Hello everyone! After releasing Quix 2.5, we are back again. Today we are here with 20 new page layouts  for you. These elegant page layouts will...

Hello everyone!

After releasing Quix 2.5, we are back again. Today we are here with 20 new page layouts for you. These elegant page layouts will blow your mind for sure.

If you are thinking to redesign your website, these layouts will definitely help you. You don't need to think about the speed of your website. Because these page layouts are designed in such a way that won't make your website slow. 

Moreover, it will save your valuable time and energy that you can invest in other sectors. Finally, we made all these changes as clients satisfaction are our main concern.

Now let's check all the changes in details.

7 Free Layouts

Seven layouts have arrived with Joomla page builder- Quix that are absolutely free to use. Isn't it a piece of great news to you all? These new page layouts are going to give you fantastic user experience.

These free layouts are Construction, Business, Creative Agency, Portfolio, Apps Landing, Box Layout, and Creative Layout. Let's have a look at these layouts.

Construction Layout [Free]

Construction layout will help you to manage your productive work like architecture, construction, interior design in a better way. It will also assist you in representing your project details in a construction layout. 

Your team information, client information, and blog can be managed here.

Business Layout [Free]

You can organize your business details by Business layout. It will allow you to manage your project details, team details, service details in a business layout. It also has a free blogging feature.

Creative Agency [Free]

​A creative agency is the best suitable page layout for creative and corporate people. You can handle your startup business or retailing business by using this page layout more systematically than before.

Portfolio Layout [Free]

Portfolio! I know you are searching for this one. A portfolio will work like a resume or a personal website for you. Every day a numerous number of people are opening portfolio. So, to compete with them, you have to choose a better portfolio than others. 

Apps Landing Layout [Free]

You can use apps landing layout for both web apps and mobile apps. It will help you to represent your application information. You can show your every feature of application like specifications, price by using this layout. A FAQ section is included here.

Box Layout [Free]

Box layout width is different from the typical layout width. It looks like a box; therefore you can organize your content more attractively. It has a free blogging opportunity.

Creative Layout [Free]

The creative layout will help you to manage your team information, owner information, product information, and so on.

10 Pro Layouts

We always concern about our pro users. Therefore, we have brought ten pro layouts for them. These ten pro layouts will give you a divine feeling when you use it. 

Our professional designers designed these layouts so that you can fulfill the most of your website's need.

These ten pro layouts are Construction, Creative Agency, Business, Portfolio, Apps Landing, Box Layout, Personnel, Recruit Agency, Agency, and Law Layout. Let's explore our brand new page layouts at a glance.

Construction Layout [Pro]

​In a construction pro layout, pro elements are used. It has all the features like construction free layout but elements are pro here. A slider pro version is integrated here so that you can enhance your website's attractiveness.

Creative Agency Layout [Pro]

​Slider pro is also used in creative agency layout. You will have photo gallery to use in a creative agency layout. Besides, calculation section is also available in this pro version.

Business Layout [Pro]

​In a business layout pro version, you will have photo gallery, slider pro to make your website more attractive and user-friendly. It will help you to manage the service details, project details here.

Portfolio Layout [Pro]

​For a better carrier or business you must have a prominent portfolio than can make you distinct from others. So why not our layout to use? It has built in pro elements that will help you to organize your content easily. 

Apps Landing Layout [Pro]

Let your user know about your applications. Every month thousands of applications are get released around the world. So to get the users of your apps, you must need to have proper planning. 

Apps landing layout can help you in this case. This version is usable for both web apps and Android apps.

Box Layout [Pro]

​In a box layout you can get a different kind of shape here as the width is different from other layouts. This layout has a slider pro in it's top that will easily grab the attention of the visitors. 

Personnel Layout [Pro]

​Personnel layout is dedicated to managing the personnel information. It will work as a documentation holder of your co-workers. You will have the opportunity to create their profile here. A 'Send us message' section is available in this layout.

Recruit Agency [Pro]

​Recruit agency layout is a complete package for recruit agency. It has slider pro in its top that will help you to show some key images. It will help you to post new jobs, trending category, and success stories. 

You will have a client section to provide the chance to the client so that they can post their feedback.

Agency Layout [Pro]

​Agency layout has a pro gallery facility. Therefore, you can organize your images in a better way.

Law Layout [Pro]

Law layout is specially designed for the law firm. For a law firm, it will fulfill every demand. You will be able to post legal advice here by using this layout. It has slider pro and photo gallery facilities. It also has a section for clients feedback.

3 Inner Pages (Pro)

Not only page layout but also we have launched three inner pages too. It will help you to make your site more organized, structured, and give your site a better view. Our developer team makes sure that these will provide you the best user experience.

These three inner pages are About us page, Service page, and Contact us page. Let's have a look at these inner pages.

About Us [Pro]

Potential customers are interested in a company's basic information like who you are, where you are from and so on. The About Us page presents all of these information nicely.

Service [Pro]

Present the criteria on a dedicated page using this layout. Add the detailed overview of each of the offered services. Give the users a reason for why they should choose these services.

Contact Us [Pro]

Let the interested parties contact you by placing useful contact information like a location map, necessary contact information, address, phone, email address, etc.

What's Coming Next?

Our upcoming big thing is Slider pro. We have planned to include some amazing feature that will definitely make you interested to use it. Slider pro will speed up your website as well as it will help you to represent your contents more organized way.

Our vision is always to make our users more comfortable with our products. Our developer team is working day and night to bring more and more new page layouts with amazing features and designs. To get all the features, stay tuned.

Last Words

​The new page layouts that are discussed in this article will make your work easier and more comfortable. So let us know your opinion about the new pages and don't forget to mention if you think there is any update required. Our comment box is open for you.