Imagine you've spent hours crafting the perfect data tables for your Joomla website. They're clear, informative, and bursting with valuable insights for your visitors. But then disaster strikes! 

On their phones, the tables become a jumbled mess, impossible to navigate. Frustration sets in – both for you and your visitors. There has to be a better way, right? You're in luck! This post unveils the 8 best Joomla table extensions, powerful tools designed to make your data sing. 

We'll explore features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you find the perfect solution, from stunning visualizations to user-friendly table creation. Get ready to transform your data displays and watch your Joomla website flourish!

Best Joomla Table Extensions:  At a Glance


Key Features





Data from many sources (Excel, databases), Diverse presentations (tables, charts), Responsive design

Powerful visualizations, User-friendly, Mobile-ready

The learning curve for complex data, May require plugins for specific features

Bronze: €24 (2 months support)

List of Items

Easy CSV to HTML conversion, Front-end filtering, integration with Bootstrap

Simple for non-technical users, User-friendly filtering, Responsive design

Limited data formats (tables), Lacks complex data manipulation

Paid: 23€

JUX Timeline

Visually appealing timelines, Drag-and-drop entry order, Multiple timelines

Captivating storytelling, Easy customization, Manages multiple timelines

Might not be ideal for very long timelines, Limited data formats (text, images)

Free Trial - Free

Go Pricing

Clear pricing tables, Easy customization, Call-to-action buttons

User-friendly design, Matches website branding, Drives conversions

May require design knowledge, Paid extension

PERSONAL: $24 (3 months support)

Custom Tables

Custom data management, Various field types, CRUD operations

Flexible data structure, Easy data entry/editing, Secure access control

Requires field/layout setup, Might have a learning curve

Free Trial - Free

JC Tables

Datatable functionality, Master-detail tables, Database querying

Powerful data handling, Complex data relationships, Inline data editing

Focuses on data presentation, Performance impact on large datasets

Free Trial - Free


Speedy CSV import, Multiple table modules, Optional search/pagination

Efficient data import, Manages multiple datasets, User-friendly data exploration

Limited data formats (CSV), Lack complex data features

Free Trial - Free

Responsive Tables

Makes tables responsive, Lightweight plugin, Touchscreen interaction

Mobile-friendly tables, Minimal performance impact, User-friendly navigation

Limited customization, Focuses on basic data display

Free Trial - Free

Best Joomla Table Extensions: In-Depth

Let’s discover the best Joomla table extensions for user-friendly creation, mobile responsiveness, and stunning data presentations.

1. Tabulizer: The Data Chameleon for Joomla Websites

tabulizer table

Think of a world where you can transform your data into anything you desire – charts, graphs, galleries, event calendars – all from a single, powerful Joomla extension. Tabulizer makes this dream a reality. Unlike other extensions that focus solely on tables, Tabulizer empowers you to present your data in the most impactful way possible. 

Feeling overwhelmed by juggling multiple plugins for different data visualizations? Tabulizer streamlines the process by pulling data from a variety of sources, whether it's Excel, databases, or even RSS feeds. It then tailors the presentation to suit your needs, ensuring your audience gets the information they crave in a visually engaging format. 

Plus, Tabulizer's responsive design guarantees your data looks stunning on any device, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. It's the ultimate data visualization chameleon for your Joomla website.

Key Features

  • Data source versatility: Reads data from various sources like Excel, CSV, web pages, databases, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Multiple presentation formats: Presents data in responsive tables, graphs, charts, galleries, event calendars, and more.
  • Dynamic and static tables: Creates both static tables for editing and dynamic tables that update with data source changes.
  • Unlimited templates: Offers a vast range of styling options and the ability to create custom templates.
  • Data transformation and formatting: Transforms and formats table elements using rules for calculations, replacements, and more.
  • Import and export capabilities: Imports data directly from Excel files and exports table data or graphs as CSV, Excel, or image files.
  • Responsive design: Ensures tables and graphs adapt to different screen sizes for optimal viewing on any device.
  • Table sorting and filtering: Allows users to sort tables by clicking headers and filter data based on specific criteria.
  • Pagination and splitting: Manages large tables by adding pagination or splitting them into smaller tables.
  • Data source merging and publishing: Merges data from different sources and allows publishing tables for use on other sites.



Presents data in many formats, tables, charts, graphs

May have a learning curve for complex data visualizations

Imports data from various sources, Excel, databases

Might require additional plugins for specific functionalities

Responsive design adjusts for all devices

The free version may have limited features

Allows customization of tables and graphs


Offers dynamic and static table options


Integrates with other tools, e.g., shortcodes





Support Duration



2 months



6 months



1 year

2. List of Items: Simplifying Lists and Empowering Non-Tech Users

list of item table

Managing lists on your Joomla website shouldn't feel like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. A list of Items cuts through the complexity, offering a user-friendly solution for non-technical users. 

This extension bridges the gap between your meticulously crafted Excel spreadsheets and your Joomla website, allowing you to effortlessly convert them into beautiful and responsive HTML tables. No coding knowledge is required! A list of Items empowers anyone to showcase their data with clarity and style. But don't be fooled by its simplicity. 

List of Items packs a punch, offering features like front-end filtering for a dynamic user experience and seamless integration with Bootstrap, ensuring your lists align perfectly with your website's design. It's the perfect recipe for creating user-friendly and visually appealing lists that streamline information delivery on your Joomla site.

Key Features

  • Excel to HTML conversion: Easily transforms Excel spreadsheets into clean and responsive HTML tables for your Joomla website.
  • Data editing: Enables non-developers to edit and manage data directly within the Joomla admin panel.
  • Front-end filtering: Provides users with options to filter items by category, specific text, or first letter in the title.
  • Integration with Bootstrap: Seamlessly integrates with Bootstrap for responsive table design if your website uses the framework.
  • Customizable CSS styles: Allows adding custom CSS styles within the admin panel for further design control.
  • Paging mechanism: Implements a paging system to manage and display large lists of items efficiently.
  • Category descriptions and images: Supports displaying descriptions and images above each category's table of items.
  • Customizable table titles and columns: This lets you define specific titles for each table column across all categories.
  • Customer support: Offers customer support for assistance and also provides customization services.
  • Nested categories: Organizes data into nested categories for better structure and management of long lists.



Easy conversion of Excel data to HTML tables

Limited data format support (focuses on tables)

User-friendly interface for non-technical users

May require additional plugins for advanced features

Allows front-end filtering for users

Lacks features for complex data manipulation

Integrates with Bootstrap for responsive design


Offers custom CSS styling options


Supports nested categories for organized lists







3. JUX Timeline: Weaving Your Story into a Visually Captivating Tapestry

jux timeline table

Captivate your audience and tell your story with a flourish using JUX Timeline. This extension understands that visual storytelling holds immense power. It elevates your Joomla website by providing a captivating way to showcase your company's history, and significant milestones, or even introduce your team members. 

JUX Timeline bids farewell to dry, text-heavy narratives. Instead, it empowers you to create a visually stunning vertical timeline, complete with detailed descriptions for each entry. This extension is fully responsive, ensuring your timeline looks fantastic and delivers its message effectively on any device. With JUX Timeline, you can leave a lasting impression on your visitors by presenting your story in a way that's both informative and engaging.

Key Features

  • Vertical timeline: Presents company or team history and milestones in a visually appealing vertical timeline format.
  • Fully responsive: Ensures the timeline adapts perfectly to various screen sizes for optimal viewing on any device.
  • Joomla compatibility: Works seamlessly with Joomla versions 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x.
  • Timeline details: Allows adding details and descriptions to each timeline entry for informative storytelling.
  • Customization options: Provides options to customize the timeline's appearance, including colors, fonts, and styles.
  • Drag and drop functionality: Enables easy reordering of timeline entries using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Expand and collapse: Offers the option to expand or collapse timeline entries for focused viewing.
  • Browser compatibility: Supports a wide range of browsers, including IE+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Multiple timeline creation: Allows creating and managing multiple timelines for different purposes on your website.
  • Showtime customization: Lets you define the time period displayed for each timeline entry.



Creates visually appealing vertical timelines

May not be ideal for very long timelines due to visual clutter

Fully responsive for optimal viewing on all devices

Limited data format support (focuses on text and images)

Allows adding details and descriptions for entries

Might require additional plugins for interactive elements

Offers customization options for colors, fonts, styles


Enables drag-and-drop entry reordering


Supports creating and managing multiple timelines





Free Trial


4. Go Pricing: Making Price Comparisons a Crystal-Clear Breeze

go pricing table

Are you juggling multiple pricing plans or service tiers on your Joomla website? Let Go Pricing take the guesswork out of showcasing them clearly. This premium extension simplifies the process of creating visually appealing and easily understandable pricing tables. 

With Go Pricing, you can present your offerings in a way that allows visitors to quickly compare plans and make informed decisions. Go Pricing boasts a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to customize the look and feel of your pricing tables. You can seamlessly match them to your website's design for a cohesive and user-friendly experience. 

Stand out from the competition and showcase your value proposition with Go Pricing – the perfect companion for any Joomla website that offers tiered services or products.

Key Features

  • Visually Appealing Pricing Tables: Create professional-looking pricing tables with various design options to highlight your offerings.
  • Easy Customization: Customize table layouts, colors, fonts, and icons to seamlessly match your website's branding.
  • Multiple Column Support: Add as many columns as needed to showcase different pricing plans or service tiers.
  • Feature Highlighting: Emphasize key features or benefits with ribbons, badges, and column enlargement for better readability.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure pricing tables adapt perfectly to different screen sizes for optimal viewing on all devices.
  • Animation Builder: Include eye-catching animations and price counters to grab user attention and enhance user experience.
  • Unlimited Colors and Combinations: Experiment with various color combinations to create visually intriguing and impactful tables.
  • Icon Integration: Integrate Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, and Material Icons for scalable and visually appealing iconography.
  • Button Support: Add call-to-action buttons directly within the pricing table for easy user conversion.
  • Shortcode Integration: Embed PayPal and s2Member buttons effortlessly using shortcodes within your pricing tables.



Creates clear and visually appealing pricing tables

May require some design knowledge for optimal results

Easy customization to match website branding

Limited data format support (focuses on text and pricing)

Supports multiple columns for various pricing plans

Might be a paid extension with recurring costs

Allows highlighting key features and benefits


Responsive design ensures optimal viewing on all devices


Enables integration of call-to-action buttons





Support Duration



3 months



6 months



12 months

5. Custom Tables: Building Bridges Between Your Data and Joomla

custom tables

Imagine having complete control over custom data on your Joomla website – that's the magic of Custom Tables. This extension empowers you to go beyond the limitations of standard Joomla content structures. Need to display product information, customer details, or any other unique data set? 

Custom Tables has you covered. It boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to create, manage, and display custom data with ease. What truly sets it apart is the sheer variety of field types it supports, from basic text strings to images, files, and even user selections. This flexibility ensures your custom data can be presented in the most appropriate format for your needs. 

Plus, Custom Tables integrates seamlessly with Joomla's access control system, allowing you to define user permissions for data modification, keeping your information secure.

Key Features

  • Data creation and management: Create, manage, and display custom data that isn't part of the standard Joomla content structure.
  • Variety of field types: Supports over 40 field types like integers, decimals, text strings, time, email, color, images, files, users, languages, etc.
  • Form input based on field type: Provides context-specific input boxes for different field types (e.g., calendar for dates, color picker for color selection).
  • Twig template support: Offers full support for the Twig template language for flexible layout customization.
  • Auto-create layouts: Generates layouts automatically based on the selected fields and layout type.
  • Third-party table connection: Connects and uses any third-party table (except user tables) as a standard Custom Table.
  • CRUD operations: Enables creation, reading, updating, and deleting of custom data entries.
  • Front-end editing (optional): Grants optional permission for users to edit data directly on the front end of your website.
  • Access control: Utilizes Joomla access rights for controlling user permissions to access and modify data.
  • Comprehensive documentation: Provides extensive documentation to guide users through installation, usage, and customization.



Create and manage custom data beyond the Joomla content structure

Requires setting up fields and layouts for custom data

Supports various field types, text, dates, images, user selection

May need additional plugins

Generates layouts based on field types and chosen layout

Might have a steeper learning curve

Allows connection to any third-party table, except user tables


Offers CRUD operations, create, read, update, delete


Provides optional front-end editing for user data modification





Free Trial


6. JC Tables: The Data Rockstar for Joomla

jc tables

JC Tables isn't your average table extension for Joomla. It's a full-fledged data management powerhouse. This extension caters to websites that require a sophisticated way to handle and display information. Think complex data sets with master-detail relationships? 

JC Tables lets you create those with ease. Need to pull data directly from your database? No problem! JC Tables seamlessly integrates with various databases, allowing you to showcase dynamic and up-to-date information on your website. But the magic doesn't stop there. JC Tables empowers users to edit data directly within the tables, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time. 

Packed with features like data export, inline editing, and a wide range of plugins, JC Tables equips your Joomla website with the muscle to handle even the most demanding data management tasks.

Key Features

  • Datatable functionality: Offers a comprehensive set of features for managing and displaying data in a user-friendly datatable format.
  • Master-detail tables: Allows creation of nested tables with parent-child relationships for detailed data presentation.
  • Database querying: This enables pulling data queries from any database for dynamic table population.
  • Inline editing: Provides users with the ability to edit data directly within the table interface.
  • Data export: Supports exporting data in PDF and XLSX formats for offline use or further analysis.
  • Copy and paste functionality: Allows users to copy and paste table cell content for easy data transfer.
  • Placeholders and live refresh: Offers various placeholders for dynamic content display and provides live table refresh functionality.
  • Custom JS/CSS integration: Enables customization through integrating custom JavaScript and CSS code for advanced styling and functionality.
  • Wide range of plugins: Extends functionality with a variety of available plugins for specific needs.
  • Joomla Content Plugin integration: Streamlines data management by integrating with the Joomla Content Plugin.



Offers datatable functionality for managing and displaying data

Focuses on data presentation, might lack advanced data analysis features

Creates master-detail tables for complex data relationships

Potential for performance impact on websites with large datasets

Allows dynamic table population by pulling queries from databases

Requires some knowledge of database structure

Enables inline data editing within the table interface


Supports data export in PDF and XLSX formats


Provides a wide range of plugins for specific functionalities





Free Trial


7. TableMaker: The Speedy CSV to HTML Table Converter for Joomla


Do you have valuable data stored in CSV files that you'd love to showcase on your Joomla website? Look no further than TableMaker. This extension lives up to its name, offering a quick and hassle-free way to transform your CSV data into clean and responsive HTML tables. 

No coding experience is required! Simply upload your CSV file, and TableMaker takes care of the rest. But TableMaker isn't a one-trick pony. It offers multiple-module support, allowing you to manage and display various data sets using separate modules. 

Additionally, you can customize the look and feel of your tables with layout options and even create custom stylesheets for a truly tailored presentation. So, if you're looking for a user-friendly and efficient way to bring your CSV data to life on your Joomla website, TableMaker is the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • CSV import: Allows quick and easy import of data from CSV files to create tables on your Joomla website.
  • Multiple module support: Enables creating and managing multiple tables using separate modules for individual data sets.
  • Layout options: Provides various layout options for customizing the appearance of the generated tables.
  • Custom stylesheets: Supports creating and applying custom stylesheets for further design control over the tables.
  • Pagination (optional): Offers optional pagination functionality to manage and display large datasets efficiently.
  • Search functionality (optional): Adds an optional search bar to allow users to filter data within the tables.
  • Joomla compatibility: Works seamlessly with various Joomla versions, providing flexibility for website integration.
  • J4 and above support (TableMaker): Ensures compatibility with the latest Joomla versions (4 and above).
  • Security updates (TableMaker): Provides security updates to keep your website safe from vulnerabilities.
  • Easy management: Offers a user-friendly interface for managing and updating data within the tables.



Quick and easy import of CSV data into HTML tables

Limited data format support

Supports creating and managing multiple tables using separate modules

Focuses on tables imported from CSV

Offers layout options for customizing the table appearance

Lacks features for complex data

Allows applying custom stylesheets for further design control


Includes optional pagination for managing large datasets


Provides optional search bar for filtering data within tables





Free Trial


8. Responsive Tables: Making Tables Dance Across Devices (Joomla)

responsive tables

Ensuring your website looks good and functions flawlessly on any device is crucial. Responsive Tables understands this. This lightweight Joomla extension takes your existing HTML/CSS tables and applies its magic touch, transforming them into responsive beauties that adapt perfectly to different screen sizes. 

Responsive Tables prioritize user experience by keeping the first column, often containing key information, readily accessible on mobile devices. This ensures users can navigate and consume your data with ease, regardless of the device they're using. 

Furthermore, Responsive Tables operates without relying on jQuery, minimizing potential conflicts with other plugins. So, breathe new life into your existing tables and make them mobile-friendly with the simple yet powerful Responsive Tables extension for Joomla.

Key Features

  • Responsive table design: Makes any existing HTML/CSS table responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on mobile devices.
  • Minimal resource usage: Operates as a lightweight plugin, minimizing its impact on website performance.
  • Prioritizes the first column: Keeps the first column (often used as key information) visible on mobile devices by "flipping" the table layout.
  • Touchscreen interaction: Allows users to navigate data on mobile devices using touch gestures (swiping left/right) while keeping the first column accessible.
  • Focus on data display: Avoids unnecessary table manipulation features like sorting or filtering, aiming for simple and effective data presentation.
  • No jQuery dependency: Functions without relying on the jQuery library, reducing potential conflicts with other plugins using jQuery.
  • Wide browser compatibility: Supports a wide range of browsers for ensuring consistent functionality across different platforms.
  • Cross-device optimization: Enhances the user experience by optimizing table layout for various devices.
  • Focus on content: Prioritizes displaying data clearly and efficiently, making it easier for users to consume information on mobile devices.
  • Compatibility with different table types: While primarily focused on data tables, it can potentially work with various table structures.



Makes existing HTML/CSS tables responsive for optimal mobile viewing

Limited customization options

Lightweight plugin minimizing the impact on website performance

May not be ideal for visually complex

Prioritizes keeping the first column visible on mobile devices

Might require additional plugins

Allows users to navigate data through touch gestures, swiping


Focuses on simple and clear data presentation


Works without relying on the jQuery library for wider compatibility





Free Trial


Which Joomla Table Extension Should You Use?

Still confused? Here's a quick guide to help you pick the perfect one:

For diverse data visualization and mobile-friendly presentation: Tabulizer transforms your data into charts, graphs, and responsive tables, making it ideal for presenting complex information.

For simple table creation and user-friendly management: List of Items is perfect if you're not tech-savvy. It lets you convert Excel data to clean HTML tables and allows front-end filtering for easy navigation.

For showcasing your company history or team in a visually engaging way: JUX Timeline creates stunning vertical timelines, perfect for captivating storytelling.

To display clear and attractive pricing plans with call-to-action buttons: Go Pricing allows easy customization to match your website's branding and drive conversions.

For managing custom data beyond Joomla's content structure: Custom Tables offers a user-friendly interface to create, manage, and display various data types with access control for security.

For handling complex data sets with master-detail relationships and database querying: JC Tables provides powerful functionalities for managing and manipulating large amounts of data.

To quickly import CSV data into responsive HTML tables: TableMaker is a great choice for its efficiency and ease of use, allowing you to manage separate datasets with different modules.

To make your existing HTML/CSS tables responsive for mobile devices: Responsive Tables is a lightweight plugin that ensures your tables adapt perfectly to any screen size for optimal viewing.