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Introducing Optin Xpert converts your visitors into loyal subscribers to customers

Introducing Optin Xpert converts your visitors into loyal subscribers to customers

The website is a place where the tons of visitor visit per day. Do you ever realize how much effort you have been investing to drive the stream of traffic to your site every day? I think, you’re investing a lot. Sometimes those traffic are source social media marketing, guest posting, search engine and more.

Statistics shows that over the 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return. That means, If you have a marketing goal to reach certain amount of traffic, you may satisfy in the life-cycle of your marketing campaign. But it going to fail in the long run if your visitors never return.

Now the question is how to hold visitors permanently? There are numerous ways to return back but capturing their email is popular among many. Now the question is which opt-in plugins is reliable and easy to capture visitors email. For your convenience, We developed an awesome opt-in plugin with a lot of options handle. So, introducing Optin Xpert for WordPress.

Optin Xpert is a revolutionary WordPress plugins that turn your site visitors into loyal subscribers and subscribers to customers. Optin Xpert comes with three opt-in types, they are Opt-in Fly-ins, Opt-in, Pop-Up, Opt-in Sticky-Top. All the opt-in types come with 3 consecutive layout variations. That lead you to capture as much as emails possible.


I believe, Optin Xpert gives you an ultra-flexibility to trigger you opt-ins with numerous condition sets. Even you can trigger Optin Xpert on specific posts and pages with unique offers based on visitors location and interaction.

We have bottled Optin Xpert with ready-made text and logo, you can change replace with logo and text easily from opt-in backend. Just install the plugins, boom.

  •  OptinXpert is responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
  •  Automatic triggers Opt-In Pop-Up
  • Automatic triggers Opt-In Fly-Ins
  • Sticky Opt-In Sticky-Top
  •  Options for opt-in trigger time
  •  Enable opt-in at the bottom of the post
  •  Launch opt-in while scrolling
  •  MailChimp email marketing support
  •  Custom preset styles for 3 opt-ins type
  •  Trigger opt-ins anywhere in the post and pages

Digicom Beta 4 Released

Digicom Beta 4 Released

Today we mark the beta 4 release of DigiCom our flagship joomla extension for selling digital downloadable product. In every beta release we focus only one or two major feature and squash as many bugs as possible. With beta 4 release our main focus on transitional email template and ensure ease of usability.


Email is heart of any ecommerce software and DigiCom is not exception. Every time user purchase a product you need to send a beautifully crafted invoice with your brand identity. Now you can edit your invoice with your brand color and personalize the email. You can use separate email and name for your store email.



1 Click Override

Not satisfied with default template? You can easily change the email style with its override capability. We take the process one step further, with a click we'll copy the email template file to your current template folder. No need manually copy/paste work.


Plain or HTML email

Not a fan of beautiful template? You can send a plain email too. 



Bug Fix

We fixed a lot of bug reported after beta 3 release. 

What Next?

In our next beta we'll work on add-on API which is the most exciting part of this project. This is will open all the door of possibilities of integration and new features. We have a list of add-ons to preaper and we'll open a pool next week asking you the most important add-ons you want for DigiCom.

Guess what's coming next?

Guess what's coming next?

As news template is one of the popular categories in our Joomla template directory. So, we always keep eyes on the features of every success online newspapers and try to craft every news template consolidating all the features, that make your news site successful.

A recent study of our research team, many of prominent online news and magazine sites are suffering from declining readership and circulation. Do you know what’s the reason behind? Because of unhealthy and nasty look of news websites.

To save you from such an inconvenience, We’ve smartly made responsive news Joomla template, Next

Next is News and Magazine Joomla template, available for Joomla 3.x and 2.5 versions. The template is clean, lightweight, and perfect in every pixel brick. Next comes with the spacious content presentation area, that allows reporters, journalists, news editor, Joomla news site developers to bring the latest and important news to the people eyes artistically.

Next is an amazing Joomla template bottled with tons of features to enhance the readership of its visitors. Here are the some admiring feature, that you find helpful.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design


Next is fully mobile friendly and responsive Joomla template, can adapt automatically to mobile, tablet, desktop and Kindle. So, you don't need to make any separate layout or content for any other viewing devices.

Integrated with Engaging Grid Slider


News or Magazine website are crowded with tons of useful information and contents. And it’s difficult to place the news in the coherent precedence. So, We crafted a slider called Grid Slider to engage your reader a bit smartly.

5 attractive preset styles


Everybody has personal liking when it comes to select a favorite color. So we designed Next Joomla template with 5 preset styles, that allow to test your visitors’ color comfort while reading. The 5 preset styles are configurable from the template manager, allow you easy switching.

Spacious Advertisement Area


Advertisement is considered a great source for news site funding. If you want to earn more extra with your news website, pick up the Next template. we designed the Next Joomla template to place your paid advertise a bit more.

Megamenu and Off-Canvas Menu


Mengamenu and Off-Canvas menu offer a wide range of menu options, such as inline subtext, icons, images, videos, modules, custom column widths and more. Next supports both MegaMenu on desktop and Off-Canvas menu on mobile and tablet devices.

Enjoy  20 % discount!

Enjoy 20% discount on the purchase of Next Joomla template: Coupon code: NEXT20 till June 5th, 2015.

DigiCom Beta 3 Released - Product Validity, Customer Management and More

DigiCom Beta 3 Released - Product Validity, Customer Management and More

Here we are again with DigiCom Beta 3 update! I know you guys are eagerly waiting for the new beta and I apologies for the delay! This time we focused on product validity, customer management. We refactored a lots of code and optimized DB for better performance.

Product Validity

Now you can define how long user can download this product. You can select lifetime or specific time range. We are one step closer to the recurring billing for product.


Customer Management Refactor

There was a bug introduced in Beta2 that forced us to rethink about how we handle customer data. We refactored all customer management part and we are one step closer to guest checkout system. Now you can see customer orders by visiting customer page in backend.



Product License System

Along with the product validity we also created license system for all individual purchase. So you can easily validate payment and give downloadable files to any client. It requires a simple REST API and ACL implementation that we are hoping to introduce on next beta.

Expiration Reminder

We've added a tiny yet useful features in customer dashboard front-end. You will see a reminder icon after your product expire data.


Clicking this button will take you the your google calendar and fillip all the necessary fields. You just need to press the save button. Google will remind you one day prior your product expiration.


Update Instruction

Due to database table relation and structure change you have no way to uninstall the old version and install this one. Once we settled down with DB structure 

Next Release

We already started working on reporting feature but haven't quite finished it for Beta3 release. We are on it.

Due to heavy workload we missed Beta3 deadline and we are wrapping everything up so it won't happen again. We are hoping to release new beta bi-weekly.

Meet Zmash the free blogging template for Joomla

Meet Zmash the free blogging template for Joomla

We had an start with ThemeXpert journey at 2010, distributed couple of Free Joomla Template and extension. Zenith and ZenithII had broken all template download record in the Themexpert history. Today We are going to release Zmash.

Zmash is a FREE Joomla blog-magazine template. The template is responsive, easy to tailor with any mobile devices and Joomla 3 as well as Joomla 2.5 versions. Zmash is crafted with latest trend and technology, comes with many of Joomla extensions including Komento, Xpert Accordion and many.

If you are a blogger, want to start your blog in beautiful and elegant Joomla blogging template, Press the download button and Enjoy using Zmash, a FREE Joomla blogging template.

Our Extensions


Our developer having expertness in making Joomla extensions are engaged in improving template professionalism and interactivity. So, we have tried to grow up Zmash providing our own extensions. Our extensions help to run your website endlessly. The extension included in Zmash, they are- Xpert Accordion, Expose Framework and more..

Komento Integration


Comment is considered one of the key place, which represent your blog engagement. So, we added Free Komento. Komento transforms your Joomla's commenting system; giving you the freedom to engage with your communities and voice out your mind.


To download Zmash, the free Joomla blogging template, you don't need to put your emails there. Just login our website, you have the all the FREE ThemeXpert Joomla templates and extensions will be available to download there.

#SaveNapal - We are donating 10% from our every sale to the earthquake relief in Nepal

#SaveNapal - We are donating 10% from our every sale to the earthquake relief in Nepal

The countries of southern Asia are on active earthquake zone. Countries in this region are hunted by natural disaster every year. Last Sunday a devastating earthquake hit Nepal lasted barely a minute with 7.8-magnitude quake.

Official said 3,326 people are now known to have died and half of the people become homeless after the massive tremor on 25 April, 2015. More than 6,500 people have been injured, according to the National Emergency Operation Centre.

People of Kathmandu had to spring up the homes and set up home outside on the road. The total city has turned into tent city after the disaster hit on. Have a look at the video of BBC reporting.

 The intensity of disaster was acute and repeatedly hit Nepal 3 days in a row. Accordion to the spokesman for aid agency World Vision about 1000 people is completely buried by rock falls.

The UN children's agency says nearly one million children in Nepal urgently need humanitarian assistance as they were particularly vulnerable. UN also added sudden rain after has worsened the condition, that lead to a shortage of vaccines against diseases including diarrhoea and measles.

The people of Nepal in running out of water and food, and frequent power cuts are adding extra hassle in their medical and some other emergency rescue activities.

In this circumstances, many countries and organisation come forward to provide aid in disaster. Have your eyes on the add figures.

  • USAid has provided disaster response team and initial $1m
  • China initially proved his rescue team there.
  • India has come forward with several aircraft, carrying medical supplies and a mobile hospital, and a 40-strong disaster response team.
  • Norway: $3.9m (£2.5m) in humanitarian assistance
  • Pledges from Germany, Spain, France, Israel and the EU

The intended help is not enough to rehabilitate and rescue the people from the recent disaster. So, we want to help them from ThemeXpert income. We know our nimble contribution will not enough for the victims as well. But we believe little drop of water make a mighty ocean. Hope, you guys want help us, right?

To add your contribution to our charity, we have designed a contribution plan at ThemeXpert HQ. We decided to donate 10% income of every template and club membership sales. This means the temple is sold, the more amount of donation will be increased. Currently, we have 55 template in the collection, all are available for the single purchase and club membership simultaneously. Have a look at donation distribution.

  • Basic Membership: The regular price is $69 /6 months, 10% donation amount will be: $6.9
  • Standard Membership: The regular price is $99 /12 months, 10% donation amount will be $9.9
  • Pro Membership: The regular price is $249 / Lifetime, 10% donation amount will be $24.9

Note: 10% the donation figure also will be applied to a single template, based on its individual pricing.


We have just come out with a nimble endeavor to help helpless people. If you have a further way to help them, just let us know in the comment below. We appreciate you idea. If have already members of ThemeXpert family, please share this post using hashtag #SaveNapal to save the humanity. 

Note: Most of the sources collected from BBC

Are your Joomla Website ready for Mobilegeddon? Here is what you need to know

Are your Joomla Website ready for Mobilegeddon? Here is what you need to know

Google changes its search algorithm about 500 times combining major and minors factors. Do you know why? The answer is pretty simple, to enhance each and every search results from all available platforms. To enhance the user experience of every website that a searcher search for, Google has declared mobile friendly functionality as a major ranking signal. 

Imagine you are on a mobile phone, browse to a web page where the text was extremely small, the links is too tiny to click on. and you have to scroll around the sideways to see the entire contents. So, what will be your impression for the website? I bet, it would be adverse. In 2014, the searches from mobile devices were 30% while in 2015 the percentage has increased to over 60%.

For this circumstance, on Tuesday, April 21, Google has made a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something on their phone.

On Tuesday, April 21, Google has made a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they're viewed on) are ranked when users search for something on their phone.

 If you are wondering, your website is mobile friendly or not, don’t worry. Google provides some guidelines and tools to test your website. Here are those.

  • If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report.

But the guideline could be different based on CMS, To make Joomla website mobile friendly, you have to bring about some minor tweaks. Here are those.

Tweak in robots.txt

Joomla! includes disallow rule for the cache, images, plugins, templates directory with initial Joomla installation in auto-generated robots.txt file. The default robots.txt file contains instruction for search engine, not index those disallowed folder primarily. The default robots.txt looks something like this.

To cope up with Google recent update for the mobile-friendly website, you have to withdraw the disallow rule from the intended directories. If you don’t know where to find robots.txt and how to tweak it. Don’t worry. Just head to the Joomla root directory and replace the existing code with the following snippet.

If your Joomla website is not still responsive, your website is going face Google ranking demotional penalty. If you are thinking to facelift your existing website  with the responsive Joomla 3.5 templates, you are in the right place. At Themexpert we have vast a collection of beautiful mobile friendly Joomla template that  server you entire need. 


If you have any inconvenience in configuring robots.txt file, or any questions regarding this giant update, ask us in the comment bellow. We are always here to help you.

DigiCom Beta 2 Released

DigiCom Beta 2 Released

As little drops of water make the mighty ocean, on the other hand, DigiCom is growing the same as ocean every day. Our in-house developers and testing team are in hectic to make DigiCom more powerful and feature-rich. For their perseverance and your contribution, we are going to release the second beta version of DigiCom. In the second beta release, we perform a couple of tasks according to your roadmap. Here are those. 

  • Implemented SEF
  • Enabled reporting system
  • fixed entirely submitted issues of DigiCom beta One

We are really glad many of you have involved in issue submission and feature enhancement. If you are the first time here in this blog post, want to contribute in DigiCom. You are always welcome. You can join us for discussion in Gitter chatroom and report bugs on Github directly. For more details and instruction, have a look our previous article.

We have been repeatedly asked about DigiCom those who are newly getting added in your ThemeXpert family. So, If you are just here and curious about DigiCom. Here the couple of posts that give everything, you want to know. 

DigiCom Beta Released

DigiCom Beta Released

The days of waiting has been over, DigitCom beta is now available for Joomla!. And we have all documentation ready, that you need to take part in testing, reporting, and contribution.

You've already known that DigiCom is the first Digital Commerce for Joomla and the key focus of this component is to provide such a software that enable you to quickly and easily setup your own marketplace in a minute. We have been working extremely hard since the beginning of January, 2015. The consequence is, we have been able to release a faster, powerful and flexible component, DigiCom beta.

Instead of MVP(Minimum Viable Product) which is the most popular strategy in software development, we focused on MLP(Most Lovable Product). We designed the product from the ground up and improved Joomla usability a lot. 

In the first blog post, our CEO explained how much challenges we face to sell digital products. To get ourselves out of pain and extra hassles, we started to develop DigiCom and later we found the necessity of digital commerce component in the Joomla community. 

I know you guys are excited about DigiCom like us. We'd love to hear your feedback. We created a Gitter chatroom to discuss the issues and features with you and you can report issues on Github directly.

Join us in Gitter    Download DigiCom

Important Instruction

The DigiCom beta is under development and continuously being updated for reported bugs. We highly recommend you not to use DigiCom beta for production sites. Throughout the beta, changes will be frequently made that could require you complete installation or reconfiguration of DigiCom component again and again.

But don’t worry we sketched out a development roadmap to outline upcoming additional changes to DigiCom for its initial full release.

This information is fluid and subject to change as we receive feedback from open beta participants and discover additional opportunities for improvement.


Beta 1

  • Dashboard
  • Categories
  • Products
  • File manager
  • Download system
  • Sells and Orders
  • Discounts
  • Customers
  • Email
  • Language - Translation support for Joomla.
  • Payment integration - PayPal and Offline
  • Template system and override.
  • Installer

Beta 2

  • SEF Implementation
  • Reports
  • Bug reported after beta1

Beta 3

  • ACL Implementation
  • Improved pricing system for product with recurring billing
  • Security Review
  • Performance Optimization
  • More Add-ons
  • Migrator
  • Customers - we've a better plan to implement the customer management system.
  • Email templating.
  • Add-ons API.
  • Updater
  • Documentation

Details roadmap is coming...

How to Download and Install

The installation process is the same as regular Joomla component installation. For your convenience, I have attached download link here.

How to Contribute and report bug

Contributing to the DigiCom is very easy. DigiCom source code is hosted on Github, where you can submit issues and feature request.

Our developers laying on a public chatroom so feel free to poke them.