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Elevate Business Consulting Template for Joomla 4

Premium Joomla template designed and optimized to meet the needs of a top notch Business Consultancy. Brings high conversion to your business by building a website with next generation drag and drop builder, Quix.

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Elevate Elevate

Introducing Elevate: Attract Premium Clients at a Fraction of the Cost

Attract clients, build trust, and showcase your consulting brilliance with our team-focused landing page. Introduce your experts, boost your agency's credibility, and connect with clients looking for top-notch consulting services.

Exclusively Crafted for Business Consulting Agencies

Want your consultancy firm's website to shine? Elevate is a Joomla template meticulously tailored for business consulting agencies. Make a lasting impression and showcase your expertise.

  • Engaging Content Presentation with a Professional Design.
  • Highlight Your Consulting Services

Distinct Homepage Layouts

Elevate offers two unique homepage layouts, one in a light theme and the other in a dark theme. These dual layouts amplify your online presence, enabling you to select the style that best aligns with your agency's identity and captivates your audience.

  • Maximize your online presence with two distinct homepage layouts.
  • Diversify your content presentation for each homepage.

About Us: Build Trust and Credibility

The "About Us" page is the canvas where you paint your consultancy firm's distinctive narrative and establish trust with your audience. Elevate's template presents a visually appealing layout that showcases your journey, introduces your exceptional team, and authentically conveys your mission. 

  • Visually appealing layout.
  • Spotlight on your brand's history, team, and mission.
  • Dedicated sections for case studies and data-driven credibility.

Services: Showcase Your Consulting Expertise

The Services page in Elevate simplifies the process of showcasing your consulting offerings. With well-structured sections and captivating visuals, you can help potential clients grasp the outstanding value of your services effortlessly.

  • Clear and organized sections with engaging visuals.
  • Effectively communicates the value of your consulting services.
  • Addresses the challenge of conveying your expertise compellingly.

Pricing: Simplify Service Package Selection

Pricing can often be intricate for consulting agencies. Elevate's template includes a Pricing page that empowers you to present your service packages in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly pricing presentation.
  • Streamlines the decision-making process for potential clients.
  • Strategically placed CTA buttons facilitate service package selection.

Case Studies: Showcase Success Stories

In the world of consulting, success stories speak volumes. Elevate's Case Studies page is purpose-built to display your agency's accomplishments and demonstrate the value you provide to clients.

  •  Dedicated to showcasing your most noteworthy achievements.
  • Highlights the impact your consultancy has had on clients.
  • Enables potential clients to see your expertise in action.

Team: Showcase Your Team to Your Customers

Introduce the accomplished professionals who drive your consultancy agency's success. Allow your customers to explore the profiles of your dedicated team members, to witness how each brings unique skills and experiences to deliver exceptional consulting services.

  • Highlight the expertise and qualifications of your consulting team.
  • Establish trust and credibility by showcasing your talented professionals.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and qualifications of your consultants.
  • Help clients connect with the specific experts working on their projects.
  • Promote transparency in your agency by introducing your team members.

Blog: Establish Thought Leadership

Sharing valuable insights through a blog positions your consulting agency as a thought leader in the industry. Elevate's blog page layout prioritizes readability, encouraging your audience to engage with your informative content.

  • Designed for readability.
  • Fosters interaction with informative content.
  • Remedies the common issue of websites lacking engaging and reader-friendly blog layouts.

Contact Us: Foster Client Engagement

The "Contact Us" page ensures that your website visitors can effortlessly reach out to your consulting agency. Elevate offers a user-friendly contact form with sections for essential information, promoting client engagement.

  • User-friendly contact form.
  • Streamlines the process of getting in touch.
  • Addresses the challenge of clients searching for effective means to reach you.

Everything A Joomla Template Should Be


Modern Design

Experience sleek aesthetics and captivating functionality with our contemporary design.


Fully Customizable

Everything is easily customizable using drag and drop Quix page builder without writing a single line of code


SEO Friendly

Comes with Quix built-in SEO analyzer. You don't need to worry about your website optimization at all.


Responsive Layout

Fully mobile friendly and can adapt automatically to mobile, tablet, desktop. There's no need to make a separate layout or content.


Live Copy & Paste

Copy and paste any element, just like copying and pasting text, while retaining the same style. You can even duplicate elements with just a single click.


Fast & Dedicated Support

We have dedicated team members who are ready to help with any kind of issue. Feel free to contact us.

Quix Joomla Page Builder


Drag & Drop Website Building

Using Quix's drag & drop system, you can do anything without writing or customizing code.

Customize Anything & Everything

Valley work seamlessly with Quix ensuring customization each and every part of your website.

Analyze SEO Score Instantly

Optimize your website for SEO using Quix's built-in SEO analyzer. 

Built Using Helix Ultimate Joomla Framework

Elevate built with the most potential latest Joomla version Helix Ultimate Framework to gives you maximum performance with speed.

  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightInfinitely Customizable
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightDeveloped with Bootstrap 4
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightMega Menu Builder
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightFunctional Media Manager
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightNew Preset Style Options
T3 Admin
Awesome Support

Awesome Support

We are a nimble team of designers and developers who are always ready for your support. No need for Customer Care people, because everyone is responsible for customer support here.

  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightFast and friendly support to all your issues.
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightFrequent upgrades and bug fixes.
  • qxif-arrow-alt-circle-rightDetailed product documentation for further guide.

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Template Info

Joomla 4
Quix Pagebuilder
Last Update
Initial Release

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