effect, SP Page Builder is ahead of Quix. Otherwise, Quix offers the same as SP Page Builder and probably something extra with its Lottie animation element.

Round 4 Winner: SP Page Builder 

🥊 Round 5: Header & Footer builder

Feature Quix SP Page Builder
Header Footer Builder
​Conditional Display Logic

Quix has the most potent dynamic header and footer builder in Joomla. Now, you can design your website's headers and footers without needing any template framework or coding knowledge. On the other hand, SP Page builder uses a Helix framework to design a basic header and footer for your website.

Evaluation: Quix reduces the framework dependency and brings header/footer design in builder mode. I must prepare Quix instead of SP Page builder for its advanced, easy, and multifunctional header and footer builder.

Round 5 Winner: Quix 

🥊 Round 6: Pre-Built Header & Footer Design

Feature Quix ​​SP Page Builder
​Pre-built Header Design
​Pre-built Footer Design

Quix offers a wide variety of headers and footer templates to choose from that are perfectly suitable for any type of website. Unfortunately, SP page builder didn't have any pre-built header and footer design to offer.

Evaluation: Quix, without any doubt. It will seamlessly save your time and give you multiple options to enjoy all the beautiful designs out of the box!

Round 6 Winner: Quix 

🥊 Round 7: Elements

Feature Quix ​​​SP Page Builder
​Number of Elements ​38 ​56
​Free Elements ​18 ​14
​Pro Elements ​20 ​42

Quix has 38 different Elements to get things done and trust me, this is more than enough to build a pitch-perfect website. In SP page builder, you may need two or more elements to complete a particular task, but in Quix, you can do the same job with a single element.

Oppositely, SP Page Builder has 56 Elements on their elements list. But only 14 of them come as free in the lite version of SP page builder.

Evaluation: Though SP Page Builder has more elements than Quix, quality and usability wise Quix will be one step ahead. No offense, it entirely depends on the user's perspective.

Round 7 Winner: SP Page Builder 

🥊 Round 8: Multilingual Interface

Quix and SP Page builder both provides multilingual support in a website, but SP Page Builder offers Multilingual Interface as a plus. 

Evaluation: You can entirely convert your builder interface with your preferred native language with SP Page Builder's Multilingual Interface. Otherwise, both SP Page builder and Quix offer pretty much the same In terms of multilingual support.

Round 8 Winner: SP Page Builder

🥊 Round 9: Image Optimization

Images are often too large for their intended display size, which results in slower page loading speed. Quix solves this problem by optimizing images automatically, so they load faster and look great on any screen size. On the other hand, SP Page builder doesn't offer any image optimization feature.

Evaluation: Your PageSpeed score directly impacts your SEO, and Quix handles this smoothly with its built-in image optimization feature. 

Round 9 Winner: Quix

🥊 Round 10: Free version

Feature Quix  SP Page Builder
​Number of Element ​18 ​14
​Premade Layout Bundles
​Mobile-friendly, Responsive Layouts
​Duplicate the Elements
​Nested Row Facilities
​Frontend Editor
​​Open Street Map

Both Quix and SP Page builder has a free version with fewer features and functionalities. You can build an entirely functional website with Quix free elements and features compared to the SP Page builder's free lite version. However, with SP page builder, it will be hard to get such a result.

Evaluation: Free version is to arouse interest. Quix free plan is an evident success regardless of.

Round 11 Winner: Quix

🥊 ​Round 11: Pro Version

Features Quix SP Page Builder
​Number of Element ​20 ​42
​Premade Layout Bundles ​20+ ​60+
​Premade Sections ​250+ ​90+
​Header/Footer builder
​Premade Header/Footer
​Lifetime Usage

Both Quix and SP Page page builders come with extensive features with their Pro plan. SP Page builder provides more element and layout bundles, and it is consecutively 42 and 60+. Where Quix elements and layout bundles may be low in number, but they fulfill your needs very well.

Evaluation: In terms of number games, SP Page builder is much ahead of Quix with its element and layout bundles. If we consider value for money, then Quix provides a lot than SP Page builder, including a considerable amount of section block and premade header/footer design.

Round 11 Winner: Drawn

Quix vs SP Page Builder: The Takeaway

The comparison ends, and it's time to decide the best. In the last 12 rounds, I have compared both of their best features, evaluate them, and in the end, declare a winner. Let's wrap up the result,

So, let's see in which section Quix dominates SP Page Builder!

  1. Media Manager: Quix Media Manager is the most advanced media manager in the history of Joomla. Even no competitor is near the edge of Quix in terms of features.
  2. SEO Rank: You can consider Quix Rank as a revolution to the Joomla SEO.
  3. Header/Footer Builder: Quix has the most potent dynamic header and footer builder in Joomla.
  4. Pre-Built Header/Footer Template: Quix offers a wide variety of headers and footer templates to choose from that are perfectly suitable for any type of website.
  5. Image Optimization: Quix's automatic image optimization can load your website faster even before.
  6. Free Version: You can build an entirely functional website with Quix free elements and features.

Now, let's see in which section SP Page Builder is ahead of Quix!

  1. Pre-Built Layout Bundle and Sections: SP Page builder has more pre-made templates compared to Quix. But, In the section block category, Quix is much ahead.
  2. Animation Effect: In terms of animation effects, SP Page Builder is ahead of Quix.
  3. Elements: SP Page Builder has more elements than Quix. 
  4. Multilingual Support: SP Page builder provides much more flexibility in terms of multilingual support.

In the Pro Version comparison, both Quix and SP Page builder offer pretty much the same. So, we declare the rounds as Draw.

Finally, the result is 6-4 out of 11 round battles, and the deserving winner is Quix Joomla Page Builder. 


Quix and SP Page Builder are the best Joomla Page Builder with extensive, user-friendly site-building tools. The main difference between them lies in functionalities, SEO, and performance. Regardless of which one you choose, it's entirely up to you.

Don't forget to share your valuable opinion regarding this in the comment section below.